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By returning Dubai princess Latifa, India’s hard-nosed realism paid off. But at what cost?

Join the dots between India sending back Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa to UAE two years ago and the Gulf countries siding with Delhi on everything from oil to Kashmir.

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A UK court’s finding last week that Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum had indeed tried to kidnap his two young children and threaten their mother and his sixth wife, has reopened the 2018 case of Princess Sheikha Latifa, an older daughter of the Dubai sheikh, who was forcibly taken off a boat off the coast of Goa by Indian marine commandos.

The Narendra Modi government’s involvement in Latifa’s kidnapping has been known for some time. But turns out, ‘returning’ the Dubai princess to her powerful father UAE has helped India strategically, no matter the horrible human price.

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Kidnapping a princess

Details of the operation, first reported in April 2018, said the 4 March operation involved three Indian Coast Guard ships, including patrol vessels Samarth and Shoor, helicopters and a maritime surveillance aircraft, and that the US-flagged yacht, Nostromo, was located about 50 km off the Goa coast.

Later in December 2018, when Christian Michel, the alleged middleman in the Rs 3,600 crore AgustaWestland helicopter deal, signed during the UPA years, was extradited to Delhi and has since been languishing in jail, ThePrint reported how national security adviser Ajit Doval had “guided” the operation as a quid pro quo for kidnapping and returning Princess Latifa to her father.

The UK court last week, besides relying on Sheikh Rashid’s wife Princess Haya’s statements, also heard four witnesses, watched a Princess Latifa video (in which she says, “if you’re watching this I’m either dead… or in a very, very bad situation”) she made before her escape attempt to India and also looked closely into a UK police investigation of how Latifa’s elder sister, Princess Shamsa, was kidnapped by her father from Cambridge, UK, in 2000.

UK judge Sir Andrew McFarlane’s verdict certainly casts a sharp light on how the rich and powerful not only manipulate the law, but also think nothing of the rights of their own adult children who may want a life of their own.

Inadvertently, the UK judgment also looks at the concept of “national and strategic interest” that India invoked when it kidnapped Latifa and sent her back to her father. It didn’t matter to the Modi government that the Dubai princess was 32-years old and that she didn’t want to live in her gilded cage in Dubai, under her father’s strict supervision.

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Support from the Gulf

Certainly, the Modi government’s hard-nosed realism has paid off. None other than the UAE and Saudi Arabia have either held their nose or looked the other way as large parts of the Islamic world – such as Iran, Turkey and Indonesia, as well as India’s closest neighbours Bangladesh and Afghanistan – have allowed large street protests against India’s amended Citizenship Act, which these countries believe discriminates against Muslims.

When Article 370 was scrapped in Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August 2019, the UAE, maintained a stubborn silence, saying it was an internal matter of India. When UAE foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, along with Saudi foreign minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubair, visited Pakistan soon to show solidarity on Kashmir, the UAE minister insisted that this was not an issue of the Muslim Ummah but a bilateral dispute between India and Pakistan.

In February 2020, Saudi Arabia would not listen to Pakistan’s request to organise a standalone OIC foreign ministers meeting to discuss Kashmir, leading Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to say in irritation, “The reason is that we have no voice and there is total division amongst us.”

Modi was smart enough to catch the wind early. The friendship between UAE’s ruler Mohammed bin Zayed (known as MBZ) and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (known as MBS) is the talk of the Arab world. MBZ is believed to have supported the young Salman’s ambition to become the crown prince over that of a cousin. When MBS was put on the mat by international human rights critics for the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, MBZ came to his aid.

It helps, enormously of course, that both powerful men are best friends with US President Donald Trump – as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Gamble that paid off

On 24 August 2019, with Kashmir under lockdown mere days after the dilution of Article 370, Modi stopped over in Abu Dhabi so that MBZ could confer upon him UAE’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Zayed. The significance that this is the birth centenary of MBZ’s father, in whose honour the award has been named, was not lost on the Arab world.

Not for nothing was MBZ chief guest to India’s Republic Day ceremony in 2017.

Ties between India and the Gulf predate the exit of the British from the subcontinent in 1947 (the UAE only became independent from Britain in 1971), but were consolidated during the boom years, when blue collar Indians (and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) practically built the cities of the region with their bare hands. Trade today stands at $100 billion, a testimony to the growing partnership between the two sides.

