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List of those killed in Delhi communal riots

ThePrint has accessed details of those killed in the communal violence that broke out in Northeast Delhi on 23 February, and lasted three days.

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New Delhi: The Delhi Police Thursday night revised its official death toll in last week’s communal riots to 44, though reports pegged the figure at 53. The police, however said bodies were still being recovered and the identification process was underway.

First released on 27 February, the list was last updated Thursday. As a result, several names have been dropped from the earlier list. The discrepancy, police said, is likely a result of misidentification.

“There were a lot of bodies that were unidentified. So during their initial identification, the person in-charge making the list could have confused the names. It also happened that some relatives first identified a person and later retracted (their statement),” a police officer said Monday.

“The official list till now only has 44 dead,” he added.

The process to identify others is on, the officer said, adding that three bodies were fished out from a drain Sunday. “Those too are yet to identified. We will issue another list once there is more clarity on their names and age,” he said.

Violence broke out 23 February evening after pro- and anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests clashed. The clashes carried on for three days, with mobs armed with stones, sticks and rods running amok in Northeast Delhi.

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Below is the current list of 44 deceased. It will be updated when more information is available.

Mehtab (22 years), Physical assault

Akbari (70 years), Burn injury

Bhajanpura Police Station
Mahroof Ali (32 years), Physical assault

Bhagirathi Vihar
Musaraf (28 years), Physical assault

Prem Singh (30 years), Physical assault

Dayalpur Police Station
Unknown (25 years), Gunshot
Unknown* (25 years), Physical assault
*Was initially identified as Mohseen (22 years)

Ratan Lal (42 years), Gunshot
Dilbar (21 years), Burn injury
Nitin (23 years), Physical assault

Gokulpuri Police Station
Unknown (25 years), Physical assault`
Hasim Ali (26 years), Physical assault

Vinod (42 years)

Rahul Thakur (25 years), Gunshot

Kabir Nagar 
Istayak (24 years), Gunshot

Karawal Nagar
Alok Tiwari (32 years), Physical assault
Dinesh (35 years), Gunshot
Rahul Solanki (26 years), Gunshot
Jamaluddin (30 years), Physical assault

Karawal Nagar Police Station
Suleman (45 years), Physical assault
Unknown (32 years), Physical assault

Md Furkan (30 years), Gunshot
Faizan S (24 years)

Irfan (25 years), Physical assault

Khajuri Khas
Ankit Sharma (26 years), Physical assault
Babbu (32 years), Stone pelting

Khajuri Khas Police Station
Unknown (45 years), Physical assault

Shad Mohammed (35 years), Gunshot
Salman (24 years), Stone pelting
Md. Sahnawaj (Age unknown), Burn injury

Deepak (34 years), Stabbing

Md Mubarak Hussain (28 years), Gunshot
Pravesh (48 years), Gunshot
Beer Khan* (40 years), Physical assault
*Initially identified as Vir Bhan

Md Mudassar (30 years), Gunshot
Asfaq Hussain (22 years), Physical assault
Sahaban (25 years), Gunshot
Aakil Ahahid (26 years), Physical assault
Sharif Khan (90 years), Burn injury

Old Mustafabad
Amir Khan (28 years), Physical assault

New Delhi
Naresh Saini (32 years), Gunshot

New Mustafabad
Zakir (24 years), Physical assault
Shahid (24 years), Physical assault

New Sabhapur Village
Arshad Raza (32 years), Physical assault

Amaan (18 years), Gunshot

(The copy was last updated 5 March)

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  1. Why name all the victims? Is this not communalising? We need a census to see how many muslims have been added but that is denied to the people.

