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India now as autocratic as Pakistan, worse than Bangladesh: Sweden institute’s Democracy Report

After Freedom House report said India is only 'partly free' now, V-Dem Institute's Democracy Report has downgraded India from 'world's largest democracy' to 'electoral autocracy'.

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New Delhi: The fifth annual democracy report by Sweden’s V-Dem Institute, titled ‘Autocratisation goes viral’, has downgraded India from “the world’s largest democracy” to an “electoral autocracy”, citing “muzzling” of the media, and overuse of defamation and sedition laws.

V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) claims to produce the largest dataset on democracy with almost 30 million data points for 202 countries from 1789 to 2020.

This report comes within a week of US watchdog Freedom House downgrading India’s status to “partly free” in its ‘Freedom in the World’ report.

While India’s score was at an all-time high at 0.57 (on a scale of 0-1) in 2013, it had declined to 0.34 by the end of 2020 — a loss of 23 percentage points in seven years. “Most of the decline occurred following BJP’s victory in 2014 and their Hindu nationalist agenda,” says the report.

“India is, in this aspect (censorship) now as autocratic as is Pakistan, and worse than both its neighbors Bangladesh and Nepal. In general, the Modi-led government in India has used laws on sedition, defamation, and counterterrorism to silence critics. For example, over 7,000 people have been charged with sedition after the BJP assumed power and most of the accused are critics of the ruling party,” says the report.

It adds that the use of defamation “frequently used to silence journalists” and the use of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) have placed constraints on civil society and gone against the Constitution’s commitment to secularism.

“Amended in August 2019 (it) is being used to harass, intimidate, and imprison political opponents, as well as people mobilizing to protest government policies. The UAPA has been used also to silence dissent in academia. Universities and authorities have also punished students and activists in universities engaging in protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).”

The report notes that civil society is being increasingly muzzled while organisations aligned with the “Hindutva movement” have gained freedom. “The BJP have increasingly used the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) to restrict the entry, exit and functioning of Civil Society Organisations (CSO),” it says.

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Democracy on the decline 

The fifth annual report by the organisation summarises the state of democracies of the world against the backdrop of developments that have taken place over the past decade.

The report finds that liberal democracies have diminished over the past decade from 41 countries to 32 countries.

“The global decline during the past 10 years is steep and continues in 2020, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. The level of democracy enjoyed by the average global citizen in 2020 is down to levels last found around 1990,” says the report.

It adds that what it calls “electoral autocracies” remain the most popular regime type, and along with closed autocracies, number 87 states, home to 68 per cent of the world’s population.

It also notes an accelerating wave of autocratisation engulfing 25 nations, home to one-third of the world’s population — that is 2.6 billion people. “Several G20 nations such as Brazil, India, Turkey, and the United States of America are part of this drift,” says the report.

It also notes that the number of democratising countries has dropped by almost half to 16, hosting a mere 4 per cent of the global population.

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      • Excellent repartee to Dr S.M.Shetty a man who has clearly parked his erudition and education and allows himself to become a clone of the Tejaswi Suryas and Pragya Thakurs of India.


    Perhaps we could measure one simple freedom in India – my freedom to eat what I like to eat. Do Indians have that freedom?

    Turns out, even that elementary freedom does not exist for Indians, not only in India but also OUTSIDE the country. Yes, Hindutva thugs have started their moral policing even outside the country. And institutions such as the BCCI have joined in as well.

    The food consumed by Indians is a function of religion, region, caste and often economic class as well. Thus you have Hindus in Kerala, Goa, Bengal etc. consuming beef. Lower castes, Muslims, Christians and Dalits also consume beef. Many people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder prefer to buy beef which is cheaper than mutton or other meat types. Today, under the BJP, beef consumption is a health hazard. Even the mere rumour that you have consumed beef could result in goons sweating allegiance to Modi & Adityanath turning up at your home and you run the risk of getting lynched. The many tragic cases of lynching of Muslims across BJP ruled North Indian states are a blot on the image of the nation.

    But the BJP has taken it a notch higher. Now, Indians are not supposed to eat beef even outside India! At the India Food Fest in Frankfurt in 2019, the Kerala pavilion served beef dishes and soon they were attacked by the usual North Indian Hindutva goons. German police had to intervene and inform the Hindutva Neanderthals that consumption of beef was perfectly legal in Germany.

    In the same vein, the BCCI instructed the Australian cricket authorities that Indian players in Australia must not be served beef ! Thus, even if you are an Indian cricketer and a beef lover, the BCCI will not have you eat beef! Hindutva’s writ runs outside India as well. Maybe selectors should ensure that cricketers who eat beef are not selected to represent India!

    Incredible India indeed !

  2. After independence India was run by British educated elite like Nehru etc.. The bureaucracy consisted of British educated elite.
    Not their fault they didn’t know any better by an large. Then we had a few patriots like Lokmanya Tilak etc.. However their influence on us was minimal. Having been ruledby the British for 2 centuries it is difficult to take out the British influence of ( Sahibs).
    However to get out of this trap needs fairly drastic measures. Some of thes measures may border on ‘Draconion’. Nonetheless I feel India, because of it’s diversity in all spheres of life,will not succumb to dictatorial rule.This is the good news. The bad news is that to achieve true freedom it will come at the expense of many elitist people.
    To weed out ingrained corruption will be painful for those involved in corruption. I feel Modi annd his Govt. will face various accusations but the final outcome will be beneficial for all. We are great country with a tremendous history and enormous talent. Perhaps we need to be patient. ‘As they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day’

    • Anon: You claim:

      “.. To weed out ingrained corruption will be painful for those involved in corruption. I feel Modi annd his Govt. will face various accusations but the final outcome will be beneficial for all .. ”

      But is the Modi government any less corrupt than previous governments? Today, Modi is becoming a Putin like figure and like Putin, one sees a vicious form of gangster capitalism taking root in the country. Gautam Adani was given the right to run Bombay International Airport in an opaque allocation procedure; Anil Ambani was given the maintenance contract for Rafale even though he has zero experience in the aerospace industry; cases are dropped against corrupt politicians like Yeddyurappa merely because he is in the BJP; demonetisation was done in a manner that allowed people close to the BJP to escape and so on.

      And then you have the massive loss of democratic freedoms and a rapid drift towards authoritarianism. The press has largely become muzzled; journalists who speak against the government are thrown into jail and charged with sedition; Muslims get lynched; comedians get arrested even before they say anything and so on. The world outside knows now for a fact that India is no more a democratic state and that will influence FDI flows. And then there is the economy that was in doldrums long before the BJP took over – thanks to spectacular mismanagement by the PM with his crazy schemes like demonetisation.

      You say that the final outcome will be “beneficial for all”. Well, most of the benefits now go to the PM Gujarati crony capitalists. And you are naïve if you refuse to read the writing on the wall.

