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Gurinder Singh Dhillon — the music & film-loving Radha Soami head at heart of Fortis crisis

Gurinder Singh Dhillon leads the Radha Soami Satsang Beas, which boasts of a 20-million-strong following across 90 nations.

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New Delhi: Geeta Devi, 55, doesn’t realise it, but she speaks of spiritual enlightenment in the language of science.

“It’s like a network of wires, you see. Only once they’re all connected, and electricity flows through them unbroken, can the lightbulb come on.”

She smiles as she says this, adding, “It’ll take some time for you to understand it, it’s not something that can really be explained in words.”

We’re walking away from the canopied shade of a large enclosure, where hundreds of devotees are still in various stages of self-recollection, some with their heads bowed, others sitting in seemingly profound stillness.

In the 60-minute satsang (sermon) we have just heard, devotion, discipline and a desire to connect with the “one, true guru” is offered as the “only path to understanding the realities of this world”.

Materialism, fickle personal attachments, and capital-driven calendars of “eating, sleeping and accumulating personal wealth” are presented as modern-day obstacles to comprehending the true purpose of our lives.

But outside the cocoon of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) ashram in Bhati, Chhatarpur, the spiritual organisation’s moral messaging is becoming increasingly hard to believe.

The century-old spiritual organisation’s head, 64-year-old Gurinder Singh Dhillon, is at the centre of one of India’s most high-profile business fiascos this year.

Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon | Radha Soami Satsang Beas |

In October, former billionaire brothers Malvinder and Shivinder Singh, now on the verge of bankruptcy, were arrested by the Delhi Police economic offences wing (EOW) for allegedly causing a loss of Rs 2,397 crore to Religare Finvest Ltd (RFL), a subsidiary of Religare Enterprises.

Eight months prior to that, Malvinder, the embattled business tycoon and former Ranbaxy, Religare and Fortis promoter, had filed a criminal complaint against his younger brother Shivinder, claiming that he conspired with a number of close associates to siphon off Rs 2,700 crore from their family’s holding company (RHC Holdings).

The money, Malvinder alleged, was transferred into the bank accounts of “Guruji” Dhillon and his associates in the form of loans made through a complicated network of smaller corporations, and used, in part, to expand the sect’s real-estate empire.

This allegedly included the purchase of 2,60,000 sq ft of prime real estate in Delhi (near Select Citywalk Mall), 80,000 sq ft of property in Ahmedabad, 500,000 sq ft in Noida, three farmhouses in Asola, and 8,71,200 sq ft in Gurgaon, Live Mint reported.

The tale only gets murkier, with Malvinder alleging that Shivinder had an ambition to one day head the powerful RSSB. Both brothers were Friday held in contempt by the Supreme Court, in another case involving the sale of Ranbaxy to Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo.

The decision came as the Japanese firm challenged the sale of a majority stake in Fortis Hospitals to Malaysia’s IHH Healthcare as part of its efforts to recover $500 million in dues from the Singhs. The court had last year directed status quo on the deal, but the Japanese firm claimed in court that “certain transactions between IHH and Fortis violated the court’s directions”.

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The spiritual relative

How is a spiritual guru related to all this? Dhillon is cousin to the Singhs’ mother, and assumed a father-like role for the boys after their own passed away in the late 1990s.

The well-connected Babaji succeeded the Singh brothers’ maternal grandfather (his uncle) to become the guru of the popular sect in 1990. He was informed about the succession after a long flight, a close associate says, while he was dressed in jeans.

After the allegations surfaced, Dhillon denied owing any money to RHC Holdings, even after the Delhi High Court ordered him and 54 other associates, including his family, to cough up Rs 6,000 crore as repayment.

But now, while maintaining his debt-free innocence, Dhillon has finally owned up to financial transactions between him and the Ranbaxy brothers.

In a 12 November affidavit, the RSSB chief finally said the Singh brothers had approached him in 2010 to buy more rights in REL. To do this, Dhillon says, the brothers spent a reported Rs 440 crore through RHC on his behalf, adding that he “would not be made liable to repay any amount or interest”.

