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Every country dreams of becoming Hageman as USA did. But they were waiting for the superiority vacuum. So to waste time in waiting, they thought why not to create it. After the world war-1 , the economic condition of European countries got deteriorated. In the League of Nations, USA had an offer to become the leader of the world and dictate their own terms. But that was not the right time, because a country after becoming a Hageman will dictate you terms, and you shouldn’t be in a position to oppose it. But, after first world war European countries were capable of making a comeback. So geo-strategy says why not to destroy your contender completely, before taking the Hageman’s seat. It cannot be argued that it was USA, who helped Hitler to became Hitler. USA was knowing that one world war is not enough to destroy Europe, America supplied arms to Germany and everything what they needed to tear-down Europe, and when the world war-2 got over, the political vacuum to became the world leader was created. The vacuum that USA needed to dictate their terms where your wrong will also become right, was created. USA was the one who then stopped second world war because some energy should be left in the countries to import items from USA. France which is now the permanent members of UNSC, after the end of second world war they were the 1st one who took loan from both IMF and world bank.

Indigents USA need-


If a country is democratic, it becomes easy to interfere in their day-to-day affair and they can arm or disarm the insurgents if they align to their national interest.

Human Rights- If a country’s policy is not going line by line according to hegemonic terms and conditions, then they can easily topple the government by pretending themselves as the saviour of human rights. And by passing the resolution at UNSC as they did with Syria, a peace keeping force will be sent to that country and then Hegemon’s puppet regime will get installed. 

USSR invasion of Afghanistan

Half knowledge is dangerous and when it comes down to history it’s too dangerous. Politicians use manipulated history to serve their own purpose. History is the best source to manipulate anyone’s thought. For example, “USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and then Pakistan gave training to Afghanistan nationals”. But what compelled USSR to invade Afghanistan?

The southern part of Soviet Union was Chechnya, which is a Muslim dominated area, and with the help of northern province of Afghanistan, USA helped insurgents to weaken the socialist regime of USSR, so it was USA that compelled Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan. As USA had left no choice for USSR.

Now the plot was set for USA. Democracy and Human Rights of Afghanistan was in danger. So, with the help of Pakistan, they trained Afghan nationals and compelled them to became mujaheddin and up till now Afghanistan is paying the price of it. “The cursed land” but who made it? 

Ukraine crisis

Russia’s military strength is far more superior than that of Ukraine, but the assurance given by USA to Ukraine, was the reason that Ukraine was punching above its weight. Russia tried its level best to convey Ukraine and the western world, that these are our red lines. But it was USA who compelled Russia to engage in the war.

Which later helped USA to convince European Union to put sanctions on Russia. Before the war, USA tried their heart out to persuade European Union nations to cut down trade with Russia, but didn’t work out. And this war helped USA to justify their sanctions to the whole world. USA benefitted from this war but what Ukraine got? If Ukraine somehow will win this war and will pull Russia back from their territory, then also who will take the responsibility of those civilians life who died. USA had served their purpose. USA only used Ukraine as a medical rat through which they were sharping their skills 

Taiwan crisis

‘Russia story is over. China is next. USA strategy is always of buck passing. At this geopolitical scenario China is challenging the USA’s hegemony. China has almost everything what it takes to challenge America at this stage. USA very smartly tried to pass their buck to India, by shouting in the public forum that China is India’s biggest enemy. And saddest part was India assumed the same and was in a path to become the next medical rat of America but somehow luckily for India that Taiwan crisis emerged and at the same time, India said no to military alliance of QUAD. So, USA shifted their focus towards Taiwan.

And right now, with the assurance of USA, Taiwan is doing everything what it takes to irritate China and today it seems like Taiwan’s geostrategists has all the qualities and qualification to become the next medical rat of USA.

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