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Delhi shooter Shahrukh — college dropout who flirted with trouble & got gun ‘for pleasure’

Shahrukh, the man who was photographed pointing a gun at the Delhi Police during last week's rioting, has been booked for attempt to murder, among other charges.

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New Delhi: He is an aspiring model, a TikTok buff and loves fast bikes. He always aspired for fame and dreamed to see his picture on the cover of a fashion magazine.

But when he finally made it big, it was for his notoriety — pointing a gun in public during the worst Hindu-Muslim riots in the national capital since Partition, and becoming one of the main faces of the horrific violence.

Shahrukh, infamous as the ‘shooter in a red shirt’, finally landed in the police net Tuesday. He has been booked for attempt to murder, under the Arms Act, and for using criminal force to deter a public servant from performing his duty.

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Went to ‘save’ protesting sister

During questioning, Shahrukh told the police that he went for the protest and did not intend to take out his pistol, but did that “in the spur of the moment” when the “other side” started pelting stones.

Shahrukh’s neighbours, however, told ThePrint that his sister was one of the protesters at the Jaffrabad sit-in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, and he went to the site to “save her” when he got to know about the violence that had broken out in the area.

“He got very angry when he got to know about the violence, and that is why he went to the site, to protect his sister. This could possibly be a reason why he carried a pistol with him,” one of his neighbours said on the condition of anonymity.

Father has cases against him

According to the police, Shahrukh, who runs a sock-manufacturing factory from his residence, does not have a criminal record. However, his father has two cases registered against him — under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, and for allegedly smuggling Fake Indian Currency Notes.

A second neighbour claimed that the father, Shabbir, came out of jail on bail just three days before the incident.

Shahrukh’s father was a Sikh, who fell in love with a Muslim woman and converted to marry her. “That is the reason why Shahrukh loves Punjabi songs,” a police source said.

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Addicted to PUBG, smoked hookah

According to the police, Shahrukh was pursuing his BA but dropped out in the second year to make a career in modelling.

“He got portfolios made, went to the gym every day to build his body, and wanted to be a music video star,” said a senior police officer said.

When ThePrint visited Shahrukh’s residence in Arvind Nagar, many of his neighbours said that he is a “fun-loving” person, who is “addicted” to the mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG.

“He is a PUBG addict. If he was not playing that, he would be in the gym. Most of his friends from the gym were Gujjars,” said Shahbaz, his neighbour.

“The family was looking for a suitable bride for him. His mother was annoyed with his habits and wanted him to settle down and take part in the family business.”

Shahrukh, who loved to go out with his friends and smoke hookah, had even shot for a music video which is up for release.

“He said he had shot for the music video and had worked hard for it. He said he was upset that the video will not be released anymore,” a senior police officer said.

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Went around Delhi for a day, slept in parking lot in CP

After Shahrukh’s picture went viral, he left home in his car and went around Delhi for more than 24 hours to evade arrest.

According to another police source, he also slept inside his car at a parking lot in Connaught Place.

“He slept inside his car in CP, and the next morning, he left for Jalandhar, Punjab, to meet his friend. But then he did not go there and went to Bareilly instead,” a police source said.

“Before reaching Bareilly, he also stopped over at Panipat, Amroha and Kairana. He stayed in Bareilly for a few days and then left for Shamli He was leaving from Shamli and was at the bus stop when we nabbed him.”

Chenu gang link

Shahrukh also told the police that he went to the protest on 24 February at the encouragement of a friend, and took out his pistol after stone pelting in the area began.

Police have found instances of Shahrukh having been in touch with members of the Chenu gang — a criminal gang known to operate in Northeast Delhi and parts of UP — though it has not been established whether he worked with them or not.

The police said the weapon Shahrukh used was a semi-automatic 7.65-bore pistol made in Munger, Bihar, which he had procured two years ago.

“A labourer from Munger who worked at Shahrukh’s sock-manufacturing unit had got him the pistol two years ago. It is a good quality country-made weapon,” the officer said.

