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Chinese factories are beginning to buzz again while rest of the world comes to a halt

Employees are returning to work, production lines are starting to roll and even the original outbreak epicentre of Wuhan is ending its lockdown soon.

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Beijing/Shanghai: While much of the world’s output is grinding to a halt because of the coronavirus, China is slowly emerging from its shutdowns by restarting production at factories and resuming some flights.

A recovery in the world’s second-largest economy provides some relief for global manufacturers in the months ahead as the outbreak continues to wreak havoc in Europe, U.S., India and Latin America.

Employees are returning to work, production lines are starting to roll and even the original outbreak epicenter of Wuhan is ending its lockdown soon. Car sales in China probably hit a bottom last month and are set to gradually rebound as the spread of the virus slows and consumers return to shopping, an auto industry group said this month.

“Real-time indicators show that China is re-starting its industrial complex,” analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein said in a note Tuesday. “Clearly the re-start is at an early stage, but things are gradually improving.”

At the nation’s airline industry, whose slump last month decimated its massive aviation market to a size smaller than Portugal’s, carriers are slowly restoring flights. Scheduled capacity rose 2.4% last week from the previous seven days to 9.2 million seats, while all the other top 10 markets in the world continued to decline, according to flight-data analytics firm OAG Aviation Worldwide.

Other signs include Chinese subway traffic increasing 21% last week, and online sales of large appliances rebounding in both volumes and average prices on a week-to-week basis, according to Bernstein.

Much of China was closed for weeks starting in late January after the outbreak extended a Lunar New Year holiday break. Here’s where some manufacturers in China are now with their ramp-ups:


Production at BMW AG’s Shenyang plants resumed on Feb. 17, and the German carmaker said it is confident the Chinese government will manage the crisis and defeat the epidemic. “We remain confident in the medium and long-term business outlook of our No. 1 market worldwide,” the company said in an emailed response to questions.

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Fiat Chrysler

The company said its manufacturing operations in China have restarted production under the approval of the relevant regional and national governments. More than 90% of its dealers and 95% of staff at the joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group are back online, and “the overall manufacturing and commercial operations are gradually resuming business,” Fiat Chrysler said.


The U.S. carmaker said its Chinese plants resumed production on Feb. 10 and are continuing to ramp up. Both its local joint ventures have achieved almost 100% recovery, though some Hubei or Wuhan employees are still under travel restrictions.


Foxconn, an important manufacturing partner to global names from Apple Inc. to HP Inc., is steadily getting back on its feet. Foxconn unit Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. said this week it’s back at full seasonal staffing earlier than anticipated, suggesting the Taiwanese company is confident of resolving the labor shortages and logistical hiccups that threatened to smother the flow of iPhones and gadgets to America and the rest of the world.


The Japanese carmaker said capacity is gradually recovering at its two Chinese ventures and so far they haven’t had problems caused by parts shortage there due to strain in supply from outside of China.


All Nissan Motor Co. factories in China have resumed work and production is set to align with government mandates, the company said.


All SAIC Motor Corp. plants in China have resumed production, with the company adjusting output levels based on demand. The carmaker has contingency plans to secure parts in case of any disruptions, it said.


Tesla Inc.’s factory in China has recovered from a virus-related shutdown better than many in the industry, helped by aid from local authorities. After resuming operations on Feb. 10, the plant — Tesla’s only outside the U.S. — has surpassed the capacity it had before the shutdown, reaching a weekly production of 3,000 cars, a company representative said Friday.


The Japanese auto giant’s plants in Guangzhou and Changchun have returned to their regular two-shift schedule, while in Tianjin, all production lines are back to two-shift arrangements except one that remains at one shift. The Chengdu plant is sticking to its usual one shift. More than 98% of Toyota’s dealerships are open again, and the company has no plans as of now to adjust its 2020 China sales target, it said.


Almost all production sites are back to operational, Volkswagen AG said. Challenges include a slow national supply chain and logistics ramp-up, as well as limited travel options for employees. All of Volkswagen and its partners’ component production sites are producing again, it said. The company is adjusting its output levels based on current conditions, such as by moving to one shift instead of two previously, according to the German company. – Bloomberg

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  1. The first and foremost duty of all democracies in the world is to protect its citizens from this deadly virus originated from china. Our scientists should discover the vaccines for epidemics generated by china in anticipation. This is quite easy looking at the life style and food habits of Chinese. The world leaders will take care of China very well with this life time experience.

  2. I read all comments. Some are emotional,some are practical. People like Gaumutra should not create war of words.
    The first job is to see how we can come out of this pandemic.
    Second, we,i mean our politicians, might have learnt the lesson.
    Now atleast start making an independent India, self sufficient,self reliant, strong in research and manufacturing, Make the western world understand our strength, setup all global operations from here.
    As far as security is concerned,learn from Israel, leaves no stone unturned, without relying on global advisory.
    If we had sealed our borders, screened entry of our citizens/ others, taken all preventive measures, leaving no exceptions any where. Things wd have been different today. I am a small citizen of India. But Ofcourse dealt with Chinese, Israelis, other part of the world.
    We have been working independently to maintain our position,be in politics or power. If every body join hands (I know it is difficult but not impossible) and work for a strong India maintaining good relationship with all countries, use our strength (people) who are in NASA, indisn business men in the world, our strong research think tanks, Abled exdefence leaders,etc,respect them, increases our peoples productivity,to lead as an example in the world. We have our advantage of Ayurveda,Unani,other medicines,Yoga, other forms to improve the health and hygiene and are gifted by gods of four seasons, God fearing people. If we bring out all the potential we will never have to face such a situation. All the best.

