Wednesday, 25 May, 2022


India now has more than 4.3 crore total reported cases and the world's highest number of recoveries. Worldwide, there are over 43 crore cases, with US recording the highest caseload.

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India drops to 54th place in WEF’s Travel & Tourism Development Index, but tops in South Asia

According to a new study by the World Economic Forum, India's travel and tourism sector has shown ‘signs of recovery’ after two years of slowdown caused by the pandemic.

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Beijing sees record number of Covid cases as lockdown woes continue

The city reported 99 cases for Sunday, up from 61 on Saturday with the case tally hovering around 50 a day.

China blames prolonged Covid restrictions on unvaccinated elderly

Officials are using incentives like cash prizes, cooking oil, eggs and milk to convince seniors to get inoculated.

North Korea admits first Covid casualty, calls recent spread ‘explosive’

Pyongyang revealed Friday that the country has had 350,000 cases and over six deaths since April this year.

China wants to restrict travel further, another Covid-Zero excess

As most of the world shifts to living with the virus, Beijing's stubbornness is harming its citizens.

Reform WHO to build more resilient global health architecture, says Modi at world Covid summit

The Prime Minister told participants that India’s vaccination programme was the largest in the world, ‘we can produce 5 billion doses this year’.

Govt set to allow Covid booster dose before 9-month waiting period for those flying abroad

The decision about the precaution dose for overseas travellers was based on recommendations by the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation.

In rebuttal to WHO, Modi govt claimed 99.9% deaths registered. NFHS-5 pegs 2019-21 figure at 71%

NFHS-5 India report, based on fieldwork done from 2019 to 2021, was released Thursday. It gives death registration level as 83% for urban, 66% for rural households.

‘Science does not lie, Modi does,’ Rahul Gandhi after WHO figures on Covid deaths

In its report Thursday, WHO estimated there were 47 lakh Covid deaths in India, 10 times the official figures.

Covid killed one out of every 500 people globally, WHO report shows

The WHO’s new estimate is more than twice the figures from individual governments’ reports showing about 6.2 million Covid deaths.

India saw 81.2 lakh deaths in 2020, up 6% over last pre-Covid year 2019, CRS data shows

CRS data for 2020 released by health ministry Tuesday. It comes amid a tussle between WHO and government over exact figure of deaths in India during Covid pandemic.

First dose to be given as booster to those vaccinated with Sputnik V, NTAGI recommends

The first dose of the vaccine contains a recombinant adenovirus type 26 (rAd26-S) and the second dose a recombinant adenovirus 5 (rAd5-S), an official explained.

New Omicron sub-lineages likely to evade vaccines, natural immunity

The BA.4 and BA.5 sub-lineages appear to be more infectious than the earlier BA.2 lineage, which itself was more infectious than the original Omicron variant.

45% of samples sequenced in India since January had Omicron, shows Covid lab network INSACOG

INSACOG, in its latest bulletin, revealed that nearly half of all Covid-19 samples sent for genomic sequencing in India since January this year have been identified as Omicron.

‘Covid is not fully gone, remain alert,’ Modi tells state heads after rise in cases

The Prime Minister asked chief ministers to scale up infrastructure; said children should get vaccines at the earliest.

Delhi govt’s new SOP for schools – check all entry gates, ensure quarantine room

The Delhi Directorate of Education Schools asked schools to guide students to not share their lunch and stationery with others.