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Powerful followers

Today, from L.K Advani in the BJP, to Rahul Gandhi in the Congress, Dhillon is guru to a long, and powerful, list of high-profile politicians, celebrities and industrialists.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal met Dhillon multiple times in the run-up to their respective state assembly elections, and the guru is known to share a close relationship with the Badal family of Punjab.

In 2016, ahead of the Punjab assembly polls, Dhillon’s brother-in-law Parminder Singh Sekhon was appointed adviser to the then CM Parkash Singh Badal by the SAD-BJP government. He was accorded the status of minister.

Back at the RSSB ashram in Bhati, when asked if she has heard of the recent controversy, Devi grows agitated, almost angry. “I haven’t heard of this and have nothing to say. Just know that there isn’t anyone like Radha Soami or Guruji, he is paramatma, he is God,” she says.

The red-tiled pavements are wide and spotless, the trees sparse and planted in geometrically precise rows within parking lots the size of football fields

If one didn’t know they were entering a spiritual commune, it could easily be mistaken for a sprawling sports complex, equipped with a local dispensary, residential accommodation, a helipad, and over 150 acres of open-air living. And this isn’t even their headquarters — the titular Beas property is a flourishing city.

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A very ‘tight-knit multinational conglomerate’

The RSSB wasn’t always sitting on a real-estate goldmine. In fact, it was scarcely more than a hut a century ago.

When Baba Jaimal Singh (1839-1903) met Agra-based Swami Shiv Dayal Singh, he had found a vessel for his spiritually inclined soul. Inspired to live the honest life of a satsangi, he joined the British army as an act of service, eventually retiring to set up the Baba Jaimal Singh dera in 1891.

At the time, it was a small, nondescript mud hut on the bank of the Beas, roughly 45 kilometres from Amritsar.

By October 1957, the RSSB was registered as a non-profit society under the Societies Registration Act, morphing into a self-sustained 300-acre city over the next five decades, with “neatly laid houses, hostels, and halls that can accommodate nearly 18,000 people, several kilometres of black-topped roads, 24×7 water supply, an 80,000 sq ft shopping mall, a hospital, and its own sewage-disposal system”, N. Sundaresha Subramanian reported for The Economic Times last year, after a brief stay at the commune.

Nearly half the land in Beas is used for the purpose of food cultivation — massive amounts of wheat, vegetables, and seasonal fruits are grown by the sewadars to feed believers that flock the dera for sustenance in the hundreds of thousands.

“When 300,000 people come for lunch, nearly a million chapatis are served,” a book titled Equilibrium of Love, written by RSSB secretary J.C. Sethi, said.

The operational cost and manpower required to run an enterprise of this scale is staggering — to the point where “much engineering research has gone into introducing mechanised production methods (of chapatis)”.

In Beas, this takes the form of six dough-kneading machines that can each produce 128 kg of dough (enough to make 1,550 rotis) in three-and-a-half minutes.

“When Babaji showed us around Beas and it’s functioning, I remarked to Babaji that the scale of this is unprecedented, it’s like you’re running a multinational,” Sheetal Vinod Talwar, a renowned film producer who was once close to Dhillon, says.

“He laughed, and said ‘No, no, at least in a multinational you can fire people, here I can’t let go of anyone because it’s all volunteer-based’.”

Talwar subsequently distanced himself from the Dhillon family. Talwar had supposedly paid $1.2 million towards Dhillon’s medical care abroad. When his lawyers started proceedings to seek repayment, Dhillon’s associates allegedly threatened his life.

Today, the sect boasts of a following of 20 million people across the globe, which is just 1.6 million short of the entire population of Sri Lanka, or about half a million more than Romania’s. When Babaji is present for a satsang, traffic advisories need to be issued.

According to a report drawn from the RSSB’s financial statements for 2018, the society reported a revenue of Rs 406 crore, of which Rs 366 crore was from donations. However, at Rs 419.8 crore, its expenditure put the RSSB at a seeming deficit of Rs 13.8 crore.

