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How media has hit the self-destruct button in Arnab’s Republic-vs-other TV channels war

A weakened media at war with itself is ideal for the establishment to step in. There are no elder voices to listen to, no judge or referee to blow the whistle.

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This is a column sparked by the ugly street brawl that has broken out among TV news channels. Or more precisely, between Arnab Goswami and his Republic on the one hand, and many of the rest on the other.

At one level, it’s such a delightful irony that so many channels, or their ‘maharathi’ (stalwart) anchors, with egos larger than their humongous followings, would make common cause over any issue. We know that Arnab divides. But now we know he can also unite the bitterest adversaries if he is the common threat.

At the outset, I am not going to tell you who I think is lying or telling the truth. That’s a waste in these polarised times when, once you believe in a person or a leader, you believe everything he says. And anything the other side says must be false.

From Donald Trump to Narendra Modi, from Arnab Goswami to Ravish Kumar in our limited connect, that phenomenon rules. And there’s another reason: As school children would say, what goes of my pop (mere baap ka kya jaata hai)? Let these self-styled masters of the universe fight it out. Unfortunately, we can’t be so indifferent.

To explain why we can’t be so indifferent, I will tell you a story. An apocryphal one from the era of the mega historical war movies in Hollywood. It seems a producer assembled the largest ever cast of extras for his war scenes, so he’d be hailed as the showman who brought the most realistic war sequences ever to the screen.

This is spectacular, his financier told him, but I am not about to pay for all these. How will you pay? Not a problem, said the producer. In the last scene, I will give them real weapons, so they all kill each other. It will be so realistic, and there will be none left alive to pay.

Do you see similarities between this and the situation in our news media today? We’re all — the most powerful, popular, the best and worst of us — now caught in this mad battle scene with real weapons. Abusing, cursing and name-calling each other.

This has gone on for some time, since we learnt tricks like the best way to counter a rival who scooped a story before you is to start dissing that story right away as fake, motivated, exaggerated etc. Or, you simply steal it and use the ‘exclusive’ tag. The idea of following up on somebody’s break is now so 20th century, for the losers.

We are not talking of just the television channels. This virus is as contagious as Covid-19 and the problem is nobody is wearing masks or sanitising either. TV just happens to be the more visible player. It was a matter of time before hostility of the studios, newsrooms, fake and exaggerated claims of ratings, exclusives, super exclusives and the latest, “explosive exclusives”, would spill over to the ground.

The entire country has seen, therefore, over the past couple of weeks, reporters and cameramen of rival channels caught in fisticuffs. Studio anchors have run dangerous campaigns against individual reporters of rival channels, never mind if they are women, in a manner that would get a mob interested in a remote heartland village where the story is playing out.

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Why are you bothered, then, you might ask? In any case, since you told us that story of the producer who gave real weapons to the thousands fighting this most realistic war, let them all kill each other. You can, meanwhile, watch the show from a peepul tree, and suck on sugarcane (as we say in the heartland), or munch popcorn. Good question, and here is the answer.

First, from the parochial view of the small demographic of us in the media, it isn’t as if a few hired people are fighting so the rest of us can enjoy as spectators. The news media is an institution, not a show to end in a couple of hours. Second, if you see the state of all media institutions, from the various rival broadcasters’ associations to other societies, ‘clubs’ and even housing cooperatives run by journalists, you’ll find us at each other’s throats. This war is a mass-scale fratricide. We are all the same expendable extras.

Third, think about who gave us the weapons. The producers of this bloody movie are the owners, and they aren’t just driven by market economics. The few who might be are, in fact, among the more honourable. But the media’s power is monetisable in many other ways.

That is why so many with deep pockets and much larger interests in other sectors buy media companies. They come at a tiny price, give you a great profile, you can receive and see off the prime minister or the chief minister at your annual event, preen on the sofa next to him. Those that matter for your other businesses — ministers, civil servants, even judges — are taking note.

You get that immediate rub-off of intangible value, but sizeably more than the economics of your media company. Later, a change of land use for a shopping mall or a residential colony, for example? Contract for building a dam? A couple of mining licences? All these are real examples.

The other set of owners and senior journalists see themselves as ‘players’ in politics and the game of power. They have to choose a side quickly, and almost always the winning side. When you see one television channel under pressure from the police and rival media for allegedly faking its ratings, and within hours, statements appear in its support from the president of the nation’s dominant ruling party and the Union Information & Broadcasting Minister, you know what is at stake.

The temptation to be a part of the establishment today is stronger in our media than our dated old notions of questioning it. And, let’s not judge ourselves too harshly. Questioning the establishment no longer has the consequences we were trained to deal with — a phone call from an unhappy minister, a few taunts, even the denial of the odd interview. It now begins with a complete denial of journalistic access, and may end up in visits by the ‘agencies’. And the powers that be also know that if they go after the odd “black sheep” that is stupid enough to stray from the admiring herd, the rest will cheer along.

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If the owners, whether motivated by financial gain or power, are the ones who gave out the real arms to those enacting this scene — including owner-editors — the government is what all governments are, the tax collector. And, therefore, the guaranteed beneficiary.

The more the news media weakens, especially at this juncture of economic ruin with lay offs and wage cuts, the more the owners and journalists weigh their value in terms who they are close to, the more they depend on the state to bail them out of trouble, slow-fry their rival, the faster it pushes us towards institutional destruction.

We then have this unfortunate situation where everybody, from the Supreme Court to the central government wants to ‘regulate’ the media. People, aam janta, by and large, are tired and sniggering at us. Of course, the Centre would prefer to deal with the pesky new digital media first. In the Supreme Court, we have talk of setting up eminent members’ committees to regulate the media, because self-regulation isn’t working. How can it, when the media is a raging war within itself?

It’s an ideal situation for an establishment to step in. Why should India’s most powerful government in almost four decades miss such an opportunity? It will move in professing the best of intentions, for ‘riot control’, to restore order. What can we do, it would say, when all regulation is shot, your own professional institutions are divided or compromised, and you are all caught in this bloodletting. It is also reading the playbook of the Maharashtra government and Mumbai Police.

Our profession has hit the self-destruct button. There are no elder voices to listen to. No Pranab Mukherjee, Bhishma Pitamah, no judge or referee, nobody to blow the whistle. That is what ‘goes of our pops’ in this brutal melee.

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  1. All news channels should be banned only newspapers should be allowed to tell the news. News channels always create havoc and no news channel is 100% non propaganist media channel. They all interpret and mold the news in their favour. They disturb the mind of humans. Reading habit is best.

  2. Grapes are sour Mr.Gupta.
    Arnab is far more better than soft media( appeasing news) hiding behind grab of liberal media.

  3. Arnob’s Republic channel has only one achievement : he has projected himself and other Hindus as jungli.

    Arnob apparently went to Oxford, he might have been temporarily civilised, but the innate jungli character returned when he came back to India. Look at Bakshi, Sambit Patra and his other invitees.

    From top to bottom at the national level, thugees rule- chai wallah, encounter specialist, rapists and cow lynchers….This is the majority.

    You may get an occasional Shashi Tharoor.

