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Diljit Dosanjh is an online stalker of white women – from Kylie Jenner to Ivanka Trump

Most laugh off the Punjabi ‘munda’ and his comments on women’s photos. But look closely, there is a dangerous pattern to Diljit Dosanjh’s behaviour.

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Diljit Dosanjh has again managed to gain public attention over his tackily Photoshopped picture with US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump at the Taj Mahal. His tweet led to a meme fest and became the talk of social media.

Disappointingly, the educated middle-class went gaga over their favourite Punjabi boy’s cheesy, stalkerish, roadside Romeo-like, ‘chichhora’ behaviour. The problem is that most of us won’t even consider it as problematic. It is instead seen as light humour, when actually, Dosanjh is behaving like a social media predator.

Dosanjh’s idea of pouring one-sided ‘love’ on India’s guest is similar to Bollywood’s idea of ‘romance’ – harassment and stalking.

Dosanjh’s attention-seeking Photoshop gimmick epitomises the ‘no permission needs to be taken’ attitude most Indian men display. And Diljit Dosanjh is a repeat offender.

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A repeat offender 

The Punjabi munda’s comments on the Kardashian sisters’ pictures on Instagram have been popular for some time now. In fact, the list has increased in the last two years with him commenting on Gal Gadot and Ivanka Trump too. This is classic creepy ‘uncle’ behaviour.

Dosanjh’s behaves like every online stalker who keeps commenting on pictures of women and girls, flooding their DMs and asking absurd sexist questions.

“Acha gal sunn… aj gobi wale pranthe bana li… daee mai fadh ley aunga… (Listen, make gobi parantha, I will get the curd).” This was Diljit Dosanjh’s unsolicited comment on a picture of actor Gal Gadot chopping vegetables. It sounded like the Indian man’s version of “make me a sandwich”. It is not light humour, it is downright stereotyping.

Why can’t a woman chop her vegetables at her house, at her will, without taking other people’s food orders? Why can’t she be left alone without being asked to cook something for a man?

Kudi Punjaban lagdi ah... (the girl looks Punjabi),” is another one of his comments on Gadot’s Instagram picture. Again, he projects his idea of a ‘good’ and ‘desirable’ Punjabi woman onto Gadot. If this isn’t the same behaviour we otherwise call toxic and obsessive, what is?

Fittey muh”(an expression of disappointment) is what Diljit Dosanjh commented on Kylie Jenner’s intimate picture with her ex-boyfriend Tyga. Why is Diljit bothered? This is just one of Diljit Dosanjh’s many comments on Jenner’s photos. His scary obsession with Kylie Jenner has been going on for years now.

Me and Ivanka. Piche hee Pey Gaee Kehndi Taj Mahal Jana Taj Mahal Jana… #tajmahal Mai Fer Ley Geya Hor Ki Karda?? (She was after me to see the Taj Mahal. Then I took her, what else could I have done?),” Dosanjh captioned his Photoshopped picture with Ivanka Trump. Even if Ivanka laughed it off, you and I shouldn’t. We live in India, and patriarchy is no secret. Diljit needs to unlearn misogyny, and understand that cheap sexist jokes about ‘women’ and shamelessly Photoshopping their photos cannot be veiled with Punjabi jokes.

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A troll who needs to be stopped 

Dosanjh’s behaviour is not only embarrassing but also pulls down India’s image. Not to forget that it encourages the Indian man’s obsession with foreign white-skinned women. Remember that Dosanjh is a Bollywood celebrity, with lakhs of fans.

“I comment in Punjabi, so that she doesn’t reply. My people should have fun that’s it,” Diljit Dosanjh once said about his obsession with Kylie Jenner. Social media trolls are known for their attention-seeking behaviour – and Diljit’s brazen comments surely act as catalysts.

However, a part of the problem lies with us, we never stopped him, instead, some of us have lauded him, called him ‘down to earth’ and referred to him as the ‘Pride of Punjab’.

We can begin with a small step. Let’s stop laughing at Diljit Dosanjh’s cheap idea of humour.

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  1. Bismee Taskin – Trust me! You’ve got it all wrong dear. It is definitely not the way you’ve portrayed it here.

    I’m scared to see where are we headed in the name of Journalism!

  2. .so not a single one is offensive.. if it would have ever been stalking or offensive ivanka would never retweeted it..she found it as funny as it should be she reposted it after Google translation or via a punjabi translator..

  3. God would have blessed author of this article with extra humor if you were born its not stalking its teasing the women you love and admire in punjabi.. even we all tease our mothers, bhabhis and other related ones with these cringy not a single one is offensive.. if it would have ever been stalking or offensive ivanka would never retweeted it..she found it as funny as it should be she reposted it after Google translation or via a punjabi translator..

  4. Ohh common guys. His comments are just out of humour. Why cant you take it in that way? Afterall its not hurting the others in any way. This is one of the idiotic article i have ever read.

  5. “Pulls down India’s image” as if India has a great image LOL Polluted, over populated, corrupt, and as Trump would put it, Shi*tHole.

  6. Neither his comments nor the pics are vulgar. What you lack is a Punjabi sense of humour. If you call this toxic, you have father issues. Guaranteed.

