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This is what led China to open fire in Ladakh on Monday for the first time in 45 years

China has made multiple attempts since last Monday to push back Indian soldiers from dominating heights near the Reqin Pass and Spanggur Gap in eastern Ladakh.

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New Delhi: The Chinese belligerence in eastern Ladakh escalated further Monday when its troops opened fire on Indian soldiers as a warning, breaking a 45-year record of no shots being fired at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), even as a fresh stand-off has emerged near the Rezang La heights.

The last incident of shots being fired at the LAC came in 1975, and even at that time, it was the Chinese who ambushed and killed four troopers of the Assam Rifles in Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh (then a union territory).

Sources in the defence and security establishment said the action took place Monday evening after the Chinese attempted to transgress into the Indian-dominated territory on the southern bank of Pangong Tso.

The details of increased acrimony came out at around midnight Monday, with the Chinese military accusing Indian soldiers of crossing the LAC and firing warning shots, a charge that India denied Tuesday morning.

The Army termed the statement by the People’s Liberation Army’s Western Theatre Command as “an attempt to mislead their domestic and international audience”.

Sources said since last Monday, China has made multiple attempts to push back Indian soldiers from dominating heights near the Reqin Pass and Spanggur Gap in eastern Ladakh, after they were outflanked the previous weekend in a “race to the passes”.

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Chinese opened fire in the air

Pictures have emerged of Chinese soldiers carrying rifles and iron rods, with what appear to be machetes on their heads, near the vicinity of India’s forward locations.

A picture showing Chinese soldiers carrying rifles and iron rods with machete-like heads near India's forward locations in Rezang La | By special arrangement
A picture showing Chinese soldiers carrying rifles and iron rods with machete-like heads near India’s forward locations in Rezang La | By special arrangement

Sources said these were possibly ‘Dah’, a crude weapon intended to work like a spear.

A different set of sources said that Monday, Chinese troops also carried clubs, and at one point, tried to provoke the Indians into action by trying to move ahead with crude weapons.

During the 15 June Galwan Valley clash, Chinese soldiers had used clubs with nails on them to target Indian soldiers, which eventually led to the death of 20 soldiers, including Col. Santosh Babu.

Sources said around 6 pm, the Chinese made an attempt to push back Indian soldiers from three heights along the Rezang La-Rechin La ridgeline. These heights are in Indian territory but are claimed by the Chinese.

The Chinese troops were in three different teams and were armed, sources said.

The PLA soldiers were given a warning by the Indians to stay away, but at one of the heights, a group of about 40 Chinese soldiers opened fire in the air.

The Indian Army statement said: “In the instant case on 07 September 2020, it was the PLA troops who were attempting to close-in with one of our forward positions along the LAC and when dissuaded by own troops, PLA troops fired a few rounds in the air in an attempt to intimidate own troops. However, despite the grave provocation, own troops exercised great restraint and behaved in a mature and responsible manner.”

It is now learnt that the group of 40 Chinese soldiers has stayed put at one location, and is involved in a stand-off with Indian troops. The armed troops are at a distance of less than 200 metres, sources said.

Repeated attempts to push Indians back

Sources said ever since the Indians dominated the heights, spread over 50 kilometres, the Chinese have been trying to push them out.

“It is a sensitive situation. Indian soldiers continue to hold their positions. It is not a literal face-off since the troops are not standing face to face. However, the situation remains sensitive as the Chinese have made multiple attempts since last Monday,” a source said.

This was also reflected in the Army statement, which accused China of continuing with “provocative activities to escalate the situation”.

The statement also underlined that India is committed to disengagement and de-escalating the situation on the LAC, and that at no stage have the Indian soldiers transgressed across the LAC or resorted to use of any aggressive means, including firing.

“It is the PLA that has been blatantly violating agreements and carrying out aggressive manoeuvres, while engagement at military, diplomatic and political level is in progress,” the Army said.

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  1. This is the type of article that happens when a presstitute is writing. It is very lucrative to suck up to communists in China and generous hawala transactions have fed a well entrenched team of leftist traitors in India. Hence the writer’s laughable attempts to scare brave Indian soldiers and their supporters; their great cry baby red paymasters will be angry, ooooh… and they will be sending a ferocious contingent of dangerous nail-club wielding to take Black Top and Helmet and whatnot back from us that cha cha Nehru lost in 1962, 68 years ago.

    Sorry, crypto-communist traitors, we have more faith in the dirt on our soldier’s shoes than in any linguistic somersaults your worthless presstitutes may puke on paper. Now go die already!

  2. This purely a crap article,supporting the Chinese incursion by indirectly blaming the Indian army….this author and Article in shirt be ashamed and disgrace…are the readers blind and cannot see ?Who is this writer anyway???

  3. Your way of reporting like you are writing on behalf of China! Please Look your headline, ” This is what led china to open fire in Ladakh….” What message you want to give to Indian? Indian has never invaded any country. Here in Ladakh also china has is aggressor and trying to usurp our land and our land. This habit of china with every neighbors. Please mind your reporting, if you really care for India and indian else your wish. Our strong forces in the leader ship of Sri Narendra Modi is giving befitting reply to enemies.