    • Hans’t a putsch already taken place without the military involved ? After all, we now have a 1 man show don’t we?

  3. Mr Samyak Jain: I wonder if you are singing praises to the ruling BJP will necessarily translate into a better status for the Jain community. I refer to your servile statement:

    “.. I want to tell that I am not a Hindu but a Jain and my religion is different but I don’t have any problems with BJP being the ruling party ..”

    Pleased to note that as a member of the Jain minority, you are still doing OK in Modistan – at least for now. But do remember what Bal Thackeray’s Shiv Sena told Jains in 2015 during the Paryushan festival. I cite from the Shiv Sena publication Saamanaa of September 2015 which threateningly asked the Jain community:

    “.. ‘There’s Pakistan for Muslims, but where will Jains go?.. “

    Yes in the Modistan of today, Muslims, Christians and Dalits are the targets of Hindutva violence. But that list is not set in stone as Sikhs could surely tell you. So don’t be so bloody cocksure that your turn to get scapegoated won’t come Jain saab.

    As a Jain, you belong to one of the myriad majorities in India. Of course, the Hindutva ideologue might tell you today that Jainism is an indigeneous religion as opposed to Islam and Christianity. But I would caution you Sir – you are dealing with the ideology of Hindutva which posits that India is primarily for Hindus. And you would be tremendously naïve if you don’t believe that the Shiv Sena’s fight with the Jain community is a harbinger of things to come.

    You might sing praises to India’s Führer and choose to ignore the persecution of various groups in the country such as journalists, Muslims, Christians, Dalits and so on. And perhaps even approve of it. But you need to remember the influential poem that German theologian Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) wrote in 1946:

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Let us hope that the BJP does not follow the example of the Shiv Sena towards the Jain community. But then, when push comes to shove …

  4. See the contradiction in the anger and outrage shown by bhakts !

    India has slipped down in two recent indicators of democracy : the Freedom Index of a US think tank, and a Swedish think tank grading the democracies and autocracies. It cannot be a coincidence.

    Both reports are not specific to India, they are a global overview. Hence, it is not correct, westerners are targeting India. As to raging about why Sweden should be making such a study, the answer is because it is qualified to do so, as it has high quality democracy and good governance. So it has an impact. China or Myanamar or Saudi will not undertake such a study because they are not qualified to do so !

    The report says the space for democracy is shrinking and only 4% of the population of the world is lucky enough to live in such countries. The two most notable countries that have receded are India -and the US. One was billed as the world’s largest democracy and the other as the world’s oldest. Both are large countries, so going down is disappointing and dangerous. For liberals, that is a cause for mourning. China is not highlighted – because it can hardly go down, they were always near bottom in such rankings.

    Modi and his bhakths do not believe in human rights and equality, as they feel such concepts stand in the way of progress and nationalism as they see it. They have no intention for India to strive to be in that 4% that is blessed with democracy and good governance. The bhakths prefer politicians who incite hatred against citizens, they like mobocracy, vigilante violence, fake news, religious one upmanship, and identity parades. Then why are they enraged ? They should welcome the ranking !

    Indeed bhakths dearly want India to be a Hindu Pakistan. India has not reached Pakistani level yet, but it is on the way – the forces unleashed by the RSS cannot stop India becoming like Pakistan.

    India under Modi has also sunk in per capita income below Bangladesh. What is there to rage about that ? That is the data. There is no conspiracy against India. It is the result of economic mismanagement. That is another story.

    The economy is sunk, it has gone out of the BJP’s hands, so they will focus on what they know, that is Ram mandir etc. And as civil unrest grows, it will resort to what it does best : violence against selected Indians which will be passed of as necessary for security and nationalism. Which will bring down both democracy and economy further.

    No point raging about the decline of democracy and the economy : you get what you voted for ! It is not the fault of Sweden or Bangladesh, and countries that are striving to improve, if India is doing the opposite and sinking in the eyes of the world. The bhakths can console themselves with an alternative universe where India is the vishwa guru !

    However, this unnatural and illogical rage suggests that the bhakths know in their heart both the economy and India’s standing have gone down. But having sold their souls to violence and wickedness, they have nowhere to go to.

    • Mr Akash: Perspicacious post indeed !

      You mention that India has slipped in the democracy rankings of Freedom House and Sweden’s V-Dem. In addition to these, there is also the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report “Democracy Index 2020: In sickness and in health?”. This report can be downloaded for free at: ref:

      The EIU report corroborates what the other reports say as well. Indeed, it tracks India’ slide over the period 2006-2020. India’s downward slide accelerated under the Modi government and it is now characterised as a “flawed democracy”. I cite from the EIU report:

      “.. In India, democratic norms have been under pressure since 2015. India’s score fell from a peak of 7.92 in 2014 to 6.61 in 2020 and its global ranking slipped from 27th to 53rd as a result of democratic backsliding under the leadership of Narendra Modi, a member of the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who became prime minister in 2014 and was re-elected for a second term in 2019. The increasing influence of religion under the Modi premiership, whose policies have fomented antiMuslim feeling and religious strife, has damaged the political fabric of the country. The enactment in December 2019 of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 continued to fuel riots in 2020, with several left dead following clashes in February in the capital city, New Delhi. The Act introduces a religious element to the conceptualisation of Indian citizenship, a step that many critics see as undermining the secular basis of the Indian state.

      In August Mr Modi participated in a ground-breaking ceremony for a Hindu temple on the site of a 16thcentury mosque in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The mosque was destroyed by a Hindu nationalist mob in 1992 and building a temple on the site has been a rallying cry for Hindu nationalist groups ever since, featuring in the BJP’s general election manifestos in 2014 and 2019. The temple’s construction will further endear Mr Modi to his Hindu nationalist base. On top of these issues, the authorities’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic has also led to a further erosion of civil liberties in 2020 ..”

      It is indeed deeply worrying that in a span of 5 years, the Modi government’s policies have dragged India from a rank of 27 in 2015 to 53 in 2020. And the slide continues. And we have Ayothollah Adityanath waiting in the wings to take over from Modi.

      As the Chinese writer and philosopher Lin Yutang (1895-1976) said:

      “When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set”

      Under Prophet Modi, the sunset of democracy is right around the corner.

      • Indeed, the sunset of democracy is around the corner and there are many clapping for the nightfall to come.

        India is heading in the direction of Sri Lanka, maybe even Myanamar. India is an odd fit because it also has big power ambitions and believes it can be a China economy-wise. It is like a Sri Lankan mind in a Chinese size body.

  5. LOL !

    Pakistan, Turkey and Myanmar are the very successful demo-crazies in the world

    I am proud to be a Modi fan if that is what you want to think . But he is elected by US , we, the people of India ,and that is what matters !

