Monday, June 5, 2023


If BJP cannot win South states, it’ll make them irrelevant — through delimitation

BJP’s biggest advantage in crossing the 2024 election hurdle is the failure of disparate opposition parties to coalesce in the face of impending annihilation.

Odisha train crash grabbed eyeballs in China as disengagement issue with India took a backseat

The hashtag ‘train crash in India kills more than 300’ was the number one trend on the search engine Baidu on Saturday.

Pakistan was broke in 1953 too and Nehru had a deal on Kashmir. Then this happened

For all the talk of jihad-without-end over Kashmir, leaders of Pakistan knew the country needed to reduce military expenditures. That meant seeking peace.

Even with a $3,000 price tag, Apple is set to wow with its VR-AR headset

This mixed reality headset will be significantly more expensive than anything Meta, the market leader in the VR headset space. It will also be much more potent.

Indian automobile sales saw a record high in May 2023. But there’s troubled water ahead

May sales were quite good on the surface, but going through them with a fine comb requires understanding all sorts of subsidiary and interlinked issues.

Protect your skin from trendy gym wear. There’s fungus in the itchy patches

Also known as ringworm of the groin or tinea cruris, jock itch is caused by fungi that thrive in moist intimate areas, and is particularly common in men.

Wasim Akram showed his class against the mighty West Indies. No Imran or Miandad by his side

Be it the 1986 match against the West Indies or his last test hundred in 2000, Wasim Akram's knocks have resulted in multiple victories for Pakistan.

India’s economic indicators telling a story—of growth, recovery, robustness

A 7.2 per cent growth coming on top of a base of 9.1 per cent is a creditable performance, and a deeper look at the data revealed this to be true.

FY23’s positive GDP data hides worrying trends: Weak consumption, sustained slump in manufacturing

It should be cause for worry that, by latest quarter, agriculture had become 25% bigger than manufacturing. This is the exact opposite of what 'Make in India' intended.

NATO knocking on Indo-Pacific door. How India can make the best of this opportunity

From India’s perspective, it is important that a more global avatar of NATO has been engaging with its arch rivals China and Pakistan.

On Camera


Restoration work underway at the site of the Balasore railway accident | representational image | ANI

Railway officers overburdened. Bring in technical experts, not IRMS to solve...

Better maintenance procedures shall remain the backbone of railway operations. Outsourcing safety maintenance will be the wrong solution.
Caption: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seal is pictured on a gate outside the RBI headquarters in Mumbai | Reuters file photo/Danish Siddiqui

RBI deputy governor M Rajeshwar Rao urges banks to address shortcomings...

RBI governor Shaktikanta Das requested the banks to strengthen governance to reduce financial instability following the collapse of several banks in the US.


Defence minister Rajnath Singh with US counterpart Lloyd Austin in New Delhi on Monday. |ANI

Rajnath-Austin meet sets stage for mega jet engine deal when Modi...

India and US to initiate negotiations on 'security supply and reciprocal defense procurement agreement' to promote long-term supply chain stability.
Illustration by Prajna Ghosh | ThePrint

Manipur saw ‘free’ India’s 1st flag hoisted. Now it’s BJP’s biggest...

There are 3 things you never do in a small northeastern state: undermine local leaders, divide and rule, push homogenisation.