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CRPF personnel in Maharshtra | ANI file photo
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New Delhi: The CRPF doesn’t want its Recruitment Rules to be amended and has rejected a Supreme Court order that gives the force parity with the IPS.

The position is a complete turnaround for the central police force that had long fought for terms that would allow its own officers to be able to head it — a move senior officers of the CRPF claim has been taken “under pressure” from the IPS lobby.

“They basically want the IPS deputation in these forces to continue, and thus this letter has been written by CRPF under pressure from the IPS lobby,” said a senior CRPF officer who did not wish to be named. “It goes against the apex court judgment, the decision of the cabinet and MHA’s own orders. Obviously, all the forces are very worried and demoralised.”

The paramilitary force, in an internal communication dated 23 July, said the matter of promotions is strictly administrative, and courts should not “interfere” in it.

According to CRPF officers, the letter has gone viral on WhatsApp groups of all Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and left them extremely worried.

M Dinakaran, DIG and Chief Spokesperson, CRPF refused to comment on the issue.

“The cadre review of an organisation is purely an administrative matter… Administrative Ministry/Department has to decide the modus operandi of any Cadre Review keeping in view all pros and cons vis-a-vis the functional requirement of the organisation concerned. Courts should not interfere in the administrative matters,” says the letter written by a CRPF DIG to the IG who is in-charge of legal issues in the force.

The letter has the “approval of the DG”. The CRPF DG, or director general, is an IPS officer on deputation.

The letter goes on to urge the CRPF IG to bring these “facts” to the notice of the central government standing counsel or the additional solicitor general and “apprise the court on next day of hearing”.

The CRPF’s move comes even as the government has set the wheels in motion to implement the Supreme Court’s February order, which granted paramilitary forces Organised Group ‘A’ Service (OGAS) status — meaning officers would finally be able to head their own force instead of getting officers from the IPS.

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What the letter says

The letter says no change needs to be made in the Recruitment Rules of Group A Officers of the CRPF.

According to the existing Recruitment Rules, vacancies in the CRPF can be filled through recruitment, promotion and deputation. It is through deputation that IPS officers head senior posts in paramilitary forces even when eligible officers are available from within the force. After the grant of OGAS, this was expected to change.

According to DoPT rules, in ‘Group A’ organised services, appointments up to the position of additional director general can take place only through promotion from the cadre; lateral entry or appointment through deputation is only permissible if the former is not possible.

The letter also says some petitions seeking clarification of the Supreme Court’s judgment are still pending in court, and no changes should be made in the Recruitment Rules before they are clarified.

“Till these applications are decided upon, it would be incorrect to presage the Apex Court’s clarification and act in a manner which may not have been the intention of the Hon’ble Court,” the letter says.

Days after the court gave its judgment, the IPS Association had filed an application for clarification in the apex court.

“Clarify the order dated 5 February 2019 to the extent that the right of the IPS officers for deputation, in terms of the recruitment rules, in the various CAPFs are not impacted merely by grant of Organised Group ‘A’ Services to the CAPFs,” the IPS Association plea said.

Letter ‘contradicts’ govt stand

While IPS officers and even the central government have for long resisted the grant of OGAS to paramilitary forces — including CRPF, CISF, BSF, ITBP, NSG — the DoPT has already issued orders for cadre review of these forces in the aftermath of the Cabinet approval earlier this month.

“The government has already started the work of implementing the court orders, but they are trying to thwart our progress in other ways now,” said the senior CRPF officer quoted above. “The ramifications of this letter are not limited to the CRPF alone. If the RRs for CRPF are not changed, it will set a precedent for other forces also, and the SC judgment will be made redundant.”

The Union Cabinet on 3 July gave its approval to the proposal to grant Non-Functional Financial Upgradation (NFFU) and other pay benefits to officers of the paramilitary forces, which their counterparts in all ‘Group A’ organised services are entitled to.

