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We are secular, says Indian Army on Pakistan’s ‘malicious campaign trying divide soldiers’

The Army said Pakistan has been carrying out a social media campaign for days now, trying to defame the institution.

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New Delhi: Faced with a concerted social media campaign by Pakistan, particularly aimed at one of its senior officers, the Indian Army Thursday issued a statement espousing its secular credentials.

“Having failed consistently to incite religion-based disaffection within the country, Pakistan, in a desperate attempt, is now trying to create a divide within the Indian Army. The Indian Army categorically rejects such malicious attempts to defame the institution,” a statement issued by the Army said.

The Army said Pakistan had been running a malicious social media disinformation campaign over the past few days, and had in particular targeted Lieutenant General Taranjit Singh, the deputy chief (Operations) of the Integrated Defence Staff, which is part of the Department of Military Affairs (DMA).

“The Indian Army is a secular organisation and all officers and soldiers serve the nation with pride irrespective of their religion, caste, creed or gender,” the Army stated.

The campaign includes a number of posts and videos, which speak about certain action that was taken against Lt Gen. Singh. Pakistan claims the action was taken due to his religion.

With the campaign picking up momentum over the past few days, the Army organised an interview of the senior officer with news agencies, both video as well as print, to clarify that he was fine and working from his office.

This isn’t the first time such attempts have been made by Pakistan.

The Punjab Police had in June booked Gurpatwant Singh Pannu on charges of sedition and inciting Army personnel. Pannu is considered the architect of ‘Referendum 20-20’, which advocates the secession of Punjab from India.

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  1. Pakistani we know from your comments on this site. It will mean nothing. You all are wasting you time and money. Use it to improve your food supply education and money rather than spreading hatred against India

  2. The enraged Hindus have one refrain here : we should be glad we are born in India, not Pakistan, because we are secular and democratic !

    But their godman Modi went to Japan and speaking to Hindus there he said ‘When I see other countries, I ask what paap did I do in my last life to be born in India ?’.

    Maybe in their next life, some of these Hindus will be reborn in Pakistan for their sins !!!!

  3. Amit Shah said Modi’s army will give Pakistan a reply for Pulwama.

    There is no Indian army, so what is the point of arguing whether it is secular or not ?

    Modi’s army could not stop Pulwama. They were thrown into a river in Galwan. After a beating of Modi’s army by China, Modi kept quiet.

    We are told Modi’s army is given a free hand in Kashmir – to rape.

    • We should be thankful we live in secular democratic India run by an unelected body that models itself on Hitler.

  4. . the Lynching of Muslims and Mass Detention of Over Eight Millions of Kashimieris do not give Confidence in this Government. India face is Changing Rapidly and the RSS Docoits are taking Over.

  5. Jose S; Christian Indian , was very pensive about the Court Ruling. We have very pensive about the court ruling “we have come to witness an increase of rulings that go against Indian Minorities be a Muslim or Christian, ever Since MODI Came To POWER.. the Lynching of Muslims and Mass Detention of Over Eight Millions of Kashimieris do not give Confidence in this Government. India face is Changing Rapidly and the RSS Docoits are taking Over.

  6. People of India,

    It is time to revolt against the Government.
    The Govt can certainly not be trusted.
    They have shown how crooked they can be.
    It is a known fact that the Govt does not trust us – citizens.
    They think everybody else is corrupt like themselves.
    Millions of citizens have lost their jobs.
    Millions of businesses have failed.
    Millions of agriculturists are suffering.
    Millions of traders are suffering losses.
    Lakhs of people have died because of the COVID crisis.
    Overall, the economy has collapsed.
    And all the while, the Govt keeps saying that “Everything is fine”.
    They think we are all FOOLS !!!
    The Govt has done absolutely nothing for us.
    Therefore it is time to revolt against the Govt.
    They have promptly labeled us as “anti-nationals”, so it is time to behave like one.
    This is the only way we can give a new meaning to Democracy.

    -The Common Man

  7. There is still considerable scope for improvement in its secular credentials. Political and bureaucratic influence and interference need to go to keep it secular. Regionalism, religion, casteism does exist in strength but gets brushed under the carpet since members are called upon for a higher cause to ignore it. But it exists. Better to check now.

  8. Systemic partisanship and biases in India today are happening so blatantly- be it in the army or in the social set-up as a whole- that the associated criticism cannot be brushed aside just by denying it or retorting it, no matter even if such a criticism is coming from a state which is a rogue state itself.

  9. A country (actually an artificial country called as an alphabet soup) which has lost all the wars it has gone into – overt and undergoing covert, will always try such below the belt maneuvers.
    Let’s not give Paxtan any semblance of existence by giving them any reciprocity, a complete royal ignore is required to deal with the mothership of terrorism. Let them be involved in thinking from where the next source of foreign aid is going to come to feed their physically and mentally poor people.

