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‘They’re taking our girls to ISIS’: How Church is now driving ‘love jihad’ narrative in Kerala

Syro-Malabar Church had in 2020 released a strong statement, claiming Christian women were becoming victims of ‘love jihad’. This is now resonating with a section of its parishioners.

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Kottayam, Ernakulam: A young girl leaves home to marry her lover defying her parents. She’s happy barely for a few minutes before her now-husband reappears in a skullcap and a crisp white kurta-pajama. He takes off her bindi and covers her head with a dupatta. He then teaches what looks like the Quran to a group of people, before he sells off his wife to some people who appear to be terrorists. 

This isn’t a lazy caricature from an archaic and offensive movie plot, but a video going viral in several Christian WhatsApp groups in Kerala.

The video, shared on Facebook by the Christian Association and Alliance for Social Action (CASA), a Kerala-based Christian body, is one of the many based on the premise of “exposing love jihad”.

The caption with the video, in Malayalam, reads: “The Left (CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front) and the Right (Congress-led United Democratic Front) are competing to appease jihadists by covertly and overtly justifying the form of terrorism known as love jihad. We should not allow the jihadists to grow in their (LDF’s and UDF’s) shadow. For that, we need to cut down the trees that provide them shelter. Think… act.”

‘Love jihad’ is a term coined by religious fundamentalist groups, alleging a conspiracy by Muslim men to convert non-Muslim girls in the guise of love.

In January last year, the Syro-Malabar Church, one of the largest church bodies in Kerala, issued a statement raising concerns about Christian women being “targeted” through ‘love jihad’.

Over a year on, the charges continue to resonate with a section of the church’s parishioners. 

ThePrint spoke to several members of the Christian community, particularly followers of the Syro-Malabar Church, on the issue. While there were many members who rubbished it as being a “communal bogey”, there were also several who agreed with the picture painted by the video.

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‘They are doing it globally’

For Kennedy Karimbinkalayil, a 57-year-old resident of Kakkanad region in Ernakulam, there isn’t an iota of doubt that Christian women are under “a growing threat”.

“On Netflix, there is a thriller drama called Caliphate. It is based on a real life story about three women in London,” he told ThePrint. “It’s an international phenomenon. This love jihad — they are doing it globally.” 

Karimbinkalayil is the state convenor of the Save Syro-Malabar Forum, a body he describes as being “simply pro-Church”. 

The 57-year-old carries in his shirt pocket, copious notes on ‘love jihad’, and it is these “facts and figures” that he has been lately spouting in debates on local television channels. He said the Syro-Malabar Church has on multiple occasions raised the concerns of “Muslim fundamentalists taking our girls to Syria” but that “no one is taking any kind of action”.

Kennedy Karimbinkalayil believes that Christian women are under ‘a growing threat’ | Photo: Fatima Aslam Khan/ThePrint
Kennedy Karimbinkalayil believes that Christian women are under ‘a growing threat’ | Photo: Fatima Aslam Khan/ThePrint

He, however, added that he isn’t against all inter-religious marriages. “Kerala is an educated state so of course there are mixed marriages; we cannot call all such cases love jihad,” he said. “Conversion also is personal, but after that if some are taken to Syria, to ISIS, that’s a problem.”

Another member of the Syro-Malabar Church, a 25-year-old student who is also part of the Laity Council, said other issues too had been “upsetting” the community — such as the conversion of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque. 

“The global issues combined with the ‘love jihad’ cases have been very upsetting, so of course we are in fear for our women,” said the student, who didn’t wish to be named.

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Should live in harmony: Bishop behind love jihad remarks

It was around 2009 when the term ‘love jihad’ entered the popular lexicon in Kerala. The state high court had in that year urged the government to frame laws against ‘love jihad’, claiming that there were indications of “forceful religious conversions under the garb of love”.

Then in 2016, news emerged of 20-odd women from the state being recruited by ISIS after they converted to Islam. 

One of these cases that gained prominence was that of 24-year-old Nimish Fatima who had gone missing along with her husband, Isa alias Bexin Vincent, in 2015, after both reportedly converted to Islam. 