  6. LOL !

    Pakistan, Turkey and Myanmar are the very successful demo-crazies in the world

    I am proud to be a Modi Bhakt if that is what you want to think . But he is elected by US , we, the people of India ,and that is what matters !

  7. Well, if that’s what it takes to bring order, security, stability and economic progress to India, then so be it. Perhaps this is what India always needed. Congress just focused on all the wrong priorities – trying to live up to Western standards of democratic idealism to please think-tanks like these – while leaving millions of Indians trapped in poverty and patriarchy. If it takes an autocratic hand to move things forward, so be it. Future Indians will thank us for having the courage to do the unpleasant, unpopular, but necessary thing.

    Given a choice between maintaining the corrupt and dysfunctional “liberal” democracy under Congress, and the “electoral autocracy” under Modi, then I think I know which one I’d put my money on.

    Europeans say this kind of thing on one hand, and then rush to come do business with the other. This is the same Sweden which wants to set up a Gripen military aircraft factory in India, right last week right? Looks like ideals didn’t get in the way of their coming to do business with India, just like ideals didn’t get in the way of Europe signing a trade deal with China, despite all the talk about Uighurs.

  8. We need to behave like a mature democracy. Mature adults can tolerate criticism. But here we are like angry and upset school children. Cannot Bhakts even laugh at themselves, they seem to get angry when news not in their favour.

    We need to display calmness and responsible communication to bid for a permanent seat at the UN security council. So don’t screw up on image management.

  9. Hang on Bhakts. Don’t shoot the wrong target in your eagerness to find a new enemy.

    You may not like V-Dem report but don’t mistake them for Swedish public or their government.

  10. Sweden and other Nordis nations like to see themselves as holier-than-thou by showing-up their “democratic” and human rights credentials, yet a look at their government’s history of bigotry and abuse in the marginalization, denigration and discrimination against their own minority indigenous peoples, the Samis, would put anyone to shame.

  11. I have studied the report and I am amazed by the scientific methodology and general excellence. The bhakths are reacting as if someone is singling out India. That is not the case. It is an analysis of democratising and de-democratising trends worldwide.

    Here is a copy of the key points taken from the report :


    • Several G20 nations such as Brazil, India, and Turkey are among the top 10 decliners.
    • Poland takes a dubious first place and three new nations join this group: Benin, Bolivia, and Mauritius.
    • Six of the top-10 decliners became autocracies (My added comment : India is in the six)


    • Autocratization typically follows a similar pattern. Ruling governments first attack the media and civil society, and polarize
    societies by disrespecting opponents and spreading false information, only to then undermine formal institutions. (My added comment : that is exactly what we have seen in India; but this is the trend in all the autocratising countries. We are at the stage of undermining institutions)


    • Democratization is still occurring but small countries dominate this trend.
    • Four countries among the top-10 advancers turned into new democracies during the last 10 years.
    • Tunisia and Armenia are the two best performers and South Korea and Ecuador are resurging after a period of decline
    Four countries among the top 10 advancers turned into new democracies during the last 10 years.

    My comment :

    The democratising of countries moving in a positive direction, are the following top 10 (the data is for 2020). Tunisia is the leader. There is a point based system, some countries have gone from autocracy to lower end of electoral democracy. Others like Myanamar have gone from very closed autocracy to electoral autocracy (although in absolute terms they are low end, they have moved in the right direction.

    1 Tunisia Electoral Autocracy to Electoral Democracy
    2 Armenia Electoral Autocracy to Electoral Autocracy
    3 The Gambia Electoral Autocracy to Electoral Democracy
    4 Myanmar Closed Autocracy to Electoral Autocracy
    5 Niger Closed Autocracy to Electoral Democracy
    6 Madagascar Closed Autocracy to Electoral Autocracy
    7 Ecuador Electoral Democracy to Electoral Democracy
    8 Fiji Closed Autocracy to Electoral Autocracy
    9 Georgia Electoral Democracy to Electoral Democracy
    10 Sri Lanka Electoral Autocracy to Electoral Democracy

    India of course has moved in the other direction from : low end of electoral democracy to upper end of electoral autocracy (although I think the ranking should be lower when Article 370 and other factors are included). The US has also declined due to the legacy of Trumpism.

  12. Sweden can think what they have done for the world and what India is currently doing… Serving Covid19 affected countries by free vaccination, supporting neighbours with money in this degraded situation and also by investing in their mega projects

    • Mr Rakesh Kundu Kundu: Worth bearing in mind that no Swedish PM has been involved in orchestrating a pogrom …

  13. Wondering what would be our media reaction if tomorrow Imran Khan funds a study & that team declares India as a “bad country”? Would they give a news headline as “India is a bad country”: ThinkTank? Shouldn’t we evaluate their background & competence to assess us before we even repeat their words, giving them more impressions & circulation? When we have many dishonest media inside the country, do we need an external bunch of researchers to bring us down? Fail to understand what is their clamor for support from a foreign source? Do they feel very legitimate only upon endorsement from the white skins? Has our media really not come out of colonial hangover? Oxbridge is still the best & the most revered?

    • The study is not about India. It maps the whole world. In absolute terms Pakistan is way down, and it has made no moves to improve. In India’s case, it was in the highest democratic ranks (even if at the low end), and it has moved down into higher end of the electoral autocracy band – due to you know who. That means elections are held apparently, but EVMs may be rigged, Election Commission is not independent, judiciary and police are filled with RSS cadres, discrimination against citizens is practised, media is curbed, people with criminal offences get elected, women are attacked etc.

      The decline was bound to happen as the top man came to power by a pogrom. And it will go down further.

      • Great post Tog !

        You are indeed being prescient when you write:

        “.. The decline was bound to happen as the top man came to power by a pogrom. And it will go down further ..”

        Sadly, democracy being what it is, pogroms make cunning, callous politicians like Modi popular. The horrible genocide of more than 8000 Muslim Bosnian men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995 made Serb leaders like Slobodan Milosovic, Radocan Karadzic and Radko Mladic immensely popular in Serbia; Rajiv Gandhi came to power after the Sikh pogroms, Adolf Hitler’s attacks on Jews in the 1930s made him a hero; the Burmese Army’s attacks on the Rohingya minority has broad-based approval in Burma and after the Godhra pogroms of 2002, Modi won a thumping majority in the state elections 6 months later.

        Sadly, as long as existing prejudices can be harnessed to spew violence and bloodshed, politicians will do precisely that. Modi seems to have understood that flaw in the human character better than most other Indian politicians. And one must not forget that Modi is a product of the RSS, an organisation modelled on the Nazi and Fascist movements of Europe of the 1930s. And now, when you have the BJP constructing internment camps for Muslims in Assam and Amit Shah asserting that termites i.e. Muslims will be thrown into the Bay of Bengal, I can indeed see parallels to Nazi Germany’s concentration camps.