    • ‘ a complete royal ignore is required…’

      You will not be able to ignore them, Pakistan is always on the minds of Hindus. In the last election, Amit Shah said a vote against Modi is a vote for Pakistan. Another time he said if the BJP loses there will be firecrackers in Pakistan. Pakistan is the key player in Indian elections.

      Hindus measure themselves against Pakistan, not China.

  10. If you don’t like your country , then do something for it,that it can become better ,
    And if you don’t want just don’t do these shit comments , you should feel happy that you live in this country where you can freely live and talk , comment bad or vulgar ,this is specially for above comments user , Idol worshipping is done by every religion excluding minority , Hinduism ,Buddhism, Jesus also ,in Sikhism ((as praying to guru Nanak Dev ji photo 🙏🙏)) ((may be some people will say ,it is not truth but it is true people do it)).
    In army every religion is follow , army soldiers also worship guru Granth Sahib ji 🙏 ,may be you don’t know or your

  11. If you talk about forced conversions of Hindus into muslims and Christians in india. The. That is secularism right? I want to ask this to all those people above. I am from Hyderabad. And there are army training places here. And at these training sites we have small temples, mosques and churches. We Hindus are very secular. Otherwise there would be no muslim or Christian alive in this country

    • ‘If you talk about forced conversions of Hindus into muslims and Christians in india. ‘

      All the converts ran away from Hinduism. Otherwise, their fate will be to get raped, and then burnt by the police without family.

      It is time for Hindus to convert, to save India. There is no force, just advice.

  12. All stupid anti nationals and Pakistani puppets trying to defame the country and army in the comments, old game by the country , can’t win fair so try to spark anger between religions. You know however our country or army is , it is 100 times better than Pakistanis , nothing is perfect but comparing it with pakistan is like kissing our own shoes.

  13. It is outrageous to find Pakistan teaching India secularism. A fanatic Islamic state. It treated it’s own muslims who migrated to Pakistan from India during the partition as Muhajir’s and 2nd class citizens. They still are.
    During my several visits to Karachi in late 70s I found Hindus mainly employed as sweepers, waiters etc.
    The highest position held by them was at hotel front desk.
    Hindu, Sikh n Catholic girls are forcibly abducted and married to elderly people even in the 2020s.
    Muslims, Catholics have attained top posts in Indian. So have Parsi. Sikhs are held in even higher esteem as they are our own blood, family members are still part Sikhs part Hindu. For better understanding read Guru Gobind Singh Ji’ teachings n H..S. Oberoi’s “Construction of Religious Boundaries”.
    By the way Muslims in India have more freedom than they have in Islamic countries.
    Hindus basically are open n tolerant towards all relegion, they visit Church, temples, Gurudwara sometimes even mosque. Can a muslim do this in Pakistan, if at all there are temples left there.
    So do not worry we know how to treat our own.
    To start with stop treating them as Muhajir!!!

    • ‘Sikhs are held in even higher esteem as they are our own blood, family members are still part Sikhs part Hindu. For better understanding read Guru Gobind Singh Ji’ teachings’

      But Hindu mobs burnt them in 1984 . The Hindu army killed the Sikhs in Chattisinghpora , and blamed Pakistan at the time of Clinton’s visit. But Sikhs know who did it.

      When Modi goes to London or Canada, Sikhs were at the forefront of protests against India.

      So you can stop riding on the backs of the Sikhs. They now know what Hindus are like.

  14. So many non secular comments here, pakistani’s behind a mask… Modi is the best that happened to India… Jai hind

  15. Greetings from USA: Brahmans & Hindutva_MODI’s RSS_Terrorists, TODAY, COMMAND_CONTROL INDIA….All RSS_Terrorists & MODI’s US-VISA, were Rejected, Decades Back. But our Stupid HILLARY, with DUMB OBAMA’s Approval, issued US-VISA to Fascist-MODI…He & RSS/BJP_Terrorists, doing GENOCIDE of 200-Million Daalits(Lowest-Cast Untouchables in india, Treated Like DOGS by Hindutva_BRAHMANS & RSS-Terrorists…Daalit Leader, Ms MAYAWATI(Ex-Chief Minister/UP) Shall CONFIRM…Fascist_MODI & RSS_Terrorists ALSO DOING HOLOCAUST/GENOCIDE of 400-MILLION MUSLIMS, Allover india & in OCCUPIED KASHMIR.

  16. Whatever said and done this country will continue it’s un perturbed ethos. Let us not tow the enemy countries narrative. Few actions and happenings doesn’t alter our very nature. It’s all in our mind.