  4. If you want an honest feedback, add more icons (than just like icon), such as – dislike, irrelevant, boring, etc.

  5. People like Arab Goswami and Navika Kumar for their strong and convincing way of presenting the information to the Audience. Definitely the TRP of Republic TV and Times Now HD are much superior compared to other channels. Actually the viewers of India Today increased this month due to the controversy raised by Mumbai Police Commissioner. Nobody should interfere with the news channels and let the audience decide the TRP.

  6. Hate him or love him, Arnab has the mass following right now. He is right now KING of media world. All the other channels added up has less viewership then Republic. This, he achieved in less than 2 years. Criticizing him or attacking him will only make him more strong and popular- and makes other news anchors/ channels inconsequential.

    • ‘Hate him or love him, Arnab has the mass following right now. He is right now KING of media world.’

      Like Modi said Hindus are the vishwa guru, and the whole world is in awe of Hindus. Hate him or love him, Modi has mass following now, therefore follow him.

      Arnob, Modi and you convince non-Hindu observers that most Hindus are jungli and that is your natural character !

  7. Bekaar gutfa ka bekaar article. How can any body decide somebody did crime without court deciding, only idiots can say.

  8. Indians hit the self-destruct button when Hindus voted for Modi and fascism.

    When you choose fascism, it is not just the media that is destroyed – the economy, the minorities and the majority, and the country, also go.

    That was the result in every country where fascists got power – Germany, Yugoslavia…… India will not be different. It is going the same way – as you can see with the media, economy, people and country. Those who support fascism are die hards. As in Nazi Germany, they are unable to pull back, introspect and self correct. The Nazis preferred self-destruction as they had nowhere else to go; the war was lost by 1944 but they kept fighting till 1945 till all their cities were razed to rubble, and millions killed.

    When the Soviet army finally breached the German border and went to capture Konigsberg, the Nazi leaders prevented evacuation of the people, they asked them to stay and fight, be killed, or commit suicide for the Fuhrer – but they themselves escaped from Konigsberg ! Order self destruct for the residents of Konigsberg, and escape for the Nazi rulers. The Soviet army then had no choice but to raze Koningsberg till the Germans had to face reality and surrender.

    The die is cast for India. Hindus voted for self destruction, and the elite supporters have run away to America and they are asking the ones who stayed behind to sacrifice India for their Hindu Fuhrer. We have seen all this before.

  9. Arnab Goswami and his sidekick Pradeep Bhandari had crossed all lines of decency and for too long. His audience are an uneducated lot that believes he’s speaking and fighting for them, he is one of them, their hero. The silent majority have been watching this clown fool his audience give them cheap thrills. A day will come when he will be cornered by the silent majority and silenced. That day is not far from the looks of it. And so be it.

    • You are right. The viewers of R Bharat are half educated. They can’t distinguish between fake and correct news. They seem to like the crude drama Arnab plays on his channel.

  10. You led me in with a headline that promises to explain who is the right and who is wrong in the Republic vs IndiaToday feud, and then you spent 20,000 words to explain why you will not take sides. WTF! Bad enough that your spinelessness made me lose respect for you, what’s worse is you wasted my precious time. Haven’t you read the old adage: Influence is like a savings account, the more you use it, the less you have of it left. Next time you have nothing to say, say nothing.

    • Your absolutely right. Is not you difficult to figure out that those who were making a lot of money during the previous regime are now whining like a swine in heat. Many of these middle men have had to shut shop and haven’t been able to peddle any of their filthy stuff to anyone esp after having roaring sales earlier. Something has to give way. Have you heard something like this somewhere before? Na Khaunga Na Khaane Doonga….V/s TumBhiKhaao aur Hum Bhi Khayenge…

  11. Mr Shekar Gupta should dwell upon, and comment on the means adopted by Maharastra police in taking up Republic TV TRP issue,and not probing India Today and others named by Hansa report.He has conveniently omitted on this matter, as it suits his narrative which is as false and diversionary as many TV channels indulge and he is no different from them.He cannot wear saints clothes and talk as if he is an independent arbitrator and he is very much part of the gutter news media which is also part of gutter politics in the country

  12. To see the many comments on this write up take sides and become the members and voices of Nationals and Anti-Nationals is quite sad because ideally it should not be a discussion on patriotic feelings or being traitors the point here is only how far is too far.

    I am not talking about individuals here no names as you will go back to being the herd of sheep that only follows the assigned direction and crying wolf is like getting all the sheep to huddle and make noises.

    I was quite surprised about the stupid literal translation of mere baap ka kya jaata hai? By the author and more so when I realized that the author is like a senior journalist because it reflects on the quality of journalism here in India. The translation that conveys the idea of the statement is what should have been written. How and why do I bother, it’s not my concern, let it be, I don’t give a shit. The author made apoint to use his stupid translation again means he thinks he did a great job.

    Arnab Goswami, declared priya the murderer of SSR, he dragged names of the Maharashtra and his son into it where the investigation agencies were saying nothing. Republic created an image of priya which could have led to a lynching. How easily ge transitioned into calling Sandeep the one and since has changed to now make the AIIMS Doctor a conspirator.

    The court should have come out with a gag order and banned republic for going on a tangent on the basis of cooked up conspiracy theories. Who is he to question a doctor’s expertise, is he a forensic scientist? I was almost ready to split at the seams laighimh when the BJP hired Mamta Kale was going on about arnab saying you have done very well in investigating this case and I appreciate your efforts to get to the truth.

    Thd other thing wrong was when you put Ravish on the same level as Arnab. Ravish is nothing like arnab, he is an honest man and tells us about the real concerns that matter today. The issues that arnab is trained to help people forget with his antics on Republic TV.

    Was a ram mandir more important than corona? Did you patriots ask Modi why he lied about the Indian and chinese soldiers skirmish that left 20 killed. Why he lied no one crossed the border from either side when theyare still sitting 15km inside our territory?

    The RSS and BJP signed an agreement in 2009, with the Chinese Communist Party and has been sending its cadres, leaders, pracharaks etc to China for a week long training under the Communist party of china. That us why modi canf even take their name. In 2011 gadkari and 4 other BJP MPs went to china to disuss kashmir and north east, when they were in opposition. Discussing kashmir with china??

    Be atleast human enough to see how a poof victim does not get justice because the rapists father is a bjp leader and very close to the UP CM. Look at the crimes in UP which are not mentioned by the glorious fighters for justice. Someone mentioned the sadhus killed by a mob above and probably didn’t follow it to the end.

    Also the so called biggest scams of India which modi lied and exaggerated beyond all limits havd both turned out to be no scams at all and the ministers have been acquitted do they tell you this? The coal scam was no scam at all is what the SC said.

    Thd other thing is that the investigations for both scams were ordered by the upa govt itself. Now we have all the small change coming to modi’s defence when we ask why a plane worth 525
    crores has been bought for Rs1670 crorers each? The honest pm is not willing to show the records, did arnab goswami pick this up? Thiz is a matter of national security which not a single reporter or channel that claim to be nationalists picked up.

    No one asked why he lied about the incident with china. The UP Chief minister first said Congress is trying to incite a caste based riot. There is one family of dalits in that village while allothers are thakurs. Where would the dalits come from for it to be a riot?

    Adityanath should be removed from his pisitoion if the real truth iz to come out because we have seen rape victims being killed in a lot of cases like the sengar case. Here too the cops destroyed rhe evidence as ordered bg the bosses.

