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Oli now says India has ‘encroached’ Nepal’s territory since 1962, should return it

Addressing his country's parliament, Nepal PM K.P. Sharma Oli said ‘our territory should be returned’, referring to the disputed Kalapani region.

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New Delhi: Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli Wednesday lashed out at India once again, stating it has “encroached” Nepali territory since 1962 by stationing its Army in the Kalapani region, and created an “artificial” Kali river to demarcate the border.

Addressing members of Nepal parliament Wednesday, Oli said his country is still seeking to settle the border row through “diplomatic talks” based on “historical facts” and “pieces of evidence”.

“Our territory should be returned,” Oli said a day after his government tabled a bill in the House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament, to amend Nepal’s Constitution to include the disputed regions of Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani in its official map.

“We will seek a solution through diplomatic talks on the basis of historical facts and pieces of evidence. And that means our territory should be returned,” he added.

Oli went on to say that India “artificially built” the Kali river, which acts as the de facto boundary in between India and Nepal, to assert its claim on the disputed region.

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Historical treaty and agreement

India and Nepal have so far been following the Treaty of Sugauli (1816) and their own 1960 agreement when it comes to the Kalapani border issue.

According to the Treaty of Sugauli, the land east of Mahakali river is regarded as Nepal’s territory, and the land west of it as India’s territory.

Both sides dispute the origin of the Kali river. Nepal claims the origin is in the higher reaches of this hilly territory, and thus, the regions of Kalapani and Lipulekh belong to them.

“Our ancestors founded and saved this country through their struggles. We will be able to establish our territorial integrity if we remain firm. The whole country has stood firm on it. The parliament has expressed out the people’s general will,” PM Oli said.

He also came down heavily on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who had recently stated that Nepal should avoid making the same mistake as Tibet.

“Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Adityanath ji has said some things about Nepal. His comments are inappropriate and illegitimate. Someone in the Indian leadership should ask him not to comment on issues that he does not understand. Any comment on Nepal and threatening it will be condemned,” Oli said.

He implored all members of the Nepal parliament to vote for the constitutional amendment in “one voice”.

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Oli’s previous comments

On 20 May, Nepal had released a new political map showing the disputed territories of Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani within its borders, adding almost 335 sq km to its territory. India had rejected it, saying it will not accept such an “artificial enlargement” of its territory.

Oli had then blamed India for sending the “Indian virus” to Nepal and infecting its people.

He had even taken a shot at India’s national emblem, the Lion Capital, and motto ‘Satyameva Jayate (truth alone prevails)’, by saying New Delhi is now following the motto “simheva jayate (lion, signifying strength, wins)”.

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  1. The Nepali PM taking Nepal for a ride. By releasing a new map showing Indian territories as its own, and thereby seeking to enlarge its claims artificially, is the biggest joke , any body could perform on its own people.
    What is India also releases an artificial map claiming Katmandu as part of India? The fact is, the people of Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh are Indians and have paid revenue /property tax to the Indian govt since independence and even before that to the British India and not to Nepal and land records also prove that. On the other hand, China has usurped Nepali lands at the borders, those villagers are Nepali and they pay revenue to the Nepal govt not to China, Yet China has annexed it illegaly and made it part of Tibet. Maybe Oli may have secretly sold it to China who knows but whatever the case, he is diverting the attention of the gullible Nepali youth. The youth should first ask, what is the proof, is the revenue by those people paid to Nepal or not. But unfortunately , they don’t think and that’s why the PM is taken them for a ride. If things continue like that, who knows, whole of Nepal could be annexed by China.

  2. We Nepalese want justice , come on we all know , officially the areas belong to Nepal , even some of the Nepal’s land that were occupied by British and after Indian independence , india didn’t even think to return back Nepalese land , So Greed of India is increasing with time

  3. India eagerly wants to settle down issue with china asap but when it comes to discussion with Nepal, making excuses of pandemic to avoid diplomatic talks.This is unacceptable.we will take back our land and remember there is international court of justice too

    • Also remember the judgement of international court of justice is non binding. India can show the finger even if the judgement is in your favor The only way forward is for Oli to act as a leader instead of blaming India and acting like a communist china’s puppet. This kind of threatening doesn’t work.

  4. As a part of on-going negotiations, India should ask Chinese to remove battery from this babbling toy! He is raking up new and non-existent issues. If Nepal wants good fisticuff, give it to them.

  5. Nepal is right. India has been encroaching on Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Kashmiri, Khalistani and Chinese land. It must abandon its expansionist policies or it will start a war it can’t win!

    • Oli is fulfilling his China and India’s communists obligations of intensifying enmity with India. As communists don’t stand for any values they will use any irrational argument to create noises. India should know that Nepal’s communist leaders can’t be India’s friend. They will always be friend of China and enemy of India. India should use its influence in Nepal to oust Oli, a China stooge willing to suicide himself as enemy of India.

    • No bro, he did not. He is trying to bring justice to Nepali land which was encroached on since past 6 decades. Get your facts right please. Rather he single handedly did the right thing which many of our leaders had failed to do.

      • Go to the international courts if you feel Nepal is right. But unfortunately , you are being fooled and your PM knows, he will lose any arbitration by any international court , Nepal land has been encroached by China and it will continue doing so. Why don’t you ask your PM details of the villagers of Nepal being turned in Chinese, overnight. The revenue records, and tax of those people show they paying to Nepal, but now even the board showing Nepal has been removed. Your PM has either sold this lands to China or wanting to divert attention, It appears that by doing so, he is acting in Chinese interest not Nepalese, Basically enabling China to take over more land and by spoiling India relationship, ensure that India does not come to rescue of Nepal. It will not be news, if Nepal totally get annexed by China, if OLI remains a PM. It will also be not news, if your PM , happens to be a paid agent of China, trusted with converting Nepal into Chinese territory, like they did in Tibet. If you have not heard about the concept of 5 fingers and a palm which China communist regime is pursuing.
        Tibet (Palm), Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal…. The five fingers, . Those are what the CCP aims at and will strive to make a reality.

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