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Indian Army’s NOC demand after Ekta Kapoor apology shows it’s ok only with pure praise

The Army seems to have joined a growing list of groups like the Karni Sena who want to control how they are depicted on screen.

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This doesn’t happen everyday in India. The Army just made it to the country’s top list of offence-takers. And Balaji Telefilms’ czarina Ekta Kapoor has apologised. India may now well be on its way to entering the list of countries around the world where the military is worshipped to such an extent that no negative word is ever allowed.

The Defence Ministry recently wrote to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), stating that producers of movies or web series based on the Army should seek a no-objection certificate (NOC) before telecasting them. The letter, dated 27 July, stated that Ekta Kapoor’s web series XXX, which has been airing on video-streaming platform ALT Balaji since 2018, had allegedly depicted the Army in a “distorted manner”. One particular episode had reportedly hurt the sentiments of the Armed forces and their families.

The hashtag #ALTBalaji_Insults_Army started trending on Twitter on 4 June.

From right-wing groups like Karni Sena, who violently reacted to the portrayal of Mewar’s queen Padmavati in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2018 film Padmavat, to India’s controversial censor board, the army has also joined a long list of groups that want to have a say on how they are depicted.

But what the Army should have been more offended by is how a man like Hindustani Bhau, a former Big Boss contestant, defended its ‘honour’ by issuing rape threats.

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The controversial episode

The episode in question, called ‘Pyaar Aur Plastic’, first aired on 8 February, 2020 and showed an Army officer’s wife having an affair. At one point in the episode, she makes her lover wear her husband’s Army uniform during their intimate moments.

Responding to severe backlash and multiple police complaints, producer Ekta Kapoor deleted the scene in question and issued an apology.

However, the real problem here is not the fact that this episode ‘hurt sentiments’, but the fact that most people believe that what the show depicted is something that can never happen in reality.

A critical perspective — that too in a work of fiction — does not diminish the Army’s revered position in our country and society. It does not insult the sacrifices officers make every single day. Demanding that a NOC is issued every time the Army is depicted on the big or small screen, for me, is a bit of a stretch.

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Perspectives, narratives

It is not just XXX’s controversial episode that the Army seems to be offended by. Code M, another ALT Balaji series, deals with issues like casteism and homesexuality within the Army. It takes a long, hard look at the Army and tells a story of what happens when there is an abuse of power. The series follows the idea that crimes or wrongdoings are born out of existing prejudices, and it can overpower even the highest ideals of the Army.

But many of those within the Army do not believe that the show presents an accurate view of how things work in the military. “In some of the web series like Code M on Zee 5 and XXX on ALT Balaji, scenes related to the Army are far from reality and present a distorted image of the armed forces,” an Army source had told ThePrint last week.

It is interesting to note, however, that actor Jennifer Winget’s character in the show actually says that being casteist, or giving into such prejudices, is not the Army way of life.
But the assumption remains that the Army can do absolutely no wrong. This is an absurd idea, considering that no matter what the extent of discipline in any organisation or institution may be, it is ultimately formed by human beings, and ‘to err is human’.

The idea that an officer has never and will not ever buy into ideas of ‘caste honour’, or that an Army wife cannot possibly ever have an affair, perpetuates the belief that the entire structure of the Army, which includes families, is ‘pure’ and infallible.

There is no dearth of projects that laud the valour of our country’s Armed forces. Be it films or web series, or even songs, the Army has been always showered with praise and respect. But if no alternative or critical view is allowed, it is indicative of a bigger issue — especially in the world’s largest democracy.

Unwillingness to engage with alternative ideas or perspectives makes an organisation not just rigid, but also stagnant. The Army’s NOC demand seems to indicate while every praise will be appreciated, no criticism will be entertained.

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Taking offence and ‘hurt sentiments’

There is no objective standard for measuring ‘hurt sentiments’. There is no way to predict whether something that might be approved by one person, does not end up offending someone else.

How valid are the demands for bans or NOCs if they are based on the principle of ‘hurt sentiments’ or feelings? The Indian Constitution mentions “reasonable restrictions” on the fundamental right to freedom of expression. Such restrictions can be imposed for the maintenance of “the security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence.”
Considering this, it may have been more worthwhile for the Army to speak out against actions of someone like Hindustani Bhau.