  2. यह दंगा बिना किसी ठोस कारण के कराया गया है
    जो मर गए वे लौटने को तो नहीं है

    मारनेवाले किस लिहाज से हिन्दुस्तानी कहते हैं अपने को
    इस दंगे में सामिल सभी लोग भारत के दुश्मन है

  3. This happened only for hate speech of Maulana & Muslim leaders like Obaisi Brothers. In this world 80% majority bear 20% minority. This is Hinduism. This is Hindustan. Can you find this anywhere in other parts of world ? Muslim brothers Apne gireban me ekbar jhak Kar Dekho. Tarek Fateh aur Kerala ki Governor Jaise mahaan logo ki BAAT suno. Joha Muslim majority hai woha ki haal Dekho. Naa doosro ko jeene dete naa khud ji sakte. Allah tumhe MAAF nehi Karega.

    • Tarek fateh and Kerla governor??
      They r lickers of modi and other govt. And people like u r becoming idiots. Btw those is already idiot can not be made again. Delhi riots r planned by modi govt. As 2-3 days ago Home Ministry has information about that…. Ur second god father Shah told about it in parliament.

      • Tere dimaag mey gandi naali ka keeda gush chuka hain uska dimaag sey bahar nikalney ki jaroorat hai kabi owaisi ko suna hai aur uskey brother what they wants 15minutes Terey bemaar dimaag ko doctors ki jaroorat hai

  4. Ordinary people want to live peacefully. Political parties like BJP, SP, AIMIM, Congress, BSP all parties want to segregate voters in name of religion,caste etc.
    Various equations of votebank are worked out
    and people vote for those leaders who are successful in creating fear among them . Democracy will be successful when votes are cast on basis of good governance. How ever , if directions are issued from religious leaders to vote this and not to vote that, then polarization and hate politics will survive.

  5. Brutal attack on Amit Mishra, DCP, murder of Ankit Sharma, IB employee, pointing revolver at Deepak Dahiya, a Delhi Police man, by Shahrukh, Shaheen Bagh protest causing great inconvenience to a large public and use of its platfort for delivering hate-speech, prima facie evidence suggesting involvement of Tahir Hussain, and above all start of violence from murder of Ratan Lal, a Delhi Police man, all suggest as to who was responsible for Delhi Violence. Certainly not, it was BJP,RSS, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.

    • why anti-CAA protestors would start violence. It is sheer non sense. It is only the BJP and RSS suffer due to anti-CAA protest and planned the riots

      • Shows your pure ignorance that without any evidence or facts that you already made up your mind that BJP and RSS did it. The people that talk about killing and dividing India(mastermind of Shaheen bagh), Umarkhalid who asked people to come out on streets and protest, Tahir Hussain that murdered an IB officer and whose house was used as a launchpad for throwing bombs and acid,Sonia and Rahul and AAP gang that asked people to DO OR DIE , AIMIM leaders that openly talk about killing all Hindus and making India an Islamic country.Sharukh that shot at people with a gun killing many, Mamata banerjee who openly called for riots more than once. These aren’t the instigators of violence? The violence was started by just one BJP leader saying make way on the roads ?.When will you wake up from the brainwashing. There is as much violence from both sides. The opposition. They are putting you and me against each other and we are throwing blame at each other. Because you hate BJP , when you are ready to support Terrorists like Sharukh, Sharjeel Imam and murderers like Tahir Hussain, Owaisis and anti nationals like Gandhi family, mamata banerjee then I pity you.

      • Because Quran teaches hatred towards every other identity and prescribes that kafers should be killed.

        Days of foolong people are over.

  6. दंगे सिर्फमुस्लिम बहुल इलाकों में ही कियो होते हैं । ज्ञान बाँटने से पूर्व विचार करें देश हित को धर्म से ऊपर रख कर सोचे शायद अपनी समस्या का जबाब मिल जाये

  7. Thousands muslim mob lunched police personals starting of roits muslims have think this also rather blamming each other muslims aiso have to oppose that mob

  8. Dear Arjmand ,
    Did you ask this question from Waris Pathan who said
    15 crores Muslims will wipe out 100 crores Non Muslims.
    Dear friend ,it take two hands to cheer.
    Some members from both communities are responsible for this unfortunate development. Height is when the main political party that has ruled our country for more than fifty years instigate the people to come out of their homes and take on streets for Vandalism.