But analysts say it is the Church that has really driven the narrative in the recent past. 

In its statement last year, the Syro-Malabar Church, which is the second-largest eastern Catholic church in the world after the Ukrainian Church, said Christian girls are being “targeted and killed” in the name of ‘love jihad’.  

“The growth of love jihad endangers the communal harmony and peace in Kerala. It is a fact that Christian girls are being targeted by the love jihad in the state,” the statement read.

“Love jihad is an issue that has penetrated the community really well. The Church’s response is one that managed to mobilise and build on the prejudices already existing within the community,” said political analyst Bipin Sebastian.

But speaking to ThePrint, the head of the Syro-Malabar Church, Cardinal George Alencherry, said “communal harmony is most important” to him.

“All should live together in total peace and communal harmony,” he said. “There should be understanding between religions and cultural groups. There should be a spirit of cooperation.”

Alencherry, however, refused to speak on his previously expressed views on ‘love jihad’. 

Just two months ago, heads of various Church bodies including Alencherry met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and reportedly discussed ‘love jihad’ among other issues.   

“It was on invitation of the Prime Minister’s Office that we went there… We conversed on many things regarding society in general, and also the relationship of the Church with the government,” he told ThePrint.

Alencherry, however, called his meeting with PM Modi “usual” and denied it was a political endorsement of the BJP.

“Actually, we are endorsing all the political parties and coalitions because they are all representing us, the community at large,” he said. “Almost all communities are members of all the political parties now, so we cannot say we are endorsing one party.”

Cardinal George Alencherry, head of the Syro-Malabar Church | Photo: Fatima Aslam Khan/ThePrint
Cardinal George Alencherry, head of the Syro-Malabar Church | Photo: Fatima Aslam Khan/ThePrint

‘Love jihad’ and politics

Christians account for about 19 per cent of Kerala’s population, making the community a substantial minority in the state. 

The BJP, in its manifesto ahead of the assembly elections, has promised to bring in a law against ‘love jihad’ if it comes to power.

Last month, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while campaigning in the state, hit out at both the LDF and the UDF for not taking any steps to “counter love jihad”.

The ruling CPI(M) hit back, with the party’s acting state secretary A. Vijayaraghavan saying ‘love jihad’ was non-existent and that it is a creation of the Sangh Parivar.

However, the CPI(M)’s own ally, the Kerala Congress (M), a new entrant to the LDF, holds an entirely different view. The Kerala Congress (M) is extremely popular among Christians. 

In an earlier interview to ThePrint, its chief Jose K. Mani had said he thinks there have been cases of ‘love jihad’ in the state that needed to be addressed. 

But the CPI(M)’s own stance on the issue has been ambiguous. Former Kerala chief minister and party veteran V.S. Achuthanandan had in 2010 claimed that there was a “threat of love jihad”.

“In 20 years, India and Kerala will become a Muslim-dominated world. Youngsters are being given money and are being lured to convert to Islam,” Achuthanandan, then in office, had said.

But not everyone is comfortable with the issue being politicised — even those Christians who believe that ‘love jihad’ should be probed.

“It is a serious issue. It needs to be looked into in some parts of Kerala,” said M.A. Joseph, Kochi resident and member of the Syro-Malabar Church.

“The Church has many serious issues but its present tendency has been to just focus on this. Moreover, this has come up only after the second Modi government has come to power — so it is being needlessly politicised,” Joseph said.

M.A. Joseph says that there are other issues that the church should focus on | Fatima Aslam Khan/ThePrint
M.A. Joseph says that there are other issues that the Church should focus on | Fatima Aslam Khan/ThePrint

‘Progressive’ movement to counter ‘love jihad’ narrative

The growing talk of ‘love jihad’ in the community, particularly from the head of the Church, has given birth to a counter-movement as well — headed by groups that call themselves progressive.

One such group, called the Archdiocesan Movement for Transparency, has openly challenged the stand of the Church.

“The love jihad message delivered by the Church came at a time when there was no report of forced conversion or anything,” said Shyju Antony, convenor of the group. “We asked each and every bishop what calculations they are basing this on, what is the conversion rate, what is the basis of this fear-mongering. But they had no answers.” 