If we, as a democracy, are run by ‘hurt sentiments’, we could soon be ruled by tyranny instead.

Views are personal.

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  1. Sorry theprint..This is neither good nor intelligent nor objective journalism, so I will neither subscribe nor support you financially or in any other way..
    I came here to read the dumb toxic family article and stayed to check couple more..But the povs are all biased factually wrong and even lie and go against things which are easily available in public platform..So I won’t waste any more of my time here..Paid media can go a long way so keep doing what you do cause us people need someone to hate too..Right.. Adios

  2. It is really silly for the Indian Army to do this. This is akin to the Indian Govt doing it. This has happened all through India’s history from the days of Nehru. New for the Army, but not new for India.

  3. Tina mam, when we write a comment on your article it undergoes a Moderation by your own team member, and then it is published on your world wide web. If your so democratic please remove this Moderation system on your articles. First Practice what you Preach. Thanks

  4. Tina, thank you for writing such an absurd article. Best thing about The Print is it shows the name of the author of any article just below the Title of the article unlike any other Indian News Media. So you can built up your career and reputation by writing something sensical or loose your name by comparing an Orange with a Football. Views are Personal.

  5. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to separate Fiction from Reality. Books, Films, Tv Series are all fiction and people should not get this much emotional and intolerant about these things. In reality, everybody respects the armed forces and I’m sure the author and Ekta Kapoor have as much respect for the forces as anybody else but getting rape threats for a TV Series is pathetic. Instead of becoming more open-minded and acceptable, people are becoming more and more conservative and intolerant. It feels like we are moving back in time instead of going forward.

  6. This author’s credibility seems to be as low as the journal’s. Needless to say these morons have started to recognize their actual place, corner dustbin.

  7. Tina,
    Did you get the message all wrong? The problem is not with the Army Officers’ wife having an affair.
    Do you think that making the fellow wear the army uniform is par for the course. Of course, you have a right to a view, even a distorted one. Simultaneously, as an influential writer (to the extend your work gets published in a respectable platform like The Print) , you have a responsibility to uphold certain ethos.
    But as they say, I support your right to a view. I am proud to be a soldier of a country which gives to that right.


  8. The biggest sapper of morale in any army is to use it non-stop for suppressing civilians,. Then it has to fight a guerrilla war – which it can never win.

    It is a failure of diplomacy not to solve the Kashmir problem with Pakistan.

    On top of that, the Hindu extremists have provoked China and opened another front simultaneously. China have a thrashing and that has undermined the Indian army’s morale further. Think of what will happen in a two front war.

    The use of the army to win elections is another thing that under mines them.

    Introducing communalism and castiesm means certain communities in future will not join the army. You will end up with an incapable Hindu army.

    Encouraging retired armymen and paying them to show off Hindu nationalism against neighbours increases enmity and compounds India’s problems.

  9. Who is this guy Rasgolla who is spewing venom against anything Indian?
    Shekharji, wonder who monitors and moderates the comments section? A person who is even afraid of commenting in his/her own name says it all – a true fraud and incredible person!! Shut this guy!!

    • Maybe you could shut me with intelligent argumentation.

      Ah, but you are not capable, so shut by force, like a fascist.

    • Prove to us your name is real. Send your aadhar card.

      If you are so brave, go to the LAC and prove it in front of the Chinese. The Indian army could not cope, so Hindu militants should come forward and show their valour.

  10. I suppose this is called paid journalism.. …how much did balaji entertainment paid you guys to publish this….on top of you are drawing parallels of Indian army with karni sena. Are you really going to stoop so low for money. Is this the kind of respect that you have for the men who die for us. Are you ready to sell your soul so easily and so cheap. Yes there might aot.of things happening in reality but it doesn’t mean we glorify it. There are some limits we might not want to cross and show some respect. Ekta kapoor ka toh chod do Alt balaji is all about nanga naach so if u are coming in support of alt balaji and its portrayal of the indian army then I guess u are very much a Pakistani journalist cause I don’t think an indian will be this shallow

  11. “Demanding that a NOC is issued every time the Army is depicted on the big or small screen, for me, is a bit of a stretch”, says Ms. Tina Das. She is more concerned about the cyber bullying to Ms. Kapoor than the army issue. Well write another article then!!!
    Of course being the largest democracy dosen’t give you the right to show our glorious armed forces in the way it is shown. What if it will have a demoralising effect on our youth who are willing to join. Does Ms. Das or Ms. Kapoor know anything about serving in the forces or when anyone is martyred from the family?
    To the quote I put above, its absolutely right to have an NOC for making films about the armed forces and that’s how it should be.
    Both the ladies should be happy that they live in a free country as ours otherwise in some other countries including the progressive ones you can get into trouble for this.
    And just so that Ms. Kapoor has something to do, why don’t you make serials on extra-martial affairs rampant within your own film industry? We would like to see something like that.
    Jai Hind…..