  3. They screwed up the world & now they are taking advantage of this.
    Boycott all the Chinese products for God’s sake

  4. I know that my comment can’t reach to all people but atmosphere is curing itself . One thing I have noticed due to corona there is only one bad thing people are dying but except this all things are positive .Population is decreasing , atmosphere is curing ,animals are free , rivers are cleaning itself , less garbage on roads and streets and many more things . After sometime coronavirus will be cured , please I request to everyone don’t treat nature as before we did . Please choose healthy alternatives . Please don’t waste water . Please plant trees . Please limit the things that made our earth polluted .Don’t throw garbage ,plastics on streets ,in rivers and in sea shores . This time nature gave us the time to be careful .Next time nature will not warn us . Thank you

    • Well said ;I highly appreciate your comment
      I wish everyone think positive side on nature like you did

    • I appreciate ur words….. Humble request to all let’s change, let’s join hands for cleanliness, Saturday and Sunday vl not take our vehicle out, for a change vl walk, vl enjoy at home with family, will clean our surrounding, definitely pollution will decrease, will have a healthy life, will 🌱….

      We can make changes…..

    • I like what you said. Each and every one should realise the importance of nature and move on friendly behaviours with neighboring countries.

  5. चीन से 10 कड़े सवाल : (सवाल नं 6,7,8,9 अवश्य पढ़ें)

    1) जहां पूरी दुनिया इससे प्रभावित हो रही है, वहीं चीन में वुहान के अलावा यह क्यों कहीं नहीं फैला? चीन की राजधानी आखिर इससे अछूती कैसे रह गयी?

    2) प्रारंभिक अवस्था में चीन ने पूरी दुनिया से इस वायरस के बारे में क्यों छुपाया?

    3) कोरोना के प्रारंभिक सैंपल को नष्ट क्यों किया?

    4) इसे सामने लाने वाले डॉक्टर और पत्रकार को खामोश क्यों किया? पत्रकार को तो गायब ही कर दिया गया है?

    5) दुनिया के अन्य देशों ने जब सूचना साझा करने को कहा तो उसने सूचना साझा क्यों नहीं किया? मना क्यों किया?

    6) कोरोना मानव से मानव में फैलता है, इसे छुपाने के लिए WHO के कम्युनिस्ट निदेशक का उपयोग क्यों किया गया? WHO के निदेशक जनवरी में “बीझिंग (चीन)” में क्या कर रहे थे ….. ?????? (प्लान फिक्सिंग कर रहे थे क्या?)

    7) “किसी भी अंतरराष्ट्रीय उड़ान के लिए कोई गाइडलाइन जारी करने की जरूरत नहीं है, क्योंकि यह मानव से मानव में नहीं फैलता है” ….ऐसा ट्वीट 11 जनवरी तक WHO करता रहा । क्यों ??? आज साबित हो गया कि कोरोना मानव से मानव में फैलता है… तो फिर WHO ने झूठ क्यों बोला ????

    8) वुहान से एकसाथ 50,00,000 लोगों को बिना मेडिकल जांच किए “दुनिया के अलग-अलग हिस्से में” क्यों भेजा गया ..???

    9) इटली में 6 फरवरी तक मामूली केस था। एकाएक चीनी ‘हम चीनी हैं वायरस नहीं, हमें गले लगाइए।’ प्लेकार्ड के साथ दुनिया के पर्यटन स्थल ‘सिटी ऑफ लव’ के नाम से मशहूर इटली के लोगों को गले लगाने क्यों पहुंचे ???

    10) पूरी दुनिया आज चीन और WHO को संदेह की नजर से देख रही है और ताज्जुब देखिए कि एक ही दिन चीन और WHO, दोनों भारत की तारीफ में उतर आए! क्या यह महज संयोग है?

    11) और इसके अगले ही दिन भारत में चीन के राजदूत ट्वीट कर उम्मीद करते हैं कि भारत इंटरनेशनल कम्युनिटी में उसकी पैरवी करे। आखिर क्यों? नेहरू की एक गलती का खामियाजा हम भुगत चुके हैं। यह मोदी सरकार है, और उम्मीद है वह कम से कम वह गलती तो नहीं ही दोहराएगी?

    12) सार्क से लेकर G-20 तक की बैठक पीएम मोदी के कहने पर हो रही है‌। संकट के समय भारत वर्ल्ड लीडर के रूप में उभरा है। इटली, जर्मनी, स्पेन, फ्रांस, ब्रिटेन, अमेरिका तक जब कैरोना से निबटने में असफल हो रहे हैं तो पीएम मोदी की पहल पर भारत इससे कहीं बेहतर तरीके से डील कर रहा है।

    चीन इसी का फायदा उठाकर यह चाहता है कि भारत इंटरनेशनल कम्युनिटी में उसके अछूतपन को दूर करे। अब यह नहीं होगा। चीन संदेह के घेरे में है और रहेगा!*वुहान से शंघाई 839 किलोमीटर*
    *वुहान से बीजिंग 1152″*
    *वुहान से मिलान 15000 “*
    *वुहान से न्यूयॉर्क 15000″*

