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Navy deploys large number of ships in Indian Ocean to send clear ‘message’ to China

Since tensions in Ladakh began, three service chiefs have been meeting regularly to plan military strategies.

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New Delhi: Amid the stand-off with China in Ladakh, the Indian Navy has deployed a large number of ships under the Eastern and and Western Naval Commands in the Indian Ocean region to send out a clear “message” to China, ThePrint has learnt.

Sources in the defence and security establishment said that the “message has been registered” by China.

They added that the three service chiefs have been meeting regularly since the border tensions in Ladakh started simmering from early May and all military strategies are being planned jointly.

As reported by ThePrint, the development comes as the Indian military is preparing to respond to Chinese aggression in a joint manner keeping in mind the possible collusion of China and Pakistan.

“India has reacted in all domains to counter China and to tell her that what she has done is unacceptable. This involves the Army, Navy, Air Force, diplomacy and even economics,” a top government official said.

The official added that the ships have been deployed to send out a message.

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Message ‘registered’ by China

Asked if this message has been received by China, the official said: “Yes. China has picked up the message. It has registered”.

The official, however, refused to get into the details of what the message was and how he was sure that the message was received.

China has always been concerned about India possibly blocking the Malacca Strait through which 80 per cent of the Chinese goods travel by sea, including petroleum.

Sources said that the Indian Navy has not spotted any “alarming” movement by the Chinese PLA Navy so far.

ThePrint had earlier reported that additional ships have been deployed by the Navy, but the extent of the deployment could only be known now.

The Navy has also gone in for emergency procurement of “niche equipment”, details of which are being withheld for operational secrecy.

New plans for Andaman and Nicobar Command

Government sources said that one of the key bases for India is the Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC), the only tri-service Command of India.

They said that a lot of plans are in the works to fully exploit the capability of the Command, which gives India closer accessibility to the Malacca Strait.

The Indian Air Force has also sent its maritime strike variant of Jaguar fighters to the Car Nicobar Air Base under the ANC as part of the preparedness.

From this Command, the Navy has the ability to dominate the Malacca Strait.

The Eastern Naval Command had earlier carried out a major exercise under the area of operation of the ANC and a Passex Exercise with the US in the same waters.

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  1. Please shut up all you Pakistanis and Mr. Rosogulla . None of you guys know what the Indian Armed Forces are capable of. The People’s Liberation Army is quite aware.

    • ‘None of you guys know what the Indian Armed Forces are capable of. The People’s Liberation Army is quite aware.’

      We saw what Indian Armed Forces are capable of in Galwan and in 1962. In one case they fought and lost. In the second case, without opening fire, they lost. The PLA is aware of what Indian Armed Forces are capable of, and Xi is very aware of Modi’s capability.

      You better deploy the Sanghi fellows at the LAC.

      • @Rosogola We know what our armed force and capable of??? We saw how they faught in 1967 against China as well s 1971, 99 war against pakis…So pakis and their moo-slum friends shouldn’t live in their own created bubble….when it will brust, it will hit hard

        • ‘We saw how they faught in 1967 against China…’

          So why could they not it repeat it under chowkidar Modi in 2020 in Galwan ?

          Many Hindus were living in a bubble imagining the world was in awe of India due to Modi. The bubble burst -Modi’s meek announcement looked like the familiar Hindu cowardice that the Sanghis are known for. The BJP Hindus are good at rioting, but cannot stand up and fight at the border.

    • We do not need you to tell us the PLA is quite aware of what Indian Armed Forces is capable of. The PLA showed Indian capabilities in Galwan. Modi, Shah and Bhagwat are also now aware of what Indian Armed Forces are capable of , that is they are keeping quiet as a mouse.

  2. It is like the sanghis holding a shakha drill far from the LAC in Nagpur, and claiming it sends a clear message to China. Unbelievable people.

  3. What happens to all the innocent bysanders in any war . No one today will win because the Holocaust cause by a few would be final to our beautiful planet . A hell of price for humankind .

    • I don’t know what your nationality is. I believe you are an western guy. So all the great wars were started by western powers. Japan didn’t started the 2nd war. It wanted to take advantage of it. After 2nd great war all conflicts were started by the west or it has played a part in it. Therefore such words coming from you sound, hypocratic

  4. This is typical vain Hindu grandstanding.

    How is deploying the navy going to help counter land loss at the LAC ?

    Do any Hindus really believe that India can block the Malacca straits. China will sink India’s ships and that will be a bigger blow.

    These Sanghi fellows can fight in India with minorities, but against China, they have neither brains nor brawn.

    • As a matter of fact Indian navy also has an aircraft carrier and hence just because of the presence of an aircraft carrier does not mean it is Russian navy ship.

      Secondly, if it is not visible to you then let me tell you that there is a poster in the picture with words written in hindi.

      So next time before leaving your stupid comment on a reputed news website think twice.

  5. We in Pakistan r very familiar of indian mindset. China and Pakistan must act together and I m sure they will do it, to break this indians Naval show. If not done this then india will use this option more oftenly. They r like this. So a very strong and decisive reply is heavily needed from china and pakistan alike … Lets see what happens. After all we had a lot for complete destruction. This shud be done now peoples in Pakistan r ready mentally to destroy india even at the cost of our own destruction..

    • china and pakistan can never defeat indian army as once Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein told to media that he can defeat USA if he gets 10% of indian army because our army will fight till they are alive even if they don’t have weapons they will use stone but they will not submit

  6. Chinese know indian forces including navy have zero potential to harm china thats why they don’t bother to send a ship against this ” power show” by india,,when their will be war china will simply wipe out these indian vessels by using its Electromagnetic pulse ( EMP) simple as that

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