  12. The article is biased and nothing more than a abuse again made in garb of freedom of speech, the Indian democracy is protected by the sacrifices of our armed forces,and that’s why in this democracy the intellectual liberals can bark the way they want unlike Communist regime or monarchies, at least this time the Government took cognizance is appreciable, cos few months back when I complained central Govt against Netflix for broadcasting a Pakistani movie named WAAR in the name of private screening, in the movie they shown that India supports terrorism and kills women and children and our spy agency RAW has violated all limits of moral turpitude etc,the govt only replied me that we can’t do anything as per broadcasting laws,but you file a FIR if your sentiments are hurted, when one breathes the air of this Nation,eats his bread and butter here,they are bound to not harm the dignity of this Nation with aid of freedom of speech and expression, this fundamental right has certain reasonable restrictions beyond which ones expression can lead to abuse which is certainly unacceptable, it is because of liberty of our country that Ekta was allowed to escape with a apology or else aFIR was warranted against her for insult or misuse of National Emblem which is on Army uniform, I ask the writer of article to go to Siachen Army post and stay for few days or in Jaisalmer in summer and than again try to write this article, yes but basically if someone don’t have any love or affection for Motherland and only see it as a matter of convinience for living a comfortable and luxurious life, it doesn’t matter for them for whom they are serving or from whom they are being paid, their motive in life is only to see comfort and don’t want any hardship for some ideology or principles,than for those people neither the army matters and neither the Country.

  13. Such a nonsense article. Actually nonsense is such a low word for this stupidity and why the hell are you even putting your ridiculous thoughts? If it’s personal view post on your Facebook not like this. These idiotic people will never understand what our defence system is. Very very disappointed by the thoughts and nonsense created by your brain. Just so ridiculous. #shame on you

  14. Why do you call yourself when this whole article turned out to be bakwaas! Better change the name to useless gossip mongers.

  15. I can easily see why theprint is in crisis and begging for money. Stop supporting anti nationals like ekta kapoor & rest of the bollywood mafia

  16. Army person is already facing so much. He is dealing with extreme stress and on top of that somone is making a show that tells that extra marital affair is common for army wives is again too much for army man. Why to make a scene out of some one odd event. Let it be a fare criticism of whatever army do wrong, but to defend what XXX depicts is not good.

    • The army is not a holy cow, even for Hindus. The army man is paid to fight, that is his job. I do not care what their wives do. The army performed poorly against China. There should be an inquiry. All we see is useless retired army men like Bakshi making money on TV by showing off vulgar patriotism. When I see people like that, I feel contempt for the army.

  17. Well said… I think what Indian army has been doing in IOK since atleast 3 decades, shows how much morality it possess. People talking about ‘Freedom of expression’ must also talk about ‘Freedom of religion’ and ‘Freedom of choice’ when it comes to Indian muslims and Kashmiris. Wasn’t the army personnel using a man as a human shield was promoted? Isn’t the Indian army torturing and killing innocent Pakistani fishermen?
    Feeling sorry to see India in such a grim scenario, never thought it will be hijacked by radical mindset. Its absurd to think that any particular community, in this case army, is totally innocent and beyond questioning. Sane Indians saw what happened with people like Sanjiv Bhatt. I hope, Indians learn their lessons before its too late.

    • Well written, I agree with you. I am against deification of army or anyone else. They are trying to make the army a holy cow. It was disgraceful to use a civilian as a shield, it was in fact an act of cowardice. One cannot be proud of any army that does this. They were caught napping by China and there is no accountability. The BJP has also undermined the army to win elections. And now we have useless retired army types showing ultra patriotism to make money.

      • Why is it so difficult to leave them alone to doing their job while we all enjoy the protection…they have never asked for anything but all they ask is not to disrespect their uniform…

        • ‘Why is it so difficult to leave them alone to doing their job ?’

