IS tries to provoke Muslims, says countries fighting coronavirus are easy targets

Islamic State’s chat groups are abuzz with messages on how the coronavirus pandemic has provided an opportunity to carry out terror strikes.

Security personnel stand guard during the lockdown in Jammu | PTI
Security personnel stand guard during the lockdown in Jammu | PTI

New Delhi: As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, terror organisation Islamic State’s chat groups are abuzz with messages on how the outbreak has provided an opportunity to carry out attacks as countries have become “easy target”. The messages also urge Indian Muslims “to act”, ThePrint has learnt.

The primary missive that is being circulated on the chat groups that IS runs on various social media platforms is a clipping of a note published in the terror network’s magazine called Sawt al-Hind (Voice of Hind).

“Allah has made this disease a source of chaos amongst the nations of disbelief and their militaries and police have been deployed in their streets and alleys, thus making them an easy target,” said the note published in one of the terror network’s branches in the Khorasan province.

ThePrint has seen the note, but couldn’t ascertain the date of its publishing.

The note added that this opportunity should be utilised to carry out terror strikes. “Use this opportunity to strike them with a sword or a knife or even a rope is enough to stop their breath, fill the streets with blood,” it said.

One of the terror operatives who were allegedly involved in the publication of the magazine was a Kashmiri named Jahanjeb Sami. He was arrested by the Delhi Police earlier this month, along with his wife, said sources.

Both were linked to IS’ Khorasan module, which carried out a terror attack on a gurdwara in Kabul Wednesday, killing 25 people.

This note being circulated through chat groups is a tactic to recruit people, said a source in the Indian intelligence, who highlighted the possibility of the Islamic State planning an attack.

“It is always a possibility that they are planning something, considering what happened in Kabul, and these signs cannot be taken lightly. But, this seems more like a tactic to recruit more youngsters,” the source said.

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‘Indian Muslims, act’

Another Sawt al-Hind note that is being circulated on these chat groups addresses Indian Muslims, asking them to act.

“…what the Muslims of India have suffered is not hidden from anybody. How many from among the Muslims were brutally killed and how many of the masjids have been demolished. Now is the time to act,” it said.

The note also said that this disease is the punishment and “wrath of Allah up on the disbelievers” and they should make it worse for them.

“The ever-increasing rate of COVID 19 that we are witnessing is a torment for the disbelievers and has brought the glad tidings for the believers… O Muwahideen, prepare with whatever you have and rise up. And make it worse for the Kuffar (infidel),” it said.

“You must not forget how the disbelievers dealt with you brothers and sisters in Mosul, Baghuz, Kunar, burying them alive beneath the debris,” it added.

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