Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address Friday | Screengrab
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address Friday | Screengrab
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New Delhi: After calling for applause for healthcare professionals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday urged the nation to light candles and diyas for nine minutes at 9 pm Sunday to “defeat the despair” brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To defeat the darkness of despair and light our lives with hope, let us switch off all lights for nine minutes at 9 pm on Sunday (5 April) and illuminate our surroundings with candles, diyas, torch or mobile flashlights. Let us maintain social distancing during this,” he said in his video address to the nation Friday morning.

The Prime Minister also praised Indians “for their discipline and service”, terming it phenomenal. Modi also pointed out that the economically weaker sections of the society have been hurt by the 21-day lockdown, and stressed on support for them.

“Your discipline and service to the nation has been extraordinary during the last nine days of the lockdown,” Modi said. “Authorities have done everything to contain this situation. Your thanksgiving on March 22 has become an example for many countries who are emulating this now.”

Modi stresses on social distancing

His last address asking people to clap, ring bells or clang utensils to applaud the people rensering essential services had seen the public come out on the streets in groups on 22 March. This time, Modi emphasised that people should maintain social distancing Sunday, terming it the ‘Rambaan’ to fight epidemic. He urged the people not to come out in groups.

“Do remember we all are in our homes, and we are together in this. We have to cut through coronavirus pandemic darkness and move to a brighter tomorrow,” Modi said. “Many may think we are alone. Such questions might come up in your mind. But please remember, none of us is alone. The strength of 130 crores of India is with each one of us.”


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  1. My “Sastang Namaskar” to our beloved Modi Sir to constantly think of us and talk to us during this time of uncertainity. We have seen prime ministers before from this and other countries but no one sounds as genuine and sincere as Modi Sir is. I wish for him and all our countrymen to be safe and a big God bless to my motherland. Jai Hind

  2. There is a Jamavda that thinks Modi is just NAUTANKI. After the THALI BAJAV now it is BUTTI LAGAV.
    Sir, this man is not an Ex-BABU from UN, or a LAWYER charging LACKS ++ to get a date in SC, or a member of the Intellectual Arrogant Society, or someone selling his earlier generation for making a living in the business of politics at the cost of the people.
    Opinion is like an arsehole, everyone has one,, but where to bare it is your prerogative.

  3. #मोदी_मदारी_बंदर_कौन

    बंदर हम बन चुके हैं फिलहाल…

  4. Killing Corona in numbers – numerologically 😀
    is three times 3/3/3- the magical number
    April 5 = 05/04 = 5+4 = 9
    9 mins
    Apr 5 after 4 PM -it is trayodashi and pradosh kala for worship of Shiva

  5. I think Modi ji has been consulting some mumbo-jumbo man – – some Jadoo-Tona Baba. And he has been advising Modi ji on, “How to mass hypnotize ; how to break resistance of the masses and make them follow you blindly”. So, Modi-Shah government can continue to take ANY decisions, even non-Constitutional ones, and nobody will ask any questions. I don’t know what else can explain the idea of killing Corona with candlesticks.

  6. to stop people from rioting, to stop people going nuts, to make 1.3 billion people feel as one nation and with one destiny, to stay positive, to keep the hope alive, to trust each other, to trust the government.
    A great mean at the top.

  7. This sort of drama by modi is to check and recheck his whether his image has enhanced even after his unprepared announcement of the 21days lockdown which created untold miseries to the poor migrant workers. This is modi’s 3rd botched up announcement after Demonitisation ,half baked GST .

  8. Had some other been the PM they would have asked lighting the pyre of fake journalists . Be happy that it did not happen liars, sickular journos

  9. Never in the history of Indian politics I have seen such a person with no intellectual thinking, no sense of artistry in delivering any massage to public, that also from the chair of PM.The chair which was crowned once by Atalji, Nehruji, Indiraji and so many philosophers and learned men !! Is it a massage to be delivered, which is nothing but silly outlook of a man holding the coveted post ? Unfortunate !! People are dying because of govt’s negligence in dealing with the virus threat, doctors are suffering because of dearth of masks, PPEs etc. Labourers are beaten, chased away,lathicharged like animals , hunger and unemployment are looming large as a post-Corona effect.And our PM is giving such silly and illogical advice to the nation ? World is laughing !!!!

  10. Listen to what Modiji’s advise is telling us to do. He has many Medical advisers to guide us in this Corona Virus times. Don’t act like smart kids to save yourselves.This virus will be defeated but we all have to follow good house keeping rules.Don’t be like Tablighi’s Muslims who think they are smarter then rest of us.


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