          Is doing their job using a civilian as a shield in Kashmir ? They should have been court martialled.

          Is raping Kashmiri women their job ?

          Were they doing their job when China entered and took land ?

          Is it their job when retired to come on TV and act war-like ?

          And you want them to continue as usual. You have no concept of professionalism.

    • What about the freedom of religion of kashmiri hindu minority? I dont learn lessons, let me see how it is too late. What you gonna do?

      • Nobody stopped the freedom of religion of kashmiri hindu minority.

        You don’t learn lessons – because you do not have sufficient IQ.

        • REALLY ? The entitre hindu minority wiped out from kashmir. My low IQ tells me that I should wipe out all muslims from kashmir

          • Whole Hindu community was asked to migrate to Jammu camps by Pandit Jagmohan, Governor of J & K. He said he would unleash the army on Muslims, and he did not want the Pandits caught in the cross fire.

  18. Looking at the comments with amount of hate filled up gives an idea on how intolerant we have become. Few comments though they disagree with article have been respectful(by one mr. Joshi as an example). But the majority of them are highly hateful which ironically runs counter to the point they are trying to make. Putting any organization beyond scope of criticism is a dangerous path.

  19. We respect Army most,n when any one show it in any form of negativity,or tried to defame,lower their morale then it’s simply un condonable. This reporting is trash, why can’t Army take stand when anyone try to tarnish their image? On the name of creativity n free expression one cannot show or write anything. They should act responsible. Their is limit to being creative n vulgar. So stop this nonsense.

  20. We the unforgiven, led by the unknown, have done the Impossible, for the Ungrateful.
    The writer seems to have very shallow knowledge of how Indian Armed forces work & therefore the illiterate writer has written anything which according to her should be the way Armed forces deal with the issues regarding their image.
    Let me tell you, you peabrain. There are Army Acts in which one act is called as “Stealing affection of brother officer’s wife”. According to that if any fellow officer indulges with other officer’s wife then he is dismissed from the service.
    Also by your 2 cent article which you’ve written, it totally concludes that the webseries in which the woman asks an unworthy person to don the uniform & then rips it off is acceptable.
    You are the epitome of Ungratefulness!

    Jai Hind!

  21. So, Tina Das, you have no problems about what was shown about the army, but have issues with Hindustani Bhau, giving rape threats? Well, how about me, much worse than Hindustani bhau, giving YOU rape threats? What you gonna do? File and F. I.R ? Try me

    • You should go to the Chinese or Pak border and show your Hindu militancy.

      But being a typical Hindu coward, you can only boast about issuing rape threats.

      • Why dont YOU go and fight on China border anti-hindu moron? I take care of internal security, with women like tina das

        • Fighting with women is an admission of cowardice ! But that is the Hindutva Hindu and you are artless enough not to hide it.

  22. Your fiction is in line with the Shekhar Gupta’s planted page one banner headline in the Indian Express about an alleged Army coup. A monstrous fabrication not worth a base
    coin. Shekhar should have been tried for sedition and consigned to the deepest dungeon for the rest of his Life. PUBLISH MY COMMENT IF YOU DARE.

  23. Pathetic,is the only word to justify what has been done to earn money in entertainment industry. You must know tina,army is not a thing of entertainment, its a thing made of blood yes real blood and sweat. You have no one in army and your any loved one has not been boxed up in a coffin in war zone and sent it to your home. Go and stay in kupwada j and k or in siachin you will understand that it’s not for entertainment but death and destruction of not only a man but the families comprising of many man ,women and children. Please have mercy, you morons of this society. You are free to sleep with anyone and film it and air it we dont have any objections ,our young officers will watch it fondly.
    You are just stupid and ignorant spoilt brat, army doesn’t give that liberty. Remember, extramarital affair is an offence in army and many generals have lost their job,unlike civil.
    Jai hind.

    • The army has become discredited due to rapes in Kahsmir, using a civilian as shield, which is highly condemnable as cowardice. On top of that, they have not shown fighting capability against the Chinese. Further, the army is now producing retired jokers like Bakshi, who make a lot of money shouting about their patriotism on Republic channel, and inciting hate. are now showing Hindutva partisanship writing in the media. Pretty soon, the Indian army will be as professional as the UP police. Take the beating by the Chinese seriously and become professional.

