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Maj. Gen. GD Bakshi, shrillest warmonger in the media, hits new low with gaali on Republic TV

As the retired Army officer Friday let loose a volley of insults at another Republic Bharat panellist — probably a first on TV — here's a profile of G.D. Bakshi from March 2019.

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New Delhi: Sitting on a plush cream-coloured couch at his home in Gurugram, Major General Gagandeep Bakshi (retd) adjusts his tie, takes the stem of a delicate teacup in his hand, and begins to extol the virtues of military retaliation against Pakistan.

For G.D. Bakshi, war is not a diplomatic disaster, but an inevitable price Pakistan must pay for being a “pagal kutta”.

“A rabid dog that goes around biting everybody,” he tells Defensive Offensive, a news portal, shortly after we leave.

And the call is not entirely political — Bakshi lost his brother, Captain Srishthi Raman Bakshi, in a mine explosion during the India-Pakistan War of 1965. The Captain was only 23 years old at the time.

“His entire body was shattered to pieces in that mine blast. People collected whatever was left and burnt his body then only. Then they gave us urn with the ashes, saying ‘here, this is your brother’,” Bakshi tells ThePrint.

“After immersing the ashes, I was filled with rage. At that moment, I decided that I would join the armed forces and take revenge for my brother.”

Five decades, an illustrious career in the army, a PhD in military history, and two grandkids later, Bakshi’s quest for revenge has not mellowed. Rather, it has metamorphosed into another form — rabid rhetoric on television.

Nowadays, whenever the media needs a defence expert to cry war on Prime Time television, Bakshi is inevitably the man for the job. You can find him wagging a self-righteous finger on your television every other night, his gruff voice reaching a breaking point as his temper rises and his nostril flares.

The theatre of war

While he is synonymous with Republic TV, where he is an ever-present fixture, Bakshi has been making appearances elsewhere too.

Three weeks ago, his theatrics were on display in the ABP newsroom.

“How many casualties will we suffer? For 30 years we have tolerated this in silence, 30 years!” he can be heard screaming during a debate after the 14 February Pulwama attack.

“Pakistan will pay a heavy price for their unholy actions. I can promise you this. Agar Pakistan ko Mahabharata chahiya, toh woh ho ke rahegi! (If Pakistan wants a war, then they will get one),” he adds.

In January this year, while speaking at a conclave on Article 35A, regarding ‘permanent residency’ in Jammu and Kashmir, Bakshi spoke on the situation in the state. “I want their top commanders,” he says.

“I particularly want those Pakistanis who have come into my country without a passport or visa. Yeh koi randi khana hai? (Is this a whorehouse),” he yells into a reverberating microphone. “Yeh koi randi khana hai!?” he shouts again.

For those watching, Bakshi has become a performance — the top-most liked comment on the video (with over 3000 thumbs ups on YouTube) is by Dhruv Chopra who writes, “Those who came to see that moment when he loses his s**t, head over to 11:44. Thank me later.”

A week ago, as Bakshi sat on a panel in conversation with News Nation’s senior correspondent Ajay Kumar, a debate on alleged Pakistan-sponsored terrorism descended into the retired army general shouting, “Screw you! This isn’t about Pulwama.

“I’m only asking ‘Is Indian blood this cheap?’” he goes on in a tirade. “Come on, tell me you bloody peaceniks! Is Indian blood this cheap, you kabootar udane walo! Marjao chullu bhar paani me doobke (Die of shame). We are not prepared to die!”

The audience applauds.

All of this, say some of those who know him, is part of the problem behind the retired general’s hawkish posturing.

“In part, I blame the media and the viewers,” a retired army man, who has known Bakshi for 40 years, tells ThePrint. “They love controversial people, and even he (Bakshi) knows that if he hadn’t created this persona, they would give him less space on strategic matters.”

That he makes an impression on an audience is also due to his credentials.

Bakshi has seen more war, insurgency and terrorism than even an average Armyman — he was at the China front during 1971, in Punjab at the height of militancy in 1985, Kaksar in Kargil in 1987, Kishtwar, J&K, in 2000. His war-time experience has earned him both the Sena Medal and the Vishisht Seva Medal for his service.

If that wasn’t enough, service in Kashmir is a family legacy. His father, S.P. Bakshi was the chief education officer of the Jammu & Kashmir State Forces (6 J&K Rifles), and his brother lost his life while serving in that regiment.

Bakshi says he joined the forces against his father’s wishes — who wanted him to be an IAS or IFS officer — and was commissioned into the very same 6 J&K Rifles.

His military experience, however, isn’t merely restricted to the battlefield. He was a member of the Military Operations Directorate — a planning body directly under the supervision of the Chief and Vice Chief of Army Staff. In the Ministry of Defence, Bakshi helped plan the Indian Peace Keeping Force operations in Sri Lanka before he was sent to Siachen when tensions in the Kashmir Valley heated up.

For Bakshi, the horrors of war are real. He says that he has seen the bodies of soldiers tortured to death by Pakistani terrorists who “receive continuous refuge from the state”. When he talks of men dying at the border, he does not access a theoretical framework, but a lived one.

All of this, however, suggests the retired army man quoted above, shouldn’t cloud the judgement of Bakshi’s views.

“We have no doubt about his commitment and love for the nation, but the manner in which he is presenting it in his speeches needs more balance,” the army man adds. “People who have a love for the strategic domain are concerned.”

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 A man of contradictions

Away from the glamour and aggrandisement of the TV spotlight and in the comfort of his Gurugram home, Bakshi’s views appear more tempered. He says “communalism, of course, is bad”, and that “nobody is forcing you to watch any particular media channel”.

But he also insists that Mughal rule in India was akin to Muslim colonialism by “our enemy for eight centuries”.

As we wait in his Gurugram home, three young students from Delhi University (DU) sit with a laptop next to the retired officer. One of the boys mentions forming an “Azad Hind Sena in every Delhi college,” paralleling that set up by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose during the freedom struggle.

Bakshi says that “it’s a great idea” and that “just as the NCC (National Cadet Corps) wears a uniform, Azad Hind Sena should have a uniform in every damn school and college”.

“I’ll invite ex-servicemen to deliver lectures on military history, strategy and give you training — you can learn judo, karate and other forms of defence. As long as they’re willing to say ‘Jai Hind’, Hindu, Sikh, Musalman, doesn’t matter,” Bakshi says.

For Bakshi, the distinction between a good and bad Muslim is clear — the faultline balancing on allegiance to Bharat Mata. Muslims in the Azad Hind Sena and Muslims who denounce the Mughal period are good Indians, but the rest, aren’t Indian at all.

It, however, merely takes the mention of Pakistan, Kashmir, and “our boys at the border”, to catalyse an unfurling — Bakshi’s bottom lip shakes as his mouth forms a grimace. He sits up straight, eyes wide, fist curling into a pointed finger as he asks, “Who died in Pulwama you tell me! All of you preaching for peace!”

On the alleged human rights violations by the Indian Army in Kashmir, he says the stone pelters are “them”, who deserve “no special treatment than the rest of the country”.

He makes his case by attempting to draw a parallel between pellet gun victims in Kashmir and the rioters who died in the Dera Sacha Sauda protests (in Chandigarh) “here in Hindustan”.

“In one day, 36 Indians were killed. No FIR was filed, there were no humans rights violations,” he says. “But pellet guns against violent protesters in Kashmir are human rights violations — it can happen only there, right?”

The PhD in military history or purveyor of ‘fake news’

Through the course of the conversation, Bakshi tells ThePrint that he is not just a “screaming Armyman”.

“A lot of people tell me that I’m a fauji, and am yelling for no reason, but I’m a PhD (in military history),” he says. “I know how to research. I’ve written two books.”

Bakshi then goes on to explain that after studying the Transfer of Power Archives in London, he was shocked to learn that a letter signed by the Viceroy of India, the Field Marshal, the Commander in Chief and the director of the intelligence bureau at the time, proved without doubt that “Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India Movement had failed”.

“We never got freedom from non-violence,” he says.

His downplaying of the Quit India Movement isn’t without reason. Bakshi is an ardent admirer of Subhash Chandra Bose — the army veteran is both a trustee of the Netaji Bose INA Trust and has written a biography of Bose, the Azad Hind Fauj and the INA, which he once told Republic World, “was really responsible for forcing the British to leave”.

“Of 60,000 INA soldiers, 26,000 were martyred. They may have lost the battles of Imphal and Kohima but they won the war for independence,” Republic World quotes him as having said. “It was the INA which was really responsible for forcing the British to leave. They had completely shaken the loyalty of the Indian soldier to the Raj.”

But Bakshi, who has also reportedly served as the deputy director of the Vivekananda International Foundation, alongside NSA Ajit Doval, hasn’t always had his finger on historical facts.

In February, he was responsible for spreading the fake news that the Pulwama attack was only possible due to a 2014 incident in Budgam, in which security forces were ordered to not stop vehicles at checkpoints on the Srinagar highway.

Bakshi blamed Mehbooba Mufti of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the directive, failing to realise that she wasn’t the chief minister in 2014 — Omar Abdullah of the National Conference was.

Further, the Indian Army had addressed the Budgam incident shortly after it happened, and their version was quite different from the one general Bakshi was describing.

In what was described as a “hate-mongering lecture” by an IIT Madras student in 2016, Bakshi also reportedly said that “Dehradun was originally called Dehradrone, as Dronacharya’s camp was set there… In its spot, the Indian Military Academy has come up”.

Student Abhinav Surya, who wrote a complaint letter to the IIT director about Bakshi’s speech, told the media that the Major General’s contention was “an instance of distorting history”.

Of Republic TV and that temper

According to those who knew him, Bakshi’s “temper streak is not new and has been with him for decades”.

A former student of his at the Indian Military Academy during 1978-79 recounts instances where general Bakshi “threw a duster and chalk at one of the cadets who had dozed off in his history class”.

“He started by calling him an idiot and the abuses increased to the range of madarc**d and behenc**d. Although, he later did apologise that he shouldn’t have lost his temper,” the former student added.

“But passing by on his shining motorcycle, with his simmering temper and handlebar moustache, he was the typical fauji example for young cadets to look up to,” the former student added. “We saw him as a real soldier, who was no-nonsense, well-spoken, and physically impressive.”

In today’s world, Bakshi stands at the crossroads of two increasingly divergent worldviews — the liberals and the orthodox — and has built himself a boat on this Right-wing wave.

As he says, “you aren’t forced to watch the channels” you do, before going on to defend’s Republic TV’s controversial anchor Arnab Goswami.

“He’s doing what he’s supposed to do for his channel — he’s getting viewers,” Bakshi says. “And he has a very nationalist agenda, so what the hell is wrong with it? I think we need more of that.”

(The article was originally published in March 2019)

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  1. The Print is good at writing and hiring the worst journalists ever.Shameless,don’t you dare write nonsense things on Maj Gen. Bakshi.
    We are proud of having him. A true Indian .

