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Delhi woman who accused biker of molestation 3 years ago finally appears in court

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In August 2015, Delhi woman Jasleen Kaur posted a photo of a man, Sarvjeet Singh, on Facebook and accused him of harassment. Sarvjeet says she is the culprit.

New Delhi: Three years after her showdown with a man at a Delhi traffic intersection went viral, Jasleen Kaur, 23, defended her absence in the past 14 hearings as she made her maiden appearance in a court here.

Recording her statement in the case filed against Delhi youth Sarvjeet Singh, 28, for allegedly misbehaving with and verbally harassing her during an encounter on 23 August 2015, she said her silence should not be seen as her weakness.

“I am not giving up,” she said. “I will fight till the end and make this reach its logical conclusion.”

Jasleen is currently working in Canada, where she initially went for higher studies. Apologising to the court, she cited “academic commitments” to explain her absence at the previous hearings.

Sitting in an enclosure inside Tis Hazari court number 158, facing away from Sarvjeet, Jasleen broke down several times as she presented her side of the story about what happened that night.

After Jasleen’s statement was recorded, Sarvjeet’s lawyer carried out a cross examination, following which the next hearing was scheduled for 12 December. The phone Jasleen used to click Sarvjeet’s photo that night was also sent for forensic examination.

Jasleen’s account is widely divergent from that offered by Sarvjeet, who says she was the one who misbehaved with him after a traffic dispute and threatened to have him arrested.

What happened next is well-known: Jasleen posted a photo of Sarvjeet on Facebook and accused him of making obscene comments about her. Sarvjeet chipped in with his own clarification on the social media website, but not before the post went viral and television news channels labeled him the ‘Delhi pervert’. He was then booked.

In 2015, after Jasleen’s post went viral, a purported eyewitness, Vishwajeet Singh, vouched for Sarvjeet’s innocence and backed his account. However, Vishwajeet does not feature in the list of nine witnesses, as police have not been able to trace him. Jasleen’s lawyer, meanwhile, has labeled him a plant.

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A long wait

Arguments in the case against Sarvjeet are yet to begin on account of witness and complainant Jasleen’s absence so far.

Singh had told ThePrint in an interview earlier this year that his life had come to a standstill as a result — he was struggling to keep a job, has to appear at a police station every time he needs to leave the city, and is yet to get a passport.

“Each time I go to the court for the hearing, they call out my name, ask me to put my hand up and write down my name,” Sarvjeet had told ThePrint.

“They ask if the complainant has come. Because she is absent, another date is given and the matter is dismissed. This has been happening for the past three years” he had said.

‘He took advantage of my absence’

Speaking to ThePrint Monday, Jasleen said Sarvjeet had used her silence to gain sympathy on social media.

“I was not making any unnecessary comments as I wanted the law and the judiciary to take its own time,” she told ThePrint.

“He had an advantage over me, since he was here and I was in Canada caught up in my studies,” she added.

“He gave incorrect statements to the media saying that a non-bailable warrant has been issued against me. He could say all this because I was not here to defend myself,” she said. “But I really do not care about this propaganda on social media, I have full faith in the judiciary.

“Even when I left for Canada, I knew I will come back for the proceedings,” she added. “I did not run away. This is why my father attended all the hearings.”

In court, Jasleen said she had felt “threatened” while coming to the premises because of the abuses and threats hurled at her on social media by Sarvjeet’s supporters.

“I feared for my life,” she said. “Saravjeet had uploaded a photo of the court room on social media, which is not just contempt but also a threat. What if a mob had attacked me inside court today?

“I get messages from people who threaten me for making Saravjeet suffer. How have people decided that he is innocent? It is for the court to decide,” she added.

“It takes a lot of courage for a girl to speak up and fight, and if she is treated this way, it is disheartening,” she said.

Sarvjeet, on the other hand, rued the time he had lost suffering.

“If she had come to give her statement three years ago, the case would have moved fast,” he added. “She delayed it for three years just because she could not take out time from her studies, while I struggled here to keep a job and was labeled a pervert by all,” he told ThePrint.

“If she says she wants to fight the case, she should be present at all hearings, when she is needed,” Singh said.

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  1. This is the reason why people don’t want a girl child. Because girls are sociopaths. Those who are wondering why the girl isn’t punished, here’s the reason because everyone including the justice system likes to lick the “pu$$ies” of sociopaths. Okay? Got your answer?

  2. She should be punished for her crime. “Rape on a Masculine”. Life prisonment in dark cell would be better to her for spoiling his career and his father’s death. She has caused murder of a Father. She has caused living death of a son.

  3. Sarvjeet father died because of this case. His family got humiliated . His career destroyed and he was just appearing in courts for 4 years. This girl should be punished for all that – she is a murderer and should be hanged

  4. Women are abusing the legal system and manipulating men big time. High time that our society sympathises with men rather than women. Times have changed. Our society needs to change its mindset. Laws need amendments. High time we need ministries for men and commissions for mens welfare.

