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Infection rate in 18 states offers hope but MP, Rajasthan, Bengal, Maharashtra are worries

In its Monday briefing, the ICMR also said that 80% of India's current cases are asymptomatic, but didn't advise any change to testing regulations.

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New Delhi: Twenty seven days since India went into lockdown, the country’s doubling rate — the time in which the total number of Covid-19 cases double — has improved to 7.5 days, with 18 states doing much better than the national average, the government said Monday.

The health ministry and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), which conduct daily briefings, also said that 80 per cent of India’s cases are asymptomatic, i.e. individuals do not display any symptoms of the disease.

They also raised concern about the situation in some areas in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal that seem to be “serious”.

Lav Agarwal, the health ministry’s joint secretary, said India’s doubling rate had improved to 7.5 days from 3.4 days before the lockdown, based on data from last week.

The higher this number, the better the situation is since it indicates that not as many new infection cases are being reported daily.

Of the 18 states which reported a higher doubling rate, Delhi, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have a doubling rate less than 20 days while Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a doubling rate more than 20 days, said Agarwal.

Two states have a doubling rate of more than 30 days — Odisha’s cases double every 39.8 days while Kerala’s rate is 72.2 days.

In the last 24 hours, India registered 1,553 new cases and 36 deaths, bringing the total confirmed cases to 17,265 with 543 deaths. Till date 1,546 have been cured or discharged, bringing the cure rate to 14.75%, informed Agarwal.

Three new districts did not report any fresh cases in the past 28 days — Mahe in Pondicherry, Kodaggu in Karnataka and Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. These districts will now be categorised as White Zones.

Six districts didn’t record a new case in the past 14 days — Dungarpur and Pali in Rajasthan, Jamnagar and Morbi in Gujarat, North Goa in Goa and Gomati in Tripura.

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80% of cases in India asymptomatic

The ICMR, the country’s apex medical research body that has been leading testing of Covid-19 cases in India, said 80 per cent of the cases are asymptomatic, i.e., show no symptoms at the time of testing.

Dr Raman Gangakhedkar, head of infectious diseases at ICMR, said asymptomatic cases are currently being detected when high-risk contacts of confirmed cases are tested. There seems to be no other way to detect more asymptomatic cases, the epidemiologist added.

Agarwal said that the asymptomatic are in most instances mild cases. According to the World Health Organization, going by the the global average, 14 per cent of Covid-19 cases suffer from severe symptoms, of which only 5 per cent require critical care.

On whether India needs to revise its testing strategy, Gangakhedkar said that the Real Time Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests, which are currently being used as confirmatory tests, can detect the infection more accurately when an individual develops symptoms.

Given this fact, revising the testing guidelines would not be very cost-effectiveness, he said, adding that screening influenza-like illness cases in hotspots is the most that can be done at the moment.

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Four states in the red

The situation in some parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan has been getting serious, said Punya Salila Srivastava, joint secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs.

These areas include Pune and Mumbai in Maharashtra, Jaipur in Rajasthan, Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata, Howrah, North 24 Parganas, Midnapore East, Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal.

To monitor the situation on the ground, the central government has formed six teams under the National Disaster Management Act who have already reached the states, Srivastava said.

The teams are being led by additional secretary-level officers and include a senior public health specialist and a senior member from National Disaster Management Authority.

The teams will focus on the hotspot areas, monitor the health infrastructure and provide health, administrative and other logistical support to the states.

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  1. In my post dated 21 April, 2020 at 3:30 am, I had stated in the TWO LAST LINES”
    and then the daily infected,should double every 20 days,at the maximum.In 12 months,there should be at least 10 million cases”


    June 8,2020 PLUS 20 DAYS = 28th of June,2020

    Lo and Behold

    A Dindoo newspaper hit 20000 on June 28,2020.dindooohindoo

    BINGO !

    On July 3,2020 – and the Indian Nation has hit 21000 infections a day

    Could I be divine ?

    The Indian Bullock Train is heading to diaster – no brakes and no tracks and no Denzel

    The IndianS are not disclosing the infection % ! I expect it to
    be a OVER 10% OF DAILY TESTS – which was earlier around 3# !

    More and more IndianS who are YOUNG are getting INFECTED – and will die also.

    And now Indians have the FESTIVAL season !


    Within 3-4 days India will overtake Russia on the path to doom !


    Infected to tested ratio = more than doubled
    Age profile of infected REDUCED SHARPY

    Is this nature or this love ?

    Y is the world not selling INR and INR stocks ?

    The PLA will destroy India ! It will be a 2 front war with PLA + IRP (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) vs Hindooosthan !

  2. Like I said in LINE 11 of my post dated the 11th of May,2020, at 11:00 m,that by the 5th of June,2020,the cases will cross 7000.
    “Therefore, by the 5th of June 2020, the daily case count will exceed 7000, and by the 19th of June 2020, the count will cross 10000 per day”

    On the 25th of May,2020 – as per the Indian State – it was 6977 ! Complete disaster ! dindooohindoo

    On that date,as per the COVIDMETER it was 7133 ! On the 27th of May,2020,COVID meter shows 7293 and the Indians are showing 6600 !

    Figure fudging Indian Style – with the aim to show stability – to JUSTIFY opening the lockdown !

    Indian Govtt estimates will also be blown apart !

    There will no vaccine announced till at least 3% of USA plus Brazil,Russia,Germany,UK,France and Italy are infected.No vaccine will hit the market on a large scale tll the infections are at least 5% of the population.

    In India – Hindoosthan – there would be at least 10-15% infections (id.est.,symptomatics)- BEFORE THE VACCINE HITS.I expect that that there will be NO vaccine – but these predictions are,if there is a vaccine.Even if there is a vaccine,it will work on only some people !

    Indian manufacturing in the SME sector is based on labour intensive manufacturing,with maximum per sq ft utlisation of shop floors.That is the India which brings 50& of the GDP.These people have no way to survive.If they work – COVID will grow exponentialy.If Not,they die or the RBI prints currency and gives doles – and the USD/INR,crosses Rs 100. 3 years ago,these Indians demonetisaed,and now,they are remonetising.

    Whichever way you see it,it is doom !

    Next Doom is monsoon ! It will be a diaster of a monsoon,and there is an UNPRECEDENTED locust attack on Indian Agriculture.

    You are looking at hyper inflation, unemployment and large scale arson and anarchy.

    Already Indians are eating dead dogs

    And Indians are drinking milk spilt on the roads – with dogs !

    Indians are innovating with Ganga water and Cow urine !

    What is the Ganga ? The Holy water of the Holy Ganga

    Their PM is an illiterate,who was a Tea Vendor,whose mommy was a dishwasher.He must be hoping that he would have lost the
    polls in 2019 ! He won the polls – as he did a fake surgical strike,on his own wimpet soldiers – killing 40 of them – and then launching a fake surgical strike,on the Pakistanis.

    Before that,he had killed 1000s of Indian Muslims in InDia (whatever be the worth of the Indian Muslim).He has also destroyed the loves of 500 million Indians in the Demonetisation – and he has also killed and murrdered Kashmiris. Indians think he is their messiah – so they will die with him !

    The people of his own country will lynch him – courtesy COVID.

    India is a poor,backward nation – which has to focus on poverty and inequities – no seat on UNSC.COVID is a “Ground Nihilio” event for
    India and Indians.

  3. Like I said in the last line of the 2nd last para of my post dated May 11, 2020 at 11 am – “This is the time for PRC to be creative in the South China Sea and the Indian Border. US bombers have left Guam!”

    The PRC has moved chopper and landed fighter aircraft, at an airstrip ,near the Disouted Indian Border.,War is CERTAIN ! All the North East of India, is of South Tibetan (90%) and Han Origin.2000 years ago a rebel Chinese tribe (Yueh Chi) had conquered India !

    Chinese Jets can cross the Indian border, in less than 5 seconds,and bomb the Indians ! In 70 years PRC never had fighter jets ready to roll so near the Indian Border (;ess than 30 kms).They were earlier 1000 kms away at the minimum !

    It is the COVID= Chinese Orchestrated Virulent Indian Destruction !

    It will be worse than the 1962 war and the PRC will completely destroy all the Indian Infra built in the last 10 years near the border.

    And all the ADS,S-400 and US support will be useless as the PRC – CONTROLS THE US SUPPLY CHAIN ! No one can intervene ! And there is also no Raphael !

