Sunday, 16 January, 2022


In Pakistan, Hareem Shah’s ‘TikTok sarkar’ is more potent than Imran Khan’s tabdeeli govt

On the surface, it may all look like a prank. But Hareem Shah manages to make Pakistan go into 007 mode with her TikTok videos.

Morrison is rethinking cancelling Djokovic’s visa. It makes Australia Open look hicksville

Turning Serbia’s national hero into Australia’s national villain has been hard for the govt's 'operation sovereign borders' chapter.

Rewind to 2017 — Akhilesh Yadav is playing BJP’s predatory game in 2022 UP polls

A UP BJP leader warned that if the issue of resignations was not resolved soon, the party would be seen as one that keeps only ‘dominant caste’ interests in mind.

Transforming denial into deliberation: The case of manual scavenging

President Ram Nath Kovind called manual scavenging 'shameful'. But India is still lacking concrete effort.

Byju’s ad shows teachers’ tough love. Reminds me of Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket

The Byju’s ad looks similar to the classic Bournvita ad campaign, Taiyari Jeet Ki, where parents can be seen aggressively training their kids.

Corporates are raking it in. If govt isn’t getting more in tax, time to look at exemptions

Changes to corporation tax rates by Modi govt were to be revenue-neutral. But are they really? If not, finance minister should take a good look at which tax exemptions to target.

Support for TTP growing in mainland Pakistan. Fewer options before army, govt

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, whose roots go back to the Red Mosque in Islamabad and TTP founder Baitullah Mehsud, has become one of the biggest security challenge.

Review the charter of CDS and DMA. Theatre command reform must not fail

In identifying areas of indigenisation, there is a need to strike the right balance between maintaining operational readiness and allowing time to promote indigenisation.

India’s climate policies misplaced. Carbon inequality must be addressed within country too

Despite the bottom half facing the unequal impact of climate change, India’s policies continue to favour the top 10 percent.

India’s ed-tech is a predatory market. Modi govt can learn from UK, US

Companies like Byju’s, Unacademy might have adopted a ‘code of conduct’ to ward off regulation, but Modi govt must still fill digital governance gaps.

On Camera


RBI proposes changes to valuation of bank investments, relaxing of investment class rules

A Reserve Bank of India discussion paper Friday suggested removing caps on the Held-To-Maturity class of securities, and allowing more types of instruments to be held within them.


A visual from the crash site in Tamil Nadu. | Photo: Twitter/ANI

CDS chopper crash was caused by weather change, leading to Controlled Flight Into Terrain: IAF

In Friday statement, IAF says tri-service Court of Inquiry ruled out mechanical failure, sabotage or negligence as cause of accident involving Mi-17 V5 helicopter last month.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Read my lips, I’m hurting, says Pakistan’s National Security Policy. What it means for India

The new policy is mostly chaff, but it reveals the most inward-looking Pakistan in 3 decades. It needs breathing space, and is realising loss of stature and friendship with US.