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  1. Have you seen the state of Police in this nation. Unprofessional and Corrupt to the tooth. Submerged in SHIT. Its only due to poor leadership of IPS Cader amd no other reason. They are only into facilitating Poiticians, monied goons and Rich Businessmen. The condition of police is so Pathetic that NO one trusts police. Its a terribly failed Org. On the other hand, CPO officers like CRP, ITBP, BSF are much better in training, early service and Command and control. IPS cannot match their skills in troop Command or either action. IPS are a rusted bunch ruining the unaccountable law and order machinery. They are unfit to Command CPOs.
    On the other hand, and having watched both closely being myself from the Army, the CRP, ITBP and BSF as forces are far far better operationally, disciplined, motivated and nationalists. They have Jasba. IPS chaps are pretty ineffective. To continue IPS lead over CPOs will destroy CPOs. Their own officers should Command them. The CRP, ITBP and BSF are also more suited culturally to brotherhood in arms and discipline. + subaletrnship. I see CRP and ITBP officers in much greater respect than IPS, if at all any for IPS chaps.
    If at all, for 1 year hand over all state police services to CRPF, ITBP and BSF officers, they will clean cut the shit and chaos created by IPS fellows in the police. Police will be put straight and will start to fucntion as desired by citizens. IPS maynot be reauired after that at all.

    Dont ruin CPO structure with handing their command to FIR katnay mai trained persons.

  2. Perfect 👌 Decision..
    For kind information I would like to inform some of foolish people that the IPS are not born as DGs, ADGs, IGs, DIGs by birth or on appointment..
    They were been selected and secured IPS cadre through all India based widest competative selections.. i.e Civils..
    They were joined as Company Commanders level cadre in ground level Special Crime Branches, Greyhounds, STFs, SOGs type highly achievement oriented Police forces.. IPS are not from the forces of Cordon layer..
    IPS are purely raised from inner core ROOM INTERVENTION layer operational experienced Greyhounds, Special Operational Group, Octopus, Special Task Force, Crime Branches, Law and Orders specialists..
    IPS can’t be campared with CAPF officers who even can’t lead Area domination operations.. but causes Loss of 75 men within a single attack(Thadmetla-Dantewada).
    Can’t even operate better Road Opening Party.. due to which we lost 44 men in Pulwama attack..
    Hats off Decision.. hearty welcome.. JAI HIND..

    • No IPS officers lead any operation on ground, it is state police officers who lead the operation on ground. It is very known truth that IPS officers lead the operation in paper only. They never go in operation. The incident you have mentioned is just due to the lackness in planning & decision making of the paratroopers as sector commander. You will not find any such incident if cadre officer is commanding the sector. Once a message of senior IPS was viral in social media that these paratroopers are given the charge of ops commander who have not even ordered for a lathi charge in the state. All the CAPFs are having brave soldiers and dedicated cadre officers as commanders but are suffering from the lack of vision of these paratroopers and casualties as result to the elite forces.

      I know you are an IPS officer, don’t try to demoralise the cadre officer of CAPFs by citing wrong things, you will be reciprocated equally by the cadre officers.

      • Look achievement history of IPS cadre officers..
        Veerappan jaise najaaney kithne hazaaro bloody criminals, offenders, terrorists, naxals ko Interpol agencies, SOGs, Greyhounds, Octopus, STFs operating by IPS cadres with solo troops of states tikhaane lagathe Hain.. ussey jaano.. pahachano.. fir baath karo.. Bhai..
        Without joint operations CRPF ke non IPS officers simple see all ke kutthey ko bhi nahi maar sakthey.. that’s the fact.. analys byself.. my aim is strictly to inform fact not demoraliz or discourage non IPS. They have their own perimeter.. as going on they are lucky to being promoted up to ADG in CRPF..
        In state Forces even the civil Constables or Armed consbls r more able den non IPS..

  3. A Law must be amended such that those IPS who wanted to Serve in any ranks of CAPFs should start their service from the beginning of their career.

    I don’t understand why IPS & IAS (to some extent) are giving much interest on their personal matters rather than security of our Nation.