    Its a pity that the guys who cant say no to sny order will be made the scapegoats while the real criminals are free. Vikas Dubey was murdered like his accomplice was in faridabad or rohtak ? The inquiry committee has the people suggested by Adityanath on the panel, what do you expect. And the godi media doesnt talk about crime in UP at will as they sag yogi has finished crime in UP

  13. As we understand it have much deeper roots, we all knows it is not a TRP rating war, it is a poisonous conspiracy and war against India to mute Indian nationalism emotions and planning destroy Indian cultural ethics by agents of anti India foreign powers including Don Dadas, corrupt Netas mafia media nexus, corrupt offcials, babus etc. . The N.I.A., and I.B, ,RAW should be bought in to assist CBI immediately to counter measures, investigate and eliminate the Highest risk on national security threat, which is posed and collaborate by mafia based old political Netas, uniformed mafia agents of international terrorism, ISI in India must be highly prioritized to step in by it Top Agencies like NIA and RAW it is most urgent seeing crucial war against CHINA, PAKISTAN and brutal islamic terrorism.

    • You’ve started exactly what should have been said by the rest of the contributors. This is what’s the most important point that we should all be worried about. Unfortunately some are raising irrelevant issues like unemployement, caste, dropping index, and external aggression among other things which are being looked into in the correct perspective by the present time. These require a little time. As not years & years but decades of injustice aided & abetted by the different regimes that were in power have wreaked havoc on the mute majority who were time & again taught to”turn the other cheek”, a clique that worked surprisingly well all this time, but are immidiately dismissed by today’s Hindus who are increasingly adding themselves on discovering themselves and bent on “filling up the action” that they missed all these decades. One don’t need a diploma to figure out that if these have basic issues, some of which are unique to India like case, care based reservation, misled religious issues over proven facts that were not attended to with a determined zeal will keep propping up again & again dissipating much of our time and efforts amongst other things as well.

    • Sadest thing is Republic TV has become BJP paid mouth piece? He is protected by courts also,courtesy BJP. He is a curse to society, as he divides and instigates society? Dangerous trend? To cover up his huge investments in TV ( money-laundering/ havala/ benamis via Dubai UAE), he hugs BJP. Paid man with paid artists is AAnaab?

      • By now it is also obvious on whose side you are on too. But how many Ch have dug so deep as much as Rtv has. Is not nexx to go into details here but it’s far too numerous to account for. Remember in the end what counts is not really the trp, but the public at large. They may belong to any denomination, but when large hoardes of people follow a particular Ch , you have to introspect why they do so. That’s because as a bystander over a period of time it’s fairly easy to judge who are the good & right guys & who are the bad & the wrong guys. Irrespective of the crackers that are going off here and there…

  14. What could else you expect from these media circus, aren”t they part of large of large system which we all belong. It don’t work like play saint in day and become evil in night, when we lose sanity and respect in society it eventually has to happen the chaos and noise, this may be just a start the worse is yet to come.

  15. Trust me…. The heaven will not fall if govt close down all these news channels for a two weeks and allow only DD news to air news… This is the treatment which these channel walllahs deserve the most. Also this is treatment, which we as a viewer also deserves, because it is WE only, who allowed them to sit on our head. A strong and strict lock down on these news channels need to be enforced ruthlessly , to kill the virus , which they are manufacturing in their news room and spreading.

    • Mr. Sp,, I support your views . Your idea of closing down news channels for two weeks is worth giving a try.

      Most of the news channels are spreading misinformation with a greed to influence advertisers as well a the general public.



    • Maybe these are your concerns but this article is about why it all happened. If you are really looking for the answers for your questions then wait for while. Everything will be sorted. Wait for answers to come out.

  17. Well written article. However, you seem to be missing the whole point. Media houses are small part of big corporate houses. By showing their solidarity with establishment, they are getting favourable legislations formulated which tantamount to profit. Earning profit is the superstructure in this game, everything else is secondary(even the nationalistic ideology).

    • There is one English news channel I pay to watch. (Banana) Republic is thrown at me free of charge; I won’t look at it even by accident. Same for dozens of others. I choose to watch international channels for their quality:BBC, CNN, DW, AL JAZEERA, RT. Shekhar is part of the gang which uses a lot of words, but at the end he conveys little if anything. We have much more responsible print media in English. I don’t need to name them. Indian TV is mostly for the dumb.

      • I concur with you on who has quality : BBC, CNN, DW, AL JAZEERA, RT.

        Before Republic was launched, Arnob boasted he was creating a channel to be India’s voice abroad, he said it would be better than BBC within 2 years.

        Indian TV is for Hindus.

        • There are so many channels for left, xtian, islam agrnda in India… I dunno what’s the harm having Hindu inclined channels.

          Republic is answer to IndiaTV and NDT V BS.

          BBC is running alarge with vatican xtian agenda, it has lost its credibility decade ago. When UK culture is dying they are mudslinging on India, lol

          • One year before launch of Republic channel, Arnob took out advertisements saying that Indians needed a channel that could send out the Indian perspective, so that India’s image is set by Indians and not the BBC. So Hindus know BBC is the gold standard. The problem is they do not know how to produce quality like the BBC. What Arnob created projects Hindus as junglis who cannot even debate !

  18. Deal with it
    High TRPs
    Competition , being consumer centric , market forces etc etc .ECONOMICS
    Ummm …incase traditional media folks have forgotten .

    Instead of trying to drive public opinion now with really unintelligent articles .. ..puhleaze learn ,adapt ,change ….the public opinion ship has already sailed guys …u will probably have to follow public opinion now , not vice versa .

    The Print has some potential ..don’t destroy it completely

  19. We are with Arnab, he has at least ensured all anti nationals been completely exposed……by the way is Print a media house?

  20. Times of media creating narrative is slowly fading .. Ppl have become intelligent to see who is lying.. This witchhuntinh Republic by Maharashtra police and SS has clearly set an example and a way for future govt to do the same with other media houses.. Yes selfdustruction started the day when congress n ncp colluded with SS .. There is no undo button here.. The day BJP comes back it will do the same n u can’t object as u have shown the way..

  21. Shekahriji, where were you all these days. I come from an era where People like the late Ramnathji were responsible for the news.

    Everyone has a choice to watch what suits them. Arnab’s, is one of the reporters that has brought many frauds and crimes in The public domain. Why the cover up now, by guys like you? Most of you Were fence Sitters Scurrying for favours from the political masters . Did you ever speak about ndtv’s Financial issues . You as a senior among many should have exposed the truth.
    Arnab probably knows the skeletons of many of the news barons and hence they hate him out of fear. Yes his style might not Suit many but you as a viewer has a choice. Do not watch him! This TRP fraud is created by guys who are jealous of him. Also what has a cop to do with TRP ratings. You head the Press council, if am right, why did you not investigate and put it honestly and correctly in the public domain. Stop being Preachy And get down to the truth and reality. Yes the media will self destruct for sure especially so when you takeS dole from powers that be in, many forms.
    Finally what has both Rahul and Priyanka done for India dor the media to project them. You might conclude that am against them. No, the truth lies in the answer to my question.