As for oil, as Trump’s sanctions against Iran approached, India switched allegiances, with blessings from the US, to Saudi Arabia – it is now India’s top exporter. Saudi Arabia has announced it will take a 20 per cent stake in Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance oil-to-chemical business worth $75 billion, while Saudi Aramco and UAE are jointly building a $60 billion refinery in Raigad, Maharashtra.

Certainly, for Modi, the turnaround is even sweeter because UAE and Saudi Arabia were the only two countries in the world – besides Pakistan – which recognised the Pakistan-backed Taliban government in Afghanistan in 1996.

It’s been two years since Princess Latifa was kidnapped by Indian marine commandos and sent back to her father. Question is, are India’s strategic national interests more important than the adult woman’s human rights?

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  1. India’s national interests must be the first priority for our pm, not only for our pm but for everybody.
    however i do feel bad for her. but try to understand what if modi didn’t return her daughter to uae, the repercussions maybe bad. many indians live in dubai, we cannot risk their lives. hence to be very honest we can’t do anything.

  2. Yes, India’s strategic interests are obviously greater. Human Right of one person if pays off for entire nations is a good tradeoff. Also not our citizen, his daughter, his affairs. We are benefitting hugely and happy at that.

  3. She is a princess so care for her rights but never seen any article on thousands of poor girls those are trafficked every poor. #Hypocrisy!

  4. All this sounds like fiction to defame bilateral relationship of great civilizations. Unless evident with some international law

  5. forcibly taken off a boat off the coast of Goa ? Kidnapped by marine commandos? The princess was trying to enter without any visa etc. What do you expect the commandos to do..roll out a red carpet?

    Who pays you for writing this stuff? That would be an interesting read?

    • She was seeking an asylum. For a person seeking an asylum because their life is in immediate danger, a VISA is not required.

      Narendra Modi is really a manipulative person. My heart goes out to both the princess and I hope they get their freedom soon.

      It is not a hidden fact that the situation of women in gulf countries is not really good and they are very much oppressed, while young generations are getting radicalized very quickly.

      • India is not party to the UNHCR 1951 Refugee Convention or its 1967 Protocol and does not have a national refugee protection framework. So even if it would have been a morally correct decision to offer asylum to the princess, India is not obligated to do so. And seeing how this decision, as distasteful as it may seem, would have ended up improving the relationship between the two countries and considering the consequences of the alternative, it was the correct decision taken by the Indian government.

        Also, I don’t really understand how Narendra Modi is being manipulative, he is just acting in the best interest of the country.

    • MODI was Paid,to send the MARCOS, he used a LIE FAKE “INTERPOL RED NOTICE”, to get the Indian Coast Guard Captains to go along with it. It was a 100% governement op, Murder the Captain and Crew, recover Latifa and Sink the boat. MODI was PAID,and paid HUGE,for ordering the job done,after a fast meeting with the BJP head of Inteligence. For National Interest…For India. Against a USA FLAGGED VESSEL in International Waters. They broke over 400 LAWS, 20 big ones, and 100s of small ones, doing what they did how they did it. Its no DEFENDING INDIA from the Princess,trying to sneak in. They GPS’d the boat, using her friends PHONE, they knew where they where since the 29th of Feb. MODI is EXTREME BJP,and a RACIST against Muslims.

  6. People who are blatantly saying that India’s interests are more important that a women’s life are clearly lacking in any sort of moral compass and have no understanding or appreciation for the values that modern India was built on by our forefathers.
    What happened to the Princess is unconstitutional as per the Indian law and ethos? We have not heard from her and do not know whether she is alright.
    What happened to her is nothing short of how honor killing works in our country. If this is the new India and this is the mindset of Indians now, I am seriously worried about the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and our other forefathers who laid their lives to make a just country for us

  7. People who are blatantly saying that India’s interests are more important that a women’s life are clearly lacking in any sort of moral compass and have no understanding or appreciation for the values that modern India was built on by our forefathers.
    What happened to the Princess is unconstitutional as per the Indian law and ethos? We have not heard from her and do not know whether she is alright.
    What happened to her is nothing short of how honor killing works in our country. If this is the new India and this is the mindset of Indians now, I am seriously worried about the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and our other forefathers who laid their lives to make a just country for us.

  8. For preservation of family values as tradition of joint families in India, Modi did rightly to hand over Princess back to her father. The adults rights are important within the family rights, this modern so called adult rights concept had ruined the joint family pleasures.