  4. Soldiers are trained to shoot, and shoot to kill. If they are faced with medieval weapons, they must shoot to injure or kill. Indian soldiers are trained for modern warfare, not for medieval gladiatorial fights. I wonder who or what is holding them back. If India does not kill a couple of chinese soldiers in suitable condition, they barbaric PlA will continue to threaten Indian soldiers with stone age and medieval weapons.

  5. Chinese troops provoke India on the late evening of 7 September 2020 at eastern Ladakh along LAC, escalating tension.
    According to newspaper reports , Chinese PLA troops were found attempting to close-in with one of forward positions along the LAC in eastern Ladakh on the late evening of 7 September , 2020. The Chinese troops are reported to have fired a few rounds in the open air. The Indian army reportedly maintained restraint and did not respond to the provocation with opening of fire. The Chinese PLA has , however , described the incident by alleging that Indian troops transgressed into their territory and opened fire in air. Indian army has rejected this allegation or claim of Chinese PLA. The intent of the Chinese PLA act on 7 September has been read to provoke Indian army.
    The provocative attempt on the part of Chinese PLA on the late evening of 7 September 2020 was implied precisely in the predictive alert of this Vedic astrology writer in article – “ Planetary configuration in August -September 2020 suggest something historic , something rare” – published at on 20 July , 2020 which read as :- “ The world looks to be getting together in two separate and distinct camps. One camp claims believing in or advocating social-cum-universal sort of philosophy. The other camp appears to be one whose key theme is expansionism. Yes , these two camps look to be pitted against each other during August-September 2020 , ………………………………………………………Planetary configuration in two months , particularly during 10 August to 10 September , suggest heightening of tension between the two camps accompanied by war-like strategies. This circumstance can pave way for big-war including mini-war or compromise -settlement. In both the situations , the dates 10 , 11 , 19 , 20 , 27 , 28 and 29 in August are closely relevant. Similarly , the dates 6 , 7 , 8 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 24 and 25 in September are also relevant”. Thus , the predictive alert for more care and appropriate strategy can be said to be precise and to the point.

    • A this juncture, let us leave the matter to our men in the front. They know how to deal with the crisis. They are trained for it.
      We, the people at large should refrain from passing any irresponsible and dirty comments. We better show our patriotism by refusing to use anything made in our enemy country. Let us preserve our energy for the day it will be really required. Passing bosterours comments are not going to win us the war.

  6. What happened to Ajay Sukhla all the other self styled defence correspondents and analysts who chest beating over Galwan a couple of months ago? They were busy criticising the government then? Cat’s got their tongue nope?

  7. Jai jawan . Mera Bharat Mahan .
    Yo Kali pl keep protecting us.
    The Chinese must be beaten back.
    India must continue to hold the captured , our own side of LAC, positions.

  8. Chinese side play blame game, misrepresenting facts before their own people as well world media. PLA (publicly lying army) is full of crooks creating dangerous situation for Chinese citizens, keeping them under high risk. The Chinese mouthpiece media house further damaging situation, creating panic within China. Re-orientation and proper guidance of PLA and Chinese mouthpiece media are required to de-escalate situation in borders, besides constructive talks at diplomatic & military level talks.

  9. Bloddy heck… That’s the leveling scenario… I completely opposed Pak in its misadventures in Kashmir Valley but the statement made b Amit Shah for taking back Gilgit – Baltistan and Aksai Chin has its own repurcussions.

  10. I salutes to our brave soldiers. Our soldiers are best in the world. I proud on our army because it is number one in the world.

  11. We come here only to see any of your hypocrisy only, don’t dream that you are doing good journalism,you guys are the worst !

  12. China was a country behind Tibet and China is a country behind Tibet and China will be a country behind Tibet. Come what much there is blood shed over cheat Chinese dealings. Look out for Chinese and pro Chinese in india and SHOOT them out.

  13. Indian Army persons are most tollerant and brave. The enemies of the Nation are not outside but they are in the National itself.

  14. Chinese govt ki gaand jali hui hai because the whole world is kind of against them. So they want to satisfy Their EGO thinking India cannot do anything.

    Now, they are becoming like their younger brother pakistan, by telling lies to international Media. Lol

  15. I am an ex-serviceman lived on our borders of Ladakh
    in Sinkiang Province near China border. It is very
    difficult place because of cold and lack of oxygen.
    We have to defend our borders bravely, at our sacrifice.
    Nation first and nothing comes to next.We are very
    proud of our our of career.Lord God save our nation.

  16. Bravo the Indian jawans! They must stand their ground as it falls on the Indian side of LAC. All attempts by the Chinese soldiers must be frustrated, so they realize that India means seriousness. They simply cannot take India for granted and take unilateral actions to cross LAC and acquire land. They must come to the discussion table and talk reasonably. I salute our Indian soldiers.

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