  2. Dear author,
    When you lie , please hold your reins and control a bit. Our sensibilities can’t assimilate such a level of hypocrisy. The Indian janta is easy to fool we know. But calling GD Bakhshi and Gaurav Arya mentally ill !! How much lower can you stoop! You continue to amaze us.

  3. What a shame , you are writing such a defaming article against a person who served nation more then writer’s age.

    The print in anti national we all know

  4. This is not reporting. Ms Nandita accuses him of personal vendetta. And she is opinionated equally, using words like rhetoric and rabid dog, dispensing judgement in the name of journalism. You ma’am, should learn to do your job first. The first thing I notice when I read this piece is your bias. And I am not even someone who definitively agrees with the maj gen. It’s a sham in the name of journalism.

    • Nandita Das is an absurd journalist, and I did not even bother the read the whole article, the title was enough. You will not be even a billionth of Gen. G. D. Baxi a TRUE PATRIOT. Shame on you Nandita. shrillest warmonger in the media, my foot.

  5. When a Major General is frequently provoked and deliberately addressed as “Major”, you will get abused

    • Mr tpitamber: If you demean yourself by participating in Arnab Goswami’s hot air filled freak show, expect everything but facts to be on the agenda. And if you drag the reputation of the Armed Forces through the mud participating in these shouting matches as this Bakshi character has done, you must accept the censure that follows. But then, I guess, Hindutva types like you who like to wallow in the same filth that Bakshi does might have a different take on that matter.

  6. Idiot Author.
    So, he wants war because of his brother.
    Shameless author, he had taken part in 100s of encounters, 1971 war, 1999 war.
    He had seen his army brothers dying because of peace rhetoric of Left and Congress.
    He had seen intestines coming out of abdomen, when your father Pakistani soldiers and terrorists fired on soldiers unprovoked…..

    Shameless author.

  7. He said the right thing.I am proud of him.All those who enjoy India’s disrespect must be addressed like this.God bless the general

    • Mr Harsh Sharma: I guess you should replay what that Bakshi character said to your mother, wife and to your kids. Perhaps you wish to raise your kids to swear like Bakshi since you approve of his uncouth behaviour by saying

      “God bless the general”

      God save India.

  8. GD is a total disgrace as a veteran. Shocking. The veteran community should throw him out.
    He is even worse than an average BJP politician. And that is saying something.

    • Good to hear you say that. If you have pride in the Indian army, you should say so. Bakhsi has degraded the army, and he is just trying to make money, but he is doing it as the expense of national unity at a time of crisis.

      • He has seen a lot of comrades die in front of him. That itself is enough to trigger mental issues. All of us here don’t know how it feels to be a soldier. Stop criticizing him.

        • Seeing comrades die is no excuse. That is part of army life. One has to be professional at all times. Soldiers show their valour on the battlefield and use their head. I repeat Bakhsi diminishes the character of the Indian army, of India – and I would say of Hindus.

          Bakshi also gives the impression that Pak and China have reduced Hindus to shaking wrecks. You say it has triggered mental issues. Army men who have mental issues should not be projected on TV – as outsiders also conclude Indian army men cannot take the stress. Watching such an army man is highly embarrassing.

  9. The world lost gems like Jimi Hendrix at 27, and even Lennon, Freddie, Chris Cornell, all of them so early. How I wish THEY lived till 68!!!!

  10. Ignorant and stupid arse narrative by the Article author..
    An Army personnel and politician are different..
    A communist journalist and Nationalist Citizen is different..
    You run away from Bullet, He takes Bullet..
    His bravery and Commitment is celebrated across the Ranks.. so be prudent and rational before judging through the lens of Communism

  11. I am born in land of kodava warrior.i love General & Arnav. ……. NEVER NO HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM & THE SHOW.SO SWEET OF THEM.”Anti-nationalists, Fake Indian people dangerous to the them out”DARING DEOUS” DEMOLISH PRINT.

      • Mr Rasgolla: Whilst I firmly believe that Mr M.B. Ponnappa’s armchair jingoism and espousal of fascism is deeply deplorable, your anti-Hindu tirades are equally, if not much worse examples of hatred for Hindus. You are nothing but the Muslim equivalent of the thugs that lynched Mohammad Akhlaq, Alimuddin Ansari, Junaid Khan and many others.

        I SPIT ON YOU.

        • You are acting like a Hindutva Hindu, spitting on people ! Scratch the skin, and you are like Bakshi. I have revealed it.

          What is my anti-Hindu tirade ? Be specific. And what do you mean I am worse than the lynchers of Aqhlaq ? I have not lynched anyone, and nor is anyone going to lynch Hindus because I said the BJP Hindus are incompetent and destructive people.

          Nehru said Hindutva is fascism, Hindu style. Who is following Hindutva ? Who is undermining India and all its institutions ? Who wrecked its economy ? Who did not stand up and fight at the LAC ? Who facilitated the Chinese entry into the Indian economy ? Who are the ones who defrauded Indian banks and ran away ? Who is causing bad publicity for India in the western and Gulf press ? Who made Nepal and Sri Lanka turn against India ? Is it Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and Parsis ?

          What Bakshi has said is revealing about Hindus and what you have written confirms that. May I advise you that Nehru had in a moment of despondence written in 1953 that India is doomed unless Hindus change their outlook. He knew who had precipitated partition. By outlook, he meant Hindu casteism and communalism. He foresaw what such a mentality will do in the future. What he foresaw is here before our eyes. If you want change, you need to tackle this mentality.

  12. The Print as usual , Ant modi n Pro lefties .These same print guys / Lefties sadi indis should come back Dhoklam, but indai went to push back till 71 dasy . These lefties went silient.
    Again these lefties are trying to say that India will loose n we should not confront china. Go to China , Print , NDTV bridgade.
    India is not a chomu conutry what you wanted like Manmohan’s era

  13. Extremely Poor artcle by Print. The artcile here is biased and offers a poor class of Journalism.

  14. Small news factories have news like this only. These small news factories appear to be funded by the people who are in favour of Pak & China. Govt should ban these fake factories.

  15. I had official interactions with him as Chief of Security in GAIL with Advisor Security in Relliance. Also had frequent interactions during the activities of Patriots Forum. My personal interactions with him continues even now on at least weekly basis. Has has that pathological dislike towards shady characters who would sell thier souls for few coins!

    He shoots straight and shoots from hip! I am proud that he said मादर चोद to some one who was actually lookin like one and surely behaving likewise. Sad that I don’t know his name.

    लगता है अब उनसे ही पूछना पड़ेगा!😂

    • The Indian army is now full of uncouth Hindus like you and Bakshi. That is why it cannot stand up and fight the Chinese. Your type would be better in a shakha or a communal riot. In an actual war, we know you would embarass India.

      • Indian army is secular. It doesn’t identify anyone with the relegion. Leftists and radical Islamists r disgrace to
        the nation.

        • Mr Aish: The Indian Armed Forces have no choice but to be secular. When you are being fired upon, you rely on your buddies regardless of their religion, language or caste. That is the esprit the corps the Forces build in you.

          But Gen Bakshi, by participating in an openly BJP and Hindutva espousing, hot air and hatred spewing channel run by Arnab Goswami, the Indian equivalent of Göbbels weakens the esprit de corps of the Forces. How would you have reacted if a Sikh or Muslim Officer of the Indian Armed Forces participated in a Khalistani or Islamic fundamentalist media channel and behaved liked Gen. Bakshi did ?

          It is incumbent upon senior officers like Gen Bakshi to always affirm the secular ethos and nature of the Armed Forces, even when they retire. Sadly, he does not do that and behaves like a cheap politician spewing filthy abuses in Arnab Goswami’s freak show.

  16. Muscles is trying to lead brain. Barking journalism in india is shameful for the india staying throughout world.

      • No harm at all, it proves the Indian army is filled with uncouth Hindus with gobar in their head.

        • Mr Rasgolla: Get out of this channel and stop sermonising about the Indian Army. Why don’t you go and give lectures to the generals of the Pakistani Army who excel in genocide?

          • Why are you speaking like a Hindutva Hindu about Pakistani the army to me ? Can I presume that is your real character and all it needed was a scratch to bring it out ? Are you unable to be rational and objective ?

    • according to the writer , there are two types of M The good one , who does not say Bharat Mata ki Jay & The bad one, who say it.

  17. So, dear writer, what is the problem with u if he says anything bad to our bron enemy Pakistan. What is ur problem.
    Pls spare if one TV channel does show national issue.
    Rest are like u only. So pls be a lil tolerant. We are tolerating the shit from intellectual like u.

  18. Shekhar Gupta and Nandita Singh is of mean cheap and selfish mentality in disguise of intellectuals, but actually fool, who only believe in so called pseudo secularism, shameless bias attitude and cowards who support islamic jehad ,curse to humanism, and these people are sex ridden, they dare to criticise nationalist, because our Hindu society has deep ethical humanism by roots with our deepest spiritual values, we donot appreciate criminality against other sects as Islamists does in the name of Kafir.
    Your journalism is far away from truth
    See courageous media like Sudarshan Z news Republic. And learn

  19. He is a true patriot. He is absolutely right. National Media is not Bigger then the Nation. Don’t write such articals. love you Major General GDB.

  20. I guess it is about time the Modi government gets retired Generals and other military top brass to desist from inadvertently revealing national secrets on TV. As the debates get heated, people keep blurting things that they MUST not. Gen Bakshi’s speeches are in all likelihood a reflection or at the very least provide some insights into how senior Generals in India think. China, Pakistan and every diplomatic mission in India is very likely to be sifting these utterances to glean and get pointers into tactical and strategic aspects of Indian operations.

    Listen to 3-4 of these Indian military types on TV or other and you can get many free dots that a foe can connect. And then there is all this declaration of war on Pakistan, raids, revenge, badly concealed hate towards Muslims and other theatrics on Arnab Goswami’s shriller and shriller screaming matches and hot air shows that could truly endanger India. Yes, the BJP financed Republic TV and their comical Josef Göbbels figure Goswami are a necessary ingredient in the BJP’s sinister Hindutva propagation agenda. But by upping the ante and playing this dangerous game of brinkmanship on TV, not only will India get more polarised, we also run the risk of revealing national secrets to foes and 3rd parties.

    About time the Generals get gagged and Göbbels 2.0 gets read the Riot Act. In the interets of national security.

    • Pity u buddy.. u trying hard to reply To everyone and impose ur thoughts on them.. it’s no more a time where information was controlled by media.. people have an access and are well informed to take right standing.. It’s time for Print and other pseudo liberals to take note of it and shut their business before it’s too late..

      Satya meva jayathe!! Jai hind

  21. Bakshi Sahib always speaks the truth, Ms. Nandita. Most of the local print media houses (Low Grade) in order to get some public attention believes in pointing out a few words with #tags., A few of viewers comments sometimes are hilarious, Atleast one should love their own motherland and support our soldiers.

    • VAID: Sure, one should love one’s soldiers and the motherland and so on. But is that achieved by a decorated General shouting Hindi abuses on TV ? Isn’t he tarnishing the reputation and professionalism of the Indian Armed Forces by stopping so low?

