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‘Moles’ in courts, WhatsApp — how UP Hindu groups are networking to stop inter-faith marriages

VHP, Bajrang Dal or Hindu Yuva Vahini, all outfits claim to have 'their people' in courts, notary offices for tip-offs. The woman is sent home & married off to Hindu man within days, 'even without consent'.

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Hardoi, Bijnor: Moles allegedly inside courts, notary offices and the police department, monthly briefings and dedicated WhatsApp groups for quick dispensation of information and action. This is how some of the Hindu outfits and vigilante groups are working to keep “a check and prevent Hindu-Muslim” marriages across Uttar Pradesh.

Whether it is the Hindu Jagran Manch, Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini, the Rashtriya Yuva Vahini or the traditional Hindutva outfits such as the RSS, VHP and the Bajrang Dal, each of them claim to have a network of people at the block, zila and village levels to keep a “strict watch”. They say they intervene as soon as they see Hindu-Muslim couples venture out, let alone approach court to register marriages. 

The groups admit to being emboldened by the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020, which came into force on 28 November. In at least four of the eight cases that ThePrint reviewed, the FIR was filed at the insistence of these groups.

“This law is a boon. To stop love jihad is our primary work. We have fought for this law, carried out protests, sat on dharnas. After this law, our work has gotten very easy and swift,” Jitendra Bains, a Hindu Jagran Manch leader from Bijnor told ThePrint.

“We feel empowered. The police too is now responding quickly and acting swiftly on our complaints because now it is a direct order from the CM’s office.” 

Pawan Rastogi, the zila coordinator of the Bajrang Dal’s Hardoi unit, agrees. “This is just the beginning. This law has not just given us a free hand to carry out our sewa but has pumped our workers with enthusiasm,” he said.

“We have consolidated our teams and expanded our base since this law came into effect. We will make sure no Hindu daughter goes to a Muslim family.” 


Jitendra Bains, the Hindu Jagran Manch leader from Bijnor | Photo: Pravin Jain | ThePrint
Jitendra Bains, the Hindu Jagran Manch leader from Bijnor | Photo: Pravin Jain | ThePrint

Regular briefings, moles keeping a ‘hawk’s eye’ 

Whether it is schools, colleges, restaurants, parks or even courts, the Hindu outfits boast of a network everywhere. 

Their goal, Bains says, is “to save Hindu women from Muslim men”. “Hamare jasus har jagah hai, kyuki woh hindutva ki raksha karta hai,” Bains laughs.

The groups claim to have divided their members into groups at the zila, tehsil, block and village levels. In Bijnor, for instance, there are over 3,000 workers associated with the Yuva Morcha. The Vishva Hindu Parishad has 2,000 workers at Shahjahanpur while the Bajrang Dal has over 2,800 workers at Moradabad and Hardoi. 

Bains claims his team, “beti bachao”, has a network among lawyers, the police and tehsildars.

“We have developed a network of people in courts which includes tehsildars, court masters, staff at the registrar office and the sub-divisional magistrate’s office, who give us a tip-off in case they see any Hindu-Muslim couple looking for ways to get married, or even exploring a legal way for it,” he says.

“They are all our Hindu men who are associated with our groups. The goal is to not let our women cross over to their religion.” 

Zila coordinator of the Bajrang Dal, Monu Bishnoi, who has been very active in Moradabad and also has three cases of kidnapping and rioting against him, too swears by his network. He says that this law was “absolutely necessary”.

“Our aim is to make sure that our women do not go with any Muslim. We try to catch them young,” he says. We have our people spread out everywhere and we can gather at just one call.”


Zila coordinator of the Bajrang Dal, Monu Bishnoi | Photo: Pravin Jain | ThePrint
Zila coordinator of the Bajrang Dal, Monu Bishnoi | Photo: Pravin Jain | ThePrint

A senior Hindu Yuva Vahini leader, who did not wish to be named, told ThePrint that his organisation has planted Hindu men in Muslim groups who provide them with “relevant inputs” .

“Some of our men have taken up Muslim names and are going around in their groups. That is how we get our information and in most cases we are able to alert the woman’s family much in advance,” he said. “We fund their work, their stay. Their job is to give us valuable inputs that we can work on.”

K.D. Sharma, president of the Rashtriya Yuva Vahini, says he has allocated specific roles to his members at all levels.

“Some people are just spotters. They see the couple, do some initial inquiry and put the message on the group,” he says. “Then the action team swings into motion and does their work. In many cases, the woman’s family is contacted first and informed.”

Rajesh Awasthy, zila mantri of the VHP in Shahjahanpur, claims that as soon as his organisation finds out about any such couple, he makes sure that the woman is “picked up” and married off to a Hindu within two days. The Muslim man, he adds, is “thrashed and warned”.

Awasthy played a key role in getting two cases under the “anti-conversion” law registered in Shahjahanpur.

“We have people in the courts, notary offices. As and when a couple goes to the court even to inquire about documents required for registration of marriage or to understand the procedure, the information reaches us,” he says. “We collect our men and reach that place. We then pick up the woman and take her to her house.”