“RSSB financial matters have nothing to do with the personal, family matters of the Singh brothers or Babaji,” secretary Sethi says, declining to comment on any other part of the organisation.

“We are an open book. Our financial returns are filed with the authorities every year,” V.K. Gulati, who heads the society’s financial department, was quoted as saying in a report in The Economic Times last July.

At the ashrams, photography and any kind of recording is strictly prohibited. Phones and bags have to be mandatorily deposited at the start of each satsang, and if you’re caught taking photographs anywhere else on the property, the act is met with hostile suspicion and intrusive interrogation.

During a visit to the Bhati ashram, the phone of this reporter, who was unaware of this rule at the time, was snatched from her hand when she took a photo of sewadars washing utensils in the kitchen.

Questions followed — from the head of the canteen Mr Bansal, organisational volunteers, and then again at the sewa samiti office, where five male sewadars went through the phone’s gallery to make sure there was no other visual documentation of the premises.

“Check our website, or buy our books, you’ll find everything you need there” was the standard response of at least a dozen sewadars as well as the RSSB management.

“We’ve been told not to talk to the press, ever, or upload anything on Facebook or WhatsApp,” Sonia Arora, a tutor and Delhi-based sewadar, says. “If someone does, it’s not considered to be right.

“People don’t always have good intentions,” Arora adds. “They’ll misrepresent things or come with a certain agenda.”

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Staying out of the headlines

This isn’t the first time the RSSB has come under public scrutiny for suspected illegal activity. For years, the rapid expansion of its real-estate empire has been at the centre of land-grabbing allegations, with the Delhi Forest Department officially filing an affidavit before the National Green Tribunal in 2014.

In the 350-page affidavit, the RSSB is described as an “illegal occupant” squatting on 174.98 acres of forest land in Asola Mines, Chhatarpur — where the Bhati ashram is. Further, the Delhi Forest Department believes that the dera, along with spiritual slums that sprung up next to it, are damaging the ecology of the Delhi ridge, the lungs of a city throttled by pollution.

The RSSB denies all allegations, stating that the land was bought by them, and they were willing to furnish the paperwork when asked.

Illegal land use allegations also hit them in Paror, Kangra, through a PIL filed before the Himachal Pradesh High Court.

But these alleged criminal dealings flew under the radar — media follow-ups in English were sparse, and it had no apparent impact on the standing of the RSSB.

The spiritual organisation almost only made the news in matters related to devotee and Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor’s marriage to Mira Rajput, and any praise the actor has had for his faith.

Rajput wasn’t on anybody’s radar before 2015 — the media wasn’t quite expecting the announcement that Shahid’s marriage had been arranged with a quiet, self-contained English literature graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, 13 years his junior.

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapur | Wiki Commons

Other than their affluence, an ardent belief in the teachings of Radha Soami Satsang Beas is the only apparent thing they had in common — the two are even reported to have met at a satsang.

And it’s not only matters of holy matrimony or birthday celebrations that Shahid Kapoor entrusts the RSSB with. Even career decisions, like signing Padmavaat, were reportedly taken in close consultation with Dhillon.

A marriage was also arranged between former Religare MD Sunil Godhwani’s daughter Simrin and Dhillon’s son Gurkeerat Singh, but fell through after the engagement.

Godhwani, the RSSB’s “money man”, has also been arrested in the Religare fraud case. He is reported to have grown up in the Beas dera, making him a close friend of the family since childhood.

In the world of politics, heavyweights like Advani, whom a close family associate describes as “the BJP’s key contact” in the RSSB, even skipped the party’s 2014 general-election victory celebrations to attend a satsang in Beas.

However, the yesteryear politician is no longer the powerhouse he used to be in the BJP. “With the current dispensation, the reality is that they don’t have the clout that they enjoyed under the patronage of the Congress, or even the previous BJP government,” says the family associate.

“The RSSB isn’t seen to be a space where they (today’s BJP) wants to, or even needs to, spend their energy. Sure, (RSS chief) Mohan Bhagwat went to Beas to meet Babaji, which was seen as an attempt to reach out, but largely, that hasn’t cut any ice both ways,” the associate adds.