        • Mr Sushil Kumar: Giving you the benefit of the doubt and hence assuming that you have the intellectual wherewithal to argue – as opposed to merely being able to abuse like this uncouth General – pray tell me what is your counter-argument to my comment.

          For the record, I was born in a military family and my elderly father who saw action in 1962 regards this politicisation of the Armed Forces and the participation of military top brass in cheap shouting matches as a degeneration of the high standards to which the Indian Armed Forces have held themselves. When high ranking Generals go on TV to abuse, hector, harangue and behave like filthy politicians, the message that gets sent to the rank and file is dangerous. The Indian Armed Forces have stayed clear of the muck that passes for domestic politics and by wallowing in that muck and dung, General Bakshi weakens the morale of the Forces.

          India’s Forces meld Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Christian, South Indian, North Indian, Bengali, Assamese, Maharashtrian identities into one Indian identity willing to sacrifice itself for the nation. Indeed, that is the sole institution left in the country where such values have not been corrupted and corroded by politicians. The IAS, IPS and many other civil services have long fallen prey to the predators that pass for politicians in India. Indeed, the civil services have now become extensions of political parties such that honest civil servants like Ashok Khemka, Durga Nagpal etc. cannot serve the people. Under these circumstances, it is incumbent upon the Forces and its top brass like General Bakshi to lead by example and refrain from associating the toxic atmosphere of the political arena with the Armed Forces.

          So, Mr Sushil Kumar, whilst I acknowledge that your abilities to abuse, let me now see whether you can come up with arguments to counter me. The gauntlet has been flung on your face Sir. Pick it up.

  22. The Print and it’s horde of devil’s advocates like Nandita are the rabid dogs of internationalists who have reached a new low.Shameful how you people project your personal opinions as journalism to taint and belittle a veteran. You people think India is in a region where it can sustain itself without being aggressive. If that’s what you think ,then I can say is that u must be from the 1%priviliged arm chair works who live in a utopian delusion. Any country would and does retaliate if it’s soldiers, civilian and sovereignty are under threat and attack. We don’t celebrate or motivate notions of Ghazwa e hind. Our neighbours do. If you can’t deal with reality because it destroys your delusion of strawberry world, then leave journalism and start writing fiction. I understand you people are frustrated because majority of population don’t condone attacks and do suicidal introspection devoid of basic common sense, but that’s because most indians are survivors. Darwinian selection will get youse though.Whenever India fell ,it fell because the forts of India were opened from Inside by cucks.It seems Mir Jafars legacy live through you.Trade of your children if you want but don’t dare to think that indian public will buy your indoctrination on subservience and anarchy.Also don’t daydream of yourselves as some anarchist heroes in future history books.You will be only examples of miffed up , racist, hypocrites who sabotaged their country’s integrity, sovereignty , culture, identity, sacrifices and abused freedom of expression to belittle others who didn’t agree with you. Your alliance with forces and legacies of inhumanity to satiate your self pride and arrogance will be remembered #SabYaadRakhaJaaega. #TumDekhogeHumDikhaenge

    • ARedPillarKafir: The General tarnished his own reputation by:

      a: Participating in Arnab Goswami’s freak show that passes for journalism in BJP’s India
      b: Using filthy language utterly unbecoming of a man of his stature on live TV
      c: Refusing to apologise for his outburst when things had cooled down

      I don’t know whether participation in Arnab Goswami’s hot air blowing competitions has now become a lucrative gig for retired military folk. Nor do I know whether there are restrictions placed on serving and retired military men on what they can and cannot say in public out of confidentiality considerations.

      In any case, utterly unprofessional and uncouth behaviour.

  23. Hello ShitPrint. We support the General and are completely fine with his language but definitely not fine with your stupid article. 🙂

    • Mr Ninad: You bray:

      “.. We support the General and are completely fine with his language ..”

      I suggest you watch his shows with your mom, wife and kids such that you can get them to be more patriotic and expand their vocabulary with regard to Hindi abuses. Especially, your sons need to learn how to become Indian men and that is done by abusing womenfolk isn’t it Mr Ninad? Assuming of course that you haven’t taught them such filthy language yourself.

  24. I would say, that Major General G. D Bakshi, has set a new milestone, when it comes to dealing with Antinationals, bootlickers of An Italian bar dancer, named Antonio Maino… I ll suggest, the Khangressis, and the Librandus, including Shekhar Gupta, that they stop defending these Lal Chaddi gang, Khan Market gang, or else, they will be named by the names, which they actually own…

  25. Gen is a mad cow. He is forgetting that Indians are screwed by Chinese this time, don’t try to date towards Pakistan.
    You have forgotten Abhinanadan episode

  26. The print is a clear example you press people are called Presstitutes….

    First close your eyes and think about whom you are writing about…. Note his works done for the country and then imagine your father who just made a mistake of not wearing a condom… See the result is journalists like you are born…. Utter shame on the part of Print to publish such articles.

  27. I saw major Bakshi’s interview a while back and his language was truly appalling!
    They thought the major how to fight but not any Civil discipline he looked like a sick man on television, A small amount of education would have been useful!

    • I have doubts about his fighting ability. Looks like he got shakha training. To fight, you need brains and self control.

  28. China aur Pakistan dono pe attack kardo chillane se kuch nahin hota dono pe parmanu bum phod do kahani khatam roz roz ka natak khatam

    • उनके चाय के कप में बुलबुले फूटने को ही बख़्शी जी अब परमाणु बम का फोड़ देना समझ रहे हैं। पाकिस्तान के सामने शेर, चीन के आगे भीगी बिल्ली; बल्कि उससे भी बदतर। पीएम के मुँह से चीन का नाम भी नही निकल रहा है, जैसे कि ज़बान को लख्वा मार गया हो।बहादुरी दिखाने में भी दोहरापन। यह बहादुरी है या पाखण्ड।

  29. This guy Is not an Indian period.
    He is a hate monger like Arnab. Dividing our country for money

    • Well said Mr Cornelius Fernandes.

      The general has lost his bearings and has demoted himself into becoming a moustachioed, frothing in the mouth freak in the Arnab Goswami freak show.

  30. Mr. Bakshi has our full support sometimes you need to yell scream and abuse the fools who have no conception of history and ground reality.

    • The starkest ground reality today is China has “fu**ed up” India (if one has to use General Bakshi’s language) at the border. Instead of dealing in the historical realities of the past, it is prudent to face the present realities and fight against and overcome those realities.

  31. Every person who talks about tearing the country apart, is using his freedom of speech and expression
    But if a person out of his patriotic feeling expresses his views, he becomes a communal guy, a warmonger a bad person, an anti-secular individual,
    According to u only shity Press like u and Students saying ” Bharat tere tukde honge”, are educated once and have a right of freedom of speech.
    Shame on you @theprint

  32. From which communist schools, Sekhar sahab , Theprint gets these sick lady intellectuals ?

    • This pressslut is employee of anti india portal called the print .. quint .. dhruv rathee all same gutter portals..

  33. What do you mean, Mr Bakshi may leave it for forgiveness or foreignness whose brother was killed so brutally. You should note and know it that we don’t forget nor forgiveness our enemies like Ravana whose effigies are burn every year on dashahara. Hence we can’t forget our soldiers.

  34. Nandita Singh – this article of your about him is a great example of stooping low. Attacking someone personally that a whole article is to be written about one Army Men. People like you are reason The Print doesn’t come under the mainstream media house because you folks have agenda against whoever speaks for the current government. Shame on you..

  35. Bakshi is an over rated, unprofessional army man. He has found a niche advertising himself as the angry Hindu soldier who will knock out the teeth of the non Hindu enemy. This is his constant narrative. But his bravery is confined to the couch. For this, he gets handsomely paid.

    After seeing his style, I doubt he has done anything heroic. He sounds like the typical RSS coward like Mohan Bhagwat who said he could mobilise his cadre in 3 days.

    Bakhsi creates a repulsive impression of Indians and the Indian army. I would add he creates a very poor impression of Hindus too. Hindus need to think about this instead of following such people blindly.

    • Bhai rasgolla ke full payment karna 😊
      और हा तुम्हारा पेपर दोबारा न देखना पड़े वो विकल्प नहीं मिल रहा

    • Mr Rasgolla: Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Sikhs are fully represented in the Armed Forces of India. So your claim about Gen Bakshi:

      “.. advertising himself as the angry Hindu soldier who will knock out the teeth of the non Hindu enemy ..”

      is not only in-accurate, it is utterly absurd and asinine.

      I do not for a moment believe that Generals from the Indian Armed Forces should behave like Pakistani Generals and indulge in politics or advertise themselves in the media as Gen. Bakshi has sadly done. And then you have his uncouth language and unprofessional conduct on TV – none of which I approve. But Gen. Bakshi is no fool and when commanding troops; unlike his Pakistani counterparts, he can ill-afford to play the religion card given the composition of the Indian Armed Forces.

      You also get facts wrong – but that is no surprise given the fact that they come from you. Gen Bakshi has seen action in many theatres of conflict and is a brave and decorated soldier.

      My beef with the BJP rests in the fact that they have slowly injected their Hindutva poison into the Armed Forces. India’s civil services like the IAS have already been co-opted by the political class and today one sees that the BJP has corrupted the Armed Forces as well. Generals lobby and curry favour with the BJP to become politicians or get lucrative post-retirement posts. Or go on to indulge in shouting matches on TV.

      As regards your advice to India and Indians:

      “.. Bakhsi creates a repulsive impression of Indians .. creates a very poor impression of Hindus too ..”

      well, thanks for the advice. At least, the Indian Army has not created mass murderers like Pakistan’s Gen Rao Farman Ali, Gen Tikka Khan and Gen Niazi have they ?

      • ‘Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Sikhs are fully represented in the Armed Forces of India.’

        That was once upon a time – in Mr. Nehru’s days.

        Now every institution is being filled with Hindu communalists. If the army was professional, it would take the best fighters – and the best would be from Sikhs, Muslims and Gurkhas.

        Today, in every field, you have an RSS appointee. You can only be selected if you have shakha background and gobar in your head. In Nehru’s day, he could select the best. Vikram Sarabhai to head the space programme; and Sarabhai could select the next best, Kalam. Today that cannot happen.

        In a democracy, the legislature, executive, judiciary and media maintain a balanced independence. When the legislature gets corrupted, the rest follow. Now the legislature is infiltrated by the RSS, for whom all means are fair. The media, army and all others will follow suit. When you have Modi and Shah, you will get Arnob and Bakshi. What are Modi and Shah’s qualifications ? One has a communal riot and a forged degree; the other a fake encounter. These are the kind of people Hindus are producing today. These are the kind of people Hindus are voting for and extolling. So India’s degradation and downward slide can only be fixed to Hindus. What is wrong with accepting that ? One cannot blame Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Parsis; they don’t count.

