1.17 R value, 11.1% positivity rate, 20.4 deaths per million — India’s latest Covid numbers

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ThePrint graphic by Ramandeep Kaur
ThePrint graphic by Ramandeep Kaur

New Delhi: On a day the serological survey results in Delhi hogged headlines, the actual numbers in the city looked disproportionately small — just 1,23,747.

India’s R (effective reproduction number) showed an upswing again, which shows the rate of infection spread is rising — another red flag at this stage of the pandemic. This, even as states like Bihar with low testing and Gujarat with high mortality remained pain points nationally.

The testing numbers showed a rise but as the Delhi sero survey has flagged once again that India is probably not even catching a fraction of its actual number of cases.

R value

Daily Covid tracker. R value on 20 July

The R value estimates the rate of spread of the disease in arriving at the probable number of people each infected person will give it to. India’s R value is on the rise currently after several weeks of settling down.

Number of deaths

Daily Covid tracker. Deaths on 20 July

Even as the health ministry claims that India has the lowest number of deaths per million population, the daily numbers keep rising. India currently has 20.4 deaths per million population.

Mortality rate

Daily Covid tracker. Mortality rate on 20 July

The mortality figures show wide variation by states but Gujarat is still at the bottom. The testing numbers are rising and the state is out of the top five heavy disease burden list. Among the big states, Assam and Kerala have low mortality.

Daily tests

Daily Covid tracker. Tests on 20 July

In the last 24 hours, 3,33,395 tests were done. India currently has the capacity to test 3.60 lakh samples a day, Niti Ayog member Dr Vinod Paul said Tuesday.

Active cases

Daily Covid tracker. Active cases on 20 July

Even though India’s overall numbers look daunting at over 11 lakh, the total active cases in the country stand at 4,02,529. However, daily positives continue to hover in the 35,000-40,000 range.

Positivity rate

Daily Covid tracker. Positivity rate on 20 July

The positivity rate estimates whether the testing numbers have kept pace with the rate of spread of infection. The ideal rate as per WHO standards is 5%. India currently stands at 11.1%.

Recovered cases

Daily Covid tracker. Recovered cases on 20 July

The total recovered cases has been the primary showcase number for the Government of India for the last few weeks even as daily cases have surged. The figure currently stands at 7,24,577.

Total cases

Daily Covid tracker. Total cases on 20 July

The total cases in the country currently stand at 11,55,191. The percentage of people who have recovered is about 65%.

High-burden states

Daily Covid tracker. Maharashtra stats on 20 July

Maharashtra accounts for about a third of the total cases in the country and a little less than half the deaths. Worryingly, the state continues to report high numbers of both.

Daily Covid tracker. TN stats on 20 July

Tamil Nadu has shown the way in testing and has low death rates to show, even if it accounts for 50% cases along with Maharashtra.

Daily Covid tracker. Delhi stats on 20 July

Delhi’s brief euphoria over less than 1,000 cases is over. With testing numbers up to over 20,000, the city reported 1,349 fresh cases in last 24 hours.

Daily Covid tracker. Karnataka stats on 20 July

Karnataka so far has seen 67,420 cases and 1,403 deaths. The state has declared a lockdown to bring the situation under control.


Daily Covid tracker. Andhra stats on 20 July

Andhra Pradesh’s rising numbers continue to be a cause for worry. The death rate though is less than the national average.

Tests and positive cases

Daily Covid tracker. State stats on 20 July

As Delhi rejoiced over the “fall” in cases, it is also a fact that it has tested the least among all the high-burden states. Tamil Nadu tested over 50,000 samples.

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