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Modi govt’s planning a new burial process for terrorists in Kashmir

Since the killing of Burhan Wani, terror organisations have used the feeling of resentment during burials to recruit Kashmiri youth.

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New Delhi: The public burial process of local terrorists in Kashmir has become a recruitment tool for terror organisations. To prevent this, the Narendra Modi government is considering a new process under which burials will be undertaken ‘in camera’, with only close family members in attendance.

“The idea is to hand over the body to the family and then hold the burial in front of the local magistrate. Section 144 will be strictly imposed, and no one else will be allowed to attend. Also, the entire event would be filmed,” a source in the security establishment told ThePrint.

The proposed new process goes against the earlier thinking of the security establishment, which was to not hand over the bodies. The issue has been discussed and approved by a key security team and a final decision is set to be taken by the central government soon.

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Fuelling resentment

Since the beginning of this year, efforts have been made, successfully in many cases, to increase the deployment of security forces in and around slain militants’ home areas, to ensure that proper blockades are set up to check the size of the gathering.

The emotionally-charged gatherings are a breeding ground for terror recruitment in the state, officials in the security and defence establishment said.

Since the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani on 8 July 2016, terror handlers and recruiters have been using janazas for recruitment.

The death of Wani had triggered a wave of unrest in the Kashmir Valley, with hundreds of people turning out to protest against his encounter. Terror recruiters are said to fuel the sentiment of resentment triggered by the killings, and glorify the deaths as ‘martyrdom’.

“The youngsters are taken in by the frenzy and many end up joining the terror ranks, even if for a few days. The last six months in Kashmir have seen much reduced recruitment taking place,” one of the sources cited above said.

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Amit Shah’s Kashmir strategy

Sources said the direction from the new Union Home Minister Amit Shah during his two-day visit to Kashmir was “zero tolerance for terrorists, terror financiers and radicals”.

On-going operations by the Army, CRPF, Jammu and Kashmir Police, National Investigation Agency, Enforcement Directorate and the Income Tax Department will continue and intensify in the coming days.

“This is not the time to ease off. The pressure on the terror infrastructure in the Valley will be constant. At the same time, special focus is being given to governance issues, with many stalled and delayed projects being given renewed push,” another source explained.

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  1. Dont bury, burn the body with garbage, in an undisclosed location and show it to wannabe jihadists. Radical islam needs to be controlled

  2. Mr. Sharma Kashmirs militancy is sponsored by Pakistan, see the anti India terrorist s spread venom against India on daily basis are given freedom and santuary by Pakistan. Kashmir problem can’t be resolved , till Pakistan does not mend it’s ways. There is only one way to do it and 99% of worlds terrorist problems will be resolved.

    • Mr.Sunny,
      “Your only one way to do it and 99% …….. ” does not eradicate the problem because one percent problem again begins multiplying and mounting
      up thus again slipping in to status quo position of huge proportions !

      The polity ought to be realistic and pragmatic !

      I again repeat February 14 Pulwama Suicide Bomb Attack followed Surgical Strikes !
      Then Balacot Aerial Strikes have not brought insurgency and terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir to a standstill !

      Ironically, the polity has been found wanting, therefore it ought to rethink, rediscover and reinvent its Kashmir Policy afresh !

      The aggressive and offensive strategy is not going to succeed at all. It already stands exhausted very badly.

      Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
      Pom Anm Nest,Barnala (Punjab)

  3. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist, Barnala(Punjab)

    The regime thriving on hollow and ill-planned moves is bound to struggle and grope in the dark ultimately ending in nothing.
    Just past five years history stands testimony to this fact- Demonetisation,GST, NJAC, Land Acquistion Bill etc. just a few to quote
    for instance !

    It is like a bad workman quarrelling with his tools !
    For five years, the regime miserably failed to tackle insurgency for want of an intelligent policy on Jammu and Kashmir sheer enjoying
    power with PDP for almost three years.Why these five years were frittered away in futility now coming up with utopian plans ?