“During interrogation he said that he was carrying five bullets with him, of which he fired three and misplaced two.”

When the police asked why he was in possession of the weapon, Shahrukh apparently said he got it “for pleasure”.

“He said he felt good walking around with a pistol and that is the reason he had ordered it. He said though he kept the weapon for fun and for people to take him seriously, he never used it,” the officer said.

It is still unclear if the bullets fired by Shahrukh hit any of the protesters. “He is seen pointing the pistol at a policeman, but he did not fire at that time. He fired three to four random rounds but we still do not know if those bullets hit anyone. What we know for sure is that over 500 bullets were fired in the violence,” the officer said.

The police are now probing if Shahrukh was in regular touch with members of the Chenu gang, and if he was involved in arranging weapons for rioters.

“We have also seized his mobile phone to ascertain if he was involved in inciting the violence by instigating or leading a mob in any way,” the police officer said.

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  1. It seems that a CRIMINAL is actually being presented as a lover boy. Are you expressing affection for him. Is there any editorial control left in your organisation

  2. Shahrukh only shot at people because the other side threw stones first. He was just trying to protect his sister who was also protesting the dastardly CAA. Otherwise, he would never have taken out the gun, never have been caught on camera. This poor man’s life has been destroyed due to one small mistake. He just wanted to be taken seriously, he had no other use for a gun! He’s just a kid; he likes playing video games, for gods sake.

    And remember, he had to go from pillar to post to save himself, after his photo came out on social media. He even had to sleep in his car although he owns a lucrative sock-making factory.

    Have we no shame? After all, his father was a Sikh and his mother a Muslim who converted his father through the power of love. Can we please forgive this poor Punjabi boy?

    • You are very correct. Even Kasab was a kid and just tried to play with a gun and kill few Indians. He should have been garlanded and sent back to Pakistan with lots of love.

  3. Calling for immediate attention

    The Editors,

    The write up suggests to me that it is more of a “Procuring” than journalism.

    When someone calls idiots like these “Presstitudes”, there is not much wrong with it.

    Bloody idiots.

    Mr Gupta, do you approve of this ?

  4. I expected a more sympathetic view of this peaceful young man. Unfortunately, The Print is becoming less secular nowadays.

  5. Wow if this would be a hindu guy and print would have declared him a bhagwa antanki ….be nuetral otheriwse there is no difference between you and others …shame ful piss ful journalism ….

  6. It’s not muslims we should be worried about, these poor guys are very gullible idiots and can be easily instigated. It is writers like these irrespective of their religion and media houses like the print, wire, altnews, NDTV, etc that we should be worried about. It is them who instigate and provoke on daily basis These people are nothing more than terrorist apologists. For them even burhan wani has a story and they try to find a human in him but speak a word against their ideology of so called secularism and they’ll be ready to paint you as saffron terrorists or hindu extremists

  7. I have noticed there’s a lot of hate comments by some brainless bikau andh bhakts or peoples who got full of communal hatred trapped in them self, please don’t let yourself let down by these haters they want you to do journalism / jingolism like arnab or sudhir or other godi media please keep the good work coming, India needs this journalism specially these days.

  8. Finally a news portal who explain him not blame him, cause news portal aren’t judges it’s not their work

  9. Very well explain that’s a journalism we need, jokers like arnab and tihadhi sidhi needs to read this

  10. shame on you print for writing this article. These two brahmin writers from UP might be getting so much money from Leftists. Again shame on you.

  11. I wonder how many other RSS/BJP Terrorists pictured shooting and pelting stones have been tracked and arrested by Delhi (dall….a) police

  12. This is not exactly Stockholm Syndrome, but close; glorifying a would be murder and terrorist. I am not sure what medical policies The Print has for its employees, but the it should urgently sent the two journalists to a psychiatrist.

  13. Abe the print walo kuch bhi likhte rhte ho aur koi news nhi mila tumhe
    Desh ko bhadkane ka kam tum log kr rhe ho
    Ek deshdrohi ka support krke

  14. Hindu mobs who killed Muslims and are boasting about it proudly havent even been arrested. But this guy who tried to protect his sister and saved hundreds from violent mobs has been made a scapegoat. This country has gone to the dogs. What a disgrace?