  4. IPS is a uniformed civil service, it is not an armed force service. Whereas CRPF is an Armed Force yeah there is police in its nomenclature and it does help state machinery to maintain law and order in times of need. But policing is entirely a state subject.
    Recruitment Rules of IPS must also be reviewed. IPS officers must be recruited by a separate exam, only for IPS. Baring a few most of the IPS wanted IAS, but as their rank was low they settled in IPS. Yet many write civils again and if they get IAS they leave IPS. No such facilities for CAPF, if you get selected you must join if you don’t then you are barred to sit for it forever. And here too most who don’t join are CSE aspirants who write this exam as back up and if they get something better they leave. There should be a quant paper also in this exam like in CDS.
    And those who are comparing CDS n NDA. Yeah all the chiefs are from NDA but not cause NDA is higher level exam but because most of the officers who become chiefs joined when recruiting age was 15-17 I’m NDA,now 16-19, n IMA has 19-24, very soon you will see chiefs from other academies also. I think from INA will the first non-NDA chief.
    So just a exam cannot be the parameter of “eliteness”, these forces are specialized forces who are lead by motivated men who despite this exam becoming a mockery join and serve. Should they be punished for choosing to join these forces? Just because a service has to maintain its elite status.
    In ICG also Navy officers were deputed but as Govt granted OGAS to ICG it’s cadre officer rose up in ranks, the Navy officers didn’t resist it. Infact they were happy to let ICG officer take over entirely. These two services have built a mutual respect for each other. They train together , they operate together yeah sometimes problem do arises but they are able to solve it and continue. But IPS officers cannot swallow their egos. And so is the problem with IAS.
    The Govt. must take the elite status from all the services. No service must be deemed elite. Even the IFS, these are meant to serve the people, not to become maai-baap.

  5. The u turn was not taken by CRPF as an organization, the decision was taken only by the parachute officers “the top brass of this elite Force” who are heading the Force. The decision was taken to please few of the IPS Officers, ignoring the sentiments of thousands of cadre officers. Matter need to be investigated… decision of reversal simply indicates the colonial mindset of these self centred people.. hopeful that Justice will prevail. this act itself has removed the mask from these double standard people.

  6. Ips should go from the capf. They are in capf with their own agenda and look for their own comforts. They only utilise the men and material for their own welfare. Yes this is the bitter truth. They don’t want to lose this. They never be posted in hardcore areas. They are enjoying utmost power at state and when they come to capf especially in crpf the same is the case. Mr prime minister has to take wipe out them from capf. Please sir do it for the sake of breaking their monopoly in capf also. The ips lobby is so mean that they unitedly stopped the lateral entry exam for ips by taking stay at guwahati bench. Please wipe them out from crpf and capf. This step has taken because of the utmost pressure from ips lobby in crpf. They are misusing powers in crpf. They are never hesitate to take toll on nation, the crpf is the distant think then. They can do it for their own profit.

  7. Even in defence forces two entry points. NDA and CDS . It is only NDA people who rise above the ranks of brigadier up to chiefs. Level of entrance test of NDA is much higher than CDS. Same here. Level of entrance test for Asst. Commandant and IPS is much difference. Keeping this in mind strategic positioning done. Otherwise every is open to appear in civil services to achieve nights in careers.

    • Narender, where did you get the information about NDA versus CDS entry and its link to promotion aspects? Sounds like a total bull!

  8. Absolutely incorrect.This is an era of specialist.Nature of job of CAPFs is entirely different for which IPS are trained. Are they able to deploy CAPFs during hot war? Are they able to work as Coy cdr/Asst Comdt and lead these elite forces frm front in remote Himalayas and CI effected area? When they start as ASP/ACP in state police why they want to join CAPFs in IG and above only.How a leader of failed and corrupt state police can lead elite armed forces of union while motivated cadre officers of these forces are already avl to lead.Hnble court has already given its verdict .I hope u respect it

  9. plz ghar baithe baate mat karo .know the force by getting in it 700 marks me se 250 wala ya jyada se jyada 315 (cisf) wala is kabil h ki wo documentation pura kar lega but itna bi ni ki contigency sambhal lega uske liye adminstrative power chahiye .wo ek lok sewak k paas hoti h .capf wala kewal british rule ko hi follow kar rha h abi tak lakir ka fakir .mantri k naam se hi inke pasenne chuut jate h .or kbi bi pressure me aa jate h because paramilitary have no law and order.so plz dont support this change this system .an ips can deal with his power and he is not constant in a force so koi bhai bhatijawad bi ni karte .just do their work.

    • Kuch Pata nahi hai to bakwas mat kar. Go to the ground and see with naked eyes. Example is chetan chitah and so many. Crpf and capf is made for handling the pressure. Lacunas are there in every system. But you have to analyse and then comment.