Unlike other states, such as Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh where ‘love jihad’ is positioned as a Hindu-Muslim issue, in Kerala, it’s in parts of the Christian community that this is gaining ground. 

“The Christian population is not as high in any state as it is in Kerala. And so if enough members start believing this theory, then it’ll only be politically beneficial for right-wing propaganda,” Antony said. 

Even among the Christians, it’s largely only the Syro-Malabar Church members who appear to be buying it. “This has purely to do with the fact that no other church denomination’s head has ever gone ahead and made political statements like these,” Antony added. “But when Alenchery did it, the blind followers of course bought into it.”

Antony alleged that this has to do with the land scams that Alenchery has been accused of in the past few years. “We strongly believe that Alenchery is singing the tune of the BJP so that he’s not convicted in any of these cases,” Antony said.

Joseph Varghese, a businessman based out of Kochi, has been a member of the Syro-Malabar Church since childhood. Now in his 50s, he is a vocal opponent of the ‘love jihad’ campaign, even as he continues to be a member of the Church.

“It is utter foolishness,” he said. “Basically, there is a strong faction of the Sangh Parivar within the Church, especially the Syro-Malabar Church. It is their creation. The Sangh Parivar wants to divide Christians and Muslims of the state, and the Syro-Malabar clergy is part of that effort.”

Alarming and disheartening: Muslims

For the Muslim community, seeing this ‘love jihad’ debate play out in front of them has been “disheartening”. 

Majeed, 30, a resident of Thiruvananthapuram, said he has personally experienced being accused of spreading ‘love jihad’.  

Majeed had been in a relationship with a Hindu woman for three years before her family abruptly started objecting to their relationship.  

“They told her I’ll get her converted after marriage and force my religion on her. It was all a very big shock for me, and extremely disturbing,” Majeed said. 

“It’s unfortunate that now this kind of propaganda is being spread among Christians as well,” he added.

Some others described the whole controversy as “alarming” but don’t necessarily think it will become a matter of grave concern for them.

“When you say love jihad, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Sangh Parivar. Given how connected all communities are in Kerala, I don’t think the Church’s statements will change much,” said Muhammed Shafeeq, a 27-year-old entrepreneur in Kozhikode. 

“Yes, inter-religious marriages may have increased in Kerala over the last few years, but it’s not due to some love jihad. In fact, it’s a sign of society progressing,” he added.

(Edited by Arun Prashanth)

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  1. Author is a Muslim – the most peaceful religion of all right … baseless non- sense news can only be expected from muslims . They always portray themselves as victims but they are the ones wrecking havoc globally .

  2. If someone has the proof, please go AHEAD and arrest and punished the culprit. If you are just here to make a video and make viral for political stunts. Its purely politics for sure……

    • If its only love & no jehad, then there should be similar no. of muslim women marrying Kafir men. But you’ll rarely find any. Why? Moreover, why are Muslim men not converting & its only Kafir women converting to Islam?

  3. Here, I am quoting the holiest quran ‘Do not marry polytheistic women until they believe; for a believing slave-woman is better than a free polytheist, even though she may look pleasant to you. And do not marry your women to polytheistic men until they believe, for a believing slave-man is better than a free polytheist, even though he may look pleasant to you. They invite ˹you˺ to the Fire while Allah invites ˹you˺ to Paradise and forgiveness by His grace.1 He makes His revelations clear to the people so perhaps they will be mindful’.
    This is the foundation of jihad without amy ambiguity.
    So, we can say love jihad originates from quran itself. But you hypocrites blame sangh for every thing even for those things which are written in quran lolll

  4. Do not bring division and enemity between Christians & Muslim for the vote bank. No one from the Christian family has come out to raise their voice against love Jihad or their daughters has been loored for marriage and deported in terrorist camps. There are one or two incidents. It does not mean because of this an entire community should be targetted. Only by education one can resolve the problem and not by bringing a law named as love jihad. In London students has to choose for the study of religion apart from his religion. This type of initiative will harmonize social intigrity and secularism among people.