  22. Everyone knows about Shekhar Gupta and which school of taught he comes from. These are the same people who along with NDTV were following orders from Congress and are part of the Lutyens media along with Rajdeep Sardesai, who are all now getting united to save their own interests.. they just cannot see Republic gaining popularity…as they are only interested in boot licking and not on real news… pseudo journalists

    • Modi with his own stature recognised in a Parliamentary Democracy has been wary of hobnobbing with journos with parasite mentality enjoying impeccable financial invincibility TRP or no TRP. It is causing heartburns for such self declared experts when Arnab challenges them on their secular turf with most of the time supporting the current regime logically.

  23. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Media channels have become mouthpieces of politicians and common man a mute spectator and a pawn who is used to manipulate their interests. It’s sickening to see the power tussle. There is no fair piece of journalism today. You are simply with them or against them. There is no objective assessment. Rot starts when jingoistic rhetoric is constantly bombarded to effectively do big data management. There is a proliferation of you tube journalism almost akin to extortion. There should be a regulator free and powerful and with integrity with judiciary. We need someone like T N Sheshan here to cleanse the murky waters

  24. What I like more than the article the comments. About ethics or credibility. It is not there in journalism like in any other procession. There were black ships in all professions then and now also. Difference now it is more. Most have become cronies with arrogance and selfishness. When they receive money or support, they have to dance to the tunes of the giver as there is a commitment towards the giver.

  25. As a senior citizens..i wish to ask every channel.. why they have been labelled as Godi media channels and only few as indipendent ones left..i hate to watch sarcastic debates by 20 people sitting and only few selectively are brought into debate by choice of anchor.. there should be a limit of just 4-5 genuine experts .. not selective ones like by choice Imran Khan..and this dog fights and shouting over one another should be stopped and maintain dignity… let the people decided and make their choice to whom to watch.. STOP ALL THESE DRAMAS started only by few channels on grabbing TRP rating.. you all are not trying to pull the rope of TRP .. factually you all are holding the tail of a poisonous snake !!

  26. When any “order of society ” is questioned, confusion rises….it subsides only when equiliSame is the case with media now….till now only congress ruled country….media is tuned to appease congress….now power has cha e for

  27. All problems will diminish if these media barrons specially with a sort of a non Indian or western outlook change. Having degrees from LondonSchool of Economis or Harvard or Oxford are no guarantee of a success unless it is matched with working for the interest of the country, people & society as a whole. A continuous criticism of Govt. or BJP or Modi or Hinduism or Hindu nation, religion or Hindu saints just shows how far away these London School of Economic barrons or Oxfordites or Harwardites are sitting from reality. It is new & emerging India today so let it be. There may be a Patliputra or Nalanda here one day more shining than Harvard or Oxford. So let it be. Let the transformation of new India take place, don’t criticise it. Respect new India & culture. If this happens more than 1/2 of the problems will be over.

  28. I support Republic. Why this Print and other Anti national media not questioning the Rajasthan government. Where the priest was set on Fire just coz he was Hindu.

    Reason is simple it is Congress ruled state .why R.G and P.V are not protesting in Rajasthan. Why media houses are silent.

    Republic try to question the Maharashtra government for killing of Sadhus. We all know what happened.

    After realizing how theses anti Hindu media houses work to defame Hindus I stopped watching and reading their Newspaper as well.

    So The Print don’t declare yourself the best.

  29. For all the things you’ve written and correctly so, I believe the first few lines where you said , no one’s going to change their allegiance, is the real issue. News channels have rigged people’s minds, stripped them away from critical thinking. As a result, people can’t question the government neither can they stand anything against the government and others while fighting a devil, decided to become a devil. My only worry is, with every passing day, we’re getting close to the death of our democracy.

  30. It doesn’t appeal from the mouth of a boot leaker anti india agenda running agent u r time and again exposed worst in case of S C judges press conference only act when there is anti national activity is coming up

  31. Shekhar Gupta says, presumably with a straight face — “Arnab divides”. Really?
    The likes of Shekhar Gupta , honorary member of Lutyens mafia and humble disciple of Saint Sonia (remember the Padma Bhushan), NDTV, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, et al — they have all spouted so much lies and damned lies and hatred for the majority of this country, that the people of India got so fed up and gave two thumping majorities to the very people these leftist, pseudo liberal mafia hacks hated — and hate — so much.
    And pray what is this minority govt in Maharashtra — which stole an election — playing such petty politics?

    • Pray may your tribe increase. I hope many other fence sitters wake up, jump in & agree with you. It’s about time they do. Because of you play dumb you n me and everyone else will have to perpetually stay dumb all along all the way….

  32. Even if the media regulates itself or is regulated by the government, it will be inconsequential now. The reason being that social news consumption is going to make TV news irrelevant in few years.
    Secondly, the “most powerful government in 40 years” has already iron fist control on Media so they have nothing to gain by regulating media and becoming a bad boy, so they will let this circus run as it is.
    And lastly, if Shekhar Gupta was not sleeping in a cave all these years, then he should have seen this coming. The media let the citizens fight citizens for these years, now don’t expect any savior when the same masters let channel fight channel. Shekhar should have counseled his younger brethren in industry that they are all going on a path of no return. Or is it existential crisis that has now shaken his conscience up? Too late.

  33. I think all news channel must ask a question to themselves. What is their objective? Like bankers, they provide money related services, blacksmiths give metal or some tools for use or potter gives pots to use. News Channel, what they give? Only entertainment. When you yourself are confused about your objective from the activities you are doing, we as viewer are at no risk of loosing. Absolute useless article! Nobody saves nobody. Every powerful crushes weaker. So news channels are going through their own friction and new breed will be born. Thats history! No business or entertainment or activity remains constant. So why care so much?

  34. The media can function effectively, if and only if, the media is outside the tutelage of the State. A media that would be guided by the State, would be rewarded by the State with prizes, and the media personnel would unwittingly or otherwise compromise their integrity, and thus would remain forever a part of the intellectual apparatus of the State.. This is what the media should never do – seek the tutelage of the establishment.

  35. Why are you repeatedly using Hindi? To watch you publishing Hinglish and it’s meaning in English make this looks like I signed up for some Hindi coaching class!

    Isn’t this still an English publication? Correct me if I’m mistaken

  36. The ganging up of media against Republic can be clearly seen. I may not like Republic’s journalism but that doesn’t give right to any media to tarnish its image without verifying the claims. They are quick to say Republic rigged the TRP ratings but none of them question India Today when it’s the one who is mentioned in the FIR. This shows the level of journalism today that want to peddle their own stories than investigating facts

    • This is not TRP rating war, it is a war against India by agents of foreign powers in the media ,babus etc. . The I.B, ,RAW should be bought in to assist CBI immediately to investigate the national security threat, which is posed by agents of ISI in India-it is urgent

  37. Mr.Shekhar Gupta ,you are not qualified and eligible to write anything about Republic TV on this TRP issue. What moral justification you have considering your journalistic journey ? .Do you think by writing this you and your thus “The Print ” will be seen by readers as a most balanced and sane entities? Forget . Todays readers are highly informed and discerning in making their judgement

  38. This looks like a godsend opportunity to get back at mainstream media…..Pappu and his ilk can use media to hurl any abuses at the MOST POPULAR and PERFORMING PM, and that’s acceptable…..Shaheen Bagh and Delhi roads being blocked is acceptable and media criticism of those are now the excuse to hit out at them…..Wake up Print, the readers are not Pappus.

