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IB staffer Ankit Sharma, killed in Delhi riots, was stabbed 12 times & had 33 blunt injuries

The post-mortem report of IB staffer Ankit Sharma shows he sustained 51 injuries in total, and was not stabbed 400 times as was claimed by many.

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New Delhi: Intelligence Bureau staffer Ankit Sharma, who was murdered during the Northeast Delhi communal riots last month, was stabbed 12 times and sustained 51 injuries in total, according to his post-mortem report.

This goes against the claims made by news channelspublications and politicians that Sharma was stabbed more than 400 times and his intestine pulled out.

The IB staffer’s body was found in a drain on 26 February in the Chand Bagh area of Delhi.

According to Sharma’s post-mortem report — accessed by ThePrint — he sustained 12 “incised stab wounds”. The biggest measured 5x1x7 cm, and was on the left side of his leg. The other wounds were on his thighs, hip, back, chest, arms and spine.

Although the report shows that Sharma was stabbed all over his body, most of the stab wounds were concentrated on his back and spine.

Apart from the stab wounds, there are six “incised wounds” that were made using a sharp-edged weapon. The biggest incised wound was on his forehead, measuring “8.0X1.0X cavity depth (in cm)”.

Stab and incised wounds are both inflicted using a sharp weapon — in this case a knife — but the difference between the two is of depth. If the depth of the wound is more that the length of the wound then it is called a stab wound, otherwise it is referred to as an incised wound.

An incised wound can also be a cut or a slash (that is not deep) made by a sharp weapon.

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Beaten more than stabbed

The post-mortem report also says that Sharma was beaten mercilessly due to which he sustained 33 injuries. He was simultaneously stabbed multiple times.

Sharma sustained 13 “lacerated wounds”, mostly on his head and face, that are caused after a person either has an accident or is beaten up by a “blunt object”.

“If a person has sustained a lacerated wound, it means that he was hit by a blunt object forcefully which often first damages the skin tissues and then the muscle,” a forensic expert, who did not wish to be named, told ThePrint. “These injuries too can leave an impact, leading to a depression on the flesh, but these are not stabs or cuts.”

The body of Intelligence Bureau official Ankit Sharma arrives at GTB Hospital | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint
The body of Intelligence Bureau official Ankit Sharma arrives at GTB Hospital | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

The post-mortem report also mentions that Sharma sustained seven “Railway track contusions”, which were “red to purple” in colour and were 14×2 cm in size. These wounds were mostly on his upper body and thighs.

These too are injuries that a person sustains when he is beaten up with a blunt object, especially a “cylindrical, elongated object”, the forensic expert added.

“A Railway contusion is a wound that is inflicted when a person is beaten up repeatedly by cylindrical objects like a rod, lathi or a baton. These injuries, when inflicted, leave a blue, purple or red mark on the body. These are basically patterned contusions or in lay man’s language they are called bruises,” the expert said.

Apart from these injuries, Sharma also sustained four “contusion injuries”, five “L and V shaped contused lacerated wounds” and four sets of “multiple abrasions”.

Contusions are black and blue bruises that are sustained if a person is hit forcefully by a blunt object. Contused lacerated wounds are contusions along with lacerated wounds.

While most contusions were found on Sharma’s thighs, legs and shoulders, the contused lacerated wounds were concentrated on his face and head.

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  1. Oh!! Then it’s absolutely fine.

    I’m waiting for the day u guys start shamelessly begging to support your ” real journalism”. You’ll end up there. Mark my words.

  2. How merciful and benevolent. After reading this article I realized Ankit Sharma must have enjoyed his stabbings.

  3. Is that means that Ankit Sharma was enjoyed his death?? What level of Journalism you people are doing?? Instead of Journalism do run brothels sick mentality of you people is only upto this. Aren’t you had learn about ethics of Journalism?? At least ethical humanity?? Must be not… This is ridiculously SHAMEFUL

  4. This was a terrible crime against an innocent individual who also happened to be doing a job in the service of his country before he was brutally murdered by cowards and anti-nationals. Your report conveys not an iota of sympathy for the victim and the sacrifice he has made for his country. Neither does it demonstrate any sensitivity to his family. Shame on you and may you rot in hell.