  15. It is amazing how all you hindus are blinded by hate. Mobs of hindu rioters came and attacked muslim protesters. It’s not like the muslims are the ones who went and attacked the hindus, is it? Its not hundreds of hindu homes that where destroyed, is it? Is it temples that were burnt? Nope. Its Mosques that were burnt and hundreds of muslim homes that where destroyed. So if peaceful muslim protesters are attacked, do you expect them to run and hide? Or defend themselves? So if they defend themselves they are the ones who are bad. Terrorists for defending their homes and families. Amazing. Over 500 rounds were fired during the riots. More than 21 people died to gun shot wounds most of them muslims but no ones going to mention the hindus who were carrying guns and shot muslims. Media focuses on one muslim guy with gun and ignores all the hindus who had guns. You give hindus a bad name. Best of all, BBC and all the big news channels have covered the true story of what happened. Now tell me they are all liars.

  16. A semi automatic with 7.65 calibre is a very good pistol. Maybe I should be on the next train to Munger. Now my question is, if I copy this shahrukh , whoever, will you write a same hagiography about me?

  17. Stop calling yourself journalist and start selling ice-cream. Not sure why you guys are so afraid of calling out muslims when they are wrong.

  18. Doob maro jisne ye article likha hai… i spit on you the writers with disgust …. and i spit on this website … disgusting!

  19. The writer appears to be in love with the tik tok videos and his looks. If all terrorists start having such killer looks, I wonder if there will be any journalists left to call them terrorists on face. You are clearly trying to divert attention of the general public from the fact that he committed a heinous crime. Publishing hearsay stories that he was there to protect his sister is bullshit. And he is clearly seen shooting the gun in the video, not merely pointing it, so get your facts correct. I pity your attitude and I pity your narrative.

    • Disgusting journalism and disgusting news paper. I think most pakistanis must be reading this newspaper. I will never read this paper again.

    • That’s not a crime it was a self defence ,he many lives there,there would be clash if he didn’t fired to scare those rioters.
      If I will be in that situation I would do the same.
      He is in trouble now just because of he is a muslim.

  20. Now Jihadi-Left ecosystem out in full force to defend a terrorist. “He was there to protect his sister” or “He went to get medicines/milk/food for his kids” is always their lame excuse. Wonder why all Muslims go out to get food/milk/medicine/sister in the middle of a riot?

    So according to these Jihadi-Leftist overground workers “Kapil Mishra is communal but Sharukh is a secular regular guy”

  21. Shame on Print. These are the reporters who would say Ajmal Kasab attacked Mumbai because he was trying to rescue his cousin.

    Shame on Print for Printing this. I hope This Bad karma comes around and takes care of you.

  22. Shahrook Khan keeps illegal guns for fun. So let him spend some years in jail for fun.

  23. Good man, defending his loved ones with a gun, just as we do here in Texas. Modi massacres II has killed hundreds of Muslims and Guaradian had a story of a Muslim man, Musharraf dragged from his house in front of his wife and kids, with a 11 year old screaming and begging for his life, the man was beaten to death by Hindu extremists and his body thrown in a ditch. I can only hope Sharukh will be a role model for Indias 220 million Muslims as they need to defend themselves, no one will defend them, certainly not Modi.

    • if we did what you do in texas , gun culture, then delhi riots would produce 4500 or more dead instead of 45
      So keep your texas out of India, also remember, everyone can get a gun in USA , even hindus

  24. Wow! What next, a facebook fan-page? Of course, whatever ills plague this fine specimen of humanity must be from the Sikh parentage. No getting away from that profound insight.

  25. Two gangs involved in the violence one has police support to kill the people and other gang went to diffence mode. Both gangs and police should be punished for the drastic violence .

    • New Newton have discovered new apple fall.. (Police need to Punished)… May be new discovery for India in 21 st century to take law and order in hands….