  5. Why u bullshits not see the interview of Sajid Wajid if u have doubt on love jihad..
    Dumb butthair

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    • We know what your motive is? Whenever the motive of jihadis like you is not successful, then you put target on the RSS / BJP.

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        INDIA was under Muslim for more than 1000 years te you and your fathers and grandfathers is ALIVE….
        Its was the Muslim who bought AGAINST Mongols, The British later on you cowards joined the main STRUGGLE. Liten6to the Shashi Tharoor statements on Indian Muslims okay.

        • It was Muslims who fought against the British? Where? How many Muslim freedom fighters can you name? Go to some actual school, don’t spout your Madrasa bullshit.

        • The Armenians were genocided in Turkey. In middle east, Christian population has fallen drastically in Syria and Iraq. Check facts.

        • Its was the Muslim who bought AGAINST Mongols,

          Muslims treacherously seized the power in Ill-Khanate, founded by Hulagu Khan. once they seized power they destroyed all Buddhist, Shamanist monuments and either killed remaining Mongols or forced them to convert to Islam.

        • Oh really middle East had pagans and polytheist where are they? Where are their worship places??

  8. what about a non mislim boy marreid a muslim.girl which jihad i should call ……….a christian guy killd innocent muslim in mosque …..what shuld i call whole christian are not terrorist …… so plzzz dont blame our religios …..every religious not tech terrorist ….. loooser politics shame on u politics thuuuuuuuu

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      Then, why u don’t come out for inter religious marriage

  9. There should be new law by the govt
    The boy who marry girl from other religions that boy has to change their religions as per girl’s religions.
    All problems will be solved

  10. If Christian Missionaries report it, there must be a grain of truth in it, says our secular media. If Hindu organisations report it, it is “minority bashing”, “stoking communal fires”, “harming the secular fabric” and what not. Love Jihad is real. Have seen it happen with an orphan maid in Mumbai living with her grandparents who was converted and sent to Alwar and not heard of, since.

    We can chant “secularism” and “Indian Constitution” with our “peaceful biradars” n the meanwhile.


  12. False report. Love jihad is a truth. Lebonan was very progressive and flourishing till jihadists became considerable numbers.

  13. As a journalist for 40 years now in Delhi and Kerala let me say that there are some real incidents happening in this line. My daughter’s classmate in St Teresa’s college Ernakulam (Name of Cochin City as per Railways) Merin Joseph was a bright student (XII school topper)who got campus selection to American multi national company IBM Pune. Her old class mate in school (Baxin Vincent’s brother) who had converted to Islam along with his brother went after her as in love and became intimate. Then she was taken to a notorious fellow in Mumbai and converted to Islam. She lost her IBM job and got a job as teacher in Peace International School Cochin(which was banned and closed by NIA as found to be a recruitment office for ISIS) Merin’s family had no knowledge of what was happening. But when they saw Islamic terrorist materials and her black purdah and all at home they warned her and she disappeared. After police complaints and court cases it was reported that she is in Syria. Meanwhile Baxin’s brother had absconded with a Hindu dental student Nimisha and converted her who gave birth to a child in Syria or Afganistan jail. I remember felicitating Merin by school authorities as best outgoing student and think about her life in ISIS camp as a sex slave. Now it is herad that she died in bombing . There are reports that she is alive in Afgan jail. Any way those who believe that “Love Jihad” is a fiction story must understand that there are families where tears never dry. When it happens in your family then only you will believe. The funny thing is that ISIS said that we don’t want any Muslim girls to Syria!

    • Ok I now doubt if she was a bright student. The degree is useless then. True Education is the solution. Sensitising this issue and making all inter religious marriage as a terror is even more alarming. Focus on education which breaks these religious boundaries. Religious extremism is no solution, it will only make things worse. Start educating and stop propagating violents.

      • “Focus on education which breaks these religious boundaries. Religious extremism is no solution, it will only make things worse.”