  9. Strategic Interest of our ountry is of paramount important than the so called individuals right of a Princess who anyway has not run away because she is being put to sword

  10. To all those people who write here to criticise The Print or the author have to remember that this is what democracy is and The Print chooses democracy. If your leader has his way that democracy will shatter. And it already has in UP and the hini heartland.

  11. ”Modi had not only undermined the political clout of the Muslim community; he had added to the insult by enacting three laws that many Muslims felt were inimical to their community interests. The first was the triple talaq legislation, the first time Muslim personal laws were altered since 1940. The second was the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, a long-standing BJP election commitment that the pundits felt could never be implemented. Thirdly, there was the CAA which clearly distinguished between Hindu refugees and Muslim infiltrators. ” PIONEER

  12. Jyoti Malhotra believes that (as proclaimed by herself) Kashmiri Pandits “left” the Valley on their own will. She (and her ilk) are not even willing to acknowledge the brutality and the threat that the Pandits have been subjected to. Ms. Malhotra’s mind is so perverted by the leftist anti-national ideology that her opinion on any matter is not worth even the paper on which it is written.

    • It is Kashmiri Muslims who are suffering rogue military’s violence and terror and Hindu-extremists’ bias. What was your 900,000 Hindu Army doing if they suffered brutality? What has Modi done to relocate them in six years? These Hindus have no need to go there where rogue Hindu Army frequently imposes curfew and denies them access to media, and so on.

      • New name of Pakistan’s ISPR. How’s retired life and scotch? What terrorists doing in kufar land Mr. forced converted animals?

      • Read correct history of Kashmir and India and then write your views…It seems you don’t know anything and depends on fake news published in the name of Kashmir.

  13. It looks writer is just feeling the space without realising comparison of various incidences. She must read history before referring any action done by BJP. This is example if one sided journalism.

    • Jyoti should write imaginary stories on minority rights in Islamic countries by ignoring Hindu-extremists like you who are burning in hatred for Islamic countries, but not any non-Islamic countries.

      • Muslims increase in every non-Muslim countries by higher birth rate and immigration. And in every Muslim countries, non-Muslims decrease every year. Muslims are very tolerant people indeed.

    • You KaaIoo have audactiy to say this after burning alive 50 Muslims in capital Delhi under a radical Hindu ruled party, in world’s biggest third-class democracy.

    • First I guess you must note that Hindus living in Gulf are biggest hypocrites they enjoy everything there including Abu Dhabi, Dubai desert safari earn riyals and dirhams and come back here talking rubbish about these countries. Now mr could you please tell me where are Hindus persecuted in the Gulf?!

      • Read the article. Understand it. Then comment. If anyone was commenting on the gulf, it was the author.

  14. ”are India’s strategic national interests more important than the adult woman’s human rights?” Yes, they are.

  15. What is the purpose of this post? Ans: Find fault with Modi. When Modi haters (include this author) have declared him as fascist and Hitler, what else they want to prove. Can there be anything worst than being called fascist and labelled as Hitler? The pain that Modi haters are feeling is so intense that they continuously want demeaning Modi and now India itself. They have put so mud on themselves that it’s difficult to recognise them as human. They look like wild animals.

    • he is a DICTATOR, ever heard of FREE PRESS?
      Well your India no longer has FREE PRESS.

      Guess what else,
      Any Indians that left DUBAI with a debt,can and are being Arrested in India and sent back to dubai to PRISON,
      back to forced labor camps, soon as the flu bug is under better control.
      Thank modi for Signing a Reciprocity Agreement,for DEBTERS from INDIA, that left dubai,with a debt.

      your a SHEEPER.
      Learn to read a book, get an education

  16. ”UK judge Sir Andrew McFarlane’s verdict certainly casts a sharp light on how the rich and powerful not only manipulate the law” This does not happen only in India or third world countries, it also happens in UK itself. How else would you explain that in 2014 alone. Indians bought properties worth more than one billion pounds in central London.

    • Of course with HSBC help. No one actually investigated when HSBC openly launched ‘progrom’ to further corrupt the corrupt Indians by moving their black money to safe heavens without any questions asked

  17. UK hypocrisy has no limits. On one hand, it forces its own people, poor and middle class to disclose all bank transactions for last six months when buying any property. it looks the other way when millions changes hands in London property market. Nigerians, Arabs, chines, Russians and Indians, all buy property in millions without being asked any questions about their sources of income. India should not pay much attention what the judges say in the above case. India must do what is good for its own interests.