    *पास के बीजिंग/शंघाई में कोरोना का कोई प्रभाव नहीं…*

    *लेकिन इटली, ईरान, यूरोपिय देशों में लोगों की मृत्यु और पूरे विश्व की अर्थव्यवस्था बर्बाद…*

    *चीन के सभी व्यापारिक क्षेत्र सुरक्षित…*

    *कुछ तो गड़बड़ है…*

    *अमेरिका ऐसे ही नही चीन को दोष दे रहा…*

  6. China is the main culprit responsible for spreading this virus. Instead of questioning China, The Print is propagating Chinese Virtue. The Print should ask Chinese why the spread of this virus was limited to one province in China? Why it is not affected other Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai etc.? Why China delayed to inform world Health organisation in time? Again world over the markets are crashing but Chinese markets are stable. Then why China should not be held responsible for this outbreak instead of singing laurels of China. Morning I saw the tweet of Indian journalist wherein he states the China is pressuring Indian media to peddle its news, if that is true, it’s very serious. Even some journalists are tweeting in India that this virus outbreak should not be called ” Chinese Virus’. Because they feel that this is racist. So it is a serious issue for readers like me to believe Indian media.

  7. China virus has blockdown everyone. China should accept this epidemic and reveal true facts about this epidemic. If not then Chinese goods should b boycotted by all over the world.

  8. After this corona reduction in india all youth should come together to start manufacturing units and india should become manufacturing hub for the world we should never procure any raw material from China every thing should boycott from China.

  9. Nobody should buy anything from China after their murderous assault on rest of the world. If they do they should be ostracized.

  10. The American and European countries have manufacturing hubs in China. Boycott all companies that make their products in China. Any other country in the world will be acceptable but not China . These Communists rascals must be punished for their evil hideous deeds of killing innocent people. Its Corona chinese virus and we have to call it just that. Boycott China and Chinese products. Make individual efforts.

  11. UNO & WHO should take action against china for Covid-19
    All the Covid-19 affected countries should boycott China & Chinese products.
    ” Beware of Chinese”

  12. चीनकडून कोणतीही वस्तू जगातील लोकांनी घेतली नाही पाहिजे आणि जेव्हडी लोक चीन मुळे मेलीत त्यापेक्षा अधिक दंड चीन सरकारकडून वसूल केला पाहिजे लोकांच्या जीवाशी यांनि खेळले आहे

  13. Let’s first boycott using Chinese material ..whatever it may be. Let do it now
    Make in india

  14. China have created artificial crisis’s we Indians are fool that . we walk on wrong path ( lock down ) is not the solution . It is another name of economic crisis


    SCENE 1 😗
    The curtain opens: China becomes ill, enters a “crisis” and paralyzes its trade. The curtain closes.

    The curtain opens: The Chinese currency is devalued. They do not do anything. The curtain closes.

    The curtain opens:: Due to the lack of trade of companies from Europe and the USA that are based in China, their shares fall 40% of their value.

    The curtain opens:: The world is ill, China buys 30% of the shares of companies in Europe and the US at a very low price. The curtain closes.

    SCENE V.
    The curtain opens: China has controlled the disease and owns companies in Europe and the US. And he decides that these companies stay in China and earn $ 20,000Billions. The curtain closes. How is the play called?


    “ReAmazing but true”

    Two videos have passed between yesterday and today that convinced me of something I suspected, but had no basis. It was just my speculation. Now I am convinced that the coronavirus was purposely propagated by the Chinese themselves.

    At first they were too prepared. Three weeks after the start of the roll, 14 days and a 12,000-bed hospitals were already under construction. And they really built them in two weeks.


    Yesterday they announced that they had stopped the epidemic. They appear in videos celebrating, they announce that they even have a vaccine. How could they create it so quickly without having all the genetic information? Well if you are the owner of the formula it is not difficult at all.
    And today I just saw a video that explains how Den Xiao Ping gave the west a half stick. Due to the coronavirus, the actions of Western companies in China fell dramatically. China I just hope, when they went down enough they bought them. Now the companies, Created by the USA and Europe in China with all the technology put in by these exchanges and their capital they passed into the hands of China, which is now rising with all that technological potential and will be able to set prices at will to sell everything they need to the West. How are you?

    None of this could have happened by chance. China who cared that a few old men died? Fewer old-age pensions to pay, but the loot has been huge. And right now the West is financially defeated, in crisis and stunned by the disease. And without knowing what to do.

    Masterfully diabolic. It had to be the communists.

    Adding to this, they are now the single largest owners of US treasury with 1.18 trillion holding surpassing Japan.
    An instrument that has seen the most rally

    One ☝ prospective & Analogy:-

    How come Russia & North Korea have Low or Zero incidence of Covid- 19 ???

    Is it because they are staunch allies of China

    On the other hand USA / South Korea / United Kingdom / France / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely hit

    How come Wuhan is suddenly free from the deadly virus?

    China says that the drastic initial measures that they took were very stern and Wuhan was locked down to contain the spread to other areas

    Why Beijing was not hit ? Why only Wuhan?

    It is interesting to ponder upon.. right ?

    Well ..Wuhan is open for business now

    Covid – 19 needs to be seen in the backdrop of the arm twisting of China by USA in the trade war

    America and all the above mentioned countries are devastated financially

    Soon American economy will collapse as planned by China.