        Only if education frees Muslims. We would like to see actual manifestation of that. i.e Muslims throwing off hijab, niqab, beard in fire pit. Muslim girls freely going out with non-Muslims and not asking them to convert. Number of Muslim women marrying non-Muslims in about same number as Muslim men marrying non-Muslims, number of Muslims converting to other faiths numbering equally to number of non-Muslims converting to Islam.

  14. Ohh Okay.. so..BJP has finally made an entry in Kerala. Got it.. Kerala would be another Goa for BJP.

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  16. Les don’t generalise things, at least Kerala is amongst very few states where religious harmony still exists. Let’s all keep it that way please

    • When it happens in your family you will understand whether it is truth. Till then “generalise”. Want proof?

  17. If one marries for love ..why should conversion be mandatory..also saffron terror a non existent..and fictional term conjoined by congress and pseudo left liberals just to create anti hindu narrative..must be condemmed


  18. The two faiths from the deserts unabashedly indulge in conversions. Now the faith that uses deceipt is alleging another of using deceipt (Love Jihad) to convert their tribe. The circle has taken a complete round.

  19. This happens because Muslims and Christians require the Woman or Man to Convert!!! If you do not want to be accused, the stop converting. It is your job to change the perception, be it conspiracy or not.

  20. Am not gonna oppose inter caste and inter religious marriage coz it’s a personal thing but when i see Muslims saying that inter religious marriage is a personal thing it feels kinda funny because most of them won’t allow their sisters or daughters to marry a guy from another religion and they preach being progressive to others.

  21. Wat about Islamic grooming gang in Britain. Similar like luv jihad where almost 20k girls were exploited.

  22. what do you tell about “Islamic grooming gang” in Britain. Where almost 20k girls &women were raped. But govt covered it to avoid being called islamophobic or India,what is politics of secularism ,we all know. How they go after women in any disturbance we all know. From Bangladesh liberation war to Kashmir exodus to isis. Besides their religious texts openly endorse women as maal e ganimat(war booty) that muslims follow in any event.

  23. Deport all Christian’s hindus from Arab and bangladesh and deport all muslims to muslim countries. Then let’s start world war 3 and see who wins.

  24. Extremely biased reporting by Ms. Fatima Khan. Her tilt towards the “progressive” and “secular” stance is starkly visible throughout.
    Its one matter that she personally does not believe in the concept of Love Jihad. But this report is engineered to make others not believe in it. An instance of shady journalism.

  25. Interfaith marriage results in progressive society when boys and girls are from both communities … Not when boy is always from one particular community…

  26. Playing a game with minorities is a strategy so far.. Instead of spreading hater.. Try something new.. boredom

    ISIS itself a lie.. If it is a realbody why can’t the countries handle it?

  27. It is difficult to ignore the aggressive streak among Muslims to convert others. The inter-religious marriages are complicated because there is certain amount of pressure on a couple especially girls to take to new ways. That pressure comes from immediate, distant relatives and in a closely knit community, even from other elders. What should remain a matter between a couple gets undue and unwarranted attention from the society.
    But what is evident with proofs is a strange urge among Muslims to convert others. Some famous cases are seen in Pakistan with cricketers. We have seen Paki cricketers urging ABD and Lara to convert. Recently a Pakistani Army Colonel on UN deputation in Congo was found to be converting local UN staff to convert.
    This is in plain sight. What would happen behind closed doors is left to anybody imagination…

  28. Good vote more for the LDF and the CPM and enjoy the muslimisation of all your future progeny

  29. Print, quint n their gang r the biggest jihadi. Isnt it funny they try to teach Islam to mullahs. Teroorist what he did is bcoz of wrong interpretation. Love jihad it’s communal hindus propoganda. Are they bigger authority than Quran n sharia. Male ganimat means non muslim woman r object of loot. They r machines for producing kids

  30. Mosques must be spending money, to train & groom young men, give them good clothes. They have to be prepared in hindu/sikh/Christian culture & religious terminology taught.

  31. “love jihad ” is real and affecting the core values of other religions. Unfortunately Muslim don’t understand anything else than just what’s taught in the Quran. The ones that are skeptical and are politically rubbishing the existence of love jihad will one day face the outcome of this. India should rise against this notion or else we would be the next Syria.