  18. India must extend all help to MBS of Saudi Arabia to help him stay in power. the alternatives are disastrous for India. Idealism ha sits own place but this is hard politics.

    • Wonderful.

      Indian Hindutva and Saudi Wahhabi Islamist forces joining hands.

      Nothing illustrates right wing fascism, trickery and cunning better. You support people who murder and cut a journalist into pieces. You really are something.

      • And UK supports Pakistan that is running a factory of murderers from Pirates in Sea to bombers on London streets

        • @Vomit: Pakistan-paranoid Biackie Hindu. Pakistan helps fight pirates in the bay by frequently holding joint naval drills with US, Russia, China, France, the UK, Japan, South Korea. You slumdogs who audacity to bring your ugIy face and talk about murderers after burning alive 50 Muslim minority in capital Delhi of world’s biggest democracy.

          • Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Oxford. The towns change, but the pattern is always the same. Gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani Muslim heritage, lure white girls as young as 10 with gifts and displays of affection. Next, the girl is raped as a way of “breaking her in”. Once the child’s spirit is subdued, and her mind fogged with drugs, she is sold for sex to multiple men at £200 a time. If the girl tries to break away, a gang member might threaten to behead her or firebomb her home.

    • @Gopi M. Salman is fond of eating cow beef foods. A Slumdog dreaming BIackie Hindu from sheethoIe. India is supplier of upper-caste Hindu women to M. B. Salman.

      • In fact, you have immunity if you kill in the name of Islam. Just look at the 50,000-plus Pakistanis who have fallen to jihadi terror. Few have been arrested, leave alone tried and convicted for this slaughter of the innocent.

        Muslims everywhere become enraged if a mosque is deliberately damaged. But it’s OK for Jihadis to blow them up, preferably with hundreds of believers praying inside. And it’s fine to desecrate Hindu temples, Sikh gurdwaras and Christian churches.

        Irfan Hussain in DAWN

        • @Gopi;; No Sikh Gurdwara or Hindu temple has been desecrate. You Hindu terrorists have audacity to post myths even after burning mosques and Muslims alive in world’s biggest Hindu chacIa that calls itself a democracy. Your Hindu Army destroyed Golden Temple in 1984, and killed 30,000 Sikhs. You Hindus have audacity to post it here.

      • Look at you.. pakistan still can’t get over slave mentality..forgot the pakistan sending girls to China… Our slumdongs shall become millionaire but yours shall breed in filth and die there and so shall their kids..have some shame and stop begging for money and attention

        • You Hindus have lived under Muslim slavery and British slavery. Supplying HinduPhuddie is work of Hindus all over the world, and to the Arab Muslims in Dubai for your IPhone.

  19. Did any one notice how the author use the sentence “It’s been two years since Princess Latifa was kidnapped by Indian marine commandos and sent back to her father.” Kidnapped, seriously?

  20. So first daughter was Kidnapped from UK itself. It was easier than kidnapping someone from Wassipur. No one in UK government got bribed or got jailed. …wow that would have been some operation even Mossad would not have done that..In this lies duplicity of Brits.

  21. Ironic how Print is worried about Human rights for women while it has yet to voice out against Triple talaq or nikah halala

    • Why are you not worried about Modi’s wife who he kicked out? These issues seems to have affected Hindus a lot whose women want to do Love-Jihad, as Hindus burn them for dowry, kick them out after they become widow.

      • But as our negotiating team has discovered, the rest of the world is neither blind nor stupid. In fact, Pakistan has been given a lot of time on the grey list to block channels of terrorist financing. Now, the vice is tightening, and if our tottering economy is to avoid a mortal blow, the authorities had better deliver on their promises. Irfan Hussain in DAWN 16/3/19

  22. UK shelters the largest no of INDIAN ECONOMIC OFFENDERS and refuses to extradite them and Jyoti is so concerned what UK COURTS who are complicit in protecting INDIAN ECONOMIC OFFENDERS say. Really!!!

  23. Print’s hatred for Mr modi shows. A strategic win should be celebrated, as we all know that Congress could not have pulled it off. But you want to set narrative of hatred. Sadly now indian citizens know this game and hence yu are irrelevant. I only watched this news for strategic win details. Rest fake tears now dont matter. ..

