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Astrology for legal cases

Don't get surprised if I say that onecan gain knowledge about your opponent's strength, the Judiciary's inclination and evenidentify any hidden adversaries attempting to thwart your success.

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We know that going through court cases can be a very nerve-wracking and intimidating experience. The unpredictability of the outcome, the complex legal procedures, and the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming for anyone. However, what if there was a method to gain insight into your legal cases through astrology? Don’t get surprised if I say that one can gain knowledge about your opponent’s strength, the Judiciary’s inclination and even identify any hidden adversaries attempting to thwart your success.

Usually, we read that the planets responsible for giving legal cases to a person are Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars. And the 8th, 12th and 11th houses in the birth chart are seen for legal cases in a person’s life. No doubt, planets and houses play their role in legal/court cases. But Astrology for legal cases can tell you something out of the box which can help you immensely in legal matters? And don’t you think, it is better to get some insight into these aspects rather than following generalised rituals and remedies. This article will explore how astrology can provide valuable information to individuals involved in court cases, thus reducing stress and uncertainty.

How strong is your opponent

Understanding your adversary’s strength can be a significant advantage in court cases. Vedic astrology provides a way to gain insight into your opponent’s power and influence in the legal battle. Vedic astrology involves analyzing the position of planets and their impact on individuals using various techniques. By studying your birth chart in conjunction with the Prashna chart, an astrologer can determine your opponent’s power in the case. This analysis includes assessing the strength of planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, which govern legal matters as significant indicators. Knowing your opponent’s strength can be vital and can boost/lower your confidence. Armed with this knowledge, you can devise your strategy accordingly.

How can Judiciary react in your case

In court cases, the Judiciary’s role needs no comments as they have the power to make
decisions that can significantly impact your life. But, by consulting an astrologer, you can
gain insight into the planetary positions that influence the judges presiding over your case.
The Vedic astrology expert will analyze the planetary positions in your birth chart and the
transit chart to determine how they interact with the planets that govern the Judiciary, such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu. These planets have a profound impact on the Judiciary’s decision-making process, and understanding their influence can help you anticipate the verdict. You can get an idea of whether the Judiciary is likely to be strict or towards leniency, and this can surely help you plan your strategy.

Is your lawyer better than your opponent’s lawyer

A competent and skilled lawyer can make all the difference in court cases. But how can you
determine if your lawyer is up to the task? Additionally, how strong is your opponent’s
lawyer? One can expect to gain after knowing the strengths and capabilities of both lawyers
involved in your case. An experienced Vedic astrologer can analyze your birth chart and the Prashna Chart to determine the strengths and weaknesses of lawyers at both ends. This analysis can reveal important information and their capability to win over the opponent’s lawyer. An astrologer reading through specific planetary combinations in your birth chart can even suggest the initials of the lawyer’s name.

Do you have a hidden enemy working against you

In court cases, it’s possible that there are hidden enemies working against you, such as
individuals with a personal vendetta or those who stand to benefit from your loss. Identifying these hidden enemies and taking necessary precautions to protect yourself is crucial.

Using the Prashna Chart, an astrologer can sense if any hidden enemies are working against you in the legal case. A good astrologer makes the best use of the Prashna chart to see if any negative energies could be activated when your legal case comes up in court. One can take due diligence in such a situation. Knowing about any hidden enemies in your court case can help you take proactive steps to protect yourself which were not known to you.

When will the court case end

Once you have some insights on the above facts seen from birth chart related to your court
case, the next crucial step is to know the time it may take. By examining your birth chart and the Prashna chart, an astrologer can predict the likelihood of winning or losing the case. A good astrologer can tell you the chances of a settlement or compromise in your favour. Furthermore, they can estimate the times in which you can expect the final judgment. Saturn plays a very significant role here. In many cases, despite the best facts supporting you, best lawyer and all apparent positivities, there may be indications that you will lose the legal case. Here, the astrologer can guide you to slowly peddle the case and wait for the right transits/Dasha to come. Or can even advise you to move towards settlement/compromise. I would have advised good % of people to go for settlement in the legal cases or delay the same to a favourable period.

Let me clarify that astrology for legal cases does not mean replacing legal advice, but it can
complement it and provide additional insights to help you make informed decisions about
your case. One can read more on how can astrology help in legal cases. For any specific
issues, connect with my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.

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