“The Punjab results also haven’t helped, because they backed the Congress over the BJP. So the Modi government really isn’t seeing the relevance of the sect in being able to drive numbers.”

Tejendra Khanna, the former lieutenant governor of Delhi, is also the former chairman of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, which was sold by the Singh brothers in 2008 for a little over $2 billion in personal profit.

Khanna’s close business association with the Singh brothers through Ranbaxy also overlapped with his own deep-rooted belief in the teachings of the Radha Soami sect. “His father, K.L. Khanna, was after all the secretary of the Satsang at Beas,” Business Standard reported in 2013.

As the success stories of Fortis Healthcare Ltd and Religare Enterprises Ltd (REL) unravel, what appears to be at the faultline of the Singhs’ fall from grace is this very interconnected network of influential kin that initially helped them, and the RSSB, grow.

“I’m strongly inclined to believe the reports in the Indian financial press that Malivinder and Shivinder trusted Gurinder (Dhillon) as a father figure and spiritual adviser. But also, a business adviser,” says Brian Hines, an American who was a member of the sect’s US community for 35 years.

“Babaji’s influence over the affairs of Religare was ubiquitous — he pulled most of the strings,” the family associate adds.

“The relationship between Malvinder, Shivinder, Sunny (Sunil Godhwani) and Babaji wasn’t a secret at all, they would constantly be together and very visibly so. In fact, everyone would say ‘Religare is Babaji’s’,” says the associate.

“Mala and Shivi were the previous master’s grandsons and nephews of Babaji, so it really was a close-knit business family in every way… I mean, a Religare helicopter would go to Beas to pick him up.”

Understanding the ‘God in Human Form’

Across sceptics and believers, Dhillon’s contagious charisma remains undoubted.

Dhillon, who hails from a family of Punjabi landowners and was a businessman in Spain before ascending to RSSB’s spiritual throne, has the ability to command the attention and affection of over 5 lakh people at once.

“He’s more than charismatic,” says Talwar. “He’s erudite, intelligent, intellectually phenomenal, with a great, self-deprecating sense of humour. Honestly, he was a joy to be around.

“We’re not even believers,” he adds. “I’m not spiritually inclined at all, but spending time with him was a pleasure and an education… He’s fun-loving, loves his music, loves talking economics, politics, philosophy, loves watching films, is incredibly well-read, and just, well, really a great conversationalist.”

However, while Dhillon might be exceptionally friendly in close quarters, a former friend of the family points to a “certain dichotomy between what he says and the kind of structures and systems he’s put in place to present a certain image”.

“Babaji has always said, ‘You people are stupid, coming here and listening to me alone at a satsang isn’t the way, because I’m not God’,” the friend says.

But at the same time, he also created rituals that enhance his God-like status, or rather, “God in human form”, the friend adds. “In Beas, whenever he’s holding a satsang, he’ll get into a car to bless people on his way.

“He’ll walk through the sewa area, standing in the centre as the sewadars chant and sing hymns around him,” the friend says. “So he’s not actually mitigating the myth, even if he’s making a point to appear like he’s verbally trying to dispel it.”

Even in Hine’s experience at the commune, the “RSSB is a highly top-down organisation”. “The guru makes decisions and lower-level people implement them under his close supervision,” he says.

The sewadars describe Babaji as being “someone who talks in a way that everyone can relate to… but whom you can’t access easily”, a believer in Delhi who did not want to be named says.

For this satsangi, the RSSB “gives you a sense of belonging outside the oppressive structures of class, caste and gender”.

“Anyone can enter, and for people that didn’t find a sense of respect in society, it’s akin to the feeling of coming home,” the believer adds.

“It feeds people, gives them homes, and doesn’t promote the beliefs of any one religion — it quotes the Bhagavad Gita just as much as it quotes the Quran and the Bible and the Guru Granth Sahib,” says Arora. “The satsangs even refer to poets, writers, philosophers, and other teachers.”