In one of the cases that Awasthy had intervened, a Hindu woman who had gone to the court with her Muslim boyfriend in Katra was ‘picked up’ by the volunteers of the VHP and sent home.

“This is just one instance. Everyday we intervene in such matters. After separating the couple, within two days we get the woman married off to a Hindu from our own group,” Awasthy adds.

Ismain ladki ki marzi nahi hoti. Hum zabardasti karte hai. Ladki ki sehmati ki koi zarurat bhi nai hai, sirf uske pariwar ki sehmati honi chahiye. (This wedding happens without the woman’s consent. We force it. The woman’s consent is anyway not important. Her family should be on board),” he says.

Most of these Hindu outfits claim to hold regular meetings — sometimes twice a month to decide their course of action. 

“All of the workers meet regularly and a briefing is held on how to go around keeping a check and actively keep the police in the loop on any cases of Hindu-Muslim couples,” Bains says.

Pawan Rastogi of the Bajrang Dal says he handles over 205 shakhas. “We have given clear instructions to our workers to keep a watch on schools, colleges, restaurants to see if any of these couples are meeting up,” he says. “If they find anything, they put information on the group and our men reach there to catch them red-handed.”

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The ‘Muslim conspiracy’

Sharma, the Rashtriya Yuva Vahini chief, is of the view that these Hindu groups need this solid a network to counter the Muslim community. He alleges that the Muslim community in India receives “foreign funding” to marry Hindu girls, convert them and bear children.

“We need to have a network to counter the network of the Muslim community. If one of their men marries a Hindu Brahmin girl, they get Rs 20 lakh,” he claims. “When they marry a Gupta girl, they get Rs 15 lakh and if they marry a Dait Hindu girl, they get Rs 10 lakh. These countries abroad fund these nefarious ideas and we are here to protect our women.”

The Hindu Sena leader, who did not wish to be named, alleged that madrasas in India offer a “package” for Muslim men to woo Hindu women.

“These Muslims in general have a sick mind. The madrasas provide them with a package to first trap a Hindu girl and then make them pregnant,” he says. “These Muslim men get money for it. For them to get a Hindu woman in their community and impregnate her is the goal.”

According to these Hindu groups, a Muslim man is allegedly “trained” to act like a Hindu, use Hindu symbols to make a woman believe that he is a Hindu and reveal his real identity only after the woman has fallen in love with him. 

“They go to temples, wear kalawa (red thread) on their wrists, put tika, to make the Hindu woman believe that he is a Hindu. It is only later when she falls for him, and sometimes they get physical, that he reveals his real identity,” Bains says.

“By that time, the woman is already under his trap. Some men then even use their intimate pictures to extort money.

“The Muslim families train their men to trap a Hindu woman and convert her to Islam,” he alleges. “When a Muslim man traps a Hindu woman, his entire family is involved in this conspiracy. For them, trapping one Hindu woman is like completing one Haj.”

Anubhav Shukla of the Hindu Yuva Vahini agrees. “In 1,000 cases, you may find only one case wherein a Muslim is actually in love with a Hindu woman,” he says. “In the remaining 999, it is part of a conspiracy and that is when our work starts.”

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  1. Appreciated.. Inter caste and inter faith marriages should be banned.. UP is heading to conserve values and tradition. This creating a sense of threat among the peacefool community(specified terrorist religion..not guilty for that ) and Kudos to the heroes who are there patrolling and encountering with such ICM/IFM cases and turning it down.

    • Miss S Kashyap: In your infinite saffron wisdom you bray:

      “.. Inter caste and inter faith marriages should be banned. .. ”

      Who the bloody hell are people like you and the idiot saffron idiots you eulogise to decide who marries whom? Why the bloody hell don’t you go and ask Dilawar Khan and Aishya Bibi, both from the BJP and better known as Dharmendra & Hema Malini to practise what your Hindutva monkey friends preach ?

      And then what sort of inter-caste marriages do you want to ban? Dalit men marrying Brahmin women or Brahmin men marrying Dalit women? What about Sikhs marrying Hindus? Parsis marrying Hindus? Christians marrying Muslims ? Are you going to create a bloody catalogue listing what types of marriages are allowed and not allowed ? The mother of US Vice President Kamala Harris was a South Indian Brahmin married to a black Jamaican man. Would you have nullified that marriage Miss Kashyap?

      People like you and that clown Adithyanath are the Hindu equivalent of Ayothollah Khomeini, Adolf Hitler and bin Laden rolled into one. And are hell bent on turning India into a Hindu funadmentalist country. After all, your thuggish Hindutva friends are the Hindu equivalent of the Taliban aren’t they Ms Kashyap?

      Shame on you !