  24. Nowadays, I have contempt for the Indian army. We know in Kashmir, they rape and shoot children in the eye, and tie civilians to armoured vehicles for protection. They are unprofessional, cowardly, Hindu communalists. I see retired army types like Bakshi coming on TV and showing off Hindu belligerence and communalism. They write articles supporting the BJP over other parties. The army is now led by Brahmins and is not a fighting force. Communalism and casteism are rife. In front of China, the army could not fight. All these have undermined the image of the Indian army – more than any TV show about affairs in the army.

    Bakshi is the most repulsive army man and he has done more than anyone else to undermine its image. Due to him, I would recommend all non-Hindus not to join the army. Leave it to the RSS Hindus to join the army. They say only they revere Bharat Mata. Why lay down your life for India when the same Hindus will lynch you ? Sikhs, Muslims and Christians have been lynched in pogroms. The army can fill its ranks with Hindu cow lynchers and Bajrang Dal. Let them face Pak and China.

    The way the army has reacted shows that they know their standing was down, even before the show.

    • A dog barks behind fake name. Can’t even have guts to reveal real name and comes shouting to real men and women giving blood to protect the country from invaders as well as from morons like you. Keep barking and get more frustrated. We keep enjoying.

  25. Tina
    Madam is here to gain popularity & publicity.
    She have zero knowledge abt defence even she can’t distinguish between army & defence ministry.

    She have zero mind

  26. The writer seems to have very little knowledge of this entity, how it works and what are grey areas of pictorial representation. Ms. Tina please research well next time before you just type down another amateur article and expect to create any diversions that are not in tandem. Also, being an army wife myself the content shown is absolutely offensive to me and Ekta Kapoor saved a lot by apologizing. Better luck next time!

  27. Well said dear. These morons have the work of justifying all the works as wrong or say it has endangered the constitution. In act, the whole ‘Theprint’ , ‘’, BBC etc. Any good doing for the country is shown with negative bullshit mindset.

    Just do one thing, ‘Just image’ to be in Siachen 1 whole day.(-70 degree), going there and living is way far.

    Fat k hath me aa jayegi madam ji.

  28. I would ask the writer and the print to please do their research before printing such nonsense. It is rightly said if you cannot say the right thing then shut up! To earn few clicks you people can write any baseless things. Secondly, It’s because of army that you have a right to be critical of your army and comparing them to karni seva . Please be little knowledgeable before writing bullshit. People like you have made everyone loose faith in journalism. Shame!

  29. Honestly what you are calling ‘absurd’ should actually be this article. In the name of journalism you give biased vies. The article is set out to make one point of view seem ‘correct’ since the start. Please please please study what proper report writing is! There is not even a shred of objectivity in this article. It’s all laced with one sided opinions that you are spoon feeding to the public. Yes ,no institution should go unchecked, but that absolutely does not mean that you ‘journalists’ target that institute and make sure that make up flaws that don’t really exist. When it comes to castesim there is literally none. Each and everyone is treated equally. However if you talk about the heirarchy bit (between ranks), yes that can get a little overwhelming. However, there is a beautiful system in place to check that too. Each and every soldier has the power to write ‘an anonymous letter’ against a person no matter how senior the rank and each of them are gone through, many of them are rectified. Some of them even start of full fleged inquiries. So I would urge you firstly get your facts right. Because if even a journalist can’t do that, we can’t expect the world to talk baselessly. Secondly, please for god sake, be far more objective and let the audience make their own opinions and views. We would rather have crisp facts of both partis displayed than read such a heavily biased article. Good day.

  30. Tina get your facts right, in the name of journalism calling Indian Army kani sena is totally uncalled for, it’s better you put your shit together now is the right time, if it would have been Pakistan you would be missing/ in Jail for writing against army. Thank your gods for being in India. For me your leftist opinion don’t hold any shit.and never would. Keep ARMY aside of all this, and your shitty opinion with yourself this is not journalism , these are baised opinion which are baseless and ignorant. Please it’s an humble request don’t ever in your life writing against ARMY.

  31. I wonder how kids are writing all article in this whatever is this. Lol it’s funny article with 0 logic and research behind the background.

    Tum whi log ho jo iss advisory ko “democracy khatre me hai” bologe.
    I wonder why this agency has so many haters because kids are publishing articles just to get more clicks on their article.