  10. If a Army lt can be a excellent general ..why a CRPF Asst commandent cannot be a excellent DG..while getting due experience.
    These officers are mentally tough n physically much fit then IPS officers.
    They are seclected through UPSC consider age as also a prime ctetria ..hw can v consider them 2nd class in any way.
    Whereas we all know hw our civil services aspirations are making to that level..good age margin, many attempts, cannot match fitness of CAPF or Army..lust of high and lavish lifestyles.
    Still i believe every cader is to be reformed n every one should rise in own cader ..why deputation.

  11. IAS AND IPS दोनों ही जोंक है. जोंक सिर्फ खून पीता है. आईएएस और आईपीएस सिर्फ 3 काम करते हैं ईटिंग, मीटिंग और चीटिंग.

  12. Officers of CAPF selected through UPSC Assistant Commandant exam are capable enough to lead their respective forces. IPS officers don’t have super natural powers and if anyone is thinking so, that, there leadership quality is outstanding and after rigorous method of selection they get the opportunity to join the service, then same thing should be imparted to CAPF officers for their all-round development. If officers of defence forces can handle their own force then the same can be expected from CAPF officers too.

    • The Title Appears Misleading.
      One officer writing absurd does not constitute the Force.
      People in chair should act out of their conscience or better to leave the chair.
      Journalism also poses responsibility.
      Bairam Khan has handed over the rein of India to Akbar when time came.
      It’s high time people in helm of affairs in these forces should pave way for cadre officers without fear.

  13. wtf…m neither IPS nor in CAPF but concerend about the nation as a citizen…someone please ask tgese IAS and IPS if they are so good why the nation despite having all kind of resources is not a developed country even when it is about to complete its 73 yrs of independence…..
    this is the best example of corrut system what IAS & IPS lobbies are doiNg with the nation in hand with the politicians…remeber i am not blaming all…but yes as a system a lot need to be improved…
    in democracy powers can not be restricted to few ….rest this nation is yours as well..
    have some same..and all those who treat IAS & IPS as some good sent creature…please let them do their work, they are also govt servants (to the people of india) and not get into all this …thanks

    • Indeed this fight is between generalist and specialist.Also how a leader of failed and corrupt state police can lead elite armed forces of union.


  15. BSF, CRPF etc are Central Armed Police Forces, NOT paramilitary. There are only two paramilitary forces – Assam Rifles and Special Frontier Force. Media must get its terminology correct.

  16. Sir,
    Whoever mentions that inborn crpf officers are not so qualitative have to eat their own words. This noncompliance of orders of the Supreme Court spk I’ll of the IPS

  17. Where ever IPS officers go on deputation they unleash a reign of tyranny and suppression, even orders of Constitutional Courts have no effect on them, this malady is faced not only by CAFP but also such premier organizations as CBI and IB, in UK and USA there is no such thing as deputation all organizations have their own cadres, Statistics will show how much causality is there amongst IPS visavis non IPS while fighting in borders and insurgency affected areas.

    • Actually, they are more than IPS. IPS is easy job in comparison with CAPF. CAPF officers dealt with risky operations in insurgents areas. Both are Grade A Gazetted officer posts. If I have to select between these two. I will surely select IPS. The reason behind that IPS is easy in comparison with CAPF. Their is work life balance. But still I have much more respect for CAPF officers (except CISF) than IPS officers.

    • Sir
      Do do you know ABC of CRPF…..i feel u r a superman …if they r not not efficient govt must gives CRS to them.
      Are IPS officers coming from Japan..super efficient people

    • Yes What A F..k ..they r much better then IPS..
      Do u think we ķnw better then supreme court…it simply cannot evaluate the things..n u can do better

