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Trump’s TikTok assault opens new front in tech war with China

US moves underscore how the concept of internet decoupling is becoming a reality. If the administration decides data is the key factor, some popular games may also get ensnared.
Apps displayed on a phone | Photo: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Chinese apps ban doesn’t end user data theft. There is bloatware you can’t even uninstall

Considering India doesn’t have a dedicated law on data protection, regulators should either ban these pre-installed apps or make them more accountable.
The logo for the Zoom Video Communications Inc. application seen on a laptop

Zoom to offer full encryption to all users as it buckles under pressure over privacy

Zoom said previously it would reserve this feature for large corporate clients who paid for the service, leading to about 70,000 internet users signing two petitions against it.

40 Covid apps across India: Lack of coordination or needed for micro-management?

India now has nearly 40 Covid-19 apps, including Aarogya Setu. The purpose of these apps range from contact tracing to providing health information and issuing e-passes.
The Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy S20 smartphone | Photographer: Michael Short | Bloomberg

Apple, Google privacy rules restrict govts from collecting vital data from Covid tracing apps

The tech companies' privacy features lock authorities out of gathering data used to track the spread of virus, spot larger patterns and plan reopenings.
Brazil slums

WHO to launch coronavirus app targeting ‘under-resourced’ countries

The app will assess if a user has coronavirus symptoms, but WHO is undecided about contact-tracing due to privacy concerns.
The Aarogya Setu is a healthcare app launched by the Narendra Modi govt.

Aarogya Setu v/s hacktivist, Sanjay Jha’s ‘L’ connect & a well-mannered elephant

The most politically correct and incorrect tweets of the day from across the political spectrum.
The Covid-19 lockdown saw Indians download a host of apps, including Zoom | Stefan Wermuth | Bloomberg

Covid gave an edge to underdog apps Zoom and Houseparty. Google, Facebook playing catch up

Underdog apps Zoom and Houseparty spoilt the homework that tech giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft had done for the coronavirus lockdown.
The Google Inc. logo sits illuminated on the company's exhibition stand at the Noah Technology Conference in Berlin

Apple, Google to boost privacy protections for Covid-19 contact-tracing tool

The companies said the system’s tracking keys will be generated in more random ways and Bluetooth data will now be encrypted.
The Zoom app home screen and logo | Image: ThePrint Team

Zoom boosts privacy and security, says it’s as safe as its peers

Zoom is launching a feature called Security that sets all privacy settings to highest level, including putting passwords and filtering conference attendees.

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People stand in a queue at a food distribution point during the nationwide lockdown in Navi Mumbai on 24 April 2020 | PTI

Why even herd immunity may not fully protect us from coronavirus

The question of herd immunity — specifically, whether some cities and regions are acquiring it sooner than expected and thus have higher than expected protection against Covid-19 — has been attracting more attention lately. Even if this hypothesis is true, however, it still leaves the world with some truly significant challenges and mandates a continuing vigorous fight against the pandemic. The evidence for herd immunity can be seen in Sweden, for example, where the case and death rate have plummeted, even though the Swedes still don’t wear masks or engage in extreme social distancing. In London, the bars, movie theaters and many other venues are open, yet the health situation appears to be stable, again with a low death rate. Of course both Sweden and southeast England were hit hard by the coronavirus early on, so if they acquired herd immunity, it may be because they had a larger percentage of the population get infected and develop some form of protection. Some researchers are suggesting that regions acquire at...

Dubai businesses start growing again for the first time after coronavirus struck

Businesses in Dubai are benefiting from lifting of lockdown restrictions, with foreign visitors allowed to enter. However, a weaker outlook hasn't stopped job losses.


IAF chief R.K. Bhadauria takes a sortie in HTT-40 last November | Twitter | @HALHQBLR

Defence Ministry clears purchase of indigenous basic trainer aircraft, upgrade of Israeli UAVs

HAL acquisition among projects worth Rs 8,722.38 crore to be cleared. The upgrade of Israeli Heron UAVs will include arming them, a need being pushed due to stand-off with China.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi redefined secularism with Ram Mandir as Hindu voters were fed up of Sonia-Left version

Assumptions that Indian secularism died with Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan are bunk. It is enshrined in the Constitution, and is worth preserving.