  5. The girl shud be punished now. She is a black spot on society. Because of her fake story, an innocent boy suffered a lot. #JustiveForSarvjeet. Jasleen is a fake girl and corrupt.

  6. Hi All,
    At the time of incident, when all social media pour support to Jasmine she bravely and confidently alleges things on Sarvjeet without any evidence with so mawkish and immature behaviour.
    All the supporters criticize and ooses threats to Sarvjeet for castration and many.
    When story turn blindfolded, these are the same supporters who turn up their heat on jasleen.

    Few take aways from the story as neutral citizen who is common to both parties :
    1. Jasleen is living in virtual world, she cares more on social media where virtual people is posing threats to her and she moved her base to Canada. Does virtual extant where no user thoughts/mindset exist in reality posed such a threat.?
    A big no, as it will get into any world where u live. So, Jasleen better try to go into Mars.

    2. Jasleen is impertinent and carries dual face. Her words suggest she is strong lady but in reality she ran away from her sayings.

    She started this for a cause, but what is the cause. Due to her prevaricate speeches, people now doubted a genuine cases and give a second thought for actual victims.
    She bring down all victims women of the country. Is this the cause?
    Shame on you Jasleen.

    3. Till the 15th hearings, she remain absent to the proceedings. If she prevails her trust in justice, why she couldn’t participate her involvement to 100%. Reasons given- studying. Guys, when u have more vacations while studying or employed.
    I believe studying, u get more breakthrough.
    So, delay mean a purpose.

    4. Her victim car approach, is not generous to gather her followers now. She is alleging contradict statement by statement about the case and court proceedings.

    You led everyone down, even all mens who supported you.

    Jasleen, seriously Sarvjeet is average working youth of average intellectual. If he is brilliant in representing his side, or even equally educated like you. You will come to know what will be the adverse effect of lodging a criminal offence from a tussle at junction.

  7. Lol she is saying that the social media is ganging up on her and she felt threatened to enter the court room. But that’s exactly what she did with saravjeet. And she has apparently questioned why everyone suddenly thinks saravjeet is innocent and that it is for the court to prove. Again, she was the one who labelled him a pervert and everyone believed that and publicly prosecuted him. Yes he has certain IPCs slapped onto him but neither of them gave him a fair chance to prove his innocence. He was never proven guilty in the first place. He is just proving himself innocent the same way he was proven guilty. All in all, it is disappointing to see such things happen. Jasleen is a young girl. She’s the future of the country and, well, and I am not sure if her side of the story is true or not but there are a few things which do stand out in the whole thing. She did use social media to rile up the masses, she did use a photo to publicly defame him on social media (even if he is guilty, she has done it before the court could declare it, and that is just wrong), and finally she actually never attended any of the court hearings, leaving the case hanging for 3 years in which time saravjeets life has just come to a stop (nobody should take someone else’s life for granted. Jasleen did. She felt her education was more important than 3 years of a man’s life).

    • भाई सरवजीत, इससे तो अच्छा था कि आप कोर्ट में सीधे सीधे सरेंडर कर देते कि हाँ मैंने जसलीन को छेड़ा है ।
      लडकी से छेडछाड की Maximum सजा 3 वर्ष है । भाई जब से IPC बना है तब से ये प्रथा चली आ रही है कि लडकी ही सच बोलती है । जब ऐसा ही है तो फिर कोर्ट के जजों से बहस किस बात की करनी । कोर्ट 3 साल में सजा दे दे तो ठीक है नहीं तो Deemed basis पर आपकी सजा तो वैसे ही Judiciary की बकवास बाजी में पूरी जाएगी ।
      अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा ।

  8. What has the girl suffered? She is leading a very normal infact better life…… A moment of her ego, she uses her tears and a mans life is ruined She should be punished

  9. Reserve search Her Name and Image in google , if she is working somewhere inform the firm , how she can be liability , No one can be in nowdays world be without FB, Linked in other social network

  10. End of feminism.
    She should be hanged for raping this man life amd happily emjpying forgien trips

  11. literally this case went too far now….and if sarvjeet is proved innocent…there should action taken against this girl…..the guy’s life is almost ruined…just because everyone look at the girl’s side only ….and all the rules are directly in the favour of girls…..there are hundreds of cases in court that are being proved fake every month…..and no action is being taken against those ladies who filed those fake cases…. thats literally a discrimination by law.

  12. If Saravjeet is proved innocent, Jasleen should be hanged to death for raping his image in society. It’s such an irony that while Saravjeet is not allowed to leave the country and can be put behind bars for missing a hearing, this female roamed scot free and missed hearings for 3 years!

    • If she is proven wrong really there should be very harsh treatment for her. Very very harsh and let humanity live long rather than this kind of ruthless creatures living in the society.

    • I agree, she should be severely punished, hanging to death will be small punishment for her, instead she should be banned for working at any company, put in jail for 20+ Years.

      • Now that Sarvjeet has been acquited what action is taken against Jasleen. Her life should be ruined as she ruined Sarvjeets life for 4 long years. Where are all the stupid journalists now.

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