    China knows it CANNOT defeat America militarily as USA is at present THE MOST POWERFUL country in the world.

    So use the virus…to cripple the economy and paralyse the nation and its Defense capabilities.

    I am sure Nancy Pelosi got a part in this…. to topple Trump….

    Lately President Trump has always been telling of how the GREAT American economy was improving on all fronts and jobs were coming back to the USA

    The only way to destroy his vision of making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is to create an ECONOMIC HAVOC.

    Nancy Pelosi was unable to bring down Trump through impeachment… work along with China to destroy Trump by releasing a virus.

    Wuhan’s epidemic was a showcase.

    At the peak of the virus epidemic….China’s President Xi Jinping…just wore a simple RM1 facemask to visit those effected areas.

    As President he should have been covered from head to toe…..but that was not the case.

    He was already injected to resist any harm from the virus….that means a cure was already in place before the virus was released

    China’s vision is to control the World ECONOMY by buying up stocks now from countries facing the brink of severe ECONOMIC COLLAPSE…..Later China will announce that their Medical Researchers have found a cure to destroy the virus.

    Now China shall OWN the stocks of All Western Alliances and these countries will soon be slave to their NEW MASTER….. CHINA👈

    • Truth unfolded step by step, chinese should be penalized by the rest of the world and boycotted totally, they should be left to die their deaths, no mercy to be shown on chinese,shame on Xi ,

    • You have any evidence to prove the virus coming from china.
      There are so many possibilities for originating the virus. How the virus is mainly affected to western world. But also the last year under the advice of Trump the Iranain leader was killed by America. In addition to the trade war also began last year by america above the Chinese. I don’t know the exact responsible for the virus either america or chinese….
      Chinese government have many issuses in their pronvinces so that the main culprit behind the virus may be chinese.

  16. Buycot Chinese products from every part of the world atleast punish them for some years other wise they never feel regret for this bad situations…

  17. Idiot Chinese… Just bz of ur foolishness people are suffering worldwide… Eat like a human being don’t eat like animals… Bats, dogs etc really… Ru all insane.. China is pathetic country. They all are animals. Just because of them many have lost their lives… God is watching u china… U will surely repay very soon.

  18. China intentionally made this virus & created a pandemic in the whole country. Definitely they should be punished. And one more thing I don’t understand why we have to rely on Chinese products when we Indians can make the same thing here. We even proved that by sending Mars orbiter with a cost of only Rs 7/- per km. Its because of our idiot politician’s who digest crores of foreign currency & help China to dump there used/waste product to Indian markets. This is the time, that we should stand united & boycott all Chinese waste material. Please Please say no to China & Chinese products.

  19. chinese president must have an IQ of 1000+.
    No other leader can be so cruel, cunning and smart at same time.
    he killed his own people in wuhan with their own virus and transported it to other countries while keeping his own territory safe.
    now they are recovering fast and the entire world is going for lockdown.

  20. The Chinese shall pay ,for they have made this coronavirus in their lab. I think that all the countries should have a meeting and take a strict action against China. Thousands of people died and many are suffering due to this case. I will always boycott Chinese products and request you to do the same.

  21. China spread chinese virus in world thousands of people are died….China is the only responsible…….

  22. We the people are so foolish that we can’t see the reality. This virus is smart as they are because it is man made or you can say a bio weapon developed in a lab to bring economic crisis and chaos in the world. The overall outcome of this all you can see right now is that China is getting stable and getting there countries economy developed whereas the other countries are still under lock down condition. The problem is that we still have no guts to ask the Chinese Govt to give an bloody explanation how this virus have spread and we know that very well this virus had spread not because of eating some bloody animals. It spread because China wanted it to…. This is a well planned mass murder in the name of virus out break. Sorry to say my heart bleeds seeing so many innocent people are losing their lives daily and still counting…..

    • You are absolutely right. Ban for 10 years should be imposed on two countries China & Pakistan.

  23. Why blame the Chinese?
    Learn from the enemy too.

    Slogans won’t take you anywhere.
    Solid action on the ground is needed.

    Make in India can’t match any component of the Chinese. How did China become the manufacturing capital of the world? And all their development in Chinese language. We because of the colonial past can speak a bit of English and we think we are better. No innovation, no originality. Just work as IT coolies in America begging for H1B visa, green card etc. Chinese students study in the USA universities but go back to China because they have opportunities. Indian students struggle in the USA but don’t want to return because of pathetic conditions. Wrong priorities of the government make one stay away

  24. A clever ploy by Chinese – first they unleash a virus on a global scale, second they say it has been curtailed, supply medicines etc. to Indonesia, then say their factories etc. including origin city of virus is now free from infections etc. requesting pakistan to open their borders on the pretext of supplying medicines, etc. – if we still do not understand their sinsiter designs, and still keep importing Chinese products etc. – only GOD help us ..

    • True ..something should be done to them but unknowingly.God will punish them ..not a single day people are able to sleep peacefully.

  25. China was experimenting on Biological warfare in it’s military labs as their communist party supporters get well paying military jobs & so have no practical experience in warfare. See their past experience in UN support missions where their soldiers turned chicken & left it to the Indian Army to contain rebel militancy in Africa. As they want to win wars without fighting, their invention spooked due to which they became the first victims. They had also tried various vaccines/serums for this cure, but have a fair edge in this research as well. My earnest request to all the world – boycott China & any other communist countries products. Their economy also is better as they do not spend large sum of money on (Democratic multi-party) elections as in US or India; just a single party election which obviously has no meaning.

  26. All countrys should come to gather and destroy china he is responsible for so many deaths the country should b wiped from the face of the earth

  27. China🇨🇳 is terrorist country has spread chinese virus in world thousands of people are died. China is the only responsible. Buycot China in all aspects. This country has no culture no value. They like and die like animals.

  28. I truly believe that China created this situation to ensure everyone else suffer and they can make the most profit out of it, we should ban such a nation, manufacturing products of China should be boycott completely. These nation wants to kill others to the core. How pathetic such nation is and its standards are worst.

  29. Ban the purchase Chinese products. Jo bhi Chinese mal ayega vo purana mal hoga yane ki bacha hua mal. Ye mal kharab mal hoga.

  30. China is real culprit. Whole world should isolate china and boycott Chinese product and people

  31. I love china and chinese people. They are talented, hard working, innovative,kind, honest, soft, truthful and loving.
    Hope they restore their loss economy to its fullest.

    • Great one has to take the initiative to work while rest help staying inside avoiding Virus to spread … 《3

    • I agree fully. whilst I’m not conversant with the full facts on the eruption of the Novel Corona Virus, I’m pretty sure many here know much better either other than flying kites, and are talking straight out of their hat. It Isn’t correct to speak foul of people who eat strange food. But You must agree that we have been saying from a long time, One mad food is another mans poison. Arm chair people don’t know the power, economy, education,Research, growth of global offshore markets, trade & comm& what not, The Chinese have it all They have their fingers everywhere and the results are speaking for themselves. India Is a small shadow of China in many many aspects. One Factor that we are missing sorely here is an iron fist administration, and the hundred & hundreds of hard working people unlike freeboarders and people aboard a dubious reservation policy that has been a milestone on our economy.For Those who have doubt’s I req u2 visit China&C4urself the vivid differences. The people themselves aren’t too bad either. Do Get too know then b4 commenting carelessly however. There may b many of u who may nt agree with me, but do your math. Then tell…

      • The Chinaman says” We were weeping at the loss of our near and dear and you were laughing at us. Now it’s your turn to weep but we won’t laugh at you. We are busy oiling our wheels of production and expecting to become normal in another couple of months. You take care of yourself. We’re ready to help anybody who wants help.”

  32. Ban the Chinese products. They exported the virus, paralysed world economy and now the same people will buy western companies at a fraction.

  33. I think all the universal truths have gone opposite in this present situation. I have been observing it for a decade. I will insist to all my brothers and sisters and all the world please please never buy any Chinese products. I have observed China is the most cruel country in the world.

  34. Dont act innocent…you have blood on your hands…you have grossly miscalculated…World will punish you severely for unleashing the Bio weapon.

  35. All countries having trade relations with china should ban purchass from china and chinese products instead devlop own production or support non communist countries in devloping manufacturing industries in future.

  36. Ban Chinese products and there policies too. They wanted to kill humanity by spreading the viruses all over the world. Shame to china !

  37. Good work china. Your innovative, talent, hard work, beautiful people and honesty be an example to those, espicially to messy, smelly and talkative indians who are corrupted and selfish.

    • This country should be heavily fined by the UN Council for the sin they have committed. They have, deliberately put humanity at stake. They don’t deserve forgiveness.

    • Jyada chini chini mat karo ,kuch logo ka pesa dalali ka hota hai sayad chini maal ki dalali karte hain , waise bhi jyada chini chini karne se chini(SUGAR) ki bimari ho jati hai aur CORONA se sabse jyada deaths CHINI walo ko ho rahi hai

    • Who are smelly??..Indians have a great tradition and culture when it comes to agriculture. It is insane to see people eating live smelly,poignant ,allergic bats & rats including reptiles and what more you name it..and eventually led the world into crisis and thus claimed lives all over Europe this is what you call it innovative, hardworking . If it comes to that, Japan is the only country deserves each and every word you mentioned. I bet 99.999999 percent people will agree with that. Rip Chinese Virus.

  38. Boycott Chinese goods
    Improve indian goods and sell it tithe world increase our export
    Our Indian economy will zoom please support Indian economy
    We need this

  39. I swear, I will never bought any thing, that belongs to China.they are cheaters, traitors and selfish.

  40. These Chinese shameless creatures we need to ban not only Chinese products entire China only they have to know what is wrong with them…

  41. Thank you Communist China
    Because of ur unbelievable food habits entire world u started industries.shame upon least rather than producing PPE, ventilators for world u started cars&gadgets.and for evry 10 years u will release a pandemic due to u r food habits& blame others leaders unite and make China pay for this.and seriously think about outsourcing manufacturing units to Communist China & importing Goods& Viruses should take a concrete decesion or else we will see how many atrocities they commit on Humanity.

    • This is not about food habits. This is germ warfare. They sacrificed few thousands in Wuhan to implement the germ warfare !! Why n.korea and other parts of China were unaffected !!

      They thought they could fool the world but will pay for their nastiness very dearly.

      • You are absolutely right , now it’s time for USA ,RUSSIA AND INDIA to take necessary action against CHINA.

  42. Hmmm…. Chinese Propaganda running wild on The Print.
    How much did they pay you to post this crap..??

  43. We need to see if we want to continue with buying Chinese goods. China wants to use this crisis to increase it’s position in the world. They are using their money to influence professors, business people, politicians and make them avoid putting blame on China. Most media outlets are not saying that China is the source of the virus because politicians other than Trump are not saying so.

    We need to start calling corona virus as China virus. Let us all spread the term China virus on social media . The world needs to know that China is a bully. This will help India as India is seen to be a good country.

    China is not as powerful as we believe. Just look at it’s per capita GDP. The industries are already shifting to other countries. India needs to take advantage and attract these industries. It is time to end Chinese bullying.

    • But WHO & science warld
      have not subscribed this idea. are they so fool?. It appears to be premature comment on blaming a country . Wait time will tell the truth

  44. there should be accountability on China to it’s negligent action. It must pay penalty to all other countries then only these type of series of infections will be ceased.

  45. China never harm India, since it cannot
    Survive without India.

    India cannot produce any thing without Chinese help.
    India knows the art of increasing population
    to be infected by viruses.

  46. Isolate China from the rest.of the world. Be it commerce and trade, tourism, every damn thing. It may tKe time, but build everything else but don’t trust China.

  47. Super brain are in store in China and Chinese people. West never recognise that non Chinese skin coloured too not recognize them. Sometimes we can learn good things such as discipline and the way their government challenged the crisis.

  48. If I am a world leader , I would seriously think of importing products from places where lot of viruses originate. Just heard of some new hepta virus few days back.
    No to blame any specific country on this but if there is a chance of importing deadly diseases then I don’t think import should even be considered in first place.
    Also how come all of sudden China has come out of virus outbreak and showcasing it a hero in this war. Sounds very duplicate and not trust worthy at all.

  49. China is the real culprit. Forget what intention they had and what was their game plan, in my opinion whole world should treat them as conspirator and ban their personal movement and products for at least five years. They must be taught a tough and befitting lesson once for all otherwise it would be begining and world will have to pay much heavier price later.

  50. Amidst the backdrop of a holocaust for the whole world except China and which was of China’s doing, please think seriously on below points
    1.The rest of the world needs to know the truth as to why the virus started from a location where there is a biochemical virus lab. Its bullocks to say that animals passed it to humans as the entire China and its populace keep on eating the supposed animals.
    2. How much has China gained economically from all this. It needs to be extrapolated till the same point the world was before this viral attack took place.
    3. The International Court of Justice should suo moto file a case for compensation which needs to be given to all the nations and citizens affected.
    4. China cannot holler and escape. It needs to show it has a conscience.
    5. The WHO should also be made an accessory as it failed to act timely and is going soft on China.
    6. At least now the World needs to set its priorities right. So USA, Russia,Europe and Asia with Australia and rest must have a joint action plan
    to stop the territorial expansion plan of China, which it did by cajoling and bribing small nations like Pakistan, Myanmar,Ceylon,Nepal. Then dominance of South Seas which by giving name like south China seas, cannot become there fathers property.
    Tibet should be given back to the most humanitarian and humble Tibetan people. Strict borders be drawn around China and this should have been as of yesterday.
    7. All these to be addressed now or tomorrow will be too late.
    If not done then tomorrow will see a War unlike World War II.

    • Yes. But there should be accountability on China to it’s negligent action. It must pay penalty to all other countries then only these type of series of infections will be ceased.

  51. AR. Idiots China think about u and others all are equal God made everybody same, but u shameless creatures eat all creatures animals and spread virus thru out the world you bloody creatures eat veg and fear God. One day you have to answer him up. By doing and spreading u think u r smart. But GOD IS LOOKING. WHAT U DO WILL RETURN BACK TO U ALL. BACKFIRE. FEAR GOD U IDIOTS

  52. Defiantly very soon we will come to know the real culprit and they will have to pay a big price to bring the world to a stand still

  53. Since its almost obvious,this bio war maybe created though not proofen ,can imports be curbed,and support the available local products,this wll boost our economy.we need to focus and think now.

  54. We should Boycott Chinese Products and whatever is made in China, or if they change the name as PRC (People’s Republic of China) to fool the Consumers.

    Thereby teaching the Chinese n the chinese leaders a lesson,

  55. Bloody creeps.the world has to demand some serious answers from China.China has to be pressurized by the world organizations to provide free test kits n medical aide to the rest of the world

  56. China will be the biggest economic gainer post COVID19. It may occupy World No 1 position. But today the issue is, whom to sell with major world economy(s) in a shutdown. Europe will collapse.

  57. Stopping eat bats and snakes …. atleast after Cornona virus stopping killing animals like dog and car..god has made such a beautiful nature there are so many things you people can consume those..not animals

    • International community should not only presserise Chinese to stop eating bat, cat, rat, dog etc, but also ensure that they are doing so. Otherwise there should be social bycot and multinational companies should dismantle their units from China.

  58. It’s a surprise. Unless some technical remedies in terms of medicine against Covid it is difficult to extinguish the epidemic.

    University of California, St Francisco etc trying combo drugs with Azythromicine & Hydroxychloroquine but finding constraint.