When Sudhir Kakar, Indian psychoanalyst and author, went for a Radha Soami satsang, he wrote of “a choir of fifty thousand feel(ing) like an elemental sound of nature”.

“Distance and differences — of status, age and sex — disappear in an exhilarating feeling (temporary to be sure) that individual boundaries can indeed by transcended and were perhaps illusory in the first place,” he adds in his book, Shamans, Mystics and Doctors.

For Kakar, the appeal of the baba “may be linked to the search for and yearning for a father figure at the time of deep personal crises”.

“As a part of therapy, the satsangis tried more and more to identify with the guru and in the process to forcefully project all positive qualities that lay within them,” he writes in his book. “Thus, in psychoanalytic terms, one may look for an explanation in the process of idealisation and identification.”

“As in all religions, the true believers are fanatical,” adds Hines. “I know, because I get so many comments on my blog posts telling me I must stop writing about Gurinder because he is God and can do no wrong. I ignore them, of course. I’m sure journalists get the same sort of angry insults.”

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  1. All this is the ignorance of people. I and my family have followed RSSB for hundreds of years and understand the details behind the philosophy. This is a none profit structure. No money has been taken moved or otherwise. RSSB has been built with love from the followers. People are very jealous and tgats were hate is built. Not what we are taught. Baba ji is love, has no interest in money gain but to give and support. This is from a follower.

  2. Well the baba has to now face it in the court . If the linen is all clean then skeletons from cupboards would not come out this way!
    He is no God! When Gautam buddha attained Nirvana, he didn’t need a guru and one does not need a guru if he is to establish a connect with God. The teachings that guru is needed, is devised to make people dependable on such babas. He is a fake man now being taught a lesson by the honorable Supreme Court.

  3. Well the baba has to now face it in the court . If the linen is all clean then skeletons from cupboards would not come out this way!
    He is no God! When Gautam buddha attained Nirvana, he didn’t need a guru and one does not need a guru if he is to establish a connect with God. The teachings that guru is needed, is devised to make people dependable on such babas. He is a fake man now being taught a lesson by the honorable Supreme Court.

  4. Well the baba has to now face it in the court . If the linen is all clean then skeletons from cupboards would not come out this way!
    He is no God! When Gautam buddha attained Nirvana, he didn’t need a guru and one does not need a guru if he is to establish a connect with God. The teachings that guru is needed, is devised to make people dependable on such babas. He is a fake man now being taught a lesson by the honorable Supreme court!

  5. Well the baba has to now face it in the court . If the linen is all clean then skeletons from cupboards would not come out this way!
    He is no God! When Gautam buddha attained Nirvana, he didn’t need a guru and one does not need a guru if he is to establish a connect with God. The teachings that guru is needed, is devised to make people dependable on such babas.

  6. I think The Print, The Wire, The Telegram, The Quint, The Vinod Dua Show, The Arfa Khanum Sherwani, NDTV, Ravish Kumar, Punya Prasoon Bajpayee and their ilk, are blindfolded people who cannot see anything good. They always smell a rat just to garner some attention and eye balls. They deserve condemnation and must be ignored.

  7. all Indian know what the radha soami has done by providing food to millions every day so please do some more research before posting any sensible article like this

    • Have you ever heard about the CSR activities that the large MNCs indulge in order to stay in the good books of their stakeholders ? It’s the same thing over here as well.

  8. Everyone out there you all must read the story of gangu daku who was a big dacoit . The story of his life is a great example what actually this section RSSB does to a normal human being. Moreover how can a writer who cooks up cheap stories just to earn few pennies is becoming a judge? Whosoever is writing this on behalf on my guru i can pay you a month salary but don’t write such lies which are baseless. These lies are just brought up just to earn money? Money is everything for you all? Truth stands no where ?
    Moreover talking about dera income , that’s transparent.

  9. You can waste your time anyday and all your efforts gonna be 100% futile. Your wish! No ones gonna stop you. We don’t like to mess around with people like you. Good luck wise man!

