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Chinese Premier Xi Jinping could be the most powerful leader in the world.

19th Party Congress in China: Xi Jinping is on the road to immortality

President Xi Jinping has amassed power comparable to Mao Zedong in the last five years, and is set to be immortalised in the constitution.
A woman's hand with bangles

Don’t misread SC judgment, not all early-age marriages are forced

SC judgment on sex with minor wife should not be interpreted as a tool for parents and community leaders to “tame” rebellious daughters.
Rex Tillerson on podium

Tillerson outlines US vision: sounds good for India, tough on China

Ahead of his visit to New Delhi, US Secretary of State reveals the Indo-US relationship will be tough on China, firm on terrorism, and open for business.
Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal controversy is an extension of RSS’s ideological war

Ideological schizophrenia and a perverse reading of history projects the Taj Mahal as a symbol of hate and barbarism.
Taj Mahal

The shifting stance of RSS on India’s past means the debate on Taj Mahal isn’t over yet

It was in the book by the self-declared Hindu scholar P. N. Oak that the Taj Mahal controversy was first introduced in the 1960s.
Singapore’s former premier Lee Kuan Yew had a tough time balancing firecrackers and his First World aspirations in the 1960s, but here’s what he did.

Happy Diwali, Singapore style!

Singapore’s former premier Lee Kuan Yew had a tough time balancing firecrackers and his First World aspirations in the 1960s, but here’s what he did.
Rows of army men on parade

India’s military must push to raise its intellectual capital

The moot point is whether our senior military leadership really wants to influence strategy and policy, or are they happy in their operational cocoons.
BJP MLA Sangeet Som has criticised Taj Mahal as a symbol of invaders, but the monument has had many political narratives

From Lord Curzon to BJP’s Sangeet Som, Taj Mahal has many political narratives

Taj Mahal has always functioned as a political text, capable of producing a number of different and even conflicting meanings.
Taxis lined up

Sharing economy is also caring when it comes to city taxis

The proposed city taxi rules in Delhi and Mumbai are likely to reduce jobs for drivers, and increase congestion and pollution.
Sunil Jakhar campaigning in Gurdaspur

Gurdaspur verdict is no certificate of success for six-month Congress rule in Punjab

The BJP state unit was faction-ridden, did not have any local leader and relied too much on the Akali leaders' campaign for its Gurdaspur candidate.

On Camera

‘A rich Muslim’s expense on Umrah marriage can teach 3 lakh poor Muslim kids for 18 yrs’

Muslim scholars say 84% of Indian Muslims earn less than Rs 50 a day, and want the community to cut spending on lavish weddings, multiple pilgrimages.

Should Indians support Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series in YouTube subscriber race against PewDiePie?

Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series and vlogger Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie are fighting to attain the number one spot in terms of subscribers on YouTube.


Indian Army | representational image | Waseem Andrabi/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Army personnel killed in firing by Pakistani troops in J&K’s Poonch district

The border skirmishes witnessed a spurt after India's air strike on JeM terror camp in Balakot in response to Pulwama attack that killed 40 CRPF personnel.
National Interest

Why Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is in danger of morphing into a clueless NGO

Congress has questions but no answers, ‘leaders’ but no winners. Weeks before polls, it’s behaving like a virtuous, anti-establishment NGO just doing its thing.