    • The Delhi was burned by CAA protesters, they would have made it peacefully why to choose occasion of trump visiting India.
      Shame on these basterds।।।

    • Ha sahi hi Ulta chori or upper se Sina Jori
      Ghupethiyo ko support or Desh se gaddari
      Ab ye sab nahi accept kiya jayega
      Chahe kuchh bhi hojaye 😠

    • Allah sub dekh raha hai danga karke muslim jhuthe bol rahe hain. Ye desh ke sath gaddari kar rahe hain. Aadam jaat ke liye muslim khatra ho gaye hain. Allah subko dozakh me bhejega.

    • Rakho yaad jinnah k bacchon. chale jate Pakistan kisne roka tha India main rehna hai to Indian Law manana hi padega.Jao warna Bangladesh aur Pakistan,Afganistan par wahan tum ni jaoge coz pata hai ki Indian jaisi azadi tumhein aur kahin nahi milegi, Yahi desh hai jo tumhein rakhta b hai khilata b hai protect b karta hai aur tumhein dikkat b isi desh se .
      Humble request please do not protest simply leave India , if you can abide by the law.

  9. This was not a riot. It was a pogrom. Pogroms are a special class of riots when it’s no longer simply a clash between two mobs or groups. Instead, the police are siding with one group either by looking away or by abetting and sometimes even directly participating in the violence. The key difference between riots and pogroms lies in the behavior of the state—through its police.
    There are videos, in particular one, which shows young Muslim men being beaten by a Hindu mob. And the cops are asking the fallen and beaten Muslim men to sing the national anthem—as they’re being continuously beaten. This is the hate agenda of the RSS and BJP. They are the only ones who have benefited from this situation.

    • If it is true then I condemned it ..
      But I have question what is the problem to sing national anthem…..

    • When Muslim attack Hindus should they be silent and get killed? no. police interfered and attack law violators , you only attacked you only killed at beginning when police sided with victim you bring out your victim card as horrible minority

  10. Don’t see with names or Religion, we lost our Brothers, we lost our people- who are innocents nothing to do with politics & Politicians. Politicians Government Police is responsible for this tragedy, God saves India, where we are going towards Nazi-ism.

  11. Mad bhakthas are talking nonsense again in this forum. There are any number of people against CAA , against NRC and against the evil designs of this government. And we are all Patriots and better Patriots than all bgsjrhas put together . This india is a secular country like many developed and developing countries. Just because few countries are Islamic countries we need not be a Hindu country. Just somebody is a pig you dont want to be a pig , do you ?
    And who has instigated this comkunal legislation called CAA NRC etc ? The present government which is hell bent on destroying this country and spread the poison of hate. For what ? For political gains.

    All right thinking people should condemn the evil designs of this bhaktha infested BJP government.

    Otherwise this country has no future.

    • “Srinivasan” you are the most disregretful people.just like mens of you delhi is burning these days. See the results of your secularism(46 people died).India is so called developing country since 47 because of your secularism and people l8kes you.Modi govt. Is the best.They made to stand india as a strong country in the world.

    • You perhaps r the guy want to drag our country back to Moghul empire. People like u if we’re in the govt it won’t take more than 50 years when India becomes an Islamic country.
      Then you would witness day-to-day bomb blast and assacre

    • The main enemy to humanity are people like you. The pseudo secular. You only see fauults in hindustan. If a Hindu like me wants a hindu country you can’t blam that I am Modi bhakt. Yes I appreciateodi for what he has done for minority of Pakistan. People like you are real danger to Hindus

  12. This had to happen.There are Islamic countries, Christian countries, Yehudi countries, Arab countries.Why India should not be a Hindu State.We are moving in the right direction.Hindus have not united yet.The strange thing is that Minority is harassing Majority.Taxes paid by the Majority are eaten away by the Minority.All illegal immigrants must be thrown out of India.