  39. As an old man of 70 years , I would prefer to go back in time & read news papers or magazines rather than watching these ‘Advertising ‘ ( not news ) channels. With the addition of the fighting among themselves, they have achieved their lowest levels.

  40. Don’t cry on Arnab and his republic tv.
    He is one of the best journalists in India .
    He is nationalist.

    You guys can’t digest rightist ideology .
    We all Indians are aware of Your source of Funds and your crocodile tears.
    Journalism is crying because of fake journalists like you .

  41. I feel this is a dishonest view. Reality of loss of profit has hit hence this article comes across as ‘let’s settle within us’.
    However this dishonesty has continued for too long hence destruction is imminent.
    Coming to Arnab…. You can hate him but there is no other to match him in the country who holds sway over what news people will consume.

  42. Very nice article 👍
    And the story in it is the ultimate truth.
    Tag this article more and more so that it reach news anchors.

    • Please feel free to ‘judge yourself hatshly’. Not doing so is what has led to this situation. You are sounding like a certain recent ungentlemanly chief justice who saw conspiracy and needed to hush up matters for the ‘sake of the institution’. We do not need such institutions or sacred cows. Let these vestiges of slimeball journalists and their patrons of various ilks be exposed and ridiculed – the public interest shall be well served.

  43. I don’t even consider Arnab a news reporter. I consider him propaganda officer of BJP. I understand most news channel lean towards a particular political party. But Arnab practically has BJP tattoed on his heart. I have never seen him criticize BJP for anything ever since he started Republic. He is like Saamna of BJP.

    • An opinion free of any biasness deserves credits on Arnab Goswami and you have read my my mind. A. G. is made by the BJP, for the BJP and (he) is one of the BJP for sure.

  44. Mumbai police cannot catch Mafias goons, drug peddlers, murderers, rapists nor have the capacity to carry out a proper investigation yet now they are out to frame media houses, how ridiculous can they be?

  45. For a change, some so called ‘eminent’ journalists have been called out. Shekhar has started a conversation and we can only hope the level heads will get together and put in place corrective measures where journalism is not opinionated but based on facts, intellectual insights and research.
    Unfortunately all top channels have compromised themselves pushing biased views. Centrist, rationale, factual views have disappeared in this great debate.

  46. Shekar Guptaji should stop calling them as commando comics as a first step. and it is simply degrading the viewers .I watch SG The Print youtube channel, Republic and India Today and try to make my own understanding of where the truth is. As a reader I had challenges is knowing who tells the truth for the following reason. Pelhar, so many rapes in Rajasthan , west bengal attrocities, Kerala Attrocities of hindus= Only Arnab stands up. Others are mute spectator. The Hindu newspaper publishes chinese version. To know about what is happening in BJP states I watch India today and NDTV where they make outrages claims of cruelity but we can see the truth. The reset button was set when you stopped neutral as a media and it is sad reflection 90% trust PM Modi and 5% news media.

    • You are perfectly correct. The trouble with many self appointed secular guardians of society is that the believe what had happened till the Bjp sat on the”wheel*” so to speak was perfectly correct. It’s perfectly correct to say that proven past history of “singular” not secular Hindi India which was was a vast expanse of peaceful kingdoms bound together was virtually raped, murdered and dismembered (pun intentionally implied here) both by area as well as by its riches. It’s magnificent temples and it’s a culture smashed and replaced much against its will by maruding invaders wading and walking in without so much as asking “May I come in please” foisting down or throat their their own new unfamiliar culture & religions, spreading rapid unrest and injustice throughout what quad let of the Indian nation at large. Matters took a turn for the deep end before sanity ruled after declaring independence. Her too the constitution which was supposed to be a noble document was honoured up rather hastily with the nation once again lopped at two ends of not three with the unnecessary meddling of JN both here as well as at three UN. The final significant crime was although it was empirically agreed that Muslims will be given 2 parts of India as Pak, and Hindus given whatevers left for them to live”peacefully” ever after never really became true at all. Infact this was the ultimate lemon that was given, because only a few Hindu fools were left in Pak that were quickly converted to Muslims and the so called minority Muslims remaining in India never bought the story that Jinna&Nehru Peddeled and stayed put only to wreak further pain and havoc by propelling their dramatically different religion and alien culture on the remaining population.(See what happened to ShahBano,s Judgement@the Sc) It should be factored that the matter will not take anything for granted as matters have gone too far ahead and none are prepared to turn the other cheek as instructed usually from father to son all this time. It isn’t wise to twist a friendly, lineant and a tolerent Hindu anymore. They were listening to you all this time. It,s now time to listen to the majority now.

      • ‘It isn’t wise to twist a friendly, lineant and a tolerent Hindu anymore. They were listening to you all this time. It,s now time to listen to the majority now.’

        The friendly, lenient, tolerant Suvarna that rapes and murders the Dalits. That is not a very wise thing to do – that is why so many converted – and will convert in future !

        Who told you suvarnas are the majority ?

  47. Media has definitely changed in last 20 years which has also led to spread of awareness among the rural people also. I think media funded by external forces has led to damage of journalism standard. If so called secular and communist have invaded the soul of Bharat varsh then definitely few has taken benefits of such situations and they have come out with a nationalist approach which exploits the emotion of common people who are very much clear about their choices rather than finding themselves being manipulated by foreign funded media. Now a days a common indian knows that English media especially is being funded by anti national who doesnot want india to grow further and in such case we have to make sure we should have a clear choice which is much more visible in 2014,2019 but autocratic mind set up wants monarchy in the shape of pseudo secularism which will not prevail .I am definitely sure that in coming days new generation will be more clear in their thaughts what they want .

  48. Mr Gupta.. You have come out with a readable article after very long years. Still there are some questions. Didn’t you ridicule the Republic Channel as a North Korean Channel? Didn’t you justify TV journalists being paid salaries of more than a Crore a month and availing paid trips by business interests (Westland Heliopters entertaining the lkes of Burka Dutt) ? Didn’t you curry favours from the then UPA government I and II as editor of Indian Express and promote your personal interest. Didn’t you demonise Narendra Modi along with other journalists for 12 long years. Didn’t you peddle the infamous “coup story” as Editor of IE – not worth the paper printed and still refused to show any remorseness. Was not the City police commissioner of Mumbai acting on the behest of the illegitimate State government under three varying political outfits which was so obvious? Wasn’t the police commissioner talking all non sense in front of TV cameras?.

  49. Its is Arnab vs Congress/NCP and media houses have choosen their mai baaps. I was surprised that no one in Media raised any hue cry after physical attack on Arnab few months back. Clearly the established media was paying their dues for what they have received decade back like Padma Shrees etc.

    • However much you hate Arnab, now I listen to him rather than the Others for latest news. Damn the other false news media.

  50. 2019 was the crucial year for media,for, they all wanted Congress or UPA to come back to power. Lutyans had enjoyed so many prevelages as media and some even succeeded getting into the kitchen cabinet.But alas 2019 became a public choice and not media choice. MODI who removed so many anamolies of UPA removed the perquisites enjoyed, like air travel withPM or 5 star stay or high end alcoholic parties. This is worse than warriors getting actual weapons. They have to come down to the level of ordinary citizens. With performance speaking loud their lies were not finding buyers. And add insult to injury the JINGOISTIC CLUB MEMBERSHIP was found already sold. So the present shrill cry from media. Public DO ENJOY watching such a cry because they are already trained by SOAP SERIALS ironically by the media.