  18. लालफीताशाही देश में इस कदर हो चुकी है कि उनको यही लगता है कि देश भक्त वहीं है ,अगर कुछ अच्छा उनके अलावा किसी का हो ही ना और अगर हो भी तो तकलीफ होती है उनका ईगो इस कदर बढ़ चुका है कि क्या सरकार क्या कोर्ट क्या किसी और का भविष्य ,हम ही सरकार हैं,इस भाव से जी रहे।जो चाहे कर सकते है और कर भी रहे,इस देश में IAS जैसा अगर महकमा ना होता तो ये भाई साहब पूरे देश का ना जाने बेल्ट और अपने इतनी सुखद सोच के दम पर क्या करते,कैसे सिस्टम से खेलते है ये सुनता था आज मै अपनी ऑर्गनाइजेशन में स्पष्ट देख रहा,मेरे गांव में एक कहावत बोली जाती थी,की इंसान अपने दुख से दुखी नहीं दूसरे के चंद सुखो से परेशान है,केवल इस समाज में जैसे सम्मान से जीना उनके अलावा किसी ने सुरु किया तो वह गुनाह है।देश गुलाम शायद ऐसी ही मानसिकता के लोगो के कारण रहा होगा,जिनको केवल और केवल अपने निहित स्वार्थों के अलावा कुछ दिखता ही नहीं।बहुत ग़लत और घटिया खेल CAPF के साथ खेला जा रहा ,इस पर चर्चा खुल कर होनी चाहिए ,हम सभी इसी देश के नागरिक हैं,और इनसे स्वाभिमान में, देश हित में ,अपने को देश के लिए समर्पण भाव में इनसे बहुत उपर ना सही तो कम भी नहीं हैं। कैसे सिस्टम और शब्दों के मेल से किसी ऑर्गनाइजेशन का गला घोटा जाता है,इनसे बेहतर शायद ही कोई जानता हो। शायद अंग्रेजो को भी कभी यही लगता रहा होगा कि हिंदुस्तान उनकी जागीर है ,कभी जाना नहीं होगा लेकिन गए और देश चल रहा ।

  19. The angst of the CAPF officers may be understandable but the issue is not one of fairness. Recruitment standards to the IPS are far more stringent, and if any young person aspires to the IPS then they have the opportunity to take the entrance exam and qualify. The IPS is deliberately positioned as an elite cadre across all internal security-related organizations – be they state police forces, CAPFs or intelligence organizations – precisely in order to provide quality, leadership and a unifying bond that is essential to the functioning of the national security apparatus as a whole. If all the various organizations are staffed and headed only by their own direct recruits then we will end up with parochial, low-quality silos that do not communicate with one-another. National interest and system effectiveness must prevail in this debate, not pandering to narrow interests. Yes, the IPS officers needs to be held accountable to a high standard as well; there has been a dilution in standards thanks to the policy of promoting large numbers to senior ranks. The promotion policy ought to be far more stringent, based on performance – the same system as prevails in the armed forces.

    • Why this logic is not appilcable to lead the armed forces?? Why the cadre officers of Armed Forces given the opportunity to lead?? Your logic is contradictory.

    • Absolutely incorrect.This is an era of specialist.Nature of job of CAPFs is entirely different for which IPS are trained. Are they able to deploy CAPFs during hot war? Are they able to work as Coy cdr/Asst Comdt and lead these elite forces frm front in remote Himalayas and CI effected area? When they start as ASP/ACP in state police why they want to join CAPFs in IG and above only.How a leader of failed and corrupt state police can lead elite armed forces of union while motivated cadre officers of these forces are already avl to lead.Hnble court has already given its verdict .I hope u respect it

    • Dear Mr. Intellectual(at least thats what you think you are) By your logic let me explain you . As u said if IPS are removed from the forces they will become “low-quality silos”. How an IPS office who his entire carrier till the rank of SSP has worked in a State police force, with the maximum exposure of day to day lawlessness in the states and dealing with petty crimes and criminals can be posted as DIG-Ops of COBRA(Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) in the core Naxalite area and if you see carefully being a commando(done special commando courses like ghatak commando etc) is the basic requirement and guess what IPS’s dont need to do such courses . And i have seen these IPS officers making a press statment and comparing Naxal situation with Meerut riots(hilarious-by virtue of absurdity ), and then due to his stupid decisions CRPF officers and jawans have take casualties. When you(Mr IPS) don’t have a single day of exposure of war like scenario or guerrilla warfare, when You(again Mr IPS) have never known what it is like to hear the sound of bullet passing near your ears or hit of a shrapnel from a grenade/land mine explosion, How the hell are you qualified to lead those MEN(CAPF officers and jawans ) to such fate !!!
      Gist of it YOU(Mr IPS) are not qualified enough to lead these men to such fates.

  20. Govt should immediately snub official who are working against the court order and affidavit filed in court.Appeasement policy just to safeguard the interests of few will do more harm to the functioning of force. The earlier govt takes decision better it is.


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