  13. When Muslim population will come in majority…..Hindu killed by Muslims….Muslim always want Sarita law…so all my Hindu Bhai come together for Muslim attack…they all are dhokhebaj

  14. Danga ka sabse bda karan hai north east delhi me inki muslim population ka 30% se jyda hona yeah jha bhi hoge yeah sab karnge hi inhe aman pasand hai hi nhi Trump aaya tha jaan mughe kr paln kr road ko block kiya gya gharo se inke acid mil rha hai stone mil rahe hai pulice ko pathar marte hai delhi me kasmir bna diya Hindu ki market puri jala di school jala diya quki wha moden erection milti hai jo islam ke khilaf hai desh me prayojeet hai puri tarike se dange yeah bolte kapil mishra ne karaye phle road kisne block kre desh sabka hai magr iska mtlb yeah nhi ki desh inke baap ka hai yeah kiryedaar hai kiryedaar bankar hi rahe malik na bane

  15. Partition in 1947 was not the partition of a country but of two religions. Pakistan chose to be a Muslim country and India chose to be a democratic country. People pledged to support and to grow together as a nation.
    Then why protest against CAA today. It’s not for India citizens but meant to control Pakistani and bangladeshis only.
    Do you think Gandhi ji took a wrong decision?
    Do you really think modi took a wrong decision?
    No not at all.
    No religion is above Nation.
    I believe all religions in India must be mixed together to make a new religion indian, no Hindu, no Muslim, no sikh.
    In India thought I believe all religions derived from one religion,so genetically we all r one with different names. Many exploited and some intentionally got converted but our roots are one. Respect each other.

    • You’re partially correct, Mr. Fakeer, Pakistan wasn’t muslim nation until 1955 when they declared themselves as Muslim nation….2nd thing, when India was partitioned into Hindustan and Pakistan on religious basis, and when Pakistan declared themselves as Muslim nation, what the hell were we doing at that time. If we weren’t been able to teach them a lesson, we must have learnt the lesson and made our country a Hindu nation…One more thing, We may keep giving speeches, but we can not deny the fact that, India is a secular nation as long as Muslims aren’t in Majority. We have got a hint of that, so I would request everyone, do not wait until it’s too late…
      Jay Hind, Jay Bharat


    • No place in the world is livable, until we do understand & tolerate others. It should be jihad against our own disguised hate & greed, that makes the difference. In 1947, Muslims said they can’t live with Kafirs, & cut the country. Now you say you can’t live in Delhi; Muslim leaders are chanting hate speeches, so you want to cut the land again? But, before that, look at Siriya, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistàn, Pakistan, and Islamic States in African continent. Are they happy? No, there is infighting & deaths! Why? Most of them are Islamic States? So, why not happiness prevails by the grace of Allah? Just think honestly, & you will know. And Bangladesh? Why Bangladesh-Muslims are infiltrating in India, where they said they can’t live with Kafirs? Why? Because of greener life? They know, India is prospering, because, Kafirs love their country, irrespective of RELIGION. So, please think & let others also think. Belief & worship of God, Allah, Iswar should be only inside Church, Mosque, Temple, not outside, where we are all one, of the same Nation; say Bandemataram to your Nation.

  17. Moralities of people in these days of developed world can never accepted such barbarian & henious crime which witnessed in the recent Delhi incident. Communal incitation purported by some politicians will divide humanities. At the cost of freedom to speech donot mean to destroy the nation whether initiated by either Ruling or Opposition parties. Mostly any hate speech released by a dignitory in the capacity of Hon’ble Minister who sworn in taking oath of Indian Constitution would be dealt with firmly rather than a general citizen . But it is always seen that Govt machineries are bent upon to divert the blame to the general person to safe guard the criminal politicians. As a union Home Minister Mr Shah must take his responsibilities for his due failure in safe guarding the affected citizen of Delhi instead throwing the ball to others. Division will not bring development rather destroy the nation

  18. Once again innocent hindu are killed by radical musalman innocent hindu💐💐💐😭😭😭😭

    • Very true brother.Muslims are like cancer to whole world.But nowadays we hindus try to make unity.Bharat Mata ki jai