  51. But we do need strong regulation to control foreigners like Sidharth Varadarajan from promoting separatism and social unrest in India.

  52. “This war is a mass-scale fratricide. We are all the same expendable extras.”…glad to know that you are considering yourself as extras…if my memory serves correctly this was not the case before 2014. Change is constant and it’s high time for us Indian to decide with whom we incline…why fuss. Shift is bound happen from left to at peace

  53. India media hit self destruct button the day it left Truth and Honesty. (Long before Arnab even came into the scene.)
    Most of you witch hunted “anything Hindu” for decades. Now when the tables are beginning to turn, you are realising the problem. If media was honest, and truthful, Arnab wouldn’t have happened.

  54. 200 FIRs against a journalist by a prominent political party and no protest by any other journalist speaks volumes. How divided they are and no one asked why Mumbai FIR is not mentioned and whose name was there. All were speaking the language of Mumbai police commissioner as if Yudhishter has said something in press conference.

  55. The present Crisis in the Media is a idea or self destruct mechanism created by the people whose names are appearing for their Evil Deeds. Now such a divided Media or their thirst for TRP was a Tool used by such Political parties , in such a manner, like saying If we political parties cannot survive , then we will divide the Public attention by thowing a Smoke bomb in the Country, like the present issue and divide the Public attention.

  56. “That’s a waste in these polarised times when, once you believe in a person or a leader, you believe everything he says. And anything the other side says must be false.”
    This is NOT entirely correct.
    I had written earlier in a comment that if we know who wrote a piece we already know what is written, even without having to read the contents. That is how polarized the media is. It is futile to blame somebody else for polarisation in the media. Also a very important point to note is that only a very minuscule of Indians watch these “news” channels – as reported by SG in an episode of Cut the Clutter on 09 Oct (or was it on 8 Oct?).
    It will be apt to recall an incident in 2019 where Sashi Tharoor had some words of appreciation for NaMo. He was castigated by the congress for it. He responded as follows:- To quote a report….
    “Defending his praise for PM Narendra Modi, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday has responded to the notice sent to him by Kerala Congress asking for an explanation for his praise. In his letter to the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC), he highlights the increase in vote percentage due to PM Modi. He also told that Congress must acknowledge this fact and learn from it. He also urged Congress to publicly stand for nationalistic issues. “
    You see, leaders, The media,” experts”, commentators and the like have to give the devil its due, whether the Devil be in the Government or in the opposition. Some of the leaders and the Media have to mature. Sadly, it is they who are trying to polasise the Nation for vested interests. Senior media personalities have a big role to play in this.
    Thankfully, the fact is that most of the Indians are NOT as polarized as the media and many of the experts and commentators are making out it to be.

    • ‘I had written earlier in a comment that if we know who wrote a piece we already know what is written, even without having to read the contents. ‘

      The same applies to you. We know you are a pretentious apologist for Hindu fascism, living comfortably in America.

  57. Why shouldn’t govt regulate? Not the content of course, that is dangerous. But what about classification? Those that rake in revenues based on advertising be classified as entertainment channels and taxed at a higher rate. Their reporters do not get the pedigree of news channels, which are subscription only, e.g. at govt briefings et al. All DTH and cable networks must mandatorily carry three news channels one English and two of local language. The news channels are taxed at lower rates. Will it work Mr. Gupta? You don’ t give firecrackers to kids to play with in the house but you can give them option: toy gun inside or firecrackers outside. Let them choose thereafter. Injuries are fact of life, no one can protect all.

    • Why anyone opposed to BJPs views is termed antinational can you explain. Can they not hold view different. Did not BJP hold views different from that Congress.

  58. Shekhar Ji

    In these polarized times also, an old school like me still reads you. But you have changed, haven’t you?

    Was this a balanced reporting? Only last week in Hathras, you were preaching us not to believe the police.

    And look at this case. FIR mentions India Today, Six times, India Today has paid the fine of five lacs for manipulation. How taking a cover of intellectual veneer, you have glossed over your previous employer’s track record.

    You have not even questioned Mumbai Police Chief for holding a press conference, so soon, without investigation, because it suits you and your side of the pole.

    Gone are the days, when stories used to have both view points and neutral questions.

    You are right! We are compelled to choose one side and stick to it. You are also pushing us towards that.

  59. The Wire, the Print, Sribe, NDTV, The Hindu are just a few names in the media who are so visible in their anti-Modi tirade that we don’t really need to read. Just the headlines is enough to stop the reader from going any further. They always downplay anything Modi and his government does, while some stupid remarks and comments by Rahul and his tribe makes find front-page headlines. This is so obvious that we the readers do not even bother to read or watch these channels to get any authentic news.

    • But somehow ‘The Wire, the Print, Sribe, NDTV, The Hindu’ trouble you too much. You are unable to ignore them and just live with Republic. The mind wants to deny reality, but at the back of the mind, something warns you of delusions.

      • Don’t hide behind a mask like as if you’re seeking protection from Covid 19, use a real name and then try”selling” whatever it is that you wish to sell. But I’m not too sure if you’ll succeed because you’re selling stale, ridiculous & toxic stuff that will have no takers and like the rest of your well wishers you will have to shut shop soon… Happy sales Rosgulla or whatever..

        • Brahmin, if I am selling stale, ridiculous & toxic stuff that will have no takers, why are you responding ?

    • There is always an another side to a coin. Do you want people to appreciate even when a Govt slips up.

    • Mr.N.Prakash your assessment is perfect, people are aware what is going on in the country. Journalism is no more what it should be, now its only mudslinging among others. Both mr. Shekhar Gupta and Surdesai of India Today are chameleon of present day, YouTube videos definitely tell how they change year after year keeping aside their policy and integrity of journalism. Time to switch off TV news channels and go back to AIR.

  60. TV journalist having egos?

    Half the news time is wasted on projecting their supposed fearlessness

    Just as the film actors display their intellectual and professional depravity when ranting against the govt and not within their fraternity so do these glorified newsreader

    We all have every right to criticise the government of the day and the politicians and you journos also

    This is not to demean any profession but to remind them to remain honest to your customers

    At least WION gives the news not views

  61. I have always believed that the government has harmed itself by progressively throttling the media. Few, increasingly feeble, critical voices. So performance can continue to decline across all domains, without paying a price in terms of the assault we saw on UPA II. Social media is filling a vital gap. A difficult – sometimes dangerous – time to be a journalist in India. Always hope that this is a transient phase. 2. As far as the future of the profession is concerned, there are so many bright young (wo)men who make us feel proud.

  62. Shekar u r being paid by Congress and thus have no leg to stand on. Quit barking at Republic which is run as a news channel has shown how the mafia of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP are running the show
    in Maha.Lynching of Sadhus goes un-punished, demolishment of Kanganas office, murder of SSR.
    This Mafia has Don’s running the show, Covid19 is still rampant and freinds of Mafia can freely do whatever they want in public’s eye’s but the crooked mafia will not act.The days of this Mafia are numbered.Pappu calls some shoirt when he is in minority so what wouyld happen if Pappu had majority?