        I do not know how democracy can be demagogue-proofed. A racist, misogynistic, draft dodging charlatan called Donald Trump was able nearly subvert US democracy and still has a vicious grip on millions of Americans. Many Americans actually want to do away with democracy so that this white supremacist bastard could assume power. Things are no different in India. Whilst democracy might have survived this time in the US, it is far more rickety in India and will certainly not survive a concerted Modi putsch. And he knows damn well that another pogrom will make him more popular.

        As the French writer Voltaire (1694-1778) said:

        “.. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities ..”

        PS: Please do write more often Mr Tog. A pleasure reading your posts and the posts of Mr Akash.

        • I am glad to have you Kili. For one rational mind is greater than a mob. You cite Voltaire who did not go along with the mob. We have seen all this before with Nazi Germany. Nehru in fact saw this coming. He had the foreboding.

          The greatest danger to democracy is anti-democrats coming to power through democracy. It happened in Nazi Germany. You see rumblings of neo Nazis in Europe. And it was a close call in the US.

          The intolerant can take to violence to get their way; the tolerant cannot do that. The philosopher Karl Popper wrote that there comes a stage when the tolerance of the tolerant towards the intolerant has to cease, for one’s survival.

          In another land, the

    • Mr/Ms KS: When you pontificated:

      “.. When we have many dishonest media inside the country ..”

      were you referring to the likes of Arnab Goswami ?

  14. Pm Modi is a very good person and has helped India in achieving a lot of success. Whereas when Congress was there they always promoted terrorism indirectly and due to this India was way behind other countries in development. And anyone who is saying that India is not a democratic country is not knowing enough about the politics. Because in India people elect the government and we all are extremely happy as PM Modi is a good leader. Also I want to tell that I am not a Hindu but a Jain and my religion is different but I don’t have any problems with BJP being the ruling party.

  15. Enough of these foreign institutions making joke of the democracy of India. They are humiliating the public of India. Who gives them the right and authority? Many western countries have severe situations of racial discrimination but have never heard of any huecand cry.

  16. It’s not true. India is the oldest democracy starting from the era of God Budha, and rest the world is followed us in some way. India is automatic for those who shops have been closed due to honest regime of Mr. Modi. Now the middle man culture is no more in India due to this government so the Colonia followers feel there is no more democracy in India. But this the concrete form of democracy.

  17. Congratulations to Modi bhakths. It was their earnest desire that India should be equal to Pakistan, so they must be feeling proud.

  18. We don’t need democracy certificate from western countries like USA and Sweden ,India is much more mature democracy,If someone will work against country unity then the state has Right to curb them, everyone knows how these how prejudice these Western Nations they are jealous about India’s growth in tackling covid crisis by providing vaccines to world..

    • Ah yes, the world is jealous of the vishw guru, where the economy is gone and the democratic rights are crumbling !

      Even Mynamar has gone in the positive direction (still below India but some steps to improve).

      It takes Modi to go from a good position with the economy and democracy and ruin both.

    • Mr Manish Kumar: Were you really serious when you brayed:

      “.. Western Nations they are jealous about India’s growth in tackling covid crisis by providing vaccines to world ..”

      Fact is, nobody believes the statistics that come out of India – be it GDP figures, Covid mortality stats, the outcome of clashes with China & Pakistan and so on. A slew of foolish economic policies, crony capitalism, religious strife and so on have scared investors away.

      Go stand outside the embassies of most Western countries and you will find hundreds of Indians waiting to do a Quit India. Indeed, Indians, like Pakistanis are the groups that do their best to get rid of their citizenships as quickly as possible !

      So tone down your jingoism.

  19. Democracy has ill effects, if people misuse it. Many organisations have done illegal things under the garb of democracy. if countering these illegal things is autocracy. do it be.

    • So who gets to decide that people are misuing their democratic freedoms ? The ruling party that gets critcised?

      You go on to bray:

      ” .. if countering these illegal things is autocracy. do it be ..”

      That was exactly what Indira Gandhi said when she declared Emergencey in 1975 . And the Indian middle classes, supported her descent into autocracy. Until many of their own members started to disappear or get sterilised.

      Clearly, fascists like you want that era back.

  20. Better to ignore them, if govt is actively able to track anti-national people these so called foreign intellectuals get worried, why are they silent about China ?

    • They are not silent about China. China is way down below India. The report is about positive and negative movements in democratisation, and not just about the absolute ranking. India has gone in the autocratisation direction, from a better position of lower end elected democracy to the high end of elected autocracy. China is way below, and there is no upward or downward movement. The US has gone down. India will go down further as that is that is how the RSS-BJP consolidates power and works.

  21. Idiots , stupid buggers and dam bloody fools. Simply talking christian nonsensr bloody antinational rascsls. Authir deserves to be sent for life into a lunatuc asyum. Pathetic fools

  22. India is better than ever.India is not only democratic internally but has proven to care and act for the people globally .These rating bodies can down grade India as much as they want,it doesn’t matter.India has shown it by supplying vaccines to others &
    as some one has rightly said- “actions speaks louder than words” .

    • Supplying vaccines is irrelevant to whether our country and people have democratic rights. China and Russia have also supplied even more vaccines, and they are way below India in democratic credentials, and there is no positive movement in their cases.

      The reasons for India’s decline are given in the report. It is not targeting India as such. Even the US has gone down.

      • Several G20 nations such as Brazil, India, and Turkey are among the top 10 decliners. Poland takes a dubious first place, and three new nations join the group: Benin, Bolivia, and Mauritius. Six of the top decliners became

      • Autocratization typically follows a similar pattern across very different contexts. Ruling governments first attack the media and civil society, and polarize societies by disrespecting opponents and spreading false information, then undermine elections.

  23. Who the hell r they to tell us whether we r living in democratic India or not as a citizen we can say ueah it is fully democratic we have right to criticise govt. Fpr their wrong policies..hpw they can say this only one thing which changed India ne kabhi khud ke liye stand nahi liya always depends on the western countries but now things has been changed no one wants sour relations with our country this is power of a leader & u know who..Day by day India is becoming a powerful nation

  24. Well it’s an institute you guys are projecting as Sweden is doing it 😀 nonsense article wasted my time. I will neve read your articles in future. Blocking your content from Google new and google cards.

  25. Every dog has its day of good and bad, in power are the good days and out of power are bad, that is when all shit falls down back, it’s the same in all countries. We learn from our mistakes, until then just wait and watch with calm.. EAT GOOD DAY & WAIT FOR GOOD DAYS.

  26. This article is totally biased & baseless. India need to be little bit autocratic for it’s healthy existence. Can this so called Swedish human rights champion find a single country around the world where minority religious communities get so large concessions and facilities like in India and they eat lion share of government exchequer. This article is a part of huge conspiracy against India.

  27. Why we Indian should worry about what Europe or American says ? It is a propaganda by the Western world to subvert India’s progressive trends. Our media should be careful highlighting such malicious reports or giving any importance.