  32. Love jihad is not some fiction…it is a fact. What the Popular Front is doing is love jihad. Muslim men are given monthly stipends and other expenses to bring Christian and Hindu girls to the community. If these people do not wake up now things will become impossible in the near future. In many cases the muslim men do not even reveal their religion….they even pretend to be Christian ir Hindu. Once the girls are totally in love, they start revealing their true identity. This is happening everywhere, not juat in Kerala.

  33. Fake…people 😂 will laugh…. even if your community people also…. what kind of lie they said…

  34. Main fact is that ‘love jihad’ word is fake western aren’t believing this….to play with Islam in new game they putted Syria which is destroyed by Western terrorist bombs and now they want peace after 10 years and they want to settle in their country again …again these liar want to destroy this country shame on you man… and they created new rumors that they are selling converted Muslaman girls it to……..fact is that bcz western christian ( pew researcher) honestly said that muslims are gaining followers from 19 th century through conversion (search it in google and you tube)… Being jealous for that this people are spreading fear under the mind of converted muslim people that you will get sold in ISIS group…. remember anti-islam people who really understands the Islam he will get convert he will not afraid from this lie….i think this liar people community book didn’t teached “not to speak lie”……
    After being an adult i have seen some soldiers are risking their lives even if their country men at other countries to bring peace and democracy with no profit…. with no profit to their soldier… with no profit 🙄 risking their lives to other countries…how and why?????

  35. Irrespective of religion, in every inter caste marriage, women are forced to convert. I have seen a lot of women who were converted to Christianity after marriage. I dont know if a certain section of muslims has this agenda. But definitely this is being done in majority of inter caste marriages, irrespective of the religion.

    • Yeah. I’ve heard some forced conversions to Christianity too. But also in inter-faith marriage, some may convert just by learning about it more or just forced by someone – we don’t know if all can be classified as “love jihad” or “Christian love jihad” or something

    • That’s exactly what I want to say. Just because some people does it(love jihad)(I dont know even if it’s true but still) doesnt mean whole of the community does it. And moreover, it’s not just the muslim community who through inferfaith marriage might ask a girl or a boy to convert to their religion but other communities do it as well. This is just targeting a particular community and that’s what makes it very disturbing.

  36. You all know facts don’t matter anymore only matters is the narrative no matter how many examples you give how many video audio proofs you give it DOESN’T matter
    Muslim imams openly talk about jihad, Pakistan, caliphate and also there are prices decided for every hindu cast and Muslims get money to lure Hindu women they know they are playing the long term game
    Even superpower USA couldn’t beat the Islamists Taliban, because they knew they were playing the long term game
    Even educated muslims have very extreme views (I got to know about it after I faked about hating my RELIGION and saying the terrorists are not actually terrorists son on, then they opened their extremists views)
    But facts don’t matter
    Islamophobia sells hinduphobia,Christianphobia DOESN’T

      • Of course only PUSSLIMS (muslims) do such acts. Don’t have a nerve to live in harmony. muslims ready to do anything for the sake of money and biriyani.. that is all your lives are upto. grow up

    • Where did you hear this rubbish.! At a shaka.? Stop trying to divide our country with your communal bigotry and hate.! Your types are the real tukde tukde gang.!

      • If u are loving some one from othercomunity u must also be prapared to allow ur women.but in reality muslims never allow it.u keep ur ladies under hizab and trap innocent girlsfrom other comunity, love jihaad is a reality

      • There’s a reason why we call you Hindus Educated-Fools. Phir yahan se padha-likha gawaar. Zyada gyaan mat pel. Kya tu quran se zyada jaanta hai?

    • The upper caste sanghis, who are spewing venom here, are vying and dying to go the desert countries to lick the boots of sheikhs to earn riyals which will change their status in their society. They even express their fake love for Islam to please their Arab bosses. The common narrative spread by these sanghis in arab land is that they like Islam so much and ready to revert to Islam but because of societal pressure they are not able to do so.

      These are a few of the many cheap tricks they do to earn riyals.

      • Let’s see how long the arabs remain bosses. They are worth nothing and will be useless after oil runs out.