  19. What the hell with other community doing there, why this people pro-vacated others when they are doing something again CAA. Let the government handle the issue, why this idiots provacating innocents and leading massive riots . Government doing ntg, police is ntg

  20. Agar curfew na lagta to ye danga bhi Gujrat ya Muzaffarnagar dangon jaisa hi hota hindu or Sikh taiyyar nahi the issliye mare gaye

  21. First of all riots were in Muslim dominated areas where Muslims were prepared with weapons and Hindus weren’t you people had guns acid pouches stones and all weapons and it was a surprise attack whereas Hindus were unprepared with absolutely no weapons ok in all known people who have been killed 4 more Muslims died then Hindus even after so much preparation surprise attack and being armed most people have died of gun shot and using gun does not use physical strength a weak person with gun is stronger then a strong unarmed person

    • Correct , we are indian and will be always , i know and understand what dharma has not teaches us this , kindly go through once again , hindutva is not a religion it’s a practice , it’s an ideology , it’s all about peace and respect and what we are doing just see yourself. Threating our own people everywhere, muslims are also hindu and Hindus are also Muslim because we all are human being that too Indian .

  22. Friends, we are in era of technology which has provided us lots of facilities but I think we are not liable for this because our way if function is very outdated and awkward. We can keep our believe on any type of ideology but don’t go whence from origins. Things are changed and charged much if we will not try to understand the present scenario. Let me tell who can look after you in case any emergency. No one, then why this pagalpan in which hoarde is created and killing to someone whoever be your neighbor. It’s gimmick of some Charlton religious preachers, politian and others. Firstly they safeguard their own family either some safest place or abroad then credulous and ardent follower mib is created, time and again speeches are given. Then you know the result. Think twice thrice unless you don’t know the appropriate reasons then act otherwise you shall be extinct.

  23. Why Muslims killed IB official by stabbing 200 times???
    Why mostly Muslims support Pakistan during cricket match..
    All muslims are not terrorist but why all terrorist are muslim???
    Mostly Tax paid by Hindus but mostly fund used for muslim to purchase their vote or their development…

  24. Now you idiot know that Delhi police don’t report to CM but HM Amit Shah (your writing suggests that you know your civics). So BJP goon employ blame shifting propoganda gang to try to shift the blame onto the Delhi CM.

    C’mon. Even an illiterate like me has seen Arvind Kejriwal lament on the TV enough to know that Kejriwal ki “Dilli police bilkul bhi nahi sunti”. Modi you can’t take this power to your grave (angrezi kahavat hai bhai, ab is par sar mat khapana) but the blood is already on your hands.

  25. I request all my Respected Hindu Brothers to Hate this kind of People who are supporting of killing innocent Humans he is seeing it as HINDU MUSLIMS but first is Human being then religion sex cast creed and all which is not much important we are born as a HUMAN and we should leave accordingly not by hating or commenting anything bad about other religion☔️

    • Don’t have to appeal, brother. No person of right mind, forget whatever religion, can ever even think of hurting the other. This is so very unfortunate, and trust me, if I were to come across any of these idiots, I shall always strive to protect my brothers. I just hope I have the courage to follow through. Don’t know how many bodies, either of soldiers or of a common man will satisfy the blood lust of these two power and attention hungry – mentally deficienct idiots. No matter where they goes they always spill blood.

    • इस दंगे में कुछ हिन्दू ने हिन्दू को मार दिया और कुछ मुसलमानों ने मुसलमान को, और दोनों ने मिल कर इंसानियत को मार दिया। गलती न ताहिर हुसैन की है ना कपिल मिश्रा की, गलती है हम जैसे मूर्खो की जो उनके कहने पर या भड़काने पर आपस में मर मिटे। कोई हिन्दू मुस्लिम एक दूसरे से नफरत नहीं करता क्योंकि किसी मुस्लिम ने अपने पडोसी हिन्दू को नहीं मारा और ना किसी हिन्दू ने पडोसी मुसलमान को।
      लेकिन कुछ लोगो ने सौहार्द बनाने का भी काम किया है उनको सलाम।

  26. It’s unfair to say who is attacked. It’s a impatience public who is been tested and fired by ill politicians who wanted to make disable government and system. My freind understand. We are in republic country not in sultanate.
    Please believe in law and lead the life line good human being . We are lucky we are born in Indi.