  63. More than TRPs, it is a battle between ideals. Arnab Goswami, shifted his stand from liberal to conservative/Hindutva just before 2014 elections. He came to know the pulse of the people then. From then on liberal TV Channels and their anchors were up against him. Of course, he also took the discourse to another extreme. Now, they got a chance to nail him or put him down on the alleged TRP fraud. The Mumbai Police would not have involved in probing, had there been BJP Government in Maharashtra. Vice Versa, Arnab would not have blamed them, if the government was that of the BJP. The schism is in journalists” ideology and they are battling to win over.

  64. Though I am no fan of Arnab, i just dont like the kind of ravish, sardesai, barkha ..
    In comparison arnab , sudhir, rajat are far better…

  65. Shekhar Gupta starts with a huge bias right at the beginning of this article when he says “we know Arnab divides”. Who are these “we” SG is referring to ? Because the common man of this country who knows its bikau media well knows that Arnab unites all those who stand with our nation, with our soldiers, demands accountability from those who allow their police to hand over the Sadhus to a murderous mob only to be killed, he asks questions when a priest of a temple is burnt to death and the government. And Arnab has to ask these questions because people like SG will not ask these uncomfortable questions to those in power, more so if the powers that be do not belong to the BJP. The easiest no brainer target to be attacked is a BJP CM, a BJP MP, a BJP MLA and of course the BJP PM is under attack from the likes of SG since 2002. The people of this country know well that a Rajdeep Sardesai or a Barkha Dutt or a Shekhar Gupta or the Coomi Kapoor, N Ram, Aarti Jerath, Nidhi Razdan and many more of this world will never ask questions to a congress or a non BJP government for the crimes committed under watch. So while Hathras causes nation wide outrage and rightly so, the killing of Sadhus, the temple priests doesnt even evoke a minimum condemnation forget targeting the Maharashtra CM and the Rajasthan CM. But Shekhar Gupta feels that this is not the issue at all. This is where he is divorced from reality. People are very angry with these media dalals who are selective in their outrage. And Arnab is honest, man of integrity, never in his life he would have even had a coffee from a politician and that is why he is able to question the politicians fearlessly. Can the same thing be said for SG, Rajdeep, Barkha or many others ? I am sure the answer would be no. At some point or the other these mediamen would jave surely taken favours from their congress bosses like a plot of land in lutyens or other key location, foreign tours, cash for writing favourable article, etc etc. So there is no way we can expect a SG or these kind of journos to take up the killing of Sadhus or the drug menace in Maharashtra, the killing of priest in Rajasthan with the state govts. Mr Gupta your article lacks honesty.

    • Very well written Sir, you are also a true media soldier for our peace lover country and responsible nationalist citizens of India. We appreciate your truthful justification and power of expression.

  66. I am with Arnab. He is a staunch nationalist. There a very few journalists who bring the country first and then their interests. We are with you Arnab.

  67. Let all the lemurs jump off a cliff.. THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW why don’t they throttle each other to death?? !!.

  68. A ‘maharathi’ (stalwart) of print media who contributed to fall in standards now saying that the news media is an institution. Ironic.

  69. Shekhar Gupta here is like a child telling its sibling to behave as otherwise the parents will shout. As a grown-up, couldn’t he find a better argument why the journalists should be reacting in a more matured manner? Secondly it is high time that he accepts that the so called self regulations are not working and start an introspection rather than blaming everybody else for the mess.

  70. We understand your concern SG. “that mere baap Ka kya jaata hai” what goes of my father line was funny.
    We regularly read your articles.

  71. this article lacks credibility because the writer is Shekhar Gupta from Lutyens people do not support any channel by viewership it happens only if they strongly believe in a particular channel or channels

  72. If you are No. 1, you will get targeted especially people who were there before you. Your ego doesn’t allow you to accept that some body who rubbed shoulders with you in one channel for many years.
    Just like BJP won the Elections from all cities all across the nation & though everybody keeps criticising them, nobody has still figured out why he won the election. Maybe same thing applies for Republic. I will call this Arnab’s “Rafale” test. Modi won. Arnab should win, he has no choice.

  73. nothing will happen. this too shall pass. like NDTV got away with its alleged fraud and irregularities with support from press council of india.
    republic tv is as poweful today as ndtv once was.

  74. Few months back Arnab deserted, the particular organisation of which you are president, raising finger on yr Integrity.Now you are writing in favour of Arnab n targeting India Today.But Mumbai police clearified that those people related to investigation named Republic not India Today.yr Quint should publish it too like you published earlier abt FIR related names.

  75. Badly written, incoherent with poorly constructed anologies! This from a reputed journalist, an otherwise sane voice in the media war he talks about. However, we can only share his anguish, and do little than to add our voices against hatred & bigotry.

  76. Shekharji media is more free now than ever before because the narrative and narrators can immediately be questioned on their fake n biased narrative on SOCIAL MEDIA.

    The time of one way communication where journalist used to claim of unbiased journalism is now being replaced by own admission of having political preferences. You yourself who for decades maintained a stance of unbiased journalism has now gracefully discarded the FAKE NARRATIVE of being completely unbiased.

    Media editors have a bad habit of discussing poverty while enjoying SINGLE MALT WHISKY. And actually earn huge remuneration for the same.

    The recent events of HATHRAS and BALRAMPUR are a stark reminder that media still is not FREE from HOPING to play the role of newsmakers rather than reporting the whole truth without facing the wrath of editors biases.

  77. Mr Shekar Gupta seems to be under the illusion that the news channels have a huge following and that their well being or otherwise impacts national opinion and so. Let’s get the facts right. The English news channels have a minuscule following (and not humongous as Mr Gupta thinks) and there is no one to cry ove their bad times. In fact a lot of those who watch these channels do it more for the entertainment value and not the news value

  78. Please let the entire lot kill each other. Journalists have been peddling so much falsehood since Modi became prime minister that the only person who really believes them today is Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi believes whatever journalists write. Journalists believe whatever Rahul Gandhi says. The Print also publishes false news quite frequently, also articles that are based on a lot of falsehood. The only thing which saves Print from the ignominy of being called out as a peddler of false news is that no one really reads it. Did you not notice that you don’t get big advertisers? That your readership is abysmal? Your website is low down even in Alexa listings?

    • Wow, you are angry with the media ! I presume you rely on truthful news which comes from the BJP’s IT cell. China did not take land, India’s economy is the fastest growing, Hindus are the vishwa guru…..

    • why, because it doesnt resort to every news as “explosive”, “massive”, “huge”? being neutral is its only mistake instead of bootlicking the government? you have no sense of respect.” journalists have been peddling falsehood”. like how, when more than 70% of the media chants Namo. any logical person can differentiate between who is peddling lies and who is talking truth. as per you there cannot be any opposition in the country? or anyone opposing the PMO is an antinational? or the govt has not committed any mistakes till now. and how exactly is advertising linked to quality of journalism? i assume you are educated. then how can you give such arguments? fact of the matter is that this present gov is no different from any previous congress regimes. with the majority it has it could have done so much better. but what legacy has the PM built till now? has the optimism of 2014 been kept up? or are you blind to the economic situation of the country. i probably hate the congress more than you do. but this govt has been an absolute disappointment, with the majority it has got. whether you start with your trolling, whataboutery, anything, or maybe think about it, is left to your cognisance.