        • Do you want these untouchable South Asian Muslims to overthrow Arab Upper class Muslims? They are keeping South Asian Muslims in their place.

          We don’t want these scum of the earth, South Asian Muslims, to take over Islam. Just learn to deal with South Asian Muslims in the way Arabs are doing and not the way that ghastly
          Taqiyya Mamata Banerjee is doing.

      • You indian muslims think you’re above the Arabs but they consider you as third class dogs. Lmao come up with a better joke next time.

    • The term love jihad it’s true. Yes it’s happening not only in kerala or in India but all over the world. Jahil jihadis are doing this. Because Quran instructs like that. There is clear mention of that ‘if you marry a kafir (non Muslims) girl and pregnant her than alla Will please and bless you. You will definitely go to jannat and will aish with seventy two hurs.
      If you have any doubt about the above content may read Quran. Yes it will be clear. They want to make India an Islamic State on the agenda named as ghazba-e-hind.Yes Don’t keep any doubt in your mind.

  37. Life is si struggling with such conditions. Really pity we borned as human beings but where is humanity. Life is not a park of flowers. It is tragic ocean. Earth is called Mrithyu loka means planet of death. With all this lot of drama is going on .

  38. Whenever you need a narrative to win elections blame it on the other communities.
    Let’s ask what should the Hindu community members feel when they come to know more people are converted to Christians everyday by new age Christian denominations.
    One can also argue that this love jihad narrative is such a spin to cover the real truth about love jihad by Christians over other religious communities.
    So stop spinning such fake narratives and leave people in peace if two adults chose to follow any religion in order to marry and lead a life together.
    Nowadays religious leaders spew a lot of nonsense to people to help thei own vested interests.

  39. I don’t understand the policy of this news portal, why are muslims being told to pen op-eds where perpetuating evil is the religion of peace. How can these islamists writers say anything that shows their true color which is ugly. Very ugly.

    • I think it’s high time the BJP disciplined these so called Christian missionaries whose actual ulterior motive is to spread Christianity by using money to lure poor Hindus.

  40. Well there is a norm called break-even.
    Globally it is been observed that once a fundamentally religious states are witnessing a systematic deportation. Youngsters especially are more bothered about survival at the cost of carrying forward the forced theory.
    This shall once touching a peak globally should break the course.
    After all this ‘hollow’ heroic religion is just a monetary sponsored propaganda.

  41. This article proves that Lo e Jihad started in Kerala and the term was coined by Christians….and yet Hindus and BJP are blamed for it.

    Please look at the Islamic countries….Shias and Sunnis are in a perpetual civil war in most Islamic countries….Look at Syria,Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen….even Pakistan is constantly facing attacks from within by different sects on whose Religion in better.

    That itself should help people understand that Islam can never be at peace with anyone…..when it’s not at peace with itself.

    Love Jihad is the Program to CONVERT INDIA FROM WITHIN!!!! And even the Church realizes this!!

  42. It’s Love jihad. Not ‘ Love jihad’. Because it’s really true. Your tactics to cover up won’t work. Because we are already aware of it.

  43. If it is there why can’t investigate…even after the second stint at centre why can’t the BJP led government could not pick up the culprits and why can’t it salvage the “poor ” girls…..all the investigative agencies like NIA ,RAW, CBI , ED etc are under their thumb let them do the business…..the proof of pudding lies its eating……

  44. Love jihad is not a fiction and the christian community is now feeling its heat and needs some action to save its vulnerable female youth, but the LDF and UDF is in oblivion for reasons of electoral consequences. But the faith conversion christian groups vehemently opposing a divide between muslim and christians on love jihad as this divide will shatter both of their conversion goals. But the larger picture is that when time passes christians will not be able to defend alone to safe guard their interests, that is precisely the reason for the church now looking towards Delhi for in the form of supporting BJP. In the present Indian political scenerio only bjp can help the church from love jihad, but for this they have to abandon congress led political dispensation.

  45. The term love jihad is not coined by religious fundamentalists, but by the victim communities of religious fundamentalism. But biased liberals will never say the truth.

