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No, empty nebuliser is no substitute for oxygen cylinder as this doctor claimed in viral video

Video shows a man claiming to be a doctor, dressed in scrubs with Sarvodaya Hospital logo, explain how empty nebuliser can give oxygen. Hospital says this is not true.

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New Delhi: In a video that has gone viral over the past few days, a man calling himself Dr Alok, wearing scrubs with the logo of Sarvodaya Hospital, shows viewers “a trick” that he claims will be useful for people suffering from low levels of oxygen and are “running after oxygen cylinders”.

In the video, he shows how one can assemble a nebuliser, and adds, “there is no need to add any medicine”.

“Don’t endanger yourself by running after oxygen cylinders. All you need to do is switch the nebuliser on and you will draw oxygen from it,” the man says in the video.

Since it surfaced this week, the video has been extensively shared on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, as people share and seek information on oxygen supply while the country grapples with a shortage due to the second Covid wave.

However, Sarvodaya Hospital Friday said the video is misleading, unscientific and clarified that it does not endorse the information given by ‘Dr Alok’.

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‘Not backed by evidence’

In its clarification, the hospital said, “The video has not been backed by any evidence or scientific study, does not reflect any medical advice, and is in no way endorsed by Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad.”

It went on to state: “Please do not follow any such practice without consulting your medical practitioner. It could lead to worsening of the disease.”

Nebulisers are devices that turn medicine into fine mist that is then breathed in through a mask.

“Each time a nebulizer is used, liquid medicine needs to be added to the machine. It is important that for the duration of use, breathing is only done through the mouth,” according to a medical news website.

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(Edited by Manasa Mohan)

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  1. Rightly pointed out.. we must encourage use of it during emergencies.. any way just plain air is fed which contains 21% oxygen we normally breathe.. whats harm.. WHO itself made many mistakes in recognising and advising about pandemic.. medical feternity may never recommend it,, but general advice for it is necessary which need of the hour.

  2. Nice to see so many Whatsapp experts who are Superqualified and Immortal. Please stay at Home and Treat your selves..

  3. What is the problem for its use, specialy, when we can not find any other option? “Kya Munh se sans den ya yun hi marne k liye chhod den?”

  4. When Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) works for giving oxygen to a patient by mouth in critical condition, why it will not work? When u breath out it will have lesser oxygen levels still it works in CPR mouth to mouth breathing. In that case normal air if you force it into your lungs, why it will not work better than normal without any aid or oxygen around. Something is better than nothing. Who knows your hot hair dryer may kill the virus inside your throat when hot steam can do it. Moreover it has fresh air in it to increase oxygen levels in the body. Lie down helplessly or do something to save yourself or your near and dear. Is there any option in the present situation??

  5. I feel it is logical. Oxygen in cylinders is actually compressed and purified air only. So what is the harm if nebulizer can pump atmospheric air to a patient. It can save lot of lives who are unable to get oxygen cylinders.

  6. Is nobody going to question how come an incompetent man as this who doesn’t understand basics of chemistry and biology became a doctor? How can someone like every clear NEET/AIPMT?

  7. As long as it doesn’t harms there should not be a problem to save a life. For hospitals it would only be a patient, but, for the family it is important and they’ll do every possible thing to save

  8. Anyone having experience of cpap or bipap can fully understand the use of increasing air pressure around nose / mouth like cpr for collapsing patients although a nebulizer may not be that much effective.

    There is another way to increase oxy levels in a closed room but needs further investigation so would not like to reveal at present.

  9. If nothing else is available, what a working nebulizer WILL definitely do the trick. The medical profession is not interested in curing people or even providing relief BUT THE MEDICAL MAFIA WANT TO TERRORIZE US INTO BELIEVING THEIR THEORIES. OK GET THE OXYGEN CYLINDER I WILL TAKE IT. BUT IF YOU CANT PROVIDE IT THEN? Very sad. I would encourage you to try different innovative ways even if they are in the category of “,jugaad” IT IS MUCH BETTER THAN NOT TRYING ANYTHING AND DYING IN AN INCOMPETENT DOCTOR’S HANDS OR IN HIS HOSPITALS. HOSPITALS ARE CATCHING FIRE SO OFTEN. I would encourage people to try such methods –definitely.

