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File photo of a woman being administered oxygen in an ambulance outside a hospital in Ahmedabad | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

One Covid infected person at home in India will likely infect 65% of the family, survey finds

Globally, the average secondary attack rate at home is 16%, varying between 0 and 45% with the exception of Egypt, whose household infection rate is 89%.
A doctor places a thermometer into a patient's ear during coronavirus symptom tests. (Representational Image) | Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi | Bloomberg

This is when you are most infectious with Covid-19

There is a reason why it has been so difficult to contain the novel coronavirus.
File photo of former India President Pranab Mukherjee | Flickr

Former President Pranab Mukherjee tests positive for Covid, urges contacts to get tested

Pranab Mukherjee has been admitted to Army Research and Referral Hospital. He tweeted that he tested positive after visiting the hospital for a separate procedure.
Self-isolation during Covid-19. Representational Image Photo | Pixabay

Thriving in coronavirus isolation depends on your personality traits

Extraverts will likely experience decreased well-being in the coming weeks and months. Introverts, on the other hand, have been training for this moment their whole lives.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Manthan ad from the 90s, with which Amul joins TV nostalgia trip after Ramayan, Mahabharat

Amul’s 1996 ad titled Manthan tells the story of India's White Revolution using footage from Smita Patil's iconic film of the same name.
Representative image | Pixabay

Limit reading news during Covid-19 lockdown, say mental health experts

Experts say that it is necessary to remind those who are facing anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic that they are not alone and others are also experiencing it.

Katrina or Malaika — don’t judge the privileged during Covid-19 lockdown. They are like us

Grudging Katrina Kaif for posting videos of herself doing daily chores shows that we are quick to judge the privileged — people who are just like us.
A person using laptop | Representational Image | Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg

During Covid-19 lockdown, everything is digital — even adultery

An extramarital dating app called Gleeden has recently seen a 70 per cent increase in their subscriptions during coronavirus lockdown.
Residents of a village in Birbhum, West Bengal, stand in a queue to collect ration distributed by the district administration | By special arrangement

These Bengal villagers found ways to keep Covid-19 out, instead of waiting for govt help

Residents of tribal villages in Purulia, West Midnapore, Bankura, Birbhum voluntarily inform district authorities about people returning from other states, say officials.
People maintaining distance while standing in a queue | ANI

6, 8, 21 — Indians are fixated on numbers during coronavirus crisis

We are clinging onto numbers to get a sense of certainty in these times of panic and unpredictability induced by the rise of the deadly coronavirus.

Why Coimbatore, Indore & Surat will decide success of India’s urbanisation. Not Mumbai & Delhi

The big metros don’t do well in city rankings, in India or internationally. Mumbai and Delhi rarely rank high, and the biggest European, American, and Chinese cities are not the most liveable either.
Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Bezos, Branson & Musk — Are billionaires popularising space travel or just on an ego trip?

Jeff Bezos will travel to the edge of space in his New Shepard aircraft — more than a week after billionaire Richard Branson defeated him in a fast developing space race.