    Next target will be Vitenam ! dindooohindoo

    The Indians are teaching the Viets to run Russian Nuke Subs

    When Indian Nuke subs are blowing up in Dry Dock !

  4. Like I said in the 6th line, of the post dated the 3rd of May,2020, COVID count to cross 4000, in 20 days ,from that date

    It is the half way mark,and we are at 4000 plus,id.est., 4250. dindooohindoo

    The fun has not begun !

    India is a nation of 1.3 billion.After 17th of May,2020, the manufacturing,commerce and agriculture sectors,WILL HAVE to re-start.Govtt needs revenue,and people need money,to eat and buy medicines (and pay for power,fuel and water).

    Let us say that this resumes,and lasts for 15 days,and then we have the Korea experience ! By the 8th date of the opening, the people who INGESTED the virus, in the 1st week after the 17th, will become asymptos,and by the 15th date, the people who INGESTED the virus in the 1st week after the 17th – will be INFECTED AND SYMPTOMATIC.

    Therefore, by the 5th of June,2020,the daily case count will exceed 7000, and by the 19th of June,2020,the count will cross 10000 per day.

    By then, the moinsoons will strike in full fury,and THE WORLD will learn that the COVID travels BEST IN RAINWATER – AS THE WATER IS A LARGER SUBSET ,OF THE COUGH MOISTURE,in a humid environment..

    From the middle of June,2020, the fission reaction of the COVID will resume – as the commercial activity,would have resumed for 30 days ,AND in the monsoon season – the ASYMPTOS will become SYMPTOS – with a variety of monsoon related diseases.

    On top of that, the Municipal machinery and sanitation staff, will stop working by June 2020 – which will spread disease and COVID will prey on that disease,


    Another angulature of the Indian Perfidy, is that the GOI is not indicating the asympto cases,in the daily count.That is done to inflate the recovery numbers – as the asymptos,have no symptoms ! But these asymptos will be re-infected, by the time the monsoon strikes.In addition,the symptos,who have co-morbidities,,are also not disclosed – and also,the symptos whose symptoms are CAUSED by COVID

    Besides the GOI, is also, not disclosing the age profile,of the recovered cases – as the young ,would be recovering in the normal course – and the aged, will be more vulnerable,in the post 17th May and Monsoon period.

    But the time for the above sophistry, is over.Post May 17 and monsoon – doom lies ahead – for Hindoosthan.

    A nation of 1.3 billion cannot close down manufacturing and commerce – especially a nation with hunger,poverty and a bankrupt banking system – and,Post May 17 and Monsoons, starts the IMPLOSION of the COVID daily count.

    India has 1.3 billion,with 400 billion USD reseRves, Non Performing assets of 300 billion USD (excluding informal sector),complete destruction of manufacturing supply chain and displacement of labour

    PRC – 1.3 billion, Reserves 3-4 Trillion USD of Gold and T-Bills,Viable banks,No damage to supply chain,manufacturing active – even in Wuhan ! This is the time for PRC to be creative in South China Sea and the Indian Border.US bombers have left Guam !


  5. Like I said in the 5th last line of the above comment – the daily count will cross 2000 in 7 days

    It touched 2000 3 days ago and now is at 2400.! dindooohindoo

    In 20 days from day – the daily count will be 4000 !

    There are 10 million Indians who are laid off in the GCC and UK/EU.They have no pension or security, and their host nations,want them out.

    These Indians want to return to India.

    India does NOT want them back.

    What will be the count when these people return ? How can 10 million be quarantined ?

    If they are asymptomatic and they land in India and meet their relatives – DISASTER IS COMING.

    Doom lies ahead for the Indian Nation !

  6. Its so enjoyable to see rats from China using fake names blabbering like their Chinese rats in CCP holes. So sad the Chinese Wu Maos are under pressure as their nation goes into exit category….

  7. The country unfortunately have lot of moouullaahhss malech also. Gyan HINDUSTAN ke utkarsh me samarpit kare. No leg pulling gentlemen.

  8. The Mathe-Magic of Chaiwala in COVID

    People ask,Y is India a backward nation,of heathens and menials ?

    Simple ! Tbey are duds ! There is no intellectus,and no IQ,and no creativity/inventiveness/ innovation

    Sample the IQ of the Indian

    Sample 1 – The Dindooohindoo claim that the “doubling time” has increased !