    For eg. Koi tumhara hi naam leke kahi or bill fad de ya koi ashleel pic release karde to you will definately act on it na? Ya fir kahoge jaanedo yar bill bhardeti hu ya post hone deti hu “i am no offence taker”.

  32. The bollywood run by Mafia gang has no other option but to obey their masters sitting in Dubai or Karachi. Now their masters have decided to the Indian Army below it’s belt to demoralise it. So we see this spurt in scurrilous stuff in media against the Army and it’s defence mounted by nasty print media like The Print. It is an open secret that ISI and Chinese fund such media houses lavishly. Recently the lid over this clandestine funding was blown off in America. There should be thorough investigation into this matter.

  33. Seems like she has been paid by balaji films….it’s insane …have you ever thought even once before comparing army to karni Sena…. sitting in your air conditioned room and writing whatever filth that came you to your mind…. be thankful and grateful else keep your thoughts to yourself

  34. Complete bunkum. It is exactly this kind of attitude that has led to a massive anti-army sentiment sweeping the United States. There are regular calls for various army recruitment schemes to be stopped, and for soldiers to be prosecuted for alleged warzone offences. We should not allow this disorder to infect our beloved Bharat Mata.

  35. Why are you not giving the facts correctly Tina?
    In the act depicted in the episode the lady literally torn apart the uniform which has our national emblem, yeah you are right about the part that the affair thing might happen but justifying the act alone is a utter crime and please give proper information to your readers, just to make your point true don’t skip the information. Stop comparing your nation’s pride to some group of morons called Karni sena, why you writers just to get attention for your senseless writings do baseless comparisons, I really wonder why communist like you can never be a part of nation building process, the answer that comes to my mind is simple, you yourself don’t respect or value the nation, let alone the progress.
    And about that asshole bhau his act was not at all justified and celebrated and if your news agency is really concerned about his acts so do file an FIR against him.

    • wp_send_json()
      Listen. Give me a reason to WHY WE SHOULD NOT WORSHIP THE ARMY? I feel like to worship the army. I want them to be worshipped. As u can see in the comment section the people of India feel like they wanna hold the army with such high regards then I think no one should have the right to tell us this is wrong. The elected government in this matter did what the public demand. You might not be completely wrong. Tina das plz Understand this, sometimes it’s about choosing the lesser evil to secure our nation. I have studied matters and seen things from a non biased view. I have read history I am am an economist. I see things differently. And I will never expect you to understand how I see things. Journalism is not easy Yaar ik. But you journalist need to understand it’s is not always black and white. This nation is filled with evil and egoistic bastereds. U can be all right and get rid of that. You need to be crocked to get your work done. Now you should understand it better than me. Over the years what the army has done for us we should be able to do this much that if they think they did not like something ban it for them. You can’t go protect an army officer at the border can you? But u can protect how he feels in the inland. Protect his image. Trust you army. Love them. This Indian army is not like one of the dictator armies or like the Pak army. This is the Indian army. Be proud of it tina. Ik you are but. Sometimes be a human not a journalist. I do that sometimes and it helps. the Indian army deserves much more than this. This NOC seems like a very small thing RN. I think the show by EKTA Kapoor is realistic but her show is seen by teens who don’t understand everything rn. Seeing the show makes them think having an army suit on is cool sexy hot. Tearing it up in a sexual act will be soo fun. Fills idea. And from a psychological part it makes their respect for that uniform depreciate. So here YOU are wrong from MY PERSPECTIVE. and start thinking like a normal citizen. Rather than a journalist. Cause journalist now a days have stopped reporting and started to show they ideas and thoughts which influences people here with u in the wrong direction.
      Jai hind
      Jai jawaan jai kisan

      • How can one be proud of an army that ties a civilian and uses him as shield ? It is cowardice.

        And in front of China, they gave up without a fight – further cowardice.

        • This rasgolla was there on the hills of Ladakh invisible and knows all what Indian army did.. But he doesn’t want people to know his real name. Keep barking…….

          • We known what the Indian army did at the LAC, from the Indian media. Its performance was not flattering. Perhaps it is too full of Hindus of your type.

  36. You moron. You are comparing army with karni sena? Shame on you! Don’t want to write much about your poor ugly thoughts because your views are not worth any remarks. Its completely rubbish.