  27. Lots of terrorist and rioting mindset peoples are also here in the comment section who will do the same terrorist activity if they get a chance in the riots

  28. Now Hindus are ahead with 13/12 innocent death
    Muslims are trailing with 12/13 innocent death.

    Tomorrow the scenario can change and the looser can be a winner.


    In either cases the looser is our beloved country.
    Let us spread peace, brotherhood and harmony among religions and make our country a great Nation….

    • Simply take police from your side and i assure you one muslim is capable to handle 4 of your types. Even with police support and 80% of the population and a hindu friendly goverment, home minister you see what is the result. Simple hai bhai tum humare 2 maroge toh tumhara bhi hum 2 marenge.

      • If Police is removed and Hindus and Sikhs are prepared these riots will also look like Gujrat 2002 or Muzaffarnagar riots

      • Lol…Take Police out and Delhi muslims would have face the same fate like Gujurat…Even in Muslim majority area having a Muslim counselor providing you with weapon, still the numbers of Muslim and hindu deaths are 15/11….Take the police out and Hindus from NCR, ghaziabad, and north east Delhi will wipe out muslims like Ghaziabad, Gujurat and Mumbai riot….It is simple….Muslims are disgusting filths who needs to be eliminated

      • Muslim majority areas yet the number of death between Muslim and hindu is 15 and 11….Still there are many unknown bodies and we all know who produce children like rats but don’t hv the money to collect their dead bodies….Any way your types of coward muslims seems to forget gujurat , Mumbai and UP riot where police was remove6for 5 min….Go and check the number in wikipedia….COWARD JIHADI MOO-SLUMS can never take India any more cuz Hindus don’t practice “AHIMSHA” any more…India will be a hindu Bharat and CAA-NRC will implement no matter what….

      • Hindus and Sikhs didn’t have guns they didn’t knew riots are about to happen and all the riots happened in Muslim majority area where 10 Muslims attacked 1 hindu still Hindus killed 15 Muslims and if police is removed one Hindu will kill 20 Muslims like they did in Gujrat heck 3000 Hindus and Sikhs chased 100,000 Muslims out of East Pakistan in 1971

    • Riots happened in Muslim majority area where Muslims were prepared and armed but still majority of people whose name has been given as dead are Muslims 26 names have been given 15 Muslims and 11 hindus

  29. This article has no relevance when they did not give cognence to the fact that the blockade was against the will of the people of Delhi. The Print itself could have brought out series of articles to hight light the past riots. What is the use of such journalists who don’t remained their readers of such mob violence which is often seen in such cases. Tragedy of journalists of today who dont read the past and give its readers the forecast of events which can happen. Now this reporting is adding salt to wounded and ignoring the dead family members. What action has your journalists taken to support the dead members family.

  30. Politics on country and state shall be stopped.
    This is unnecessary riots.
    No people or religion can be blamed , every man should understand.
    Government by bill and act can’t do anything in mass.So let government do their work.
    They will do things logically and have to do it.
    So don’t involve in such things.
    Japanese people once started protest, how did they did…..they started waiving of discounts on government utilities like bus fare were not charging electricity etc so without hindering common man and country they protested.
    If we want such protest why don’t do we use such tactics it will never harm common man or country and govt. will feel the heat.