    So in the USA, the 1st 5 death, took place in say,3 days and then the dead doubled to 10,in say 2 days.What does it prove.It is numerics.Beyond a size,the doubling time HAS TO INCREASE and below a certain size,the doubling time will REDUCE.It is beneath common sense.USA has 40000 dead and 700000.At the CURRENT STRIKE RATE, the next slab
    of 40000/700000, will take lesser time (than it took to reach here),as the strike rate is high,and the testing numbers,are also higher than before.That is also elementary.

    Indian data is dubious,as 80% of the infected are asymptomatic ! Which means that there could be 1.2 billion more – who are/have infected others,and will become symptomatic,in future ! THIS IS THE TICKING TIME BOMB ! On top of that, these asymp’s are being put to RNA tests.

    US infected,are mostly symptomatic.

    But the US rates has been doubling in a SHORTER DURATION,in the past.However, that is because of an exponential rise in US tests,large number of aged people and a large number of pre-existing diseased humans.

    The Dindoo Hindoo does not classify pre-existing diseased humans,who are ALSO infected by COVID,under COVID.Those pathetic souls would rather die in their loos. USA has done 10 million tests on a population of 350 million.The Hindoos have done 300000 tests for 1.2 billion wimpets.

    What to do with these clowns ?

    Case 2 – Lowest death rate in the world

    The Dindoo says that of 17000 cases only 600 are dead at 3% – but the USA has a rate of 6%.This is also a bogus statistic,as it is skewed by age,and also,the fact,that the dead – who died,due to pre-existing conditions,but with COVUD infections – are not listed as COVID dead,by the Hindoos – although COVID,hastened their death.

    What is he dead ? It is the FIDO concept – “First in Dead out”.The oldest patient,dies 1st.The death rate has to be computed,based on the infected cases,upto the date of the date of the last infected person,who died.The Hindoos,on the 20th of April,2020, had 1600 infections.To hit the first 1600,the Hindoos tool almost 20 days – and the 1st man to die,from the lot,on the 20th of April,2020 – might take – upto 30 days.Until then,the Death rate in
    Hindoosthan, will be skewed – and the Hindoos are celebrating !

    Another bogus statistc

    Case 3 – That statistic of — per 100,000 of population

    This is pure bull.It is not that Hindoos have a size of 1.3 billion.It is not that the tests are just 300000.

    The key is that 80$ of the victims,are asymptomatic.Which means that 1.2 billion could be,and are being infected, and so are the aged,and those with pre-existing conditions.

    The asymptomatic will become symptomatic,and will infect the vulnerable and others.They DO NOT come to test.They ARE SAMPLED for testing.23 states of India with 600 million people have NIL Cases in the last 10 days – RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT

    The Hindoos still do not get it !

    Case 4 – Infected cases,as a % of tests

    That the Hindoos test 30000,and get 1500 cases – which is at 5% – and that is mighty special. EU norm is 10& ! The Indians are testing asymp’s,AND NOT the ones who have become symps, or the vulnerables.who are infected by the asymp’s,or the self cured (when they discharge the virus)

    In the US and EU,the portion of aged,symptomatic and vulnerable, are much higher than in Hindoosthan

    Case 5 – Lockdown

    Infected on 20th of April,2020 is 1600 cases – which is more than the aggregate cases,in the 1st 20 days, in Hindoosthan.

    Proof that lockdown is doomed

    Y ? 80& of infected are asymp’s – and who are turning symps, and who have,in turn,infected the aged and the vulnerable – and ON TOP OF THAT – the testing is STILL NOT 100,000 A DAY, and the dead and dying with pre-existing conditions – who are infected woth COVID – ARE NOT CLASSIFIED AS COVID (BY THE HINDOO).

    In this process,the above class of persons,would have infected millions !

    Within 7 days,the daily infections should be 2000 a day, and then the daily infected,should double every 20 days,at the maximum.In 12 months,there should be at least 10 million cases

    Proven – Indians are Duds

    QED !

    This is for those who want to shift the supply chain risk,from PRC to HINDOOOSTHAN

    • Typical illiterate Chinese fool with pretentious name…so envious that India is doing much better and stronger than his dirty CCP nation full of liars and murderers…enjoy your downward spiral,Chinese fool!! Indians are more stronger and fitter than you weaklings!!

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