  37. Poor logic.

    Can I abuse your parents or show them as homosexual or having extra marital affair? Do I have that Freedom of Expression?? Ofcourse no.

    Our Freedom of Expression exists as long as it doesn’t cross someone else’s line.

  38. The army being put up at the highrst pedestals tells us what is wrong with the society. Just one search and google will open up its pandora box full of instances and cases where fallacy and moral turpitude of those in the olive greens have caused shame to all of us. Hiding from the wrong things do not make it go away.; recognising and adressing it does. And last i checked India was still a democracy.

    • Recognition of errors is one thing and exclusive coverage of it is another.

      Media and newspapers tend to only focus on the downsides of all national endeavours in the name of being neutral and unbiased.

      This has and will degrade the public confidence in indian institutions which is exactly what a few external powers desire.

      The armed forces deserve every bit of the respect they receive.

    • Oh my god! This is so wrong! The army is definitly not put on the highest pedestal. You check any grants or the budget and analyse how much it actuslly needs vs how much it is actually given. If it was put on the highest pedestal, definitely the soldiers would not have sub par facilities. And coming to your point of cases on google, do you know if all of them have been dealt eith internally too? Punishments in the army are strict and if found guilty the person will be punished severly- even thrown out. Anyway, I understand the fact that many don’t actually have the patience or will to research properly and try and understand complexities. I hope you can though, because as you said, last time I checked, India was a democracy and each side should be heard with proper understanding of all the layers of a situation.

    • It’s just people are greatful towards the army that our borders are secure and we sleep tight at night cause we know we are guarded by very very strong military.. therefore armed forces are kept at high pedestals

  39. The armed forces have never craved for praises. Their work speaks volumes about their professionalism, efficiency and determination. They also welcome constructive and justified criticism, be it corruption, nepotism or inefficiency in their job. But this particular series of ekta kapoor depicted the Army in poor light morally, especially the ladies. This tantamounts to hitting under the belt. You are welcome to your views, but the armed forces will never tolerate this. It amounts to targeting the moral fibre of the rank and file of the armed forces. You are not justified in comparing armed forces to organisations like karni sena etc. It shows the hollowness and intellectual bankruptcy of your reporter.

  40. “Writing anything just for the heck of it journalism” at its best. The article is a futile attempt by the writer to grab her 15 seconds of fame. The authorities at Print need to wake up and think before putting up such childish and I’ll conceived works on their site and then label it as “views are personal”. Pure garbage and waste of time.

  41. This is lowest form of journalism. The writer is more of a page 3 coloumist and has 3rd grade mentality. Stupid article.

  42. I did not care to go through entire ridiculous narration it was quite loud and clear how the web series now a days is polluting all corners of life in India..just trying to copy the new way of making money from west countries by selling nudity, these people are now trying to loop prestigious army family into the business..How damn cheap and dirty fascination..

  43. No Tina ma’am. You have misread the whole order and this looks like a sponsored post from Ekta herself. The order is circulating in social media. So is the controversy surrounding. There is a huge problem with creativity when it is taken to a length to hurt the sentiments of a section of population. However absurd that section might feel. Everyone has a voice in the country, but not to hurt the feelings of thers.

  44. The article is in poor taste. First and biggest blunder is comparing the army to karni sena. Yes, there are flaws everywhere, that’s not a 21st century discovery. Showing the darker sides is not entirely wrong but it should and can be done in a more subtle way especially when it comes to our nation’s defence forces. Nothing wrong with a NOC, especially in the context.

    • Hindus regard the karni sena more highly than the Indian army, so what is wrong in what she wrote ?

  45. Print invests in quality journalists,
    bullshit .. comparing the army with karnisena, maybe Print should invest in
    Mental hospitals and get these sick writers treated ..and even readers like me for reading such crap

  46. So the media houses want total immunity to destroy the public goodwill of Armed forces without any checks and balances. The argument that Army men are portrayed as heroes by media is bull shit. Media creates anything which sells and now has problems in regulation

  47. Dumb and also factually wrong at so many points.See in the USA and other countries also film producers have to get NOC for fiction content on army also.This type of people will not let others do their job.

  48. Offence takers…. Seriously…?? That’s the word you. Would find. The uniform i sacred for a army person. It’s large than any religious counter feeling u can compare to. It’s something he want to die in. Now if some bollywood personal cannot associate with the sentiments (whom the said soldier is standing guard for ) … God bless this beautiful country.