  24. Question is, are India’s strategic national interests more important than the adult woman’s human rights?

    Answer : Definitely and they should always remain so and any responsible Govt must put the interests of India ahead of foreigners and their tantrums.

  25. UK courts are unnecessary butting into the personal affairs of a UAE Sheikh. They should concentrate on British Royal family and murder of Princess Dianna and now walking away from Royal Purse of the Prince. Write as much as you wish about the British Royal family and leave others alone.

    • India managed the kidnapping of a foreign woman in international waters. Only a fascist could not be ashamed at this.

    • Yes its called “India First”…

      Shame it took 70 years for Indians to get a Govt that realized this simple logic.

        • We have created a reality of our own. Oblivious of our iron begging bowl, oblivious of the fact that, but for the largesse of, if not infidels at least of non-Muslims, we would be a broke nation, we really subscribe to the fiction that we are a fortress of Islam. Ayaz Amir in The News

          • Quote Arundhati Roy who says while Hindus are sleeping on footpaths, pop lives on less than 50 cents, India’s Hindus consider itself as a Superpower.

  26. Gotta to say something complimentary DAILY WITH PHOTO.Oh, indeed a hard profession. Just hold your nose and do it. Remember in the front page!!

    • When did the niceties or freedom of choice matter to previous govts made up of your ilk matter ?? Did Indira ask if India wanted emergency? Did Nehru ask Hindus if he could take over their temples and holy sites? Did Rajiv Gandhi ask us before he went into sri lanka with the IPKF??

      Being blissfully ignorant of your dubious and disgraceful history to justify your prejudice against Modi and the BJP is worse than what happened to Latifa – it is like a murderer sitting in the jury of a trial convicting his victims pretending amnesia!

      • Each wrong is right to some one. Right and wrong are not universal as one’s terrorist is freedom fighter of other. So come out from the stupidity of right and wrong. You say “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. I say “Each wrong make a right also.”

      • Hehehe…looks like someone got u r liberal goat…anyway we support modi and his policies of keeping India ahead of individuals…have the TOLERANCE to accept other views…like I m ok with you feeling what you do about a princess and her rights…but guess what…I don’t give a fig…to her rights…India first..always and everytime

  27. While I am an ardent defender of human rights, dignity, freedom and equality; the question asked here is convenient. While what-aboutry shows childish and immature thinking and must be denounced every step of the way, same treatment must be afforded to the partisan and unfair western world view.
    The CIA, MI and their devil masters in power chairs, from the hideous Churchill to worse-than-Hitler, mass civilian murderer Roosevelt have done and continue to do, justify and even glorify their subhuman and inhuman acts against freedom, equality and humanity with impunity.

    Our is the greatest interest of humanity to deface these murderers and the lying machinery of the west than to raise these questions concerning a single individual.

    Ask what happened to Mujibur Rehman and what was the cost his nation paid, ask ergo murdered Saddam and what cost his nation paid, what history did humanity lose, ask who divided India and what cost have the two nations have paid, ask who denied a nation to Kurds and what have the Kurds paid…


    • We can question Britain and also India at the same time.

      Certainly the UK courts are hypocrites. I think Indians should denounce the kidnapping of Princess Latifa while also bringing up the murders of people like David Kelly by the British government itself.

    • @ What about denial of nation to Kashmiris, Khalistanis, Nagas. Democratically electing a mass murderer Hindu-extremist as PM, and a terrorist nun Pragya Thakur who adores the killer of founder of independent India, no word on recent burning alive of Muslims by Hindus in Delhi, lock up of millions of non Hindus in Kashmir. But let’s talk about Kurd, Mujib, Saddam. Hypocrite BIackies.

  28. Human rights are not on top of the agenda in India at the moment. 2. With the collapse in oil prices – one wonders what this will do to Aramco’s valuations – unlikely that the deal with Reliance will go through. Nor is it likely a huge refinery complex will come up on the Konkan coast. Sovereign wealth funds from the region have not in fact invested anything worthwhile in India. 3. A recent Print column explained that while autocratic rulers can hold off on issues like Kashmir and CAA, where the governments are broadly democratic, popular emotion bursts forth on the streets. What the good people of Bangladesh make of being constantly referred to as termites, fit to be cast into the Bay of Bengal, was on full display in Dacca recently. We should thank Covid 19 for the birth centenary function of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman being deferred. Also take seriously the Supreme Leader of Iran when he says India will be isolated from the Islamic world.

    • