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Drugs in India

China targeting India? Import costs of paracetamol, antibiotics ingredients see 100% jump

Experts believe hiking prices could be Chinese response to the Modi government’s Profit Linked Incentive scheme, which seeks to achieve self-dependence in API production.
Representational image | A cholera patient being given oral rehydration solution (ORS) | Wikimedia Commons

When celebrating 50 yrs of 1971 War, don’t forget this life-saving sachet and Bengali doctor

Dr Dilip Mahalanabis pioneered the use of ORS in refugee camps — a solution that has saved millions and been called the most important medical advance of the 20th century.
Hamid giving a tour of the ampoules department of Cipla in 1941 | © Cipla Limited

Only boycott of British goods won’t do — Why Abdul Hamied went on to create Cipla

In 'Caring For Life: The Cipla Story Since 1935', Tulsi Vatsal writes about how Khwaja Abdul Hamied wanted to create a science-based industry for India.

From Akbar’s court to Baghdad, Muslims laid foundation for scientific education and curiosity

In ‘The Scientific Muslim’, Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz writes on the rise and fall of scientific temperement in Islam.
Illustration of Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and and Charles M. Rice

Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to US-UK trio for work on identifying Hepatitis C virus

The Nobel Assembly said the 3 scientists have made a decisive contribution as the disease can now be cured for the first time in history, raising hopes of eradicating it.
Representational image | Flickr

Harvard-rejected Indian, old physiologist & Black surgeon made US’ ‘most versatile antibiotic’

In Pharma, Gerald Posner writes about how an unlikely trio working for a small US company called Lederle discovered Aureomycin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic in 1948.
Representational image | PTI

Date for JEE Mains and NEET expected to be announced on 5 May

HRD Minster Ramesh Pokhriyal is expected to announce the dates of the JEE and NEET exam during a scheduled live interaction with students.
A hospital | representational image | Pexels

A new problem for coronavirus pandemic will be rise of superbugs in hospitals

Emerging data suggests that more than 90% of Covid-19 patients are also receiving antibacterial treatment. It increases threat of drug-resistance bacteria.

Why a total lockdown of India after 14 April will be counter-productive

Modi’s 3-week lockdown has worked. An overdose of it can hurt more than help. It should be systematically loosened or de-escalated.
Representational image of medicines

The search for new drugs for coronavirus faces long odds

The history of developing treatments and vaccines for two deadly coronaviruses — Ebola & Zika — isn't encouraging and there’s no guarantee COVID-19 will be different.

On Camera

A volunteer shows an oxygen concentrator machine at Guru Tegh Bahadur Covid Care Centre at the Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib in New Delhi, on 10 May 2021 | PTI

Commerce ministry exempts public procurement of Covid supplies from Make in India preference

The order issued by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade said the exemption shall be applicable till 30 September.


Representational image for the National Investigation Agency | Twitter

NIA arrests People’s Liberation Army leader for killing Assam Rifles official in Manipur

Mayanglambam Siromani, 32, was arrested for alleged involvement in an ambush on a road-opening party of 4th Assam Rifles in Manipur's Chandel on 15 November 2017.

Our sinking states: Why Covid corpses in Ganga indicate India could face turbulent times

Politics & economics are at the heart of Covid tragedy in UP, Bihar. The regional imbalance in political power, economic & social indicators is deeply troublesome.