  31. Pre plaaned work by BJP rss with contribution of Delhi police , CBI, IB, NSA and all….
    U can easily understand by looking transfer of high court judge in the midst of late night who orders to immidiate F I R on BJP s three ministers including Kapil Mishra the main culprit…..
    And all the paid buyest godi media main stream channels starting defending Kapil Mishra and BJP party turning the theme by blaming aam admi party counceller Tahir Hussain…..
    Shame on u godi media shame on u

    • Tahir from AAP is absconded.
      However I am not pointing to defend one party and blaming other, how can this miss trust be gained .
      Ppl like you get moved my one statement that suits your agendas…

    • Hindus always believe in vasudev kutumbkam concept.. But Islam is a real theret for all the world.. Basic concepts of Islam in Indian subcontinent is Gazwa e Hind.. I spend Allot of time between Muslim.. They always demoralizing Hindus.. Beliefs.. Trust.. And festivals.. Before 25 years.. I listen through my Muslim friend about Gazwa e hind.. I can’t understand on that time but presently I know well about Gazwa.. Double standard religion.. Double face.. Double standard.. And never accepted any other religion or religious faith.. And creating drama on the name of secularism.. In India 50 K Parsi is living. Migrated from Iran.. People who can’t be escaped… All converted and today no Parsi is living in Iran.. We continue listening about Pakistani minorities.. Parsi is plying a key roll in Indian system.. General Sam maniksha ..Ratan ji Tata is an example.. But 250 K mosue 5 Time Azan and second line of Azan speak there are no God except Allah.. But they feel theret.. Just kidding na.. Educated or uneducated both types of Muslim is the part of gazwa e hind.. But ya hone nahi denga

  32. Please stop spreading more hate. Indian people have suffered a lot. Political Media is responsible for this. Please stop watching that sort of Media where you watch only hatred. Politicians have already ruined our peace. There are lot of Hindus who saved Muslim and there are lot of Muslims who saved Hindu. Don’t make stories like some Media does.

  33. Muslim log rakshasi pravarti ke hote hai ye log mar kat karna pasand karte hai darjan bhar bacche paida karte hai fir bote h rojgar ni milta Muslim garib hai gandgi faila Rakhi hai in Suar logo ne

  34. All the muslim are terrorist and this attack was not done by isis and rss That’s why all the muslim of India are terrorist

  35. Neither of the communities are to be blamed but the people who perpetrated it.

    My appeal to people of Delhi is to safeguard your neighbors and keep the killers out of your area.

    • Why not,
      Muslims are preparing since last three months like Gulel on rikshaw and tower, plastic bomb . are you not seeing? Ankit murder, have you listened? What is this, it’s pre-planned murder and you are saying that no communities will be blamed? Go to hell leftist and mulla.
      Do you know al-taqiya, umma and kafir words of quran(devil’s book)?

  36. All these happenings are inhuman.we should never differentiate on religious grounds.we all are humans first.Religion means spirituality.
    And spirituality is common in all faiths.
    This game of killing people and doing politics is the business of fools who are not encountered their inner self and true spirituality.
    Humanity is in great troube.
    Lets pray for peace love bliss and happiness.

    • Wait & watch,on ground level what the Hindu faces now days not know any one,Hindu Muslim is not issue ,when jinna wants partitions and made a Islamic country,then why not created it as Hindu country,& this is not stoped here it shall be begining…gajwa a hind..,Gandhi as rashtra pita ?..why the vision prediction failed ,all concerning only in one sided,…57 Islamic country but how many Hindu country? ….convert hi ho Jate Hain waise bhi pure races hi change hota h,Jo pahle hi change h wo to pure ni bn payega,tb bhi riots honge but issue Kuch or Hoga…nature se hi ummid rakhiye….jai hind

    • Well said my dear respected brother, the world is still existing just because of kind humans like you otherwise these businesses minded politicians are damaged the humanity to the large extent, may Almighty Allah bless you and your family and like minded humans with health and happiness here and after aameen

  37. Muslim want to make our country like afganistan or Syria . Now they start showing there real nature when they are power. All world know about Muslim, they always hate other communities people and their child read these things in their religious book.

  38. The article is very partisan, it has listed several unknowns All the unknowns are mostly Hindus and author of the article does not want to divulge it?

    • Exactly my point, what about the womens clothes, women clothes, stones, petrol bombs, acid bags found in tahir husseins house. Women raped as well, a 19 year old girl’s dead body also found where ankit sharma’s body found.