  26. Normal journalists would have headlined this as “Delhi shooter Shahrukh had criminal background” and instead we have what it is. Plus you lead with PUBG and modelling. What gives? Has theprint given up all attempts to be in the business of reporting and only be in the business of propaganda and biased reporting?

    • Thats just how bad situation really is. I see these guys wondering why do people believe Whatsapp forwards more than the what the so called Press prints out.
      It is because of articles like these where their skewed sense of justice and bias is so apparent that people loose their trust. We accept whatever we choose to see you leave us no choice. Its better to trust someone I know because the people who are supposed to report are apparently busy forming Fan clubs for terrorists like him.
      Your comment is spot on I would not be surprised nor would i be disappointed if i see the print selling I Heart Shahrukh T Shirts and what a great brother instead of headline being about his criminal past.

    • Delhi shooter Shahrukh had criminal background … any proof for that?
      They are only establishing his links to Chenu gang, not sure how much crime he did if he did. No truthful media should post rumors without truth to back it up

  27. Can we expect the liberal and ‘neutered’ print to carry such a heart rendering inside story on the other shooter ram bhkath gopal…?

    • @Ananya Bharadwaj This is a valid question for you ….. We never saw you guys writing the humane side of Ram Bhakth Gopal but so much love for Shahrukh.

  28. The glorification of an Islamist terrorist will never end in India as long as we find enough money and support for such activities. What do you achieve by glorifying such people? In my view, the riots in Delhi started because of people like Shahrukh. They possess illegal guns and brandish them whenever and wherever and fire a few bullets. This encourages Anti-social elements to carry out full-fledged ARSON and looting. THIS INCIDENT was the TIPPING POINT for the start of DELHI RIOTs.

  29. One should be wary of what they get into. An unlicensed gun is always a danger for the holder even if he doesn’t use it. Don’t expect anyone’s sympathies.

  30. Trust Ms. Bharadwaj to portray vile Jihadis as completely normal men who love the small things in life. However, when she reports on RSS/Bajrang Dal the tone and tenor changes sharply.

  31. The media will make any horrible Muslim look like a good man, with good and pleasing habits. It will also make a Hindu appear like a horrible monster, even if he is Lord Krishna Himself.

  32. Always playing the victim card. Pointing gun at police is the new definition of protection I guess. In US this jihadi would be blown into pieces the moment he reached towards his pocket.

    It’s the educated Muslims the state should be worried about. The have the heft and necessary means to provide material support to jihad.

    Case in point Farhan Akhtar during caa protest. His justication was that he didn’t know what the law was about but so many people are protesting then something is really wrong with the law.

  33. Religious conversion from any Indian religion to foreign religion should be banned. His father was Sikh and should have remained Sikh, as her mother a muslim chose the groom and she should have become Sikh, the is another case of love jihad where groom is converted. We should be wary of jihadi agenda.

    • You are forgetting what the hindus did to your people in 1984. Now that they are doing it to muslims, you are taking their side. Hatred is making you blind. No problem beta. Waqt ayega.

  34. I hope he is not made a scapegoat for the riots. Don’t get me wrong, if he is guilty he deserves to be punished but he must not be made the face of anti CAA protestors’/anti nationals’ criminal conspiracy to destroy/defame India which will be orchestrated by the bulk of the media soon enough.

    I have become completely cynical by now about the games being played in Indian public life. At this rate, India will not better the quality of life its citizenry or be at peace with itself. You can also kiss the hope of a strong, prosperous and a culturally vibrant India good bye too.

    • Shameful and very condemnable comment. He is literally an Islamic terrorist. He should and likely will spend the rest of his life in jail.

    • If you are not convinced even after seeing his photo, using his gun, and questioning his criminality, then please remain anonymous.

  35. so now shahrukh the gun wielder is a human interest story.shekhar gupta did the same with Ajmal kasab .that kasab is a fan of Amitabh this and that.he just can’t change his ways.

    • next you’ll see article about his love failure because of that he became a gangster and has connections with chenu gang, you never know

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