  79. This piece has been written so badly “what goes of my pop?* And even worse. It’s a disgrace to journalism if you have such low quality writers put out pieces, that leave such a negative experience. The piece has no structure, it has childish analagies and at the end doesn’t even have any fact or inference.
    Please edit these pieces before publishing them.

    • Well said. It is a totally biased article by the PRINT. When RAGA misinterpreted the SC Comments during Rafale review appeal, then the SC pulled RAGA. Was that not a serious matter, when a president of age old National party misinterpreted deliberately. What PRINT was doing then. Was it sleeping then and writing all waste stuff now.

    • Ah the regular customer….. Who is waiting for the big Indian “khulasa” ……. Shut your pie hole…….. The aim of journalism is not to jump to conclusions *I know your head must be hurting now, your life view being questioned* but to report the things as they are and ask the right questions , and only claim (only if claiming) with right and valid proofs. I know you watch India Tv and it’s ground breaking journalism ” Aliens kya gaay ka doodh Pete hai? Khulasa break ke Baad” (this is real, no kidding) . So please step aside and let a few people ask the right questions, even if it’s difficult for you to comprehend what exactly is happening here….. Just a hint….. Journalism.

  80. We are with Arnav, Republic TV, not at all with a aajtk, all others are fake, including the print, I think it is enough.

  81. In other words what Shekhar babu wishes to say is – “An all-out Mahabharat is coming. No one will be able to sit it out. Better pick your side. Whether Dharma will win or not – destruction is assured.”
    Quo vadis spectators.

  82. Media is a business which cannot survive without profit. When the owner and the editor is one person, against a competitor who has hired editors the playing fields are are different.
    For up to a week ago all channels were full of SSR news. Now with the exception one all the rest seems to have dropped the SSR news. This should have been done with some explanation otherwise the message it gives is little or no concern for the viewer. The ones going quiet loose the credibility. Which is important for the editor and not so much the owner.
    IF we want to have freedom of expression and allow the media a free run with reasonable restrictions, viewers must be given the right to exercise their preferences and not made hostage to the advertising revenue war, with pulls and pushes of police power.
    IF COUKIDAR CHOR HAI and TERE CO DADE SE MARENGE is ok of for PM why moan about the rest.
    In country where the people have demonstrated that they will change what is not good, let us have faith in them. Give them all the opinions for making an informed choice.

  83. Long back, I had read that Chalapati Rao, the editor of Statesman always went around with his resignation letter in the pocket. People nowadays enter journalism for cultivating people, for influence peddling. Didn’t we see this in UPA2 where the journalists and PR people pulled the strings to get their choice people to cabinet and choice ministries. The rot started long back, in late 1980s and early 1990s when the media as a whole wanted to play secular card and leaned whole hog in favour of secular government and left leaning intellectuals. It became worse, when entire media ganged up against Narendra Modi in the aftermath of Post-Godhra riots for almost a decade. Since, has any media played honest broker’s role.? We, the aam admi watch news and read news because we have no choice.

  84. Arnab Goswami comes across as a total MANIAC in his TV shows. To imagine that such a sick man is trying to mould the opinion of vast number of citizens is in itself a grave crime. By fraudulently jacking up his TRP, he is lowering their resistance level further. This man should be FORCED to shut shop immediately. His actual crime beyond the TRP issue: HE IS TRYING TO CREATE MENTAL DWARFS right across the country. This is a dangerous form of sedition. What is the extreme punishment for sedition, death by a firing squad? Arnab Goswami deserves it.

  85. More than this article, which in my view lacks clarity, the ‘Cut the Clutter’ provides valuable information. To briefly summarize from that Cut the Clutter, the English News Channels’ viewership is minuscule, just 1.5% of the total and BARC has assigned just 499 households out total 44000 to arrive at its conclusion of ratings. Moreover, the ad revenue that English News Channels get is also minuscule , chhutta or leftover of the total. The lion’s share obviously goes to entertainment channels. So what are these channels fighting for? Firstly, BARC’s ratings based on just 499 connections have no meaning and significance. Secondly, the advertisers are no fools to get misled by such misleading, confusing and illusory ratings. By having just a cursory observations, one can guess that ad revenue that these Channel get is not based on these ratings at all. Thus NDTV might be having low ratings, but any advertiser would know that it has a loyal viewership base that consists of high income groups. Consequently, NDTV would not suffer due to its low ratings, which are in any case meaningless and insignificant. My view is that barring a few honorable exceptions, the entire TV news channels, irrespective of its language, has lost credibility , suffer from extremely poor quality and are not simply watchable. But we may watch them nevertheless, as they provide free entertainment during Covid times.

    • Advertisers don’t go by names they go by revenue. If they cover 15 channels and if they add another channel, they will review their sales to find out if their adventure worked. They are least bothered about anything else.

    • Big English/Hindi news channels and all print media were , in the
      pre-Republic tv era, mostly controlled
      by big business barons, except a few, with sole purpose of making money. For this
      they affiliate with the establishment.
      Being this in their mind they also
      hire the experienced/harwad/Colombia
      educated elite class as editors/correspondents whose mindset
      is that there was no India till English
      came and all things associated with
      the so called great civilization of
      Bharath is bumkum/bullshit.
      They will yell from housetop
      for the free speech but will not
      allow other view!
      It must be mentioned that to
      look fair they allow occasionally
      a different view. Very clever of
      them !
      Now a Journalist from middle
      Class come up and open up all
      Shenagina openly because he is
      not bound by any money sack.This
      money sack, whose sole purpose is to
      make money naturally lead
      him to in alliance with ruling/
      elite class.
      This is, in nutshell the storyline
      of Aruna Goswami and his
      Republic tv. which is flourshing.
      All established patterns in media
      management have been broken,
      so many are worried and herding
      together against Arnab Goswamy.
      All common middle class people
      actually should welcome this
      The role of internet including
      social media is big in this change.

  86. 1.If you keep your mouth SHUT, it will be good for you; you can’t influence a single soul by your verbal diarrhea
    2.The Nationalists know exactly what they are doing and have to do.
    3. They dont care for the internal enemies of Bharat who are the slaves of the anti-Bharat masters abroad.

    • The nationalists allowed China to take land, and said nothing happened. You want the media and public to keep quiet ?

    • Nationalist know what they are doing . Hitler’s nationalism killed millions of Jews and finally nationalist Nazis got Nuremberg trials

    • Any opinion you don’t like/agree with is anti bharat??
      Hmmm… must be the epitome of Indian nationalism…..p.s please give me an insight, that when you open your incognito tab do you still maintain nationalism??

    • How come everyone who is not toeing the line of BJP has become anti-nationals. Did Congress during their rule call those who were not toeing their line as anti-nationals. What BJP and sympathisers are doing is wrong. Those opposed to BJP are as much Patriotic Indians as any if not more.

    • Well said Sir, you are the true humanitarian because you support the people of the land and country, The main thing is that every question raised and conspiracy done by those who dosen’t have faith in Indian constitution and always unsatisfied by the law of this land and hates here fellow citizens, our culture and social responsibility towards the country.

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