  10. It’s March End of 2020 and entire country is fighting with corona and lockdown. If you are having social media accounts you must be reading that 3 times food for more than 1 lakh needy people is being served through Radha Soami Satsang Beas. But you won’t write on this. Go to YouTube and search how Radha Soami Satsang Beas is serving people in this bad time. More than 8 crores rupees have been donated in PM and state wise relief funds. But you won’t write anything on this. All major satsang centres have been converted into isolation centres by Radha Soami Satsang Beas. But you won’t say anything on this. More than 20 thousand labourers have been isolating there. But you won’t write.
    Keep researching on this.

  11. Sorry to hear this, Face the challenge if everything is fine – escaping from court appearance is not right.

    It usually happened with right spiritual gurus just go back to history of any religion

    Nothing to worry. Just remember God always stands with right person.

    Being a Indian, we first respect the constitution who allows us to follow any religion and who also allows us to open any such sect/ dera

  12. Really found this article strange. Talking to few people you have made a own story out of imagination.
    Politicians Actors and famous people throng Beas for personal and spiritual purpose. Beas has not taken sides with any political party. As a matter of fact before election there is always a general announcement that vote according to your will and do not get carried away in the name of radhasoami.

    Regarding darshan earlier people jostled and pushed to have his darshan so he has devised a way to reach to masses so that crowd can be managed.
    The crowd is managed so well.
    For your stay in Beas you have to spend very minimal and basic amenities are provided to all.

    All the deal are done very diligently and Beas management try to sort out all the issues. They follow all rules and regulations laid by government.
    There can be instances like your encroachment story(the land was purchased but later claimed by forest department) but 99.9% you can not question as the deals are transparent.
    Regarding Religare saga that was their family issue and matter would be decided by court.
    You have written with a preformed thought of maligning a good and responsible society

    • I know some people who have been following the dera for 35 years and I have always been suspicious. They are like zombies believing in Donald Trump — the same damn crowd mentality. Put him on a pedestal even though he is a crook. It is obvious if you look close enough that the current “babBa” is a fake who only cares about enriching his own pockets. That being said, seems like only “Dhillon’s” get appointed as “babbas ”. Keep the wealth in the family I suppose. I guess karma will catch up with him. “Babba” could not cure his own throat cancer —hmmm— if he was real then why not? They are filling their own Dhillon pockets- simple enough.

      • Beta gogi,
        Guru teg bahadur ji bhi guru the but fir bhi unki unki gardan kaat dee gyi. Guru hamesha malik ki rza mai rehte hai

      • yes bro….have you own way……you are right just live with your mentality, die , born again…and repeat because you too have karmas……..ha ha ha

      • yes bro….have your own way……you are right just live with your mentality, die , born again…and repeat because you too have karmas……..ha ha ha…isn’t it simple???

      • Bhikhari hamesha Kya bhagwan se mangte rahoge.
        Pehle bhagwan se jodne ki koshish to Karo.
        Waise tune kitni bar Inka satsang attend Kiya hai. Hawa mein baate Karne we acha waha jakar Sach khud dekh Kar aao

  13. Don’t dare to say anything wrong about Babaji. Woh kabhie kuch galat na karte hai na hone dete hai. He is a true Guru. Radha soami.

  14. I really hope your education from L.S.R could have payed you in a better way rather than trying to writing long fabricated essays..Hope the judgement passed must have enlightened you..P.S Try some good dishes to spice up your life Nandita Singh…as you are not worth this job

  15. I hope the judgement passed might have enlightened the writer and this platform alot…get a life and recheck your facts and figures before writing long paragraphs.,
    (p.s hope this platform finds some real, worthy and competitive writers)

  16. This story should be redacted.
    Its such nonsense and the author needs to be flagged by the publications editor in chief.
    we all understand that sensationalism sells but get your facts straight.
    everything about this sect is above board.

  17. Half cooked baldy written article. It’s like someone writing a review of book they never had read based on opinions of those who already have issues with author. Not expected from responsible journalist and media. Should have done some facts check before publishing.
    If you cant write facts don’t atleast publish lies .. using videos which are not even authorised and shot illegally shows how responsible print media is.