    • ‘Few actions and happenings doesn’t alter our very nature. It’s all in our mind.’

      Your nature is casteist and communal, you are saying this will not alter, because that is indeed in your Hindu mind.

      We know this, but thanks for confirming.

  17. Arre…which religious book say so , Mr Nattu. Lovely beta…u seems properly ragged from childhood.
    Keeping indian names and carrying out cyber jihad will not spare u.

  18. Inidian muslims should understand that no one would care them better than their own motherland “india”,they shouldn’t care about malicious intentions of our enemies.

    • The Indian state has absolved lynchers, and pogrom organisers like Advani and Modi, so why should Indian Muslims believe you ? India encourages Hindu criminality and shields and garlands Hindu criminals. Go by the evidence.

      • Ye so you would prefer pakistan? A country filled with lies and hypocrisy , Fraud and stupid people trying to ruin the peace we have in here. How can you trust a country whose leader is so dumb he can’t answer even the simplest of questions. Don’t ask about facts , muslims are treated here with more respect than they could have got anywhere else. India is secular because it is hindu dominated, look at pakistan which is muslim dominated and then say. Don’t try to spark anger among people for your sadist pleasure. We love muslims as much as any other religion and we are indians first then Hindus and muslims and all other.

        • I never mentioned Pakistan. But Pak is always on Hindu minds. Your life revolves round them. Amit Shah said a vote against Modi is a vote for Pakistan. Indian elections revolve around Pakistan.

  19. Yes we are trying very very hard to prove that we are a secular nation theoretically, but unfortunately our deeds and the latest developments in our beloved country may indicate something else, yet we are a hard-core secular nation, we may derive strength from Mahatma Gandhi credentials whenever it suits us and we may abdicate it whenever it suits, who are you bloody Pakistan to suggest something else

  20. India is the only country which allow its citizens and leader to abuse our pm , president, judiciary otherwise have you seen any mla mp of usa , france , china , uk etc critizing its nation in abroad like rahul pappu. And there is no doubt about secularism in army . A hindu bhahmin jawan feel proud by saying as salam walikam and sat sria kaal veer ji. Our Muslim brother happily greets with ram ram and jai mata di.
    Army celebrates eid , Christmas, guru parv and deepawali as a family , it doesn’t matter what is our religion we celebrate together and feel proud to be part of the rich heritage of army.
    Jai hind

    • ‘Have you seen any mla mp of usa , france , china , uk etc critizing its nation in abroad like rahul pappu.’

      Yes, I have. Modi went abroad and speaking to Hindus abroad he said ‘when I go abroad, I feel what papp I did in my last life to be born in India’.

      In his next life. Modi will be born as a Dalit.

  21. This country pakistan has no work just trying their own dirty tactics on india.nice trying and great going .keep trying more and more 😁but no use.

  22. This country pakistan has no work trying their own failed luck in india. Go keep trying of your dirty tactics.nice try

  23. When I visited kargil war memorial I noticed on memorial plaque that there were proportionately a very large number names of indian muslim.solidiers who laid their lives for their nation or Watan. It is in line with Sharia. But on the other hand I also notice that army convoys carry the flags of hindus and not muslims. It would have been better. Or it will b far more better not to display the flag of any religion.But still I prefer army should represent all the religions of our beautiful nation by hoisting the flags on convoys and other equipment. Thanks.

    • It is a Hindu army, they say Hindus own India, so I say now ‘why should minorities lay down their lives for India’ ?

      • You are the most stupid person , all comments are anti nationalist and provoking, you are surely a paki cunt trying to spark anger, stupid fellow. You should die.

      • I am so angered that a poisoned mind, anti-humanity and a worthless person like you is allowed to comment here. I know you are from a country whose generals can be tricked for a religious miracle by a woman by keeping a tape recorder in the womb. Get lost!

        • You write like an employee of the BJP’s IT cell.

          Are you willing to lay down your life for a bunch of cow lynchers, unwashed yogis and casteist rapists ? What for ?

          • I think my comment has hit you where it hurts the most; to the extent that it forced you to write associating me with the BJP IT cell. And you know very well that India doesn’t have only those people whom you have mentioned in your outburst as above. Finally, be known that I am prepared to be killed by a fanatic of any hue and shade, including a muslim fanatic, the likes of which we find in abundance in Na-Pakistan.

  24. Those who toe the line of Terror States like Pakistan and China are Terror sympathisers who try those tricks. These sub- agents should not enjoy free Publicity here.

  25. Indian army is a great army in the world. There is no religious, caste, state problems. India is a secular country. Neighbour countries, persons try to divided the people religious wise, caste wise. Political parties are work for votes only, and for their personal life. Today there no leader to develop the nationalism in the country. In india majority people respect the minorities. But political leaders, religious leaders, separatists try to disturb the minorities.