  10. Something is better then nothing offcourse it is not ISO certified steps as per High Standard Orgs, if surrounding air is clean with no polution it is going to help hope machine don’t burn out after long use. Officially no one will recommend but, personally it won’t harm especially in emergency case.

  11. Since sometimes I was wondering why not nebulizer. I think it should help because you are pumping air. Something is better than nothing.

  12. Atmosphere Oxygen is 21 % of total air (FiO2)
    Oxygen cylinder increase it to 40 % depends on flow rate
    Flow speed 1 : 24 %
    Flow speed 2 : 28%
    Flow speed 3: 32 %
    Flow speed 4: 36 %
    Flow speed 5 : 40 % max oxygen delivery per min achieved with Face mask.
    Above this , tube in airways /ventilator/ bipap
    Kept by doctors will help reach 100%

  13. Please try steam for ten minutes, breathing it into your lungs deeply, you should get your lungs working and oxygen level up. For me it was a life saver, I had to take steam every four hours, because I could not breath. It was a frightening experience I am 63 years old,

  14. It is working. My aunty oxygen level was 80 . After using this it is 96.
    Jugaad. Sometimes works. Everything Don’t need scientific study for this

  15. Yes it is correct we will get air from the machine as soon as we on it. If u are asthamatic we have to keep medicine in the nebuliser to inhale that medicine. Otherwise we will get air through nebuliser.

  16. My friend tried this nebuliser technique and his Oxygen level increased f RH om 94 to 98%

    • Thats good to hear, wil try and share the feed back. if the method shows promising results we should share and at least it helped people until oxygen support arrives.

  17. Sarvodaya Hospital’s replier is a brainless idiot. What harm will atmospheric air cause if pumped at high pressure instead of pure oxygen.

    • Idiotic Pappus. Nebulizer is used for converting liquid medicine like asthma drugs to a mist form for direct action on lungs by inhalation.

  18. I spoke to a friend who used it with his uncle in patna. They were not getting a bed or a cylinder.

    I feel logically speaking there is air all around us. In such a case where lungs are infected and weak to draw requisite quantity , then if nebulizer could suction it and provide it in a more concentrated way it could help as in this case.

    Of course it cannot be the same as getting it from cylinder or a much more expensive oxygen concentrator. But what if both are not available and the patient is collapsing?

    I think the poor doctor who posted it got wrecked by the medical aid monopolies as it directly hits their vested interests.

    I also checked it with a senior doctor and she said that it could help especially when other options are not available!

  19. I strongly doubt the man is a doctor. Air has 20% oxygen and nebulizer cannot increase the FiO2 ratio. A man suffering Covid with lungs affected cannot breathe full and need higher FiO2. I believe he needs to be sent back to study properly as he is not fit to be a doctor. He will kill his patients with such nonsense advice.

    • I don’t doubt his credentials as 90% of our doctors are criminally lacking knowledge. Generally, nurses are more knowledgeable.

  20. Once hospitals stop being commercial and stop caring only about their huge profit màrgins in everything they do, then automatically people will stop giving importance to such videos, otherwise people are forced to depend on such videos during such testing times when they cannot afford the huge hospital bills

  21. Yesterday my friends wife was discharged from hospital but today morning her oxygen level drop to 75…..after watching this video he used the nebulizer….oxygen level 90……till ambulance arrived……I am not justifying it coz I don’t have any medical knowledge……but how it worked

  22. Such misguiding videos shouldn’t be forwarded for safety of patients and the maker of such video should be treated by police by law

    • Something is better than nothing. As a scientist I would neither reject anything NOR accept anything without proof. In the present case instead of dying on the road waiting for an OX cylinder, even if it works 1 percent is welcome

      • It might not substitute for an oxygen cylinder but if it improves oxygen levels that’s what we need. It looks like the doctor’s intention is correct. Definitely will worth try and check the results.

      • Sir, someone told a mixture of 1 spoon red chilies with 2 spoon garam masala may help in fighting covid. Since you think like a scientist and will not reject this outright, maybe you want to try it out in case of infection?

      • But how do you know it works ? After all, it wouldn’t take much effort to test in a small sample and publish the results ? This is what ails Indian science – tall claims but few facts.

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