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From USA to China, plenty of countries constituting more than 3/4th of the world’s population is bearing the brunt of climate change in the form of severe floods, massive landslides, high intensity rainfall, wildfires, drought, etc. But even now, mankind is again prepared to ignore it by treating it like a usual event, like in the past.

What we Sow is What we Eat; rapid industrialisation by developed countries, plethora of construction projects, unable to find balance between development and environment and ignorance of the most challenging issue in our life led to this environment disaster. Glaciers are melting at a record speed in Arctic region, all past records are broken in Canada and western US with regard to wildfires, Germany is facing its worst flood situation in the past 100 years and increasing incidents of cloud burst in hilly regions of India – all these developments have not happened at a sudden notice.

As we all saw during the Covid-19 pandemic, even the elitist of elite faced the fear of death due to infection and poor people suffered the most of the disastrous consequences arising out of the pandemic. This is the worst pandemic of human history in the last 100 years, but consequences of climate change are impacting us every day in the form of higher temperatures, severe cold, high intensity rainfall, massive landslides, cloud burst, severe floods etc. These natural disasters, for which we are responsible, are affecting us day and night, but the answer to the question about why we do not want to confront this devil lies in our unwillingness to accept this reality.

We have become selfish in fulfilling our greed. We do not want to even think about what as a citizen of this country or a human being on earth, can do to save our planet from the consequences of climate change. Nowadays, before marriage, do young couples even spare a minute to think about what kind of future they will be giving to their children, when they are not sure about their future too because pandemic has shown us the cruel face of science and nature? Do we even spare a minute to think about how we would be able to manage the survival of this huge population within a confined space of 2.3% of the world’s total land area? Absolutely not. We are so selfish, busy in our own unbalanced lifestyle and family issues that we do not have time to think about these important matters. Because, we all have means of living a luxurious life and we don’t care about how poor people are fighting for their survival in these tough times.

But, one thing we are very good at, and that is passing the buck. Why should I care about climate change? What impact my small step can make to mitigate the climate disaster? I am not responsible for this havoc, so why should I take the initiative? These are the kind of silly and stupid questions we ask ourselves every day. At least we all should know; when we chant Bharat Mata ki Jai, what lies in the heart of Bharat Mata is the peaceful atmosphere, sustainable environment, beautiful flowers, chirpy birds and that we should treat our nature as a mother and not as a means to fulfill our greed. We all are pleased to visit hilly and mountainous regions to find peace and happiness, but we do not want to conserve those beautiful places. Please spare a minute in 24 hours to think of the steps you can take to save mankind from this disaster, which is going to take its worst form in the coming days ahead. Nature will never forgive us for what we have done to her.

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