  39. Tahir hussain and AAP Muslim leaders are behind riots and death of innocent people.

    They deserve lifelong imprisonment/ penalty by SC

  40. If muslims will cross their limits they will get the revolt….they will get the answer…dont try to push hard to other community…they can also raise the weapons…so be like a normal person in india or leave from here dont make it Seeriya…afganistan or pakistan….dont try to make this

  41. Hindu terrorist has killed so many people maximum of them succumbed to bullet injury.
    terrorist delhi police provide shield to RSS HINDU TERRORIST to kill muslims.

    • You r a hypocrat and seems to be filled with hate towards my nation.
      . Doing politics on names of dead. By the way half names are of hindus but seems your madarsaa teach you to be violent and count the deaths as per religion. Peak of wahabism

  42. Fools still say Hindu Muslim … Shame on you people… Go and tell the family that Hindu killed your muslim son or tell a muslim killed your father … Do they care here the list of 24 names 10 are Hindu’s…. If you think that Only Muslim died then you need to check your brain … If riots happen both will die … So please stop barking and think if your father or son had died in that riots

  43. Comment: why you only see Hindu person just see how many Muslim also die so don’t blame each other’s when any pblm will come in India we only solve no no any other countries will help think big and love human and save human

  44. Strange?? You are not strange to see the hundreds of shops looted and 100 of houses burnt down by Hindu terrorists and killed more then 30 poor Indian nationals..

    What done by councillor is big crime againts humanity..

    Why you don’t you talk what BJP leaders hate moongers did to spark.. Hindu terrorists murdered and killed poor people.

    People like you creating hate and communal discrimination..

    • Yeah you mean hindu & muslim both jihadi st groups right…
      Abe ab to sudhar jaao aisi bhi kya bhakti dono taraf ke log mare aur dono taraf ke logo ne maara muslim to badnaam hai hi tumhe bhi terrorist main apni ginti karani hai kya so called “peacefuls”

      • Muslim jihadi terrorists are responsible for the riot….muslims terrorist saharukh is ran with his family…Muslim AAP leader is hiding bombs in his room…Only and only muslims jihadi terrorists are responsible….Any way CAA and NRC will happen no matter what…No body can stop that

  45. Strange to see those photographs of weapons like petrol bomb, acid bomb, stones, iron rods etc etc on the roof of a councillor to attack the Hindus residing nearby and passing the road. This indicates the preparations for the attacks preplanned. Now the question arises why the Intelligence deptt of Delhi police failed to get a single information regarding such massive preparation for riots ? And why Delhi police couldn’t started taking action on the same day, when clashes sparked ? Now, Delhi police will transfer the onus of failure to whom ? And more importantly the present CM and Lt. Governor of Delhi were silent on the very day of riot. Now they are trying to transfer their failure to other by giving cash to the bereaved families. Will they be able to return those precious life to the bereaved families ? No, they can’t. This proves their qualities of responsibilities, they may be CM or Lt. Governor but their responsibilities towards their citizens is ‘NIL’

    • Oh. BJP propaganda brigade. The unfortunate truth is that before Modi, I never gave a dime about Hindu Musalman BS. I never knew of a Muslim friend or acquaintance, who ever wished me harm coz I was a Hindu. I went to Muslim friends’ places on Eid and had feast, invited them over mine in the same way, and NEVER ONCE thought ki “AREY KITNA BHAICHARA DIKHATE HAI HAM” – it was just damn normal. Abused each other, fought one day and were friends again the next. etc. etc. And now it seems to be like News Headline worth.

      It’s a shame. It’s just like the British Era – Divide to rule. Unfortunately the other party Congress is equally pathetic, seems less so however in comparison to Modi’s. Modi is just covering up the feces he has made of the economy with bloodshed, just so that he can squat on the Chair and defecate, longer

      • You are 100% correct , this hatred has gone out of control and can never be repaired. I hate to think what is going to happen next.

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