  18. Wish author had been more resposnible . This is mere writing opinions of people who are already against. What a tittle to attract readers albeit baseless. Gathering information from Mr Heinz whoes only agenda is to write all negative about Baba ji shows the credibility of this article. Sensationlizing the text to sell it without fact checking doesnt suit the profile of such an senior journalist. Wish she was more responsible n acted her cadre

  19. Dera is a big organisation. Accounting of Dera is very transparent. Each penny is accounted for. BABA ji could have taken money from Dera if it was about money on the contraryHE funds Dera from HIS own earnings. Dera sells books below cost. Food is subsidised. So money is not at all of importance for BABA ji. HIS sons are doing business and they have right to do so. Its all about mismanagement of funds by Malvinder and Shivinder. They received thousands of crores from sell offs. They are not fools who will end of distributing money to relative and friends. Now in crises they are playing blame games. Whatever is decision of court Dera is a spiritual sect. They run free hospitals and are always serving people whenever there is natural disaster anywhere. Above all they never boast of service done to humanity they quietly do everything. No slogans no advertisement no banners. What else is required from spiritual organisations. People never spare. They didnt spare Lord RAM and SITA.

  20. Dera is a big organisation. Accounting of Dera is very transparent. Each penny is accounted for. BABA ji could have taken money from Dera if it was aboit money. HE funds Dera from.HIS own earnings. Dera sells books below cost. Food is subsidised. So money is not at all of importance for BABA ji. HIS sons are doing business ans they have right to do so. Its all about mis management of funds by Malvinder and Shivinder. They are not fools who will end of distributing money to relative and friends. Now in crises they are playing blame games. Whatever is decision of court Dera is a spiritual sect. They run free hospitals and are always serving people whenever there is natural disaster anywhere. Above all they never boast of service done to humanity.

    • rssb is a cult,thats the truth,and in any cult when they get criticised ,some will just leave ,as a bad chapter of their life,some will say ohh its time of reconing,we r being tested ,such fools become blind to reality,i mean so what if he did it big deal,hes human after all,but denial does not bring one any close to the truth,one has to be objective andlogical ,in practically every english satsang he says this.
      just be patient wait n watch then judge.

      • Practically one can’t attaint salvation or Lord only road meet to source or god or truth is love and faith… Get it …

  21. Combining few statements to come up with a badly cooked up story!! Do you even have any verifiable facts, before maligning image of someone? And using a statement from someone to make it headline of your article was a very cheap tactic to gather false attention!! This is where responsible journalism comes in picture. And you have failed badly in that !!

  22. Nandita good to know that you have done a lot of research but what you have written is just an opinion of people who are somehow related to the family but difficult to say that these are facts. Matter is already in court and honorable judges will give their judgment based on facts. The feelings of followers of RSSSB sect might get hurt by writing this type of article based on opinion of some the selected persons.
    Please write what honorable judges of the court decide based on facts and evidences.
    Thanks and regards.

  23. There is nothing the Guru did was wrong. The story lost all credibility at Brian Hines……An attempt at a good drama-filled story though.

  24. its a shame with people with the power print media – uses there own thoughts to Maline the opinion of the audience… this articles is a perfect example of how facts are rolled up with unrelated connections to cook up a story.. has the courts of law passed any judgment – has anything proven yet ? Rahul Gandhi was accusing the PM himself of the raffles controversies – but did mean anything now.. as it wasn’t proven ? Should You havent waited to right this crap.. Before SC passed the judgement ??? The print and author needs to be more responsible before sharing such article.. don’t link up.. everything to RSSB and question it’s history and devotion of the disciples.. you know that public even questioned sita mata.. and history speaks for itself.

  25. Wth is written ?

    1)Dera never supported any party. Bjp or congress. or anything else ..
    2)Dera Chief never said , i m god.
    3) He does car darshan so that people dont have to jump over each other to see him. He himself came to ppl.
    4) Hines, you are quoting, is another baseless liar.

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