  28. India Democracy which has always been vibrant has had only one Autocratic Period I.e under Congress Regime 1975.
    I think that was also a wise decision by the then PM Indira Gandhi- as only emergency produced strong opposition leaders in India.

    Rest comparison of Indian Democracy with a rogue Nation like Pakistan is completely unrealistic. India is a humanistic orientated nation & Pakistan is a terrorist oriented Nation.

  29. Lol. A Country which is not even 1/ 20 th of India is giving test report card!!!! And the print makes it headlines:) 🙂

  30. Don’t care about SWEDEN much. They themselves can’t manage their country with all the riots and dare they comment on India. Don’t give a …. about what Sweden thinks.

  31. This website – The Print owned by Shekhar Gupta – pappu’s puppet, with a personal vendetta against BJP – is lecturing about democracy, taking cues from a spineless country of 1 cr population only, which burnt itself at the hands of Pakistani immigrants.
    Joke of the day !

  32. Recently swiss people voted against burkha
    Why it consider itself as a democracy
    Where minorities does not even have a right to dress as per rheir wish
    And try to comment on others

  33. Hindutva supremacy had evolved only because of wrong doings of others in now the west has an issue because of this… ? Keep crying folks 😅

  34. This is very immature article beleivb outsiders than insiders only for the sake of political self satisfaction.and there is no doubt theprint supports such things recklessly.

  35. Who cares about what Sweden things of us?? You guys need to take a chill pill. Even a Swedish would laugh this article off.

  36. This is very immature article beleivb outsiders than insiders only for the sake of political self satisfaction.and there is no doubt theprint supports such things recklessly.

    • Do you go under two names? Your other name- Pouu Gkhhhjh. That’s great. Do you have two Aadhar cards too?

  37. Sweden ka v-dem.. some institutes giving certificate to large country like ours is laughable.. and I’m sure they have not accounted our biased media which without hesitation reports fake news!!

  38. That is truely said. No. of crimes have increased exponentially. Nobody is allowed to talk against injustice.

  39. ..they are also partly correct,the unwanteod critics shud be silenced for the sake of betterment..these critics are pseudo seculars and leftists who don’t want ..what the.majoriyu of Indians want. As to every instant possiblrp ndtv has degraded Hindus…they shud be ashamed….to degrade the very soul of indkian soil.wherw they stand.and it’s every government s duty to silepnceu. The unwanted critics..
    But .all.said and done.modi govt shud hveo done to reduce corruptions fine air in tyaxi g the fueol.prives and explain it to people…as that touches the people and that make them.understand.though its impossible to satisfy all…,it
    Shud be fair enough..tralnsjparent enough ..I feel.

  40. Utter rubbish report, its methodology is flawed as evident when leftist Nepal which denies rights to majority maghdeshi and Bangladesh and Pakistan which have been under military rule and are officially Islamic nations with dwindling nonmuslim populations are rated higher than India. Report gives clean chit to anglowestern world, i.e. US, Canada, Australia, NZ, and western europe, basically eveyrone who is a stooge of USA under its NATO is given a clean chit desppite the rise of autocratic Trump and others in respective nations,. This organisaiton is promoting organisation destablizing and foreign fundign christinaising India. Who needs these reports. India needs to graduate to next stage and get its universities based think tanks to produce similar global reports with more data points which can be easily crunched by computers in seconds, where mathodology is suited to Indian agenda and hindu agenda insted of western, christian, leftist, petro funded islamic agenda. This is western hristian leftist gazwa e hind, and petro funded islamic gazwa e hind. India is doign well to shut these out. en ko mirchi lagi tohmei kya kru.

  41. Even the article can not be trusted as the owner of this NEWS The Print is owned by non-other than Shekhar Gupta. Who was prime accused in Augusta West Land Deal. The main Purpose is the fill own pocket not in the National Interest. No doubt the same can be seen in the tone of this article

  42. If the quality of opposition parties are so pathetic in the kind of politics they indulge in why not the current government.
    Major areas are covered and the benefits reach the public without any prejudices.
    Could any of the media have any details of discrimination in the benefits not going to minorities or selective help to a group.

  43. Undoubtedly, instead of the word centre, it should be called as autocratic dictatorship govt. Truly, through IT, CBI misusing power to suppress the critics. All are afraid now to comment even, REMEMBERING HITLER, PROBABLY WORSE THAN HIT LIER….

  44. Comment by bhaktas! Oh dumbs, it’s an institution evaluating 202 countries and our country is one of them. So to say it’s all against us only is toooo stupid. Anyway do we need any report from outsider to know what’s happening in this country? The way sane voices are being crushed and insanity is prevailing all around makes ot clear where we are heading!

    • Don’t be shameless he is comparing India with Pakistan. Swedes are fumed because not bought any weapons from these things to happen when you grow keep it up India make in India,skill India.

  45. The fact that you write these kinds of nonsensical posts on daily bases and no one holds you accountable is more than enough proof that India is a democracy . And india doesn’t need validation from Sweden

  46. Sweeden and every country is worried and Rahul is all the more worried, because India is again moving towards lost glory of Hinduism, this leads to less conversions. Kangress will be lost for ever, under great leadership of Rahul Ji and under the great supervision of Soniya Ji. Long life to both of them.

    Really a worrying factor. Jai Shriram…

  47. Instead of commenting on V-Dem report, we as Indian must look into our own backyard. We can not become so called Vishwa Guru or World Leader with I, Me & Myself attitude prevailing at present. We are so self obsessed that we reject good comment and advise also. India & Indians can not achieve anything by alienating ourselves from rest of world.

  48. Any negative press is biased. It is more worrisome the bias has become routine foe India. What has changed in India for the last 7 years? It is Modi and that speaks volume.

  49. Sweden wants to sell gripin fighter jets to India but india refuse to buy that’s why they are doing such kind of misleading reports .

  50. Sweden wants to sell gripin fighter jets to India but india refuse to buy that’s why they are doing such kind of misleading reports . Also India is the fastest growing nation . Its common for such countries which are trying to defame India’s democracy.

  51. As the journalist Shekhar had said that the Congress should float so much of lies if has to come back to power and it should totally confuse the people. This is exactly what is doing. The Congress is not able to come to terms with the ever growing popularity of Mr.Modi. its a dangerous plan they are working to with a lot of other people international and national also in their support. But we Indians are seeing a lot of things which are good happening for the country, be it the Kashmir problem or the other numerous problems India has been facing for the last 70 yrs. We all are thankful to the PM for this. Congress can never be trusted again.

  52. So, according to these Swedish crooks, Lincoln is a genocidal maniac because he chose to fight a brutal civil war instead of letting the South secede peacefully. Let them either say that openly or shove their report where the sun does not shine.