  5. What a shameful headline. How do you sleep at night? I live abroad and often watch Mr Gupta’s news comment and analysis on YT but having read this and another article on Yati Narsinhanand Saraswati I am going to boycott your publication and his YT videos. For me you guys are beneath contempt.

  6. Whether one or thousand injuries, the IB staffer has become a victim a different kind of Mob lynching in the same way like cow Viglantes. We seem to forget a police officer in UP was burnt alive by group not from community which people have been blamed. Murder has to be treated as per law. However, the BJP leaders using the deceased IB staff to create further divide and hang their head in shame.

  7. ये हरामखोरी पत्रकारिता, बेशर्म पत्रकारिता का सबसे बडा नमूना हैं।

  8. Anyone who has written this report and who has given permission to print it should also be given similar wounds.

  9. This is shameless journalism at its best ! A disgrace ! Does 51 injuries instead of 400 make it less heinous ? This is height of shamelessness ! Shame on the editor of The Print for allowing such shit to be published !

  10. Shame less creatures. They can stoop so low we never imagined. Actually you are helping BJP and Modi. You are their strength.

  11. They are loosing all respect for media and now I regret why I came to this page and read this article. Insensitive.

  12. And this shows they cant do good. They are loosing all respect for media and now I regret why I came to this page and read this article.

  13. Today, You (The Print) has lost all respect i have for you. Mr. Gupta is trying hard to do real journalism, but article like this is delegitimising his efforts.

  14. Yes so, this makes the crime and the criminals who are responsible angels? The author who writes and the editor who approves this kind of headline and reporting are shameless clowns, because their they think they’ve scored some sort of victory. Shame on this publication itself.

  15. So, miss Bhardwaj , how many stabs are normal for killing.
    How many you would like to get or inflict.
    For how many stabs , it will become first news articles or last.
    Oh , sorry.
    I don’t think , u belong to human society. U might b journalist not human..
    Please go home talk to your parents n family on this article.
    If they slap u, that will b some kind of teaching for your children too.

  16. What a shame full journalism, Shekhar Guptha has proved that he can go to any extent to please Muslims and leftists by publishing an article, supporting that it is just 52 stab wounds that killed an Hindu police officer not 400 , should Hindus take that as concession given by peace full Muslims

  17. Dear Writer. Yours was the most obnoxious piece of reporting i have seen. It does not qualify to be called reporting and it belongs in the gutter. This is gutter journalism at its worst. Dear Shekhar Kapoor. You have lost control of your senses. Good that they kicked you out of IE. The headline should have been IB staffer stabbed only 12 times so why complain,

  18. Author is very lenient with words. She forgot to add below edit.

    Few incidents of Majority shops, houses being burnt, few girls paraded naked, few people getting killed during peaceful protest of saving constitution and idea of India.

    Misguided people who love biryani,are highly educated and love Bollywood movies are being maligned.

    Suspiciously looking person named ankit got killed while peaceful misguided youth were being attacked by majority mob in act of self defense.

    Doing bad job Ananya…aren’t much to learn..don’t worry you will get there eventually.

  19. He knew too much so he had to die..After a man dies any no. of gruesome injuries can be inflicted to make it look cruel and to raise passion.

  20. This is extremely poor choice of reporting. Pandering to the need of ‘negating’ some sections of society and as a collateral damage sacrificing your own graciousness and respect for those who died.
    You may say people criticize, but, I have subscribed to your channel and hold your journalism to high regard. I would like you to publicly apologize for your poor decision of publishing this article.

  21. The way this article is written, as if it’s not an issue to be stabbed 12 times! And the fact them at his intestines were not removed, or he was beaten more than stabbed makes this any less pathetic. Cmon ThePrint.