  46. If this inter religious marraiges indicates social progress then why is there nil conversion of muslim man or woman to the religion of the spouse( non muslim) post marraige?

  47. Out of 5146 Christians who converted to other religions during 2011-2017, 92 % or 4756 were converted to Hinduism. A mere 390 or 8% converted to Islam. Nearly half of those converted are women.

    So almost more than 2000 Christian women converted to Hinduism. Better call it Love Godse rather than Love Jihad.

    • Nobody is objecting to conversion.. But only about taking gullible girls to Syria and elsewhere, endangering their very lives

    • In a secular country a person has right to choose whether he wants to convert to other faith. Hindus convert to Christianity and so there is nothing wrong in Christian convert to Hinduism.

      It is unacceptable to jihadi like yourself that Christians instead of converting to Islam are converting to Hinduism, because to you dhimmis are converting to Kufr faith instead of Islam. So you don’t want to leave them alone and use deceit to convert them.

      It appears that Love jihad is real, not imagination of Yogi &others. Even dhimmis are not safe now. Stealing other people’s women has been Muslim habit stretching from Balkans to Burma. Turks, Tartars and other Muslims were raiding Slavic girls and selling them in Istanbul, like the way they were doing in India in past.

    • Thank god that they converted even the figure may not correct. But still leving peace fully in home land. They dont transfer to syria turki somewhere

    • Narrative!!!!! right everything seem to be lie if it questions very essential element of one’s own narrative based on political milage and politics of appeasement or bullishit academic theories peddled for decades based on grand narrative style ..but the thing is there is fear and insecurity among people because they might have witnessed ..on what basis you are discarding their fear .isn’t this inhuman ..just request for conducting research and commission and made it to public forum for discussion …and the thing there is no institution to check minority institution ..this is a invisible immunity provided to them why ..I am not accusing any community rather want a system to check certain religious institution and their activities …in this way we can also check the people who peddle love jihad narrative right ..but no why would you request such kind of thing your shop will also be shut naaa one comment by niyaz provides data on numbers well I think she missed that we are talking about some crime against women who are ‘forced’ to convert ..I doubt where her data come from .Also it is not about questioning a choice of woman but rather institutionalised activity of conversion which gets funds and ideological support perpetuated by apathy of state ..because women voice are not taken seriously once even they get married should be noted that women are often harrassed in law’s house for their identity it is a
      domestic abuse , but why would you explore such thing .your shop will closed down right ….my point to not deny it outright rather than conduct a research and investigation and bring some system to sought accountability from minority institution and mainstreaming thedifferent opinions of Muslim ,ex Muslim, moderate Muslim is very essential for this country right now ..rather than handling their narrative to some lal salam joker

    • The Church is getting back what it nefariously did to Hindus. The ultimate goal of both is conversions only one uses force and the other deceipt.

  48. Let them handle it, central government should not interfere – they deserve such depredation. Lal salaam!

  49. Everyone seems to be scared of Muslim and their religiosity. The belief among Muslims that their religion is the greatest and all others are harmful makes Muslims very dangerous for the rest of the world. After all Islam does say that the proper way is to convert your bride. Unfortunately, the Muslims do not openly condemn, criticise and reject the various evil practises that are advocated by the jaahils within Islam. The only one at the moment who seems to be doing such criticism is one IPS officer who is also a practising Muslim.

    • > “After all Islam does say that the proper way is to convert your bride. ”

      Where exactly does the quran say that? Which verse?

    • When Kerala High Court has clearly spelt out the existence of Love Jihad, it is no more a fictional creation of RSS. Now they will say judge was also RSS member. Complete fools.

  50. Majeed will definitely convert her if he marries her even if he don’t want his fam8will force him to convert if she converts then it is not inter faith marriage it is a clear case of love jihad

  51. “But the CPI(M)’s own stance on the issue has been ambiguous. Former Kerala chief minister and party veteran V.S. Achuthanandan had in 2010 claimed that there was a “threat of love jihad”.”
    It’s not surprising to see responsible people saying one thing when they are in political office and quite the opposite when they aren’t.

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