  53. Do they have the diversity India has in terms of religion, language, demography? Let’s see their level of democracy once they have a population as diverse as India.. They would be at bottom of list then.. I am sure they wouldn’t even be able to form a proper Government DEMOCRATICALLY if they had such diversity… you cant just use some data points and compare all nations with same scale. There are so many challenges etc that differ from country to country.. These FreedomHouse and VDem have no other job to do, hence they are doing these non-sense comparisons and fooling everyone.. Well, let us focus on India’s development and let these good for nothing people carry on their own evaluation s 🙏

  54. We indian should not care about this non sense particularly saying that democracy in india is worse than Pakistan. I believe who ever wrote it is not in his right space of mind.

  55. Already several YouTube channels like TV9 Telugu , Satyahindi & Newsclickin have begun restricting user comments on their videos even if they are nonabusive. It is strange how abusive , anti Muslim & pro BJP commenters are posting hateful comments on almost every news channels comment section & are being published outright even after reporting/flagging such comments My 7 to 8 comments are not published however it can see them when I login under my YouTube data section. This is my experience in last 48 hrs.

  56. You know what India needs…a similar’ research house’ that talks about racism and colorism and political corruption that exists in those countries..who are they to pass judgement. Contributing to it are India’s
    ‘ liberals’ who have just made it their mission in life to oppose the government on every issue.

    • If India runs such an institution, it will have have no credibility as it will end up with the familiar unprofessionalism and fake news. Goswami claimed he was setting up a channel to project India worldwide, so the world sees India through a perspective different from the BBC and CNN. But see how Republic turned out to be – it is the lowest end of the gutter press. Same with WION. Whatever Indians touch will be drowned by their communalism, casteism and corruption. We cannot match BBC or CNN, we need them to see the real situation of India.

  57. I think the Agency should send their executives to a kindergarten school to learn about democracy.
    Their survey seems to have full of jealous and foolishness.

  58. >India: Ruled by democratically elected gov’t with strong institutions.

    >Myanmar: Army just did a coup & took the elected leader as prisoner.

    >Pakistan: Islamic state ruled by army.

    A White institute wants us to believe that all 3 come in same category haha

  59. So true and I hope people realise this thing soon so that we may not end up in a worse situation than the current.

  60. Yes, I agree nowadays our voice has been suppressed by BJP. They have devasted the current environment of India. No worry very soon they will be thrown out of power.

  61. These propaganda is circulated by christian missionaries as govt taking tough actions against the biased NGO’S. As conversation of Hindus to Christian is checked-in

  62. Sweden is a country which is 99% white, 99% Swedish and almost entirely non-religious. They have 4-5 political parties and all left or center-left parties.
    They have lower voting percentages than Kashmir and lower political activities than what we see even in our municipal elections!

    But WE must learn from them about democracy?? They are irrelevant and hardly a democracy to begin with!

  63. All the bhakts will be raging…who is Sweden to discuss our internal matter ? Oh, that Greta country – FDI, Foreign Dangerous Ideology according to Modi ! They must be jealous of India’s power.

    Unless you count steps in the Vedic direction as achievements, India under Modi has failed comprehensively on the two key fronts – the economy and democracy/civil rights.

    Many Indians were willing to trade civil rights and attacks on minorities, hoping Modi will compensate with development. Then India could be like China – be brutally repressive and nationalist, but be successful economically, and tell the world to ignore the first part.

    But for India, it did not and cannot work out that way. India cannot be China. India has a failing economy, and is a dictatorship in the making. The failing economy will drive the way to dictatorship. It does not have a forward looking ideology like the communists have, it has a communal and casteist ideology set in Vedic times.

    Hence, for now, we are ranked with Pakistan, and then we can slide further to be like Myanmar and finally end like Yugoslavia.

    The Swedish institute also notes that democracy has receded in the US, Eastern Europe where it recently appeared, Latin America. Many had never achieved even rudimentary democracy.

    India can ignore world opinion – but accept it cannot expect the respect shown to a law-and-order democracy, nor expect investments in a lawless country. You have to be like Myanamar, Sri Lanka, Pak and other low grade countries that give importance to ethno or religious nationalism.

    Thanks bhakths for your achievements !

  64. When a dime a dozen, irrelevant , immanncled by profligacy, invisible until indigated, inscient and imprecise self – acknowledged, insidious cliques ventilate imprecatory indabas , instead of imbibing Islamophobic inanities and initiating introspections , implicative is the inhered inveteracy , irremediable the inequations of infamy.
    Sweden … Fuck you

  65. No matter how defensive you become, you cannot change the truth, and also, you cannot hide the fact. The irony is that all the people who are pushing back and denying the state of affairs today using all sorts of excuses know the truth but lack the moral courage and honesty to accept it. Trust me; white people are not ought to get India. The same White people considered India the best non-western democracy until 2014. And don’t forget that at the end of the day, no one else but you will be the loser.

    • Exactly. Indeed, you have spotted the irony of people who do not believe in democratic values – who believe in persecution of minorities, who respond with mob violence, who garland rapists, kill journalists, thrash students, and assault women – become the most enraged that India is ranked as an autocratic country heading for company with Pakistan. They think there is a western plot to stop India becoming the shining vishwa guru. It is like a child who gets bad marks from all teachers but is convinced it is because the teachers are all bad, and he is not responsible and has no obligation to improve; and you have angry parents who come and say the same thing on behalf of the child.

      And you are spot on about lacking the moral courage and honesty to accept it. They know Modi is a failure, but having made him the Great Hindu Hope, they have nowhere to go. It is like Trump who was the Great White Hope of his supporters, who in their enthusiasm assaulted the Capitol. Or like Hitler was the Great Aryan Hope of the Germans; his supporters at the end of the war could not accept they were wrong, but the reality was Hitler had Germany reduced to rubble. Like that Modi, will have the economy destroyed and India disintegrated, but his supporters will continue believing he is right.

  66. That’s what you get when you don’t buy the Gripes and buy the Rafale instead. Have read so many reports from Sweden denigrating India and the Rafale ever since they lost the deal- don’t take my word, but do an Internet search yourself.

  67. Few people can’t digest criticism……
    However, thanks Modi hi for taking us equal to Pakistan what previous govt was not able to do in past….

  68. Till then few people were shouting that Modi have regained India in world stage and bla bla….now they again shouting on these reports calling it purported.
    They can’t digest criticism……
    However, thanks Modi hi for taking us equal to Pakistan what previous govt was not able to do in past….

  69. As a non-Indian I find it hilarious whenever a report comes out criticizing India, the comments are filled with Indians saying ‘what nonsense, India is better than (insert name of astronomically more pleasant, civilized, and democratic country here).

    Enjoy you new fascist overlords, you reap what you sow!