  7. Ok, even by The Print’s standards, this article is total cringe.

    There isn’t one offensive thing in any of his comments highlighted here. Maybe not everyone’s sense of humor is the same? I personally don’t think his comments are funny, but they are in no way offensive.

    The author is really reaching hard to portray a normal dude I’m bad light just because he’s famous.

    Not every Celeb is a saint, in fact none of them are. And in a country like India where politicians and their chamchas protest against rapists of their community and laud lynchers and murderers as heroes, you really have to have it in for someone to take the pains to write such a bizarre article.

    Find something worthy to publish. We got enough problems in the country. This ain’t one.

  8. The worst article ever seen in my life, you guys are so judging, you cannot understand punjabi’s humour and fun nature. So if you cannot understand so its better not to puke your negative thought over him

  9. Yo not a big deal chill out
    Ya’ll have no job so he tryna help you out you know by commenting like that and see you got content to talk about. So Dont be A ungrateful soul 😂

  10. Diljit is indeed a great celebrity but it does not mean that media is going to exaggerate his each and every comment… he is just entertaining his fans to stay in touch with them through the means of social media. Moreover, those WHITE SKINNED WOMEN are not understanding anything that Diljit posts.!

  11. It’s not that deep. You sound so bitter. It’s typical man of color prefers white women so I’m going to destroy him.

  12. I think you “the print” are stereotype who have the mentality that Indian men are found of white skin and you are looking from that lens so now even when someone is even joking through photoshopped images, it is a problem for you. I have done photoshopped many filmstars and celebrity with me, so if that celebrity is female, you would call me typical indian male, if celebrity is male, some people would call me gay, and so on. Please evolve from being Stereotyped about Indians.

    • Pathetic reply to a sensible article, which defines lecherous attitudes of a celebrity. This will be copied by all his fans n do the same.

  13. I mean seriously!!! I am actually offended not by Diljit’s social media activities but by you considering “educated middle class” fools. There are zillions of things in our country to be done for us to come out of patriarchy but this piece of yours and your suggestions are so not one of them. Is humour actually done for in our country???

  14. Common….we all know the difference…..the writer of this segment has faith in ramrajya……ab aadmi utna sochega to life mein fun to gaayab ho jaayega….. until and unless we do no harm to others…… it’s all cool

  15. On the contrary you are the one who seems to be seeking attention here. I believe you are one of those pseudo feminists who do more harm to the cause of feminism. Some matters are meant to be taken lightly and one should not get offended by every little thing. Get a life!

  16. i know that you only wanted clicks on your article ,well done task completed.
    But dont call yourself media

  17. Taskin. Did you get born in india? Anyway, now that you can clearly see how people are respondong to what you have wrote. I shall suggest you just to take out some of your months out and live in punjab. And also stop writing for some years. And just listen. Listen. May be you can study on punjabi language and gurmukhi. Dig deeper taskin. This country will take some time to make you capable of writing something about her.

    • Miss TASKIN. Your Article Seems to Have Riled Up These Uneducated Jungle Bunnys From the Bankrupt State Of the Punjab India Or Fake students from Crap holes like Canada ,but Its Not Surprising From A People who Have Only Just Discovered The Internet And Mobile Phones in The Last 10 Years.One looks forward To reading More Of your Future articles.

      • You blaming whole state and community, feel sorry for you and your parents. Shows how you been brought up.

  18. Seriously.. I mean Seriously what a mockery of media.. are you insane.. do you understand the meaning of offender.. Did somebody forced to write you this article to get popularity or you yourself thought of getting the sasti shourat…..
    Please get a life …I want to know who has given you a job in Print…
    This is irresponsible at best and character assassination at its worst. OMG Indian Media RIP
    Probably Shekar Kutta is behind because he is a anti sikh

  19. Looks like Diljit never commented on your pics or as you say stalked..that’s why are u r getting worked up..little bitch get off your high horse..u need to understand the difference between stalker and a unoffensive fun.

  20. Taskin you and your toughts are cheap, she know him and she replied. You are writing this shit to get attention of people. go and write about your own community people and stay away from him.
    Huge love from Canada Diljit Dosanjh & keep rocking

  21. the author is a lil immature. diljit doesn’t seem to step across a line to be called a mysogynist! not everyone needs to be cordial all the time, he is a “funkaar”, not a diplomat.. let it be!

  22. Absolutely flabbergasted at this manufactured controversy and outrage In this article. This is irresponsible at best and character assassination at its worst. Furthermore, people will use articles like this to undermine the Feminist movement in India and hurt people who are genuinely being affected by the stalking and the harassment. Bollywood is a seedy place. People like him are actually a minority who go about their business in an honorable manner. This author really needs to step back and introspect at the broader message.

  23. Well Said Mr Taskin Calling a Spade a Spade, You Can Take a Village Idiot Out Of a Village But you Cant Change The Backward mentality Of Such Desperados.

  24. Dear Taskin whoever: Did Ivanka NOT respond? Is light hearted flirting a dead art? Seems no-one woos you as you earn your living from writing cheap, lightweight articles. Get real.

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