  22. The Left-liberals have completely lost all sense of humanity and compassion. Look at the headline – only 12 stabs, not 400 – as if 12 stabs is a generous offer by the Muslims, and Hindus should be thankful to them for killing with only 12 stabs. Later on, the description is beyond horrible – 39 wounds inflicted with a blunt object – and not a single word about justice for Ankit Sharma. If the roles were reversed, how much the Left-liberal media will by crying at international levels? But because the victim is a Hindu, and the perpetrators Muslims, the Left-liberal media is whitewashing all their crimes.Just when you think Left-liberals have reached the bottom, they surprise you will even more nauseating inhumanity.

    • A Hindu is murdered doesn’t mean the murderer is Muslim. Your opinion is discriminatory when out in open. So called left liberals are Hindus too, what will you call them another version of Hinduism. Why are you all pointing out no mentions of justice to Ankit, aren’t you all selective too. An innocent is an innocent,
      belief doesn’t matter but why does only an innocent Hindu life matters to u, I will never try convince this, but it hurts when people lives are devastated and few like you in the comfort of your life decides to see things so narrowly.

      • Context is important.

        Delhi was witnessing riots.

        Group of piece loving people kidnapped a person walking back home.

        Who by coincidence was an IB officer.

        Misguided youths in act of self defense kill him with brute force in a building owned by councilor who happens to be from piece loving community.

        The same building where hundred of piece loving community gathered with petrol bombs, stones, knives to spread message of piece and save constitution and idea of India.

  23. Really shame on the journalism u practice at the print…I was always following u via #CTC as there were some good info though many are misleading or I’ll minded…but this is too bad and low claas journalism… just sack the person who reported this…I don wonder SG allowed it to publish to impress “someone”

  24. I am 42 years old man.Been reading crime since the age of 15 but never come across a inhuman ,animal kind of cruel creature than this author…so all you try to say is that rest of the 382 wounds are not technically stabs right. you yourself listed so many other injuries….i spit on your face….

  25. Good to know that the author believes that the IB staffer was indeed killed, and did commit suicide and drag himself into sewage

  26. Police must find all those criminals and give them life sentences. IB must find who wee their sponsors.

  27. So you want us to believe Muslims killed him softly & not Harshly. We should be thankful to them for carrying out Soft killing.

    • Would I be correct then to believe that Hindus killed 40+ Muslims, looted and burnt their house, vandalized their mosques, devastated their lives not sparring an 85 year old lady? Would I be correct to believe Hindus are highly racist among themselves and with others, so much so that they denigrate and kill? Or should I believe the rioters were just criminals, without any religious morals, and we must expect a fair probe?

  28. Dear writer, So, what is your take as to how one should die. To be stabbed 12 times isn’t good enough for you. Did ankit Sharma die a less painful death? Or do u like to exonerate the Peacefuls for inflicting such a benign death.
    Tone of this article suggests the blame should lie on people who were ill informed but not on killers who caused it. So it is somehow ok to kill but a bigger crime to spread news about it, maybe, exaggerated.
    Shekhar ji, is this the kind of journalism u r mentoring at Print. Shameful and disgusting…

  29. This is terrible. Have we lost all humanity? The author has taken this terrible terrible incident as a means of scoring political points? A young man was brutalises 51 times and this author is scoring brownie points over other detractors and adversaries by saying 51 < 400? Is this journalism? is this how journalism will be practiced in the newsroom of Print? Have we lost all humanity and semblance of being human that we will stoop to this level and do nit picking in the NUMBER OF STAB WOUNDS suffered by a victim? This is shameful. How Shekhar Gupta allowed this article to be published is a travesty.

  30. I’m aghast by the emotionless reporting of this ghastly incident. It appears you are more focused on denying reports by some TV channels about the alleged 400 injuries rather than how mercilessly he was killed. Have a heart and do mention what actions should be taken to put the culprits to justice!!

  31. The Print headline basically gives an impression that a ‘mere’ 51 wounds makes the IB Officer’s killing a less heinous act!! Very sad train of thought… pity, The Print…

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