  70. Well ….as i read through the article my civil self got the overwhelming need to present my views contrary to the esteemed vdem institute and their 202 point survey along with the detached from society lot of indian journalists but as i scroll down to my surprise comment section filled with reality not some distorted white supremacist idea of democracy and freedom. That too in a left leaning platform. I am happy and lets see the moderators of the platform lamenting about freedom of expression will allow this post. (Censorship)

  71. First i read the headline then i saw The Print BY shekhar Gupta – its obvious!
    Anyways India needs discipline and discipline may only come with tough leader.
    Good i am happy.

  72. Instead of throwing false accusations on think tanks like Freedom House and Sweden’s V-Dem institute about their lack of knowledge on India Indian government should consider these evaluations and work on the mistakes it made. India has to take these reports in a positive attitude and make sure that India performs much better in the next report. Because a plethora of justifications can be provided but the world will only look on these reports and therefore we must put our hands together in this task of revival of democracy in India. Only then the world will recognise India as a glorious democratic country and not as an autocracy.

  73. West does not need to lecture……Firstly,they created India Pakistan or to be more clear hindu muslim bias…now they talk about our elected govt?how funny!!!and shame on some of our so called
    Liberal countrymen….you lick the spit of westerners….Modi govt is a elected govt…I am proud of country…my PM.

  74. No one takes Sweden and its so called institutions seriously…even within Sweden…it is time stop looking to these western Institutions…i have seen them closely, know their mindsets and their interests…they themselves break all forms of democracy in the name of freedom. From discrimination to climate change , they have double standards .

  75. We should not be concerned about the factual incortect biased report.Foreign funded anti national NGO and missionery activities are curtailed.They don’t know the difference between Dharma and religions,so can not understand Hinduism.They see Hinduism through lense of Abrahmic religions and hence their reports rightful place is in the dustbins.

  76. Hopefully this won’t send the MEA and Jaishankar into overdrive trying to defend India’s honour from tweets, reports etc from non- entities and busybodies. Best ignored. As the saying goes ‘ Dogs bark as the elephant marches’.

  77. The people in the comment self victimising themselves and vehemently objecting the ratings are, in all reality, an indication of how well this nonsensical hindutva ideology is swaying indians en masse. Sad state of affairs!

    To these people who would kill their own mother so they can stuck their heads in the sand and dream the hindutva dream, here’s a friendly reminder:

    Some centuries ago when India was in the exact authoritarian, monarchial system that you so highly wish for, some Saudi Afghan Turkish blokes just walk over it.

  78. Throw this report in dustbin, why to believe in rubbish studies, used as a mean to defame India.
    The reason cited there in are the once which were actually positive for Indian regardless of whatever the International standards says or accept, because its our nation, our place and we know what suits us better regardless of the fact what others think, if its suits us, its acceptable.
    Moreover, the study is hinduphobic and biased having an hidden agenda or a way to downgrade Hinduism and on the other hand peach and promote the religion based on the agenda.
    So, Ignore such studies and have faith in India and our system, its for our betterment and growth regardless the fact what this so called pseudo learned things.

  79. Directly why did you not say that you want to make your newspaper famous by criticising world’s best leader,afterall it is part of your United Nation right to food and shelter 😈😈😈😈

  80. Well , nothing to worry, just dig bit deeper, this article and the so founded study is in retaliation to the Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, fiasco with indian government againt the farmers protest. These study are just one off thing funded by the same sect of anti – India rant.

  81. Sweden should focus on refugees destroying their country instead of bashing India with fake stats. People should watch YouTube channel “string”

  82. Incredible India was never free. Fake perception eventually dies in the long run no matter how Indian media manipulate its cause. Abraham Lincoln once said. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  83. I just wonder why are we taken for granted… It’s almost like we Indians are id*ots… Electoral autocracy:- What does it even mean??? Basically news in India is getting stup*der, I came back to check on news today and it’s same as 2months back. Sad and desparate, waiting for some reader reaction. There are 100problems going on. No news channel reports from the field these days. Where is a theprint report on difficulties in MSME, Startup India not working, Problems with Administration and corruption. Nothing

  84. I just wonder why are we taken for granted… It’s almost like we Indians are idiots… Electoral autocracy:- What does it even mean??? Basically news in India is getting stupider, I came back to check on news today and it’s same as 2months back. Sad and desparate, waiting for some reader reaction. There are 100problems going on. No news channel reports from the field these days. Where is a theprint report on difficulties in MSME, Startup India not working, Problems with Administration and corruption. Nothing

  85. The morons living in their paradise want countries like india to foeever remain backward, we have our own systems that is better than europe, who cares, time will.come when they will eat their own words. The white skin people want to still rule the world. It shows how pale with low IQ they have not developed in the last 400 years after the plague ravages them

  86. When it comes to development we keep our targets on Singapore. But when it comes to autocracy we see headlines like these. Why not compare to Singapore again. My uncle lives in Singapore and it is more autocratic than India. But you see that won’t fit your agenda. Ive lived here my whole life and I’ve never felt I was living in an autocratic country, except for the lockdowns, which I oppose..

  87. What does Sweden knows about India. Here Media,People and institutions has the full right to speak against the government. Here Muslims also live in harmony. In Pakistan does Hindu live in harmony. How can they compare India with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  88. The Indian natural culture is outspoken overdoing n obstinate type. Its not that I am critical of the population but we aryans are aggressive and prefer doing the opposite way. We are not like timid European race neither quiet like the British. To tame us we need autocratic rule at leady for 10 years as Netaji our great leader believed – a nations just being free requires autocracy to make thingS in order. So if its autocracy be it. Its for our betterment and to tame the Europeans one day.

  89. European self proclaimed illiterate jokers who were not knowing civilization and espionage Indian vedic knowledge are now days very active in teaching India and Indians democracy. Such nonsense is simply ridiculous

  90. As per my observation of Indian politics for last 35 yrs, the space of discourse and discussion has been reduced greatly since BJP came into power especially after 2019 as it got absolute majority in parliament. The cause used by BJP to come in power was usage of feeling of Hindus people and some sort of appeasement of Muslims by Congress. The biggest causality happened to the concept of Indians, now people are no more recognized as Indian rather than Hindu or anti-national.

  91. I forecast next great democracy report on India by ‘NED : NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY’ from US.
    Because, our indigenous Crazy Demon on a mission to discredit, Dr. Pratap Bhanu Mehta is a member of ‘FORUM RESEARCH COUNCIL’ here. 🙂

    We earn our money by hard work. But these scholars earn loads of money by demonizing own country.

  92. No Bangladeshi news paper published anything about AlJazeera documentary about massive corruption in the army, but this report says India is worse?

    This goes along with trope of western intellectuals thinking, that we are not good enough to rule.