  49. theprint should provide readers a feature to rate and dislike articles rather than just to be able to comment.

    Too many options related articles are presented are these vetted to see if they have balanced view or are they published lazy?

  50. FYI the NOC which has been mandated is not only for moral reasons. Most of our Hindi films cannot even get the uniform of a soldier correct. It smacks of being blissfully unaware or rather poor professional standards by the so called creative geniuses. Pl watch any Hollywood movie based on defence forces and u will realise how immaculately they have researched various aspects of military life before potraying it on screen. It is high time that our money crazy creatives learn to be more professional before taking a dig on the defence forces

  51. Alright lady with all due respect miss Tina Das,I get it you tried and failed. You can’t fathom the fact that something’s in life can be perfect and need to have a dark side.
    Has anyone in your family served or you possibly tried n failed hence the drama. Everyone has a right to show their thoughts but not at the expense of hurting any individuals emotions whether army or not. Also stop ridiculing the men who put up so that you don’t have to shut up.
    Things can or can’t happen are not at your will, by that idea you might be running a smuggling joint, should ekta kapoor telecast that too?? N you’ll be ok with that?

    If you say things can go into tyranny we feel it already has with people like you. So pull your head out of wherever it’s stuck cuz lady I just laughed n that’s all.

    Defence services is an institution to be proud of, so show some decency. Or better yet either serve or shut up.

    • According to Balaji films sena no institution is sacred including the army under the guise of ‘artistic licence’ even if it hurts the sentiments of a patriotic organisation like the army. Done! So here’s a fictionalised story of TV producer – Kalaji films that is funded by a retired Bollywood male star nicknamed ‘Jumping Jackass’ who to finance his lesbian daughter’s dream of launching a TV production house is conditional to her having an incestous affair with him. Father daughter duo agree to the pact and have a passionate bedroom scene while the wife/mother watches silently. Of cos, this incestous relationship is critised by the gay son of the family thereby redeeming the writers of exhibiting a disgusting family affair. This is not to say that incest happens in every TV production house but at the same time to prove that no institution howsoever creative cannot be shown in a bad light.

  52. The article is a tubular view of things , NOC is justified as the media is irresponsible and not self regulated. There is no punitive action on false reporting, fake news and paid content. Atrocity journalism and media content is a menace . It is not required if the content providers are ethical in evaluation in content. Since that is not the case and media itself is of abysmally low quality , steps like these are welcome.

  53. What rubbish article and only one point of view in this… and if print continues to do this bullshit I m gonna think about donating next time. i donated for content not on propaganda push

  54. Tina Das , you’ve missed the entire point made by the Defencec Services. It is definitely not about Army being infallible but the way certain things are explicitly portrayed. With your logic, there should be no harm showing porn movies too on public media , as lovemaking in the buff are as much a reality as anything else..

  55. Dear Team Print,

    Could you please share the actual wordings of the Ekta Kapoor in her “apology”? If you are considering the same as an apology!

  56. What exactly does the author purvey through this article? That like Politics something even as sacred as the Army shall be reduced to a Caricature for TV Series audience, no matter how denigrating the depiction may amount to, to the likes of even sexualizing the Uniform in the name of Freedom of Speech. All hail the freedom which inhibits such journalists from even merely commenting on the fallacies of the most regressive religion of the world,yet let’s the same people’s imaginations run wild over every issue under the sun not related to the one religion thou shall not name- be it casteism,sexism, homophobia.In addition,SC in previous judgements has insulated the Army from the commonplace judgements of their Constitutional Benches,not to mention the provisions of Art. 136 in the Constitution and concerned one’s in the Army Act providing Tribunals with arbitral powers over and above even the apex court in the respects of the Armed Forces.So, reverting to the point author reiterates,the Army does not need your respect or recognition , it has no dearth of that,but it’s serious business,which can’t be trivialised like everything else in the author’s perspective.

    • Writer is heavily biased and dumb. and Yes There is no space for nonsense sjw drama in army. it works with authority… not with some bullshit MNC level sjw drama

    • Madam you are highly requested to understand the dignity of the army seclusion with there families and the sacrifice they make , make anyone of yours kin join Indian armed forces and believe me your prespective of whether army does everything right or wrong will be seeked soothing

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