  2. 1) Hindu families bring up their children/daughters with liberal values and open mindedness
    2) Muslim families bring up their children/daughters with more orthodox and radical mindset.
    3) This creates an imbalance where in Hindus boy or girl is open for interfaith marriages and conversion. Hindu religion doesn’t prohibit worshipping other Gods. Whereas Islam prohibits worshipping other religion Gods. So there is natural tendency of Hindus converting to Islam in interfaith marriages
    4) why don’t Print give the data of interfaith marriages and conversion rates.
    5) I don’t know about others but I know many in my friends and relatives wherein Both Hindu boys and girls got converted after marrying muslims.
    6) What about the Parents who brought up their daughters with liberal values to only see them get covered in Burqa

  3. It is interesting that no mention is made that Love Jihad was also mentioned by Sikhs in the UK starting in the 1990s and by Christians in Kerala also during the 90s. Too bad Hindus were THIRTY years late. How much suffering could have been avoided at the hands of the peaceful community.

  4. This ‘love jihad’ is not confined to india alone. In the western countries also, this type of jihad is in full swing. For Muslims to convert others to Islam, is a religious obligation, and they get a pass to go to heaven. It is another story that there is no hell or heaven. But then, who will explain this to religious obsessed people.

  5. it is really sad that such an ancient civilization is reduced to a bunch of thugs who need to make up conspiracy theories to justify their bigotry and deal with their insecurity complex.

    For all the hatred against Muslims, these Hindus are following in the path illuminated by the very Muslims they despise.

    Well, you cant do any thing about people who refuse to use their brain inspite of being educated.

    Heres a new flash,to those who actually believe this ridiculous notion that a whole community of 1 billion people actually consider it a great acheivement to convert a Hindu



    • It is not just Hindus but also Christians in India who are deeply concerned about the Muslim practice of policing their own women strictly so that they rarely marry outside Islam while demanding the right to marry Christian and Hindu women freely and compel them to convert to Islam. That is communal aggression and Hindus are determined to put an end to it. We have to look after the interests of our community and what you think of us is neither here nor there. Hinduism remains the most tolerant religion in the world if you leave Hindus alone.

    • It’s not the world to care about idiot!.. It’s about me taking care of my identity and preserving my cultural values. You’re right Hindus are behaving like Muslims and I want that to happen. Time has come to shed the non-violence pricnciple. For every attack there would be retaliation. Be it terrorism or love jihad.

      • Mr Bala: You bray:

        “.. You’re right Hindus are behaving like Muslims and I want that to happen ..”

        So you want to convert all Hindus to Muslims ? You must be infinitely worse than these so called love-jihad fellows ! Have you been overdosing on gomutra?

  6. It’s important to understand what “interfaith ” marraiges are meant to convey. Only information as follows will be able to debunk propaganda

    1) How many Muslims boys marry HINDU girls


    3) How many conversion takes place from which religion to which religion.

    There are lot of rumours floating around.

    a) That certain community is promoting such “interfaith ” marraiges.

    b) That “interfaith ” marraiges are promoted by families and religious leaders from certain community.

    c) That girls from nuclear welloff families might be targeted for “interfaith ” marraiges. .

    As human beings living in democracy and not some religion specific country it will show that their will be much similar things happening in both communities.

    If the data shows any other disturbing trend than we can further discuss as a nation the implications of such information.

    • Fully agree that we need this data:
      If Muslims have organized themselves in such a way:

      * That very few Muslim girls can marry Hindu boys.
      * If they do want to marry, the Hindu Boys have to be converted to Islam.
      * But Muslim boys can marry Hindu girls only if the girls convert to Islam.

      * The ultimate threat is that Islam is a proselytizing religion and Hinduism is not.
      * The threat is also to democracy and secularism which can only be ensured with a Hindu majority.
      * There is hardly any Muslim majority nation which is democratic and secular.

      * The question is what are the legitimate steps Hindus can take to protect majority status in India?
      * How can these be implemented without hatred or violence?

  7. I am glad that at last the Hindus are organising themselves against the assault by the Abrahamic Religions. Christianity and Islam have vast experience in proslytizing others either by deceit or by force. Hinduism, not being a missionary religion is at a disadvantage since the middle of 19th century, not to speak of forced conversion to Islam by the Sultanate, Aurangzeb et al.

  8. If your news is correct, I appreciate the efforts to stop the one sided inter religious marriages, where girl is forced to convert

    • It is false, Hindus are not so important that a whole community in the world is going to spend money to try to convert their women.,

      It is just a way of dealing with the fact that these guys are going nowhere as a civilization and despite all their bluster are heavily influenced by the Muslims they hate.

      How can they claim that Muslims are bad becuase they dont let their women marry out of their faith, while doing the same thing is beyond me
      Sadly, people like the ones in the article are hell bent on getting the same privelege of Muslims in Pakistan.

  9. Hindu groups should file a defamation case against the author, I am sure most of their comments would have been twisted and edited before writing this garbage article. Love Jihad is real. Secularism in India is a joke.

    • We Hindus are grateful to such people who are working selflessly to protect our society, culture and heritage. It is due to such efforts that Hindus still remain the majority in India.

    • You are the reason why India as a country is going to be no better than Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.
      For all the hatred you people show against Muslims, you people are their Hindu counterparts.

      Sad that such a old, and glorious civilization is reduced to a bunch of insecure degenrates who on their own are incapable of getting a girl.

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