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New Delhi: Students across Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) run by the central government could soon be seen in Khadi uniforms if a proposal currently under discussion goes through.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), the central government body that manages the KVs, is planning to change its uniform and Khadi is under consideration to replace the fabric currently used for the uniform.

The initiative is part of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary celebrations across the country.

Confirming this, KVS Commissioner and IAS officer Santosh Kumar Mall said, “We are working on changing the uniform for our students across the country and Khadi has emerged as one of the options that we are considering. We are also in touch with Khadi India for this purpose. A final call on this will be taken soon.”

Khadi is being considered because it is a more comfortable fabric as opposed to the synthetic mixed cotton uniforms the students are currently supposed to wear, said Mall.

“There was a demand from parents of students about changing the uniform,” he added.

There are over 13 lakh students enrolled in 1,200 KVs across India.

The Khadi push

Several education institutions are currently looking towards Khadi in promotional bids. Last week, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) wrote to all its affiliated schools to ensure that students wear Khadi once a week/fortnight/month on a voluntary basis.

The CBSE note sent to schools on 1 October called Khadi the “heritage fabric of India”.

“Khadi… not only provides employment opportunities to lakhs of rural artisans of our country but also promotes unity and equality. Moreover, Khadi is hand-woven and hand-spun skin-friendly fabric that does not leave carbon footprint,” the note added.

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  1. Changing of uniform of children is a good thought albeit it should be a planned & well organized action.
    1. Top officials of KVS Sangathana & Shri Santosh Kumar Mall should start wearing khadi immediately so as to know actual difficulties of procuring, maintaining & using the fabric on regular basis.
    2. Cost of khadi is not at par with terrycot or polyester or mix synthetic fabric.
    3. Availability of khadi fabric in all nooks & corners in India as KVs are spread all over india.
    Coming up with a thought & successful implementation is two different aspects.
    All the best…

  2. It very good initiative by the KVS n Govt of India (MHRD).
    Being a ex-student n currently my child is also student of KVS or part of this great institution / Faimly, I will say it is a wonderful initiative, which should be taken before / earlier era.


  3. Very true.the present uniform is very thick and specially the scouts and bulbull uniform.though they wear 2 days in a week but very uncomfortable.thank u for the initiative.well thought for the students.

  4. Good initiative, one should realise the basic need and adaptability which was visualised by our father of nation a century ago.
    Long live India

  5. I love gandhi and his ideologies but this is plain dumb. Do they know how expensive khadi is? How are poor parents going to afford. plus khadi life is limited so you will need to by more pairs of uniforms. Gandhi started khadi movement asking indians to boycott foriegn made clothes. today we export fabrics and clothes. Please use common sense.

  6. A very good step to inculcate Gandhian thoughts and values in basic education. As kvs is under CBSE/MHRD, should see its 100% implementation to become real apex institution in our country. Not only students but also teachers,head-teachers, administrators,officers at regional and ZIETs and headquarters should be part and parcel of this great opportunity.
    One suggestion to KVS(Hqrs.) before its implementation, to supply free of cost two sets uniform to all students irrespective category and financial status.
    KV Idukki

  7. Excellent initiative, I agreed with the proposal if agreed by the governing body. I through out a KVians. Khadi will definitely give comfortable to the students, now a days the scorching summer will definitely give relief.
    Definitely the economy of the khadi producing units/factory will gain its popularity and usage.
    Let’s change our mindset by introducing khadi across the country.

  8. I studied in Kendriya Vidyalayas all through my schooling days. My precious possession was a handy-me down terrycot skirt. This meant I could wear the skirt 2-3 times before washing it and it would dry overnight for being worn the next day. It needed little or no ironing. School uniforms should be easy to wash, maintain and wear. If Khadi can serve the purpose, then it is perfectly alright. Will the teachers also wear Khadi? That would be appropriate.

  9. Most of centers doesn’t have permanent buildings neither safty compounds, till from opening 4-5 years after… please look after that


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