    Instead., mind should be applied to soften and normalise the aura in the valley by a smart and brilliant policy ! The ruling class is at its wits end to explore why even young boys and girls alike are attracted and determined to take to cult of gun. The polity must strive to find out the crux and root cause of this menace tempting youth in the valley towards resorting to violence. Winning the hearts of the local people by creating an atmosphere of good-will, amity and trust can be very helpful in restoring normalcy and peace in Jammu and Kashmir ! No single formula or plan in isolation is going to serve the purpose !

    Despite surgical strikes, the polity failed to avert February 14 Pulwama Suicide Bomb Attack on CRPF convoy !

    Then following Balacot Air Strikes, have terrorist activities come to standstill in the valley ?

    The innovative and new plans should be thought of , no problem but at the sametime it is very pertinent and essential first to set our own house in order.

    Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest,Barnala(Punjab)

      • Mr. Fatehdharmender,
        This new burial process of terrorists in Kashmir plan is not going to work, I can say with certainty ! What has the BJP-PDP Alliance government had been doing and now governor’s rule has been doing during its respective tenures
        to restore peace, amity and normalcy in the valley !

        Your assertion -“Laaton Ke Bhoot……,” exercise twice in form of Surgical Strikes and Balacot Aerial strikes has failed
        miserably to overcome insurgency and transborder terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir !

        My very simple question- if Modi government is thinking of this new burial process plan then the government must
        concede that both big actions failed to achieve the desired results though it helped NaMo and BJP to create a hype of national security -cum-nationalism to muster votes in the name of these twin hypes and win polls . Winning polls is alright but the Kashmir Valley insurgency problem still remains staring the polity in its face as such.

        Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist
        Pom Anm Nest Barnala (Punjab)

  4. Had chaiwala and Amit Shah gave a thought why do so many people gather on shaheed’s funeral and why are their sentiments so charged up against the killings by the government?

  5. As terrorism has no religion, terrorist should be cut into pieces and thrown to stray dogs / needed to carnivorous animals at zoo.

  6. Govt should not handover dead bodies of terrorists to their families. Did America handed over the dead body of Osama Bin Laden to his family ? Did America use their land for his burrial ? To avoid the possibility of conversation of the burrial place into a holy shrine by his sympathisers the body was disposed off in ocean and that too in an undisclosed location .
    For this kind of foresightedness American is still No. 1 superpower in this world.
    We should learn from America if we aspire to be a superpower like America someday.

  7. Mr. Vijay first of all Israel is the no 1 terrorist country of world. Israel using all sophisticated weapons and poisonous gas against the innocent people of Palestine.
    Modi also no 1 criminal of world. Go to Google u will find modi top of criminals of world. BJPs telling they are terrorist by hiding their faults. Wantedly BJP done pulwama incident and lost 40 jawans killed.
    Actually BJP playing the game. Chaiwala can’t rule the country

  8. It has been inferred by the Modi government by this new policy on burial that the terrorists are only Muslims. Records have proven, and intellectuals will agree with me on this, that the terrorists have no religion.

    • Your inference is as absurd as the fact that the so called intellectuals are anti hindu……now read the headline and write up….it is written that in Kashmir this process will be adopted and the background is Burhan Wani…….so obvioulsy all terrorists will be muslims only…..either you are some one else masquerading as Himanshu Sharma or you are high on ganza like your fake intellectuals brethren….


  10. Follow what was done for Osama bin laden. Dump them in deep ocean, secretly. No visiters to that place to mourn.

  11. Since terrorist and extremists have by definition no religion, there is no question of according them any honor after their killing them and their bodies should be just dropped in Arabian Sea or Bay of Bengal or in Indian Ocean with proper procedure.. This should applicable to any terrorist irrespective of his religion. This will avoid all the unnecessary issues which come up in Kashmir valley and elsewhere.

  12. Why bury..use the Israeli method.. All terrorists, Dynamite their home..and burn the terrorist . So that there is no Mazar, no grave.

  13. Since Muslims say that terrorists are not true Muslim , they should rather be cremated in an electric crematorium rather than burry them via Islamic rituals.

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