  93. What rubbish first give the link of the report and second do you guys even know that this report uses actual data or is it influenced by someone else

  94. I don’t understand whonare these people to decide about our democratic institution and its functioning who are they decide ranking. First of all let them look into tgeir system and probkems of their country. These agencies are doing things beyond their limit. Its better for them to restrict themselves to their nation and ygeir government’s functiin and not to poke nose in others internal affairs…


  96. Is the pot calling the kettle black ? Who gave theae people to.authoruty and the moral standing to comment on how our cootuntry is turning into an autocracy and is no longer a democracy?

  97. We need not to take democracy certificate from Sweeden and here is the elected government which itself proves that democracy is alive here, they all are fear of growing image of India in the world and also one of the reason is blocking of foreign funding to NGOs who are involved in anti-national activities
    and deliberately disrupt the social harmony of our country with that money.

  98. We all know the agenda of a leftist,anti hindu ,anti India it’s not affected india keep your business 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  99. When this report came out, I googled V-dem and went into their website. It had the usual suspects in its advisory board:
    1. Pratap Bhanu Mehta and
    2. JNU professor.
    If I again visit their website now, mysteriously, ‘PB Mehta’ name is ‘missing’. Just within few hours !! 🙂

    Daal mein kuch kaala hai !!

  100. Paid media. And paid institute. Both coming together with ulterior move to destabilize a great country.
    Sweden need to take care of themselves as it will have no freedom to express soon.

  101. Christian mind set always says this..Sweden is currepted country and they allow all cheaters of the world to deposit their black money in their country which is Swiss Bank. Shame to Sweden. They don’t like Hindhu revival. They are trying to say convert all Hindhus into Christianity then India will become great country..First they publish this kind of articles through Christian missionary back up NGO’s then our anti India brigade start saying this article and destroy India.. Cheap games..we all know…

  102. Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche har zubaan par … Felt very happy to see an 82 year old Farooq Abdullah grooving to this song recently.

  103. Isn’t this the kind of negative journalism expected from The Print?
    They hunt for negative news about India in any nuke and corner in this world and then glorify it as chmapion journalism content

  104. Why not Sweden increase its immigration quota, why not we are talking about freedom of basq and catalonia , lets free north Ireland its not a British territory , dont teach us morality of secularism , santanis were and are inherently secular, these jokers are taking money out of africa like bullion money dimond money and all kinds of illegal decoity they do, beacause of these NGO sterlite got closed and now we are net importer of Coper ,, its time to speak against this white bully race

  105. Yawn yawn seems to be the year of boring reports from the west which the media in india likes picking up and commenting upon , find about what central and state governments are doing or not doing for the people , go to every nook and corner of the country and report , contribute to the betterment of people . Copy paste Is not journalism , and no these idiotic ratings do not matter

  106. Highly concerning as a series of global organizations presented grim picture of the country. Introspection is needed. Pls don’t troll me due to Muslim-sounding name. I remember a BJP spokesperson asks a Congress man, who happened to be a Hindu, “Aren’t you free?” when debate on intolerance towards Muslim was going on. If a BJP man lives for a day bearing Muslim name, he will understand the pain.

    • Than How come Rapiest R not / Hardly punished.
      Re- Visit Monica & Clinton episode, Should eyes Opner for U.
      Supreme court can’t take up a Rape victim letter , Laying 30 day, s at S. C. Registerar.
      Why Kissan R sitting @ Delhi borders, Why Government waiting so long to talk to them and solve problems.

  107. Sweeden need not comment on indian condition they are far behind our time line
    They can only comment other than that their can’t contribute for better understanding. We know what’s to be done let them keep watching what will we do, India has better understanding of world better than any country on this Earth, it’s a challange

    • They are the most qualified organization in world for this…WHOSE JOB is too keep a check democracies around the world. THEY HAVE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DEDICATED THEIR LIVES STUDYING ABOUT THIS. So what makes you qualified to criticise their work.



  108. Biased nonsense from this irratiinal entity from whst we can describe as culturally decadent sweden. Do they know what life is like in pakistan or china or even bangladesh? Their antipathy is really against Hinduism and hindus. Their blind hstred is because we hindus are not from Christianity or islam.

    • Bangladesh have more per capita income than india, percentage of female working is also way too high in Bangladesh….. Come out of your bubble

    • There is a fine difference between democracy and idiocracy. Idiots are always afriad of true democracy and are always in favour of leadership which doesn’t takes position.

    • Is it then what was before.. Its not Hindu supremacy. Don’t worry even in supremacy we r benovolent and accodative.

    • And some Khangressi don’t even dare to share their names while Commenting…

      Secondly, the Print is itself a Pro Paki journalism squad… Whoeven want a quick attention, joins The Print, The Quint, The Wire etc…

    • Standing together against comments which Sweden is putting on us should be our first priority, rather defaming India by it’s own citizens like you.

    • Why print is always behind articles against Indian democracy or issues
      If you want to do good journalism with partiotism print indian writers views or reports against / for other developed countries
      Atleast Indians will be educated more .
      India is better than any other countries in the world

    • Pm Modi is a very good person and has helped India in achieving a lot of success. Whereas when Congress was there they always promoted terrorism indirectly and due to this India was way behind other countries in development. And anyone who is saying that India is not a democratic country is not knowing enough about the politics. Because in India people elect the government and we all are extremely happy as PM Modi is a good leader. Also I want to tell that I am not a Hindu but a Jain and my religion is different but I don’t have any problems with BJP being the ruling party.

  109. Don’t you fret over this, Ms. Misra. India will score high again once Congress is voted to power. Given the nature of our politics, Mr. Modi cannot go on forever and nor will Mr. Gandhi be the PM candidate-in-waiting forever. Ten or maybe fifteen years down the line things will be much different. And India will again be the darling of the international liberal/secular cabal.

    • U want R Gandhi to be our nxt PM, the one who cannot even keep his party intact and runs away everytime his party loses. He goes to Europe after instigating farmers. His party joins hands with the communist party in Bengal and Shiv sena in Maharashtra. What kind of ideology does he or his party have. Wake up from ur deep slumber of Gandhism, he is not Gandhi he is Nehru/ khan.

    • You are right. Modiji cannot go on for ever. We even have amit shah ji and yogiji to gollow him. But there is no way that any other party will take power from BJP. Until hindus like me exist. And about the article, the fact that it is published in India is a proof that India is free and democratic

  110. The central govt is trying to silence the critics. But at the same time several media houses such as NDTV, The Wire, India Today and many regional outlets keep on bashing the govt and they too have freedom for that. The states such as Maharashtra where opposition in power, the trend seems to be exactly reverse or reactionary.

  111. The BJP have increasingly used the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) to restrict the entry, exit and functioning of Civil Society Organisations (CSO),” it says.

    In other words, funding has been blocked for purported NGOs blatently carrying out anti-national activities of every imaginable kind……. is it surprising that ratbag institutions like ‘V-Dem’ are crying wolf?

    Snub them, just ignore these third raters.

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