  59. Stories published in the Print cannot be trusted. They are also Chinese boot lickers given their track records.

  60. “FEAR”” the word is the greatest enemy to the human being. people in U.S.A and Europe are dieing not from Carona virus,they are dieng from death fear.More old age people dieng because of their fear against death.This is common in human beings.Why I am mentioning this is this one type of game plan introduced by Chinese.They are the real causer for this entire world’s desaster ,China and Pakistan are more than Carona virus in this world.keep it in mind.These countries are playing double game,other side U.S.A., also maintaining double standards which led them to suffer now.(always i.e, in Afghanistan,Iraq rememer)Why am saying it now because ,for my conclusion ,I come to know that this may led to 3rd world war against China, Russia and north Korean alliance and NATO alliance, which may led to nuclear war also which can cause huge loss of human lives(one third of human population in world is going to destroy i.e, nearly 250 crore people) and property.keep it in mind.This is the right time to United Nations to intervene in this situation and pose strict sanctions against China and recover all the loses from them.I also know this is not easy,other wise wait and see which left to God.

  61. We people of india should avoid buying chinese goods though indian stuffs are little costlier support our indian products.

  62. If even they start the production,then also it’s our responsibility how this time we can respond them and their commodity to ourself.
    Beware the virus has 9 day capacity to survive even in steel.,and within humen we all suffering how it last.

  63. Print is communist, China is communist. China has started this biological war! They need to be punished. Shame on these inhuman organisms

  64. Hope India will restart its production and operation again like how China did

    Let’s World countries also recover from this virus and restart its production

  65. Yes I believe this is done to become no 1 as we all know Trum putting some restrictions on china product to save their economy from last three year and also many countries boycott China product as they are not good for health and India is one of the country who put restrictions on his product. Economy of China in last year is worst. Their mind is type of LALA. Israil spy ageny defect their is 4 biological web making weapons. This is part of planning we should all bycot china product in future and avoid to go there and world should also do the same practice.. My friend also left china 4 month back. Govt calling them

  66. Any news or info from a country like China can’t be trusted. They hid the Pandemic from rest of the world for two months, unless it spread throughout the world. Before letting the world know about the Pandemic they took measures to control it. I think the main motive was to make the world’s economy suffer, so that they could capture the whole market.

  67. This is planned bio weapon war by China in order to boost in China economy and to pause the same for rest of the world.

  68. China and Japan all mangolian race is like phinix rise from the asses.they are not stupid to dance to the tune of fekus tali and thali bajao jumla.Now the lazy Indians are freefor21days to dance nude in their homes chanting Modi modi.Population may not reduce by the virus but there is chance of increasing it because the Indians only are known to do better.

  69. China doing, like as if nothing happened.
    Now with rest of the world going on lockdown- doesn’t it seem fishy.
    There has to be at least a ban of 6 months or more as deemed necessary in place on China products, so as to ensure it is safe and free of any carriers.

  70. Probably The Print is getting funds from China to run China’s narratives. The whole world is struggling for survival against the Virus Created by China and our Media is portraying China in a totally different way. Shame on you “”

  71. वुहान से शंघाई = 839 km
    वुहान से बीजिंग = 1152 km
    वुहान से मिलान = 15000 km
    वुहान से न्यूयॉर्क = 15000 km
    पास के बीजिंग/शंघाई में कोरोना का कोई प्रभाव नहीं
    लेकिन इटली,ईरान,यूरोप देशों में लोगों की मृत्यु और पूरे विश्व की अर्थव्यवस्था बर्बाद
    *चीन के सभी व्यापारिक क्षेत्र सुरक्षित*
    कुछ तो गड़बड़ है।
    अमेरिका ऐसे ही नही चीन को दोष दे रहा।

  72. Govt should ban imports from China for at least another three months other wise there may be a possibility to again spreading Corona 19 into India.

  73. I request every people and every government of various countries of world except China….
    Please do not buy anything from china.even break all business relationship with this worst nature leader’s country.
    China always ever do worst for world as helped kim-jong-un fir hydrogen bomb.
    And now spread corona virus to whole world.
    So….shame on you ..china…
    I swear not to use any china item ever in my life…

    I want to know what the hell you will get with all these.. you have done..

    I can’t wait that god will punish you..
    So i have sweared i will never support Chinese economy by any means.

    I request whole world to do like me…

  74. Let’s plan in this lockout how to be more productive in the forthcoming years and make in India. Need not import anything including Virus…

  75. I boycott transaction with Chinese companies and anything made in China whatever the brand is, because they did terrible virus spread to every country on this planet. Shame to China, disgraceful.

  76. I boycott transaction with Chinese companies, because they did terrible virus spread to every country on this planet. Shame to China, disgraceful.

  77. After this pandemic corona virus covid-19 whole will think before buying anything from China bcoz they have misled the whole world during period they have lost their credibility.

  78. We, living on this earth in places other than the China, should totally boycott Chinese products and the product of the MNCs using Chinese factories. China should be paid by the same coin, cripple them, their industry and their economy. There is no mercy for the heinous crime they have done.

  79. The Chinese are responsible for the suffering of the whole world no one should buy their products and make them richer . They are most arrogant and nuisance country in world . Make sure you do not buy the Chinese product ever in your life no matter how cheaper it seems.

  80. Dear The Print what you get by exaggerating Love for China? Why you not publish article on Zheng-Li Shif the brain behind this bloody Wuhan COVID-19, You intentionally put the news that triggered the Havoc in Society. And last one thing this blood Chinies virus not spare Prince Charles so you are nowhere..