        I do not think there are many Muslims in the army now, and I do not think any will be inclined to join in the future. Akhlaq was lynched by a Hindu mob; his son was in the air force. Today, I would not recommend any minority to join the armed forces. I think the Sikhs should also leave the army after what happened in 1984. Let the Hindus fight Pakistan and China.

        You end like a RSS Hindu :

        ‘As regards your advice to India and Indians:

        “.. Bakhsi creates a repulsive impression of Indians .. creates a very poor impression of Hindus too ..”

        My advice was for Hindutva Hindus, not to India and Indians. Bakshi creates a repulsive image of India (and Hindus). You also know it. You are amongst a minority of Hindus who disapprove; but the majority of Hindus admire Bakshi, Modi, Shah etc. Hence, statistically, it is valid India is dominated today by sub-standard Hindus and so it is going down. You know this is correct, but you do not like me saying it.

        ‘At least, the Indian Army has not created mass murderers like Pakistan’s Gen Rao Farman Ali, Gen Tikka Khan and Gen Niazi have they ?’.

        That is the typical response of a RSS Hindu with gobar filled in the shakha. So how are you different from them ?

    • It’s clear that you aren’t ‘Hindu’ and that’s why you are anti-Hindu, anti-BJP and anti-Maj. Gen GD Bakshi. You “doubt” he’s done anything “heroic” because you are the descendant of the coward Indian who surrendered and converted before the Islamist invader. If Mj. Gen GD Bakshi won the ‘Vir Chakra’ because he’s coward like you, then every Indian Army soldier who got decorated for bravery is a coward. And don’t botherr about what Hindus think. For all we know you must be a Pakistani.

      • I am not anti-Hindu. I am against BJP and Bakshi. Uncouth Hindutva Hindus. Is there any doubt that such Hindus are dragging India down ? I do not see Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Parsis are pulling India down. Only such Hindus. Not all Hindu for sure. But we have too many uncouth, fanatic, incompetent Hindus. You need get real.

        • Rasgolla: Despite your feeble and token claim here, in most of your posts, you do not make a distinction between Hindutva Hindus and ordinary Hindus who will have no truck with the Nazi, Hindutva crowd.

          And what exactly do you mean by saying that : “.. I do not see Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Parsis are pulling India down ..”? India has seen separatist movements in Punjab, North-East and Kashmir. Religion is a lightning-rod for channelling grievances and political parties know that. And that is a phenomenon you see all over South Asia. Burma ill-treats its Muslim Rohungya; Pakistan ill-treats Hindus, Christians and Sikhs; Hindutva forces in India do the same to minorities; predominantly Sri Lanka ill-treats its Muslims, Christian and Hindu minorities; Malaysiadiscriminates on the basis of religion and ethnic origins. The list is endless. And no, I do not for a moment claim that the pathetic standards of Islamic countries need be the standard for India.

          You need to get real and stop looking at the world through your green-tinted, blinkered Paki Sunni glasses.

  36. There is nothing objectionable in his speech. It was a slip of tongue. We indians can understand his heart. We are all support for this honorable patriot. Nandita, we are not happy with you calling him warmonger.

  37. There is nothing objectionable in his speech. It was a slip of tongue. We indians can understand his heart. We are all support for this honorable patriot. Nandita, we are not happy with you calling him warmonger. I strongly suggest, Gen. Bakshi should be returned to Army and we should reclaim indian land occupied by both Pakistan and China.

    • Logical Indian: In your infinite wisdom, you bray:

      “.. Gen. Bakshi should be returned to Army and we should reclaim indian land occupied by both Pakistan and China. ..”

      Indeed, very “logical” thinking on your part !

      I am sure when news of Gen Bakshi’s re-induction into the Army gets known, the Chinese will start quaking in their boots and not only withdraw from Galwan Valley but also hand over Aksai Chain and other areas captured from India.

      I am sure, that the Pakistanis will also start pissing in their pants and handover PoK to India. LAC & LOC will be secured and you can go back to using your Chinese made smartphone in peace!

      Why doesn’t the GOI listen your words of wisdom Mr Logical Indian?

  38. Why this hatred with a patriot personality and it’s seems that your paper is a tool of anti nationalist to spread propaganda !

  39. Anti national news paper !Every time it hurts the sentiment of Indians ! It appears that it has some Nexus with foreign elements and traitors who want to disturb our country !

  40. Major General GD Bashir is a true patriot and has full rights to give gali to all the swine antinationals… He should rather shot them down.

  41. Such a patients needs treatment in Galwan Valley from Chinese Doctors : he is real terro rists mind H I N D U ;
    He is also U S and wes tern agent who will take commission from arms deals so he is busy in spreading hatred

    • You call him a patient? May be he is sick of his nationalism, BUT YOU NEED MORE MENTAL CARE.

  42. Mr GD Bakshi Saheb is truthfully A Hardcore Patriot & Honest Soldier..
    Whenever He is in Debate, he raises d bar..with his expertise,experience & as a matter of fact his knowledge..
    The nature of high octane debates on going scenerio, compels to comeout with hard words furiously,
    If a Abuse comes out then whats d biggg deal…as he speaks with facts,figures,patriotic zest zeal…

    Janab Bakshi saheb…just keepitup…Godblesss you Always

    Aroon bakshi

    The print, name itself indicates an opportunistic, separatist, communalist and misleading printed media. Believe me India, these people are slowly and steadily manipulating Indians against India , its culture and nationalistic people.
    Major is respected person and he will remain. You don’t know his sacrifice towards nation, even after retirement he is saving country from anti-india elements. He will use such language against everyone, who try to break India.

  44. The biggest liar in the Lutyens media is someone like Shekhar Gupta, who fabricated the front page banner headline story of Army coup. He should have been tried for treachery and jailed for 10 lifetimes. But he can thank his stars that BJP thugs are very soft on such anti nationals and traitors.

  45. I am Proud of Major General GD Bakshi. During congress government , India media was almost sold. Now right-wing media appeared to counter these rascals. What this Sold writer wants?, the army men only speek like coward. we want are army should be aggressive like this General, so that Pakistani & Chinese will understand and dare not interfere in our affaires. Let left writer understand this, would be better.

    • Mr Macron: I guess a lot of Indians will be sleeping very comfortably in their beds – those who have beds that is – knowing that the likes of Gen. Bakshi who howl, hector and emit hot air on Arnab Goswami’s freak shows will be there to protect them from the Chinese and the Pakistanis ! I am certain that the General’s proficiency in Hindi / Punjabi abuses combined with the dhokla tactics of the 56 inch chested Gujarati will be making the Chinese shit in their trousers and the Pakistanis to pee in their pants ! Never mind the fact that Indian soldiers have been killed in Galwan Valley and India has lost territory to the Chinese.

      Additionally, when you pontificate:

      “.. we want are army should be aggressive like this General ..” ,

      well, you need to remember the quotation from Sun Tzu:

      “It is better to out-think your enemy rather than to outfight him”

      But all that we now seem to have is a moustachioed Inspector Clouseau type cartoon who only out-abuses the enemy !!!

      • Don’t u have anything to do instead of writing lengthy shit arguments, literally every comment has your reply. You have made your point in one comment and it’s appreciated, let’s leave it there only.
        Go away and cry somewhere else.

  46. Hello, Fraud and illliterate journalist. This is a trash n shit of analysis to defame a decorated veteran. It’s quite obvious that you are working for an agenda based on some propoganda.

  47. Cheap act of provocation tof a veteran Army leader by the political penalist! … Don’t stoop so low for politics and don’t ridicule Army men…

      • Is your mind hurt after seeing GD Bakshi sir bashing your sick propaganda through his staunch and neutral patriotism?

        • I am not at all hurt by Bakshi’s pseudo patriotism. He has convinced me even more India is now dominated by uncouth, uneducated, uncivilised Hindus – starting from then PM, HM and down. Therefore, India has no escape from a downhill march. Such Hindus are in a rage as they suffer from an inferiority complex.

  48. Every single patriot in India have no problem with GD Bakshi ji🙏 And nobody cares what this theshitprint says😜

    • This is what happens When you have a lot of fake datas with a good experience in manipulating public and misrepresenting facts and figures about a people or an organisation and mislead the whole public.
      THE PRINT & THE WIRE are the best example of spreading stupid and fake propaganda and dividing public even in the most serious situations . In current scenario when our motherland needs all of us to come together and take a stand with our leaders and security force personnels , THE PRINT & certain other US , UK & CHINESE Paid news portals are spreading fake propaganda for their own personal benefits and earnings, and are trying to make India weak from inside as they clearly knows that the only India can be tackled is by creating difference in the ideology between the public of India may it be in terms of RELIGION, RIGHT WING OR LEFT WING , CASTE , or any other serious problems of India ,anyone with just a logical mind and a commonsense can easily understand the fake propaganda of this news portal.
      The worst thing is that nowadays even our ARMY has to give clarification on every single matters, these sleeper cells in India are now targeting the Indian army and they have gone beyond the all limits of hatred for MODI and by making MODI an armour they are targeting the whole Indian army and Indian security agencies.

      • ‘India can be tackled is by creating difference in the ideology between the public of India may it be in terms of RELIGION, RIGHT WING OR LEFT WING , CASTE ….’

        Get real. The RSS is doing that. They have put gobar in your head.

  49. Very educative Post. MG बख्शी Sahib, often goes off tvrrack. He can ni jump even 6feet Ditch. To b battle worthy one must jump across 9 feet ditch. We must protect our Soldiers. Best post treatment, best training, best weapn, best food. Protection to family. Best food. Jai Hind.

  50. A person in uniform is well respected. My dad was also in armed force. This way any armed force personnel will not speak on a news channel. This is not expected from an armed personnel.
    The channel is just using him for their TRP.

    • I agree, a respectable army man will nor speak like a street thug. It is TRP for channel and pension money for Bakshi.

    • Mr A Kumar: Well said Sir !

      My father served in the IAF and saw action in the 1962 conflict. He flinches everytime he sees an Indian Armed Forces person getting involved in politics or on political debates on TV. Military personnel were expected to keep themselves away from politics and not speak to the media, even after quitting the Forces. My dad observes that convention to the letter.

      But clearly, under the BJP when the party actively started courting Generals, thinks have fallen to a low. Pathetic.

  51. The Print is run by people who do not understand what is good for india. There are people in our country who are victims of Macaulean educational system. These people are rootless. Cut off from reality. They live in their own echo chambers. And quite divorced from reality. Some of them are born stupid – like Rahul Gandhi. Other are born above average but their intelligence is turned useless because it bases it’s analysis on wrong information and flawed logic. Imagine a good computer running software that is designed wrongly. It will give wrong answers.

    Shekhar Gupta is such an example. Decent computer (again not the best. But above average). But bad software. Leading to wrong answers and wrong analysis. But at the same time thinking he is speaking something sensible and correct. That happens because birds of the similar feathers gather together. So he gathers all these Macaulean influenced people around him. And then lives in his echo chamber. They all speak same nonsense and start believing in it. Forming increasingly good opinions about themselves. Completely divorced from reality / bereft of any substance.

    • Mr Deepak Birewar: Are you the product of a non-Macaulean educational system ? An RSS shakha perhaps ?

      • To have common sense you shouldn’t have to be RSS member. What you clearly dont have. To love your country and to expose the foolishness of Communists in our country sometimes you have to be harsh thats exactly what bakshi is doing. Have problem? Apply itch guard

        • Gen Bakshi and his new commander Arnab Göbbels Goswami do what their shakha educated paymasters tell them to do. And if you love your country, you do not demean one of the few upright institutions remaining in it by participating in a loud slanging match and inadvertently revealing classified, strategic stuff on TV. As Gen Bakshi has done.

          Retired generals talking about their trade on TV is a national security threat. Listen to a few generals talking on TV, analyse what they say and you get a lot of dots that India’s foes can connect. China, Pakistan and every diplomatic mission would be listening to these men spill secrets about how the Army thinks, strategises, what assets it has, what they know about the enemy and so on. Serving and retired members of the Forces should NEVER go on TV or other media to give their expert opinions. This is not a bloody cricket match but a serious issue of national security.

          So now you convince me that you have common sense Soumitra Mandal.

  52. Bakshi has no class, unlike people like Sam Manekshaw. Bakshi is a typical shrill Hindu, trying to make up for his inadequacies, in the studio.. A person with valour and achievements would not do that. This is the best the Hindus can produce.

    Why is Bakshi not shouting against Modi, who has not opened his mouth against China ?

    • Mr Rasgolla: Why this hatred against Hindus in almost all your posts? I am a Hindu and why do you insult me ?

      I ahve several posts in The Print where I vehemently attack the forces of Hindutva and the many who support them in these columns. But I differentiate between Hinduism the religion and Hindutva, the Nazi inspired mobilisation of the religion for political purposes. There are many, many like me who do their best to keep religion out of the political discourse and make India a safe place for all, especially Muslims. There is state sanctioned persecution of Muslims in India with lynchings and riots being manifestations of that nasty BJP policy. Yet there are sane Hindu voices who fight against this descent into slow ethnic cleansing and marginalisation of Muslims in India. And your hate filled posts are the best justification for the Hindutvaists to continue their hatred.

      And for the record, despite the fact that hatred of Hindus is rife in Muslims like you, I will not cease to combat both your hatred towards Hindus or Hindutva inspired hatred of Muslims.

      You are a thorough disappointment Mr Rasgolla.

      • Hi I completely agree with you. Hinduism has to be differentiated from right wing agenda. India need people like you.

      • I am sorry. I was not against Hindus. I am against Hindutva Hindus like Bakshi and his supporters. They claim they represent all Hindus, so I am having a dig at them. I realise that not all Hindus are fascists and a good many are risking life and limb, out of principle. I am not criticising you or anyone who writes logically.

    • I strongly condemn your unjustified and unthoughtful criticism and abusive contexts of “Hinduism” through your various comments on this forum vis a vis an article on General Bakshi and his hawkish uttering on and off the media. I consider that to be a blunder on your part. “Hinduism” and “Hindutva” are two distinctly opposite doctrines- being poles apart, so to say. One stands for all inclusivity and humanity while the other, exclusivity, and all the evil traits associated with it. Now though you have tried to do some damage control exercise by your response to “Kili Jolsiyar” (who, in my view, happens to be one of the sane commenters on the print) here, but much damage has already been done. You have provided those with enough fodder who lay in wait for such material. Evil forces are at work 24×7 to destroy the Indian societal fabric completely, so one has to be monumentally careful in one’s words and deeds so that these forces do not succeed.

      • I understand what you and Jolsiyar are saying, and I have no dispute. However, has not the time come to call a spade a spade, and say Hindutva is fascism, Hindu style ? Nehru said that. Savarkar proposed the Two Nation Theory before Jinnah accepted it. Therefore the Hindutva brigade caused India’s partition in 1947, and that is driving India down the road of more break up. Believe me with CAA-NRC, India was heading for civil war. We should consider Covid (and China) as India’s saviour from civil war, because Modi and Shah would not have stopped. It is better if Hindus stood up and took on the Hindutva fascists and said ‘not in my name’. They should point out Savarkar’s Hinduism will not save Hindus and India. If that cannot be done, then there will be question marks on Hinduism itself.

        On your remark that ‘One stands for all inclusivity and humanity while the other, all the evil traits associated with it’, Hinduism has always stood for caste system which is NOT inclusivity at all. My question is whether Hindutva is not an effort by caste Hindus to preserve the caste system ? If so, then the time has come for dissident Hindus to say ‘I am ready to disown Hinduism if it means Hindutva and enforced caste system’.

        You will note that I am not using the language of Bakhsi and his supporters, nor am I preaching hatred. I am open to being convinced by rational argument.

  53. Major Gen.G.D.BAKSHI ….JAI HIND SIR. What you have done,is the need of the moment.Thank you Sir…. Salute.

  54. General probably isn’t aware, many young join armed forces out sheer necessity to feed their families as there are no or very few jobs. They cannot become a lamb because someone wants war. No soldier would say openly that s(h)e joined as there is no other job, but will say they joined to serve nation. War in TV studio is different from real battlefield.

    • You are right, Amit Shah did not send his son to the army. Instead, the son made a packet just before demonetisation, and now he runs the lucrative Delhi cricket board although he has no connection with cricket. No Gujarati has made any contribution to the army. Instead, they let Chinese business enter.

    • You hit the nail on the head Mr N. Nagarajan !

      In almost all countries where there is no mandatory military service, armies generally attract people from the poorer sections of society. In the US, army recruitment booths are seldom to be seen in malls in the richer sections of town but mostly in the poorer ones. And blacks are dis-proportionately high in the US Armed Forces. Similar trends can be seen in India and Pakistan as well. The rich ensure that their sons get out of India, Pakistan and China and get the coveted Green card in the US or some other Western country – not join the Army. My own father joined the Forces due to dire economic straits and was not driven by nationalism and other lofty ideas initially.

      The warriors of the TV studios, especially in Arnab Goswami’s nasty Republic Channel only whip up jingoism and Muslim hatred making a rapprochement with Pakistan difficult. It is easy to theorize from the comforts of a TV studio but quite another thing to fight in the high altitudes of Siachen on pathetic army rations. And at the end of the day, Arnab Goswami is not going to send his kids to the Armed Forces – his bellicose bluster and TV patriotism notwithstanding.

  55. Toh Kya, Hua ? Itna Lamba Report kiske liye likhi hain , aapke repoter aur writer itna khaali baithe hue hain ? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bakshi rocks in the studio. On the war front, he would have been another Hindutva coward. He is trying to make up for it in the studio.

      • Gen bakshi i am with you stay strong sir jai hind 😍
        Some people need abusing sometime anyone can loose patience if speak against india

      • WTF? That man has been in multiple gunfights. You’re speaking out of your ass. I get it you don’t agree with what he says on TV but you can’t call him a coward. He has done more for this country than people like you will do in a hundred lifetimes.

        • Who knows what Bakshi did in the army ? For all you know, he might have been just a rapist in Kashmir, or he might have shot some students. It is like Modi claiming he has got a Masters. When Modi speaks, does that show ?

  56. A brave highly decorated soldier
    Full of patriotism
    Hated by anti INDIA lobby and Turkey Turkey gang

  57. I have great regards for Gen Bakshi’s credentials and his passion for the country. However, he has to be a civilised participant while taking part in TV debates being aired during prime time. In Addn, he also has to be circumspect of instigators like Arnab who r there to exploit his emotions.

  58. Please everyone knows how much your owner hates the Army. Gen. GD Bakshi is a hero for us who was willing to sacrifice his life for dogs like you. That person who was provoking him deserved those abuses. No one messes with a army man and gets away with it.

  59. Watch your words, you call him him wsr monger but if you have guts call your congressi maliks war mongers coz these are they are having more fetish for war than anyone else, He is a retd general, knows war way better than you show some respect you boot licking camcha

  60. The man has fought for the nation and has sacrificed in highest terms to earn this privilege of taking part in a TV debate. I would love to know how ThePrint has contributed to this nation, to the media or for the matter, to the world. These people think that they own media, presenting biased news about others but at the same time they have problem from the BJP IT cell that trolls people. How ironic!!

  61. To be very honest, i don’t find Mr. Bakshi’s views or language, objectionable. Whether we accept it Or not, India has been exploited by the invaders, who raided, robbed and raped. What they built, was for their own benifit, but the truth is, everything is supposed to be passed on. And as for using abusive language, I see no harm. Bollywood shows cussing, literature contains cussing, individuals of all the genders cuss every now and then, what’s the fuss about? As for the human rights, why do we forget that the armed forces are also made of individuals, they too have rights. Tolerance doesn’t mean that we’ve to ignore what’s truly wrong. It’s good to forgive, but not to forget. It’s not about right or left wing, it’s about our country, our glory. And anyone who’s trying to fight for this country should not be condemned.

  62. Maj Gen GD Bakshi is true son of Mother India. Not a journalist at payroll of departed dynasty. He wants to motivate the nation against its enemies , unlike the many of journalists who lick her majesty feet for some currency notes .

  63. I was always under the impression that the Indian Army General was more dignified and had their share of maturity in public.

    • This is precisely is what is rotting our society. Blatant Militarization of Society and emergence of these nationalism university giving certificate of nationalism and headed by so called military generals, telling people what constitute a good citizen and what not.

    • We believe in General Bakshi more than all of you new reporters put together. We believe in an army man who kept our parents n grand parents alive more than war mongers like your newspaper. We have more belief in officers like General Bakshi who kept our independence n democracy intact,the very independence you use to defame him day in n day out. The man fought in the Bangladesh war n so many wars for this country, the same Bangladesh n Pakistan that you libertard newspapers support. So you can go n fork yourself while our soldiers die to protect you while you are forking yourself

      • Kazi : So, in your family, what is the ratio of American green card holders to Indian Army green fatigues wearers?

    • Indian army men were dignified in the days of Sam Manekshaw, an inheritance from British training and class. Now it is taken over by uncouth Hindus like Bakshi – just as Indian politics is run by Sanghi dacoits.

  64. One should not expect a positive reporting from The Print like fart portals…everybody knows how Sekhar Gupta reports about nationalist Side and finally he admitted his failure to capture the ground realites in 2019 election where modi won second time… GDB is a Patriot and he has all the right to give gaali to anti nationals… Sekhar if u feel itching apply some itch guard on your ass

  65. We expect very high standards from Uniformed personnel but shy away from implementing a fraction of it on ourselves. Not a very balanced reporting but then again it must be the personal view of the editor. It may be also seen that had they not used the General’s name they wouldn’t have had good number of views. so the argument of desired high viewership holds true for Print as well. I felt this article was more of a personal attack towards a veteran. Him calling names to Pakistan or China should not be a concern. Further if every one starts judging then we may not take your so called defence experts seriously. Snehesh desnt appear to be an expert at all in defence matters. The insights are limited and best appears to be a lackluster attempt. Please invest more time on defence studies. I would prefer to hold the media accountable in equal measure. You should have a bit of empathy for a solider to begin with. And dress properly the next time you do any reporting on defence. It gives a sense of casualness. Hope these comments find you in good spirits.