    • Dalits will not get raped by Indian army ? Oh, I forget Indian army is raping Kashmiris. They cannot fight with China.

  26. Reading these comments indicate that we don’t need enemies outside country. We have innumerable Jaichands and Mirjafars within.

  27. Yes, Yes. We are secular. Excepting that we are Hindus Muslims Sikhs Christians Jaïns Dalits Brahmins Shudras etc But we are secular no doubt. Ask RSS! That itself is a secular terrorist organisation!

    • A Christian was the AirChief Marshal.Dont you know that.In Pakistan Christians don’t get any job ,do you know? You are well placed in this country and spreading heatred.

    • But you are definitely a Pakistani. Can you tell how many Shia or Shims were made Army Head. It’s India weakness that we are not attacking on weak points of Pakistan.

      • India is indeed weak. When India attacked Balakot, it got a plane shot down and a pilot captured. Then, China gave a beating, and India kept quiet for fear of another beating.

        As long as the army is run as a Hindu army and does not recruit on merit, this will be the result.

    • Good one !

      Secularism is a foreign concept, Hinduism is secularism, they tell us.

      We must not say a Dalit girl was raped, and caste Hindus were responsible, because we are secular.

    • If you insecured try to get residence in any islamic neighbouhood citing persecurion. Hinduism which is a way of life is secular by karma and dharma unlike christianity and islam which use force to convert.

      • People want to run away from Hinduism. Dalits would like to convert, why did you bring law to stop them ?

  28. Modi has not left our army secular and already destroyed its ethos by appointing his favourite officer as CDS. Same officer was given preference over others previously. And what to tell about musketiers like Old generals being ministers now.

    • Edgar Parishad was fought between Peshwas (uppar caste) and Mahars ( lower caste) during British India and Mahars defeated the Marathas. Today Indian Army has two regiments ie Maratha Light Infantry and Mahar Regiment with soldiers from respective castes. Don’t know how they get on together.

  29. Indian army is widely secular but not fully-
    Why is there a mandir parade where officers and soldiers from other religions need to bow and pray to idols ?

    Even in officer training academies (other than IMA) this exists, if you say you are not Hindu and don’t join in they rag you and put you as an outcast!

    Officers of regiments from other religions need to participate for sure if majority of troops are hindu, only a few regiments have soldiers who are sikh (then there is a gurudwara) or a few who are Christian (with church) but a Muslim, Sikh or a Christian officer in a Hindu regiment Needs to attend mandie parade.

    The regimental system is still based on caste / race (Jat, Dogra, Sikh, Rajput, Bihar ) ,…..

    The army serves the politicians in any democracy, now the government is Hindu.

    • But don’t you know that we attend every function whether it is Eid or Ganesh Chathurthi or Guru Nanak Jayanti, there’s nothing in the Army that divides people on basis of any region or religion. The regiment names were made way back and if someone joins a particular regiment he became a member of that. Never ever tell there’s politics in Army this will demotivate the coming generation to join the force.

    • Mr Lovely Singh the most racist and deeply religious organization in the Country is Army. Nothing matches it’s radical procrastination not even the rabid so called defenders of the faith
      Stop living in the fallacy that the Army is secular and Apolitical.

    • Mr Lovely Singh the most racist and deeply religious organization in the Country is Army. Nothing matches it’s radical procrastination not even the rabid so called defenders of the faith

    • Will beg to differ respectfully. Am from the Army.
      Firstly, the parade is no longer called a mandir parade but is called a Religious Parade.
      Secondly, it is held at an institution called as Sarv Dharm Sthal, where we have the Hindu idols, the Mosque with Holy Quran and the Cross with Bible adjoining each other.
      Representative of each religion is given an equal time to give his sermon. Each person wears a skull cap when the maulvi gives his sermon.
      This is the procedure followed in my unit which consists of 94% Hindus, 4 % Christian and 2% Muslims. If this is not secular what is.
      We respect each religion equally, pick up the positives from each of them and derive our strength from our commitment and duty towards the Nation.
      It will be a pleasure to answer any queries or doubts anyone may have.
      We consider each person a human first. No other artificial barrier is created between two human beings. We do not even write or know of a person is an SC or an ST. Everyone in the Army is equal.

    • Yes it happened to me and became big issue and they behave to me like alien then I left the job and partiality was at peak

    • Its just to generate one feeling….not to force something feel bad for..
      You my friend stay away from defence you dont deserve to say in that matter

  30. If a religious book itself preaches atrocities on its weaker sections and God himself is invoked to support such inhumanity, alas!, What shouldn’t the weak do except keeping quiet!

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