  81. The Wuhan China Virus Mission Completed. The Dragon has executed its plan perfectly. When the whole world have come to a halt, the Chinese will take control of entire world economy.

  82. Totally believable as Chineese have always been wiser,much advànced then any other nation, and almost capable of winning trade wars . All countries should not give up their souls because of cheap labour and should keep the fort and their pride. Laziness and greed takes over other nations and leave it to others and even sell their own technology.I hope Israel with all their innovation and technology expertise will not give in. Everything that goes around come around.

  83. Very Good YOU DIRTY CHINESE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE..! You People Don’t Have Humanity at All..! Yes, You People Don’t Have Humanity, That’s Why You People See/Think ANIMALS and HUMAN BEINGS ARE BOTH SAME..! You People will Suffer and Will Answer the Natures Questions to the Biggest..!

  84. Why buy Chinese products instead go for made in India or wait still such time India and world rise up to meet the demands.

  85. It’s time to lockdown Chinese factories by not buying anything that is made in china or sell anything to china.. take conscious decision and Chinese will automatically get locked out permanently

  86. The best way is only to totally boycott chineese goods & restart our own production of these items by our own entrepreneurs under MSME schemes.Our leaders killed our own industry right from 1990 the year of globalisation,which has ultimately proved beneficial for super powers & detrimental for countries like our where jobs have been lost & educated masses ar unemployed.We have to rejuvenate our industry & economy on our own terms.

  87. I Suggest This time not to rely on China..we are Good and Better tomorrow can be created without Chinese stuffs…global ban should be levied on China throughout countries should exclude china like Pakistan….it is the same terrorist participant.
    Hope u agree…

  88. It’s not racial but it is the people’s inability to know whether these are from Manipur or China. Both look the same and one cannot help it when there is so much panic around.

  89. President Trump and PM Modi should rally for economic sanctions against China. All Chinese goods must attract Customs Duty of at least 30% for all importing countries for the next 5 years minimum. #ChinaVirus

  90. To whom they manufacturing? They should produce face masks, hand gloves ventilators, protective covers for doctors and health care staffs and distribute to other countries now affected.

  91. U can’t trust the Chinese news in anyway. They are the biggest curse for mankind and animal world.

  92. It’s a good news that China is recovering and their industries are revamping . The Disease started first in China and naturally they should be the ones recovering first. It’s a simple rule of chronology. Other countries also would recover after the initial slump and losing 4-5 % of their elderly population.. it’s a great loss in a sentimental sense. But is it a global crisis in statistical terms. If we retrospect after few months we might realise that we must have over reacted by closing down the entire global system; instead we should have concentrated mainly on our dear elderly people by isolating them and providing them with lots of love and excellent medical care. We become wiser when we experience the epidemiological pattern and virulence of the Virus. COVID19!is a fast spreading disease, but not a killer like Plague or Nipha virus

  93. If we as a human have little shame all the nations should boycott china ana break all trading relation with them

  94. How come so suddenly this virus evaporated from China?
    Nearly in full control as if they already it was prepared in their lab and they already have the antidote

  95. China should be isolated and cut off from the rest of the countries around the world for their cruelly and purportedly created bioweapon known by different names viz coron virus, Covid 19 etc. which is pandemic now…thousands of innocent peoples died and millions are suffering from the virus…God won’t spare them for their conspiracy to become bioweapon power by killing thousands of innocent peoples…now they’ve claimed to check the outbreak of the virus…they’ve the vaccine from the beginning but kept it for the right time to use it…the curses of billions of peoples are on them. They’ll pay for what they’ve done to the world…i just shared my view or speculation…

  96. Are you psychopaths for real do you actually believe the sht that comes out your mouths… They had the virys way earlier than you guys and the rest of the world and handled it fast so you guys should stop bitching btw they had it in January if you didn’t know it was just under wraps until it got alot worse

  97. Chinese virus was made in chinese laboratory as a biological weapon.80% people who died in china were above 60.These all thongs were creayed by chinese govt to become world power.


  98. Bloody Chinese….. By this way they want to be the super power…. Almost they have succeeded., as America also going through the tough phase.
    Well played China….
    Don’t forget that, in coming few years, you will be a beggars nation. KARMA will play its own game.

  99. China is the worst country when it comes to playing cruel political games. They ensured whole world is suffering so that their products can have more demand now as world wide production is stopped

    • Production hahaha For Themself ….Who will they sell ….Where is the market …Future Business ….How Will China Export …..Now After Their Outcome From This Pandemic Pakistan Will Get Their Best Help Possible

    • It is not great news bcoz the virus were prepated in chinese laboratory as a biological weapon.chinese govt should be made responsible for all these things and huge amount should be collected from them and should be given to those countary which are most affected.

  100. I guess THE PRINT is Chinese funded newspaper.
    They always spread news against India and indian govt. And + ve news for China.
    Also we didn’t see this newsletter before 2014-15.

    • No doubt, now no one can show positive news about other countries too. If they do they are anti-national and should be sent to pakistan. Right Mr. Nationalist?

  101. I believe this is fake news. My friend in china through wechat said that they were locking people up in a room whoever is affected by corona. The Chinese government is spreading misinformation to the world.

    • I also think so the CCP government is lying,even the no of cases in china.Their business is down,so they might give fake news so that world think that they are recovered and as a result other countries start importing again products from china.

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