  66. @ThePrint…. Journalism and judgement has difference. Choose the words correctly while written something about army man. Media should not have agenda

  67. The PRINT should be ashamed to print such nonsense. The write up is so absurd and offended feelings of large number of people. The Print and writer should tender unconditional apology

  68. A very cheap publicity stunt by the editor Nandita Singh. She herself doesn’t know anything and she provides headlines which are misleading. Editor Nandita Singh actually felt bad because Mr. Bakshi abused a person who wanted a war. And Ms.Nandita seems to be under some heavy medication for her mental health. How dare you write a such stupid stuff against such a person of Mr.Bakshi’s level. Who are you Ms.Nandita? Because of such articles you and the team of ThePrint are known as anti-nationals. But what can you do, the whole team of ThePrint is loyal to their masters. Master orders and then you have to bark.

  69. Why dont tou write an article for Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Dhoni etc. using harsh language ??? Ohhh sorry that’s something not in your propaganda ✌️

  70. The Print is run by no.1 moron of all time Shekhar Gupta..this report is nothing but a piece of shit..they always tries their best to downplays any Indian’s effort to neutrilise pakistan’s misadventures against India.The reporter who reports this is obviously an useful idiots in the hands of Communist party..Time has come that government put an inquiry about the source of money of this news reporter.

  71. It’s unfortunate that such army men put their lives on line to protect spineless puppies like the ‘reporter’ of this piece. Don’t know if this so called reporter is doing this for the money or out of rabid hate for Indian forces. Either way, such vermin has to be squashed. They do not have any place in the New India. Contrary views r ok, but hate for the armed forces is not. So what if General sahab blessed that pig’s mom in the show. Only an Anti national will say that the latter didn’t deserve it. Piece of human waste.

  72. I can very well say that the article has been written in bad taste maybe , insulting a man who has given his lefetime od servitude to the nation,shame on you people!peddling biased propaganda has been a habit of you shameless creatures atleast try to respect that man, he’s more patriotic than the rest of you spineless hatemongers combined!

  73. We expect very high standards from Uniformed personnels but shy away from implementing a fraction of it on ourselves. Not a very balanced reporting but then again it must be the personal view of the editor. It may be also seen that had they not used the General’s name they wouldnt have had good number of views. so the argument of desired high viewership holds true for Print aswell. I felt this article was more of a personal attack towards a veteran. Him calling names to pakistam or China should not be a concern. Further if every one starts judging then we may not take your so called defence experts seriously. Snehesh desnt appear to be an expert at all in defence matters. The insights are limited and best appears to be a lacklustre attempt. Please invest more time on defence srudies. I would prefer to hold the media accountable in equal meassure. You should have a bit of empathy for a solider to begin with. And dress properly the next time you do any reporting on defence. It gives a sense of casualness. Hope these comments find you in good spirits.

  74. You are a biased media ,your owners financing you have a single point agenda criticize the government ,not heard a single word of praise for them. You have opinion about every one but what impression u have about yourself? For me its insipid and gutterish.

  75. I must congratulate Shekhar as also Nandita Singh for giving such a man so much of space as also time to have dug into the past life of such a man who feels he is in demand and makes use of it. Major General has a past that is disturbing and he is unable to come out of it. He has been shown in this article to be not supporting communal ism but that is not the fact. Had it been that he is against communal ism his whole attitude would be different and his demand on channel would have diminished akltogether. He should not have been given such a publicity and time by a journalist who has lot to give to the society at large.

  76. The left lobbyists like you can sit silent but we as a country men are full of anger against China and Pakistan and if called upon to do our duty we will not hesitate.
    This coordinated personal attack campaign will not get you anything.
    Pls up your standards and instead of ridiculing try to give out an unbiased news otherwise you will also persih just like your political affiliates did.

  77. Gen Bhakshi was low ? Then what do you say for the congress guy talking opposite to Gen Bhakshi ? Congress is lower than lowest is it ? Thanks The Print for showing level Of Congress.. Articles like these made sure people know the low level of congress .. The Print, Please continue the good work Till INDIA is
    Congress Free / Congress Mukth.. All the best..
    The Print hates Congress and we also..

  78. The Print is very biased and what is this utter nonsense. How can you defame such a decorated officer? It is his passion for the country and you are portraying it in this manner. Shame!

  79. What’s wrong in shouting against India’s enemies. Only India’s enemies should be concerned? Right?

  80. Shame on u media walo jao dub mar jao aisa henious act karte hue sarm bhi nii as raha h tm sabhi .kya trip ke liye Etna niche gir gye ho tm sabhi tm logo ki condition to begaar she bhi gyi guzari …..major sahab es des ki San baan air saaan …….tm media ko nark me bhi jagah nii milega…..

  81. Modi reduced Indias Defence Budget to $ 57 billion which is 2% of GDP…. When Bangladesh was WON by Indira – Rajiv Defence Budget was 4% of GDP. ….Chinas Defence Budget is $ 175 billion…..India cannot match China as India doesn’t have money to buy 126 Rafaels as Rs 67,000 Crores has been spent to ANIL AMBANI, MEHULCHOKSI, NEERAV MODI CORPORATE BAD LOAN WRITE OFF….India is buying only 36 Rafaels…..Indias other Fighter Jets Mig-29, Jaguar, SU-30 are old version which cannot match Chinese J-20 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jets….Corporates are more important for BJP- Modi than Indias Defence.’

    • When India seperated bangladesh, Rajiv’s def budget was 4 percent of GDP. The statement itself discloses identity of your masters.

    • When India seperated bangladesh, Rajiv’s def budget was 4 percent of GDP. The statement itself discloses identity of your masters.

  82. He is concerned about the country n worried that todays politicians like Modi will sell the land like he gifted Gulvan valley to China. We need braves like Bakshi Sir n not cowards like Modi n his paid media.

    • Bakshi is with Modi, what are you talking about ? Bakshi is Hindutva Hindu, so is Modi. They have already gifted Galwan.

  83. Fail to get the motive or purpose of the story except character analysis of the great warrior. But what is missing is that no worthwhile rebuttal to his almost 90 % correct stts mentioned in the story. 2nd what is the credentials of the writer. Now a days every tom dick harry , who has good english can spread more nuisance in social media or e-news ,without any responsibility & without any excuses if found wrong.
    It is more dangerous than this gentleman.

  84. All corrupt “NEWSSELLERS” don’t have any right to comment on a decorated soldier. Today, a media person means – news selling, corrupt and a selfish person who will not hesitate to sell off his family and betray the nation, just for a small hike in TRP. So, don’t teach him manners…his only fault is..the was honest. Not like u all, who stage everything up.

  85. He does what is needed in present scenario. You just keep your mouth shut as you don’t know tit for tat formula. Who the hell cares about irrelevant idealistic view of sold souls like you

  86. The print ka purarana hai..they were always agaisnt nationalist is best if they stay quiet , stop their propaganda and let the real journalists do their jobs.

  87. A very demeaning blog. What do we expect someone to call a Pagal Kutta like Pakistan? Marilyn Monroe?1

  88. Military might is the basic necessity on a negotiating table. Diplomacy is not cowardice. A true leader will delicately use it in the interest of the country. No words can console the loved one of a matyred Soldier, and in recent times even the police are matyred.

  89. Major General G D Bakshi is right, he is abusing pakistani who is enemy of our nation. Major General Bakshi has been fought for country and patriot. If you abuse him do you think he will be silent. This print media appears to be bn biased. It has not saying what provocated Major Gen Bakshi

  90. The web media from China bazar and it roams in pak gully also called ” The Print” is barking on ” Army official” . Don’t take it seriously from Bazzars they will get biscuits thro their owners and it isbarking

  91. So your rhetoric of harping is against Arnab and his popularity. The major who has turned his rage of loosing his sibling in a mine blast plotted by the enemy is of no respect but a rookey’s mention of his anger and dusterthrowing by the teacher that was Major General (retd) Dr.G.D.Bakshi is a spwcial mention. How of vulturing would you guys go on to do on the freedom that this democracy gives you, you parasites. You cant take the name of the other army man who has an opinion against general bakshi, probably a guts issue for the timid armyman or your own timidself. Learn to respect to be respected yourself. Why do you see the bad words and not the vocal cord tearing agony of the most decorated army service person against the country? For his age and valor, ateast he is not befriended the team and family sitting on a $2Bn corpus in india for their to do pseudo wahwayee, jeehuzuree to make a parasitic breadwinning. He im sure has the balls of steal to sit in any forum to strip the enemy agenda to the glory of naked truth. If you do have pride on the seniority, nationalism, an apolitical stance, any anger or shame for doing the wrong thing like the anchor’s in NDTV who are deserting ir to join temples and neutral avnues of peace, write about the stupidity and ignorance of Chidambaram, the naive defence minister that was Antony to call for hands up with a statement “no border is the best defence” or even the eloquent Shashi tharoor who reports of a $45Tn robbery of the British from India but has not getting time, from his james bondish debonair self engaging girls, to say a word against the chinese expansionist attitude. Even if the Indian govt is wrong of his high command doesnt allow him to do so but being an eastwhile contestant for the UNSC leadership, what stops him from using his eloquence and celebrated vocabulary against the chinese especially when the expansionist is doing the same with several countries. I ll tellvyou what, neither he has guts being and insider nor do you, being a paid pseudo insider for gagging your vocal cord from speaking the truth. As an alternate you guys choose to fart, fart because you gather all muck for available sources and vent it out about a decorated, motivated, productive, satisfied, enraged, veteran who still retains a bit more energy to gather a few more heads to count from the enemy camp to serve his motherland. You guys got to change the pseudo neuteslity tone to positive bias for the good to be a true nationalist and a reporter of valour amd values. Good Luck. Try and say Jai bharat or Vande mataram to yourself atleast, because your principles would never do that nor allow uou to do that.

    • We have three types of Hindus making a fool of India. Your Hindu nationalist Modi has not said anything of the Chinese. He assured us there is no incursion. Then we have these retired Hindu extremist types from the army showing off their fake valour in the studio, all for boosting their pension. Then there is your kind writing in support of these two wasters.

      • Have guts to identify yourself truely. Your opinion gets wasted if you are a timid coward hiding behind some ” rosgulla” identity without a name. Howmuch ever you write, it goes to dustbin. Dunno how shekhar is tolerating the hidious writeups. Have guts to critise in the open. You are most welcome to criticise unless your verbatim crosses the decensy limits or your claims cross the lines of truth. Openup and declare your name and email id.

  92. Have some respect for a Army Men
    We all know who the print Media is biased and only Liberal Hacks will hear what they want to fro Print

  93. We all know who the print Media is biased and only Liberal Hacks will hear what they want to fro Print

  94. The job of a journalist is to present information to the masses, not to express their personal opinions.
    Look at the offensive tone used to address an ex army general of the army. Utterly shameless on part of the writer.
    The unethical ones of your lot take the liberty to bring down whoever you wish to. Highly irresponsible!

  95. Don’t worry “Print” we are happy with general .I you are so biased. only to get some attention of antinational people living inside the country .His brother died because of your beneficieries “Pakistan” .you channel is a container of only shit nothing else. If you think army is liar so why don’t you go and join
    . I can tell you won’t because u are so coward and can only do shit and spread fake news. A message to general sir please say thousand times beacuse pakistan is mad dog in reallity.

  96. If we want to write against u we can not, salute to u print. We r not allowed alas

  97. Shame on you shame on u… Aur in terms of bakshi sir… Doob maro chullu bhar pani me…..

  98. Everybody know that the print, quint… Blah blah are run by money…. They always say against india and indian government… They are funded by anti indian organisations weather pakis. China aur any other terrorist organisation… Shame on you shame on u… Aur in terms of bakshi sir… Doob maro chullu bhar pani me…..

  99. Stop spreading propaganda on every matter you find. Atleast leave those who served this nation their lifetime.

  100. This is the level of print media to tarnish the image of a reputed RTD major general. Why media is so much interested when whatever he said is 101%right. Give up your propaganda against the national heroes. The print, A mouth piece of enemy nation.

  101. Nandita Singh very biased views by you in this aricle to theprint. You have served well the print. Actually you are pushing an agenda of army doing the human rights violation and major general Bakshi is communal and what not negative about him. But he is right in the words you quoted which were said by him. You made fun of his brother’s sacrifice, your language needs a reply in a language which M.G. Bakshi used for paki on live TV. It’s strange you didn’t mention what paki was saying to which Bakshi abused. Might be you are funded by theprint for this propaganda writing.

  102. The print you don’t have authority to ask questions to MAJ GEN GD Bakshi.. He is hero he is fauji…. Ideology may be different but dont teach how to be fauji by sitting at your office in ac rooms when you dnt loose much except a internet data…. 🙏🙏

  103. Well done.
    The guy who got abused was asking for it. If you heckle and heckle just to please RaGa then be prepared to get insulted.
    Don’t test patience of a fauji. If Congress can call COAS as Gali Ka Gunda then calling a Congress stooge MC is well worth it.

  104. Bakhsi epitomises the uncouth, mannerless Hindu. Despicable. I would be happy if the Paks or Chinese beat him.

    • Take a good hard look of yourself in the mirror… You will find the person worthy and deserving of those words “uncouth, despicable ” and many more to add to that staring back at you. Why don’t you just fade into that world where Hindus are not there if you hate them real bad instead of clinging in Hindustan enjoying it’s bounties. Shame on you!!!

      • I said Bakshi is a uncouth, despicable Hindu. Look at Sam Manekshaw. Not all Hindus fall in the Bakshi category, and they would know I am not speaking about them. Then how did you conclude I want a world without Hindus ?

        • Mr Rasgolla. Again, you appear to be allergic to facts.

          Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw (RIP) was a Parsi, not a Hindu. And as regards your attempt to be politically correct by claiming:

          “.. Not all Hindus fall in the Bakshi category ..”

          raises another question, given your unparalleled expertise in all things Hindu.

          What is the % of Hindus who fall in the General Bakshi category as opposed to Hindus who don’t ?

          • I know Manekshaw is Parsi, My point was minorities seem to have a higher proportion of upright people than Hindus.

            Yes, I have an unparalleled expertise in all things Hindu as I am a keen observer of Hindus and their thinking, and I can stand back and analyse unsentimentally, unlike Bakhsi.

            ‘What is the % of Hindus who fall in the General Bakshi category as opposed to Hindus who don’t ?’

            40% Hindus certainly voted for Modi and BJP. They strongly support fascism.

            Another 50% Hindus have no issue with Modi’s murderous background – they look the other way.

            Maximum there are 10% Hindus today who are liberal.

            Today, the situation is Hindus will support their criminals out of false pride. All the wealth they got is due to MMS’s growth period. But they hate MMS and Sonia – because he was Sikh, she is Christian. They would rather have a criminal Hindu leading them. They have got that and they are happy with it.

            Is it not a fact that today Hindus produce the worst in India – Modi, Shah, Uma Bharati, Viney Dubey any number of rapists, Babas, hate mongers like Arnob, and bank defaulters, ? You cannot deny it. Then the correct conclusion is Hindus are dragging India down. Why do you get enraged at this statistical conclusion ? You should point this out to Hindus and tell them to learn from minorities.

            It is another question whether Hinduism is the cause for this abysmal output. That is another debate.

    • Bloody fool, rightly you are hiding under Rasgulla, you cannot spell correctly too. If you face Indian Army, you will be made bitter rosgolla.

      • You mean to say Indian army is good at killing Indians ? I can believe that, they are doing that in Kashmir. Like Indian police and Indian politicians. But that training does not help against China.

  105. Mint also reaching to the new low to not show the complete unbiased Side of the event , thank god i saw this live in television and I surely can say that’s nothing objectionable any sane or normal indian would get so much furious , secondly he is getting old. And this is the exact replay what is needed, some one is talking French and you can’t answer in Sanskrit! So French was delivered! Anybody’s has a problem to that on television can watch sawara Bhaskar rasbhari , all the ethical questions will be answered if not then see swara empowering women with a vibrator in “veeray di wedding “ and that was a benchmark for mint as revolutionary! Shame who wrote this article !

  106. If you don’t like him, don’t watch the channels he comes on, I guess the author of this article has not lost anyone in battle!! I have lost many and feelings are the same.

  107. ThePrint is a agenda driven portal which is Anti Current Government, Anti Army and Pro anything which harms the concept of India. Whenever i start reading an article here even before looking at the first word, I know what it would contain and as always they don’t disappoint me. You people hate anyone who speaks for a United, Multi cultural, Democratic India!!

    • Mr Nitin Shetty: Why would you call The Print anti-Governmenbt, anti-Army etc. ? Merely becuase The Print raises issues that are relevant, destroy your jingoistic idea of India and asks questions to which shakha educated chaps like you have difficulties answering ?

      The General in question here has no business to go on television stations and run the foreign policy of the country. As French PM Georges Clemenceau famously put it:

      “War is too serious a business to be left to the Generals”.

      The way things are going now in India, it is quite likely that war will be declared on Pakistan and China by Arnab Goswami and his bunch of buffoons. Buffoons because no man of repute will be seen on his jingoistic shouting matches that he calls debates.

      Yes, Ge, Bakshi has done great work in the Army and served the country honourably. But going on an Arnab Goswami show and screaming filthy abuses demenas the stature of the Army. And sullies his reputation.

  108. the print and all the leftists are crying over these things , better keep focus on the real issues. stop insulting Indian army to run your agenda

  109. Again an utter nonsensical article by print. What’s the base of print writing such seems they are getting quite handsome amount money to sell the country..otherwise there is no way they can earn via selling such rubbish articles…enjoying their freedom of speech…let them do so coz not many will give it a damn shit…!!!

  110. Just want to understand what are curse words here…. When someone says same thing in english is cool…. But in other languages is curse words really ?? Grow up guys…. Be it anyone from any party let them express in their native language and no words are curse words

  111. Maj.Gen.GD Bakshi is a true patriot and a great scholar.India needs more spiritual people like him.He has actually take part in war and his method of expression befits a real general..

  112. You will understand his pain only when you lose your loved one at a very young age in war or warlike situations. And to rub salt on it, you can’t even take revenge. If he is so dangerous, look at his service of 40 years at various post in Army. Did he ever showed cruelty or let his idea of taking revenge override his sense of duty while serving in Kashmir??? I completely agree with the man who has seen so many deaths of his children. Every Commander consider his troops as his children. And he is a very strong source behind many youth to join Army. A girl from Sikkim or a cab driver from Pune are few of them. We need such real men who don’t want to be “politically correct” when it comes to motherland.

  113. Bakhsi is a typical Hindu communalist and an empty windbag. On the battlefield, he will be ineffective like the Indian soldiers against the PLA.

    For the Indian army to be effective, we need less of Hindus like Bakshi, but more Muslims, Sikhs and Gurkhas – these are the communities that are fearless once committed. The Bakshi type Hindu is an a rage precisely because he is conscious about Hindu impotence. Even if that was a Hindu weakness, he should not highlight it.

    China and Pak together will act to check India as long as we have nasty Hindus like Bakshi.

  114. @Nandita Singh
    Well he loved, served and saw fellow get Martyed for the country…how can a lady who never set foot at border understand.people like you are like a red light ladies who write for anyone who pays more, with no self-respect and just for money.

    You make a personal attack and pls don’t expect to get that back.

    • ‘Well he loved, served and saw fellow get Martyed for the country…’

      Even so, you have to act in a dignified way, and not like a jahil, emotional Hindu beating his breasts. You don’t see this behaviour in other communities.

  115. Aggressive views against hostile nations send a chill up the spines of our armchair journalists and status quo Baburaj. Their lifestyle is affected by Bakshi’s righteous anger at Pakistanis and others. They prefer pacifist surrender and idle talk. Nations are not defended in offices and newspapers. There is a price to pay for freedom. Bakshi is far far better than the rabid religious zealots of Pakistan. It’s the journalists of Print and the office chaaap babu that is the ban of India.

    • On the war front, Bakhsi would be a typical Hindu coward. He is making up for that in the studio.

      An emotional person does not have control of his head and would be useless in a war.

  116. The pro china guy tried to lecture about war to a person who served 30 years as a soldier. He very much deserved it.

  117. General GD Bakshi is far more bigger than print’s defaming article.
    Communisto ke paise pe nhi palte wo desh ke liye Zindagi ji hai.

  118. The Print ,”Biggest player of changing India’s narrative towards Anti nationalism and hater of Nationalist.
    Who asks rights for terrorists and spread hate for Indian Forces.
    It’s Shekhar Gupta’s fake news factory and aka Changing Narritives against India.

  119. Propagandist, malicious article. The snake masquerading as journalist has bared his fangs against Major General Bakshi. Needs a thorough investigation on who all are his paymasters besides The Print!

  120. Aap jinhe kutta bol rhe ho jaake unka record dekha , what the hell you have done for integrity and who the hell gives you right to say him stray dog

  121. Did we asked your your opinion on Retd. Maj Gen GD Bakshi? Just cover the news. Your job is to provide news, not to enforce your views on readers.

  122. ARMY finish them all from the roots.Pakistani Administration is finished kill all the terrorist.

  123. Nandita you and your print always working for dynasty and for favour. Be patriotic. We Indian army can offer 10 rs per head to be Indian firsr. Shameless Desh ka nahi huva tho husband ka hoga kya

  124. Antinational mouthpiece like the print gets headache when someone thrashes Pakistan and seems the print has got a good amount of money from them in doing their propaganda

  125. Admire All Faujis.
    But they all are carried away by channel like Republic India, Aaj Tak. All are BJP managed channel. Especially Arnab Goswami and his team are all bad anchors and treat guests very badly and always shout at them like they are there slaves. Arnab always is against Rahul &Sonia and uses bad language against them.
    Lost interest in watching news which is fill of bull shit.

  126. The time has come to be yourself. The art of being nice or pretending to be nice by so called elite Indians are gone. “If you feel bad about some one or something, then say it loud and clear”, is not that the freedom of speech? You can show sympathy and write about the freedom of speech of separatists, seditionists just because they support your chinese fat pay check. While some nationalists voice their opinion in a crude form, it makes pain in your intellectual, civilized pretending Gut.

  127. The time has come to be yourself. The art of being nice or pretending to be nice by so called elite Indians are gone. “If you feel bad about some one or something, then say it loud and clear”, is not that the freedom of speech? You can show sympathy and write about the freedom of speech of separatists, seditionists just because they support your chinese fat pay check. While some nationalists voice their opinion in a crude form, it makes pain in your intellectual, civilized pretending Gut. Go fuck yourself with a Chinese sanitized glove in your middle finger.

  128. Ms Singh, you have a like tab, but I searched for a ‘dislike’ tab. Plz keep that too.
    Why do you even need to target Gen Bakshi(retd)?
    Actually you are trying to get fame by using his name.
    He is an honest man and speaks his mind fearlessly while engaging with selfish and corrupt panelists. Although he should refrain, but till the time he speaks with good intentions for the country, it can be ignored by most of his viewers.

  129. Who is Nandita Singh to comment on a decorated army officer and a staunch nationalist ? Who is she to decide that Mr Bakshi is more rhetoric and shrill than substance. I mean how dare any armchair critic talks so stupid ? Mr Bakshi is not surviving on the crumbs thrown by congress. And has ms Nandita Singh lost a near and dear one, a brother or a sister or a father, being blown to pieces by India’s enemy ? Does she even know what is the pain of losing one’s brother in the most barbaric manner at a young age and not getting his full remains for performing the last rites ? It is regrettable that The Print is hotting new low every week because it can see the congress, its defacto patron losing its ground everyday and hence now wants to target people who strongly speak up against the enemies of the nation. And every Indian knows how democratic the father of the nation was when he made the unpopular Nehru as India’s PM by asking Sardar Patel, who has the support of the majority of CWC, to step aside and pander to Nehru’s greed. So please dont turn Gandhiji into some kind of God who cant be criticised or touched. He along with Nehru are responsible for some of the cancerous ills thia country is facing since long. An army officer who has given his sweat and blood for the nation has every right to speak his mind. So Ms Nandita Singh please dont be judgemental. First look inwards in the kind of dirty, biased journalism your portal practices. Look at the double standards of your boss who keeps quite when a Arnab, a Sudhir Chaudhary are hit with court cases for daring to question the Gandhi family and starts cribbing and questioning when other journos loyal to Gandhi family are questioned. Shame and disgusting level of journalism.

    • I also call a spade a spade. Bakshi comes across as a typical cowardly Hindu, useless in the battlefield, but loud mouthed away from it.

        • I have no hatred against Hindus. Only against Hindutva Hindus, they are wrecking India. Like Nazi Germans, Bakshi is a Hindu of that type.

  130. abey to tujhe kyu khujli hori h? aise bakwas se article likh kr khud ko writer ya journalist mat ban. do kaudi ke article tere bas print jaisi jgah pr hi chap sakte h .aur zabardasti dusro ke news feed me push hoskte h …. itni musibt h logo ke pakistan ya kisi aur pr gusse se to vahin nikal le .teri jaisi vaise bhi bhot manhoosiyat bhari padi h india me…bloody useless self proclaimed writers

  131. The Print-ers are also like termites in India… It’s the most fraudulent thing to happen to our country’s journalism… A paid propaganda agent… A propaganda machine… So much to say but not enough indecency to draw the complete sketch… Filth n scum mixed with poop…

  132. Why r U as a part of media feeling so bad for his words?? We as a nation r ok with it..this only reverberates ur contradicting opinion that of ours…isn’t it shameful?

    • Ms Vidya: So you want your kids to learn that swearing is acceptable becuase this unhinged cartoon of a General is allowed to use the choicest of Hindi swearwords on TV?

      It is women like you will end up rearing their sons to disrespect women Ms Vidya.

      Pathetic Ms Vidya.

  133. This hate monger is a MOHRA and he is acting as per instructions of
    his superiors.

  134. Bhonkta rehta hai kutta bhokney do, tab he woh survive karta hai barking dogs seldom bite. Pity for bakshi.

    • Maj Gen GD Bakshi retired as a Major General of the Indian Army and always led from the front. Without the fire that is at display now, he would not have been able to inspire his soldiers to sacrifice their lives. It is not equivalent of sitting in a hole and writing antinational articles on communist inspired Godi media. I love Gen GD Bakshi and would consider it a lifetime honour to stand before him and shake hands with him! Long live
      Gen Bakshi!!!

    • HEY PRINT…. LISTEN…YOUR PROPAGANDA WILL NOT SURVIVE FOR LONG YOU LOSERS…BC porkio ki gaand chat na haramzade phr! Bloody asshole reporting shit

    • The General may have crossed the line (and what line is this!? With the kind of horrible things that is regularly done by politicians and other machiavellian characters in public life, I would take a foul mouthed but straight shooting person anyday), but his heart is in the right place.

      I support the General, including his eclectic choice of language for above reasons.

    • We support G. D Bakshi sir, please we don’t want your validation, biased media print. Aur haa daksh beta, control your mouth or else gaali Tu bhi khayegaa and respect him. He is a war veteran.

    • Daksh

      People like you are curse for a nation. Your parents must be repenting that they gave birth to a traitor like you

  135. Theprint are the cancer that need to be removed. Full on propoganda and slander against a Major General of the Indian army. He called his opponent by his name whats wrong with that. Against his free speech or something?

    • Thanks for bringing biased media to our country ” the print” . Specifically formed just to hurt the patriotic sentiments. We Muslim so called minority thank you heartedly for showing this biased news. We the leftist always support Pakistan and Chinese Army though Indian Army actually protects us.

  136. Look Ms. Nandita Singh. Why don’t you report of Kerala and Delhi Government stating the factually incorrect number of rising Covid cases? You find Gen.Bakshi and his comments on national television to a man defending the outsiders against his own countrymen. Why?

    • Delhi has reported factually incorrect data only after Mr.Amit Shah has Started overseeing Delhi situation
      Even Gujarat is undereporting cases
      Lowest testing rate in country is in Gujarat

  137. very biased views by The Print , we need more of Maj Bakshi Type who don’t fear goons and come straight to the point of defending India.

    If the journalist would have lost a brother he would understand.


  138. With due respect for Maj. Gen. GD Bakshi, did he even command an infantry Div of Indian army? Like Lt. Gen. Hooda or Lt. Gen. Panag must have, in their journey towards becoming Corp commanders and from thereon, GoC-in-C of the entire Northern Command. I have heard Lt. Gen. Hooda on TV, and he doesn’t at all sound like what you say Maj. Gen. Bakshi does. Each one has his style ; all I’m trying to say is, verbal belligerence does not really prove anything. Passion can be silent, but hallucinations of passion will necessarily have to be bombastic.
    I do not know why THE PRINT has given so much “footage” to Gen. Bakshi, to use a word from Bollywood jargon. Are you next going to write about that obnoxious hot-gas-baloon, Arnab Goswami? My God! Is this a form of sadism or what?

  139. Whatever his political leanings, just don’t stand in front of him when he lets off his tirade! He sprays you with spit. Perhaps, the face mask in today’s COVID times were made with him in mind.

    • Bakshi doesn’t behave like a retired army officer except for his white long moustache . Yes , while shouting or screaming he sputters & spits which is highly contagious to the people on stage . We all know he appears to be a paid stooge of the fundementalist BJP or RSS Hindu Racist organization but atleast he could keep up the decorum of the prestigious Indian army which espouses itself to be above religious or caste bias & is primarily there , just for the protection of the sovereignty of the country . Racism is a scourge of the modern world .

      • First of all stop insulting a man who has spent his entire life serving the nation ,lost his brother yet decided to join the army,who the bloody hell on earth are you to judge him? U r either not Indian or just another sold Pakistani propagandist .u have a problem go cry to Ur mama. Maj. GEN. G.D. BAKSHI SIR WE SALUTE YOU. and yes his words were apt and exactly what as Indians we feel.

  140. Why only Maj Gen GD Bakshi, every Indian would be happy to use choicest of bad words and abusive language against both Pakistan and China.
    Time has come to make these Ba****ds pay.

    • Mohan: You pontificate:

      “.. every Indian would be happy to use choicest of bad words and abusive language against both Pakistan and China ..”

      I think you should go participate in Arnab Goswami’s hot air shows and screaming matches such that your parents, your kids and siblings can hear you scream bad words and abusive language. Such that your family and friends can finally realise your true class. Or lack thereof.

      As regards making the “ba***ds” pay, well, you should perhaps start by smashing your Chinese made smartphone and Chinese made laptop. And for good measure, smash the Chinese made laptops and smartphones of your wife and kids as well. That way, you will be able to make one of the “ba****ds” pay.

      With regard to the other set of “ba****ds”, try to get your son to join the Armed Forces and wear the green camouflage of the Forces and not covet n American Green Card.

      And let me make a guess: None of above will happen. You will continue using your Chinese smartphones and you will send your kids to a “phoren country”. Very unlikely that you would want your kids to freeze on Siachen glacier and starve on uneatable Army rations.

      Armchair valour is easy to display Mr Mohan. Exactly like your hypocrisy.

    • He is Patriot, Nationalist and keeps his point way to clear. Hope The print will also call him for interview s and promote a person who spend full his life in serving his nation.

      • We want nationalist on TV not arm chair nincoompoos who can’t defend india. I salute major bakshi. I fully support what he said.

  141. Lenguage in recorded means should be as per our literature and not sentimental. Now the media may be blamed for the deeds।

  142. Most TV media channels are entertainment and not media. Gen Bakshi is a pawn for these channels. Frankly any serious and intelligent army man will not appear on a channel like the one mentioned.

    • If smart Indian army officers like him won’t come to news channels to explain the situation , then some idiots will start to believe that the other nation taking control upon us.

  143. I sincerely am worried about his health. I fear someday he might suffer a stroke or a cardiac arrest on live TV because of his anger. The Major needs to cool down, especially at this old age.

    • You bl**dy the print ! Why do you have a burning sensation in your an*s when someone expresses his patriotism, whether it’s Arnab Goswami or Gen. Bakshi? What do you want this country to be; just a chaotic one, that has been for the most part of the last seven decades? Shame on you and your propagandist activities ….

      • What a shame , you are writing such a defaming article against a person who served nation more then writer’s age.

        The print in anti national we all know

      • He is a once-upon-a-time Major General, now he he is a third class communal vagabond., only fit for a shakha. You can compare his nationalism to Anurag Thakur. You are assessed by your present form.

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