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In this euphoria/doomsday prediction of TMC Win/ BJP loss, many of us are missing out one major development.

*BJP has increased it’s tally from 3 to 77*. That’s a massive growth by a single party (it’s not an alliance, just a single party), that too in a State where they were nowhere till 5 years ago. Such growth is perhaps unprecedented in the history of India except for AAP in Delhi.

Everyone thinks BJP failed. Why? Because BJP themselves declared from every roof top that they will cross 200, they will form the next govt etc. Perhaps they got carried away by their own performance during the Parliamentary elections of 2019. That was a Big Mistake, because Bengal has often voted in a different pattern during Parliamentary elections vis a vis Assembly elections. Check any record during pre TMC era. Perhaps BJP well-wishers started believing the national media predictions, exit polls, etc a bit too much. Those were partially right, partially spiel. That’s why this feeling of massive failure.

*So, while everyone is talking about how BJP went horribly wrong in Bengal, I will stick my neck out and say it did do many things right too*. After all, they did get Mamta so worried that for the first time ever we saw Mamta peddling a bit of soft Hindutva too.

*What Now?*

Bengal will see far more chaos than ever before.

Mamta will not bring in a golden era, unless she changes her polarization politics, but that she won’t. Simply put Bengal has chosen lesser of the two bad choices in front of them. Mamta is no dudh ki dhuli.


*Muslim appeasement will peak now*. Payback time. They voted for her en masse, totally wiping out Owaisi and ISF.

The riots will reach Kolkata, Muslim mafia will bully Kolkata Police, who will get strict orders to give them a free hand. We have already seen videos of Muslim youths looting shops as part of election victory celebrations.

More Muslim Ministers will get important ministries. The state policies will further change towards soft Sharia (I leave it to the reader to make sense of that word).

End result, *This is not a bad situation for BJP at all* who will have a fertile ground to polarize their target votes. Hindu vote consolidation will take place.

However, BJP has to do it subtly. They have to take extra care not to go overboard with typical Hindi Heartland (Jai Sri Ram, Valentine’s Day is bad, celebrate only Hindu festivals, become veg, etc) themes. *They have to inculcate Bengali cultural, social, festival themes*.

Thereafter they have to get *an educated Bengali, typically Bhadralok, face for CM*. Not have public faces of national secretaries like Vijayvargiya or state bosses like Dilip Ghosh. They both come across as uncouth uneducated people. I don’t know if that’s true of these people or not but that’s what their public persona is.

BJP must understand this.

*Unless Mamta stops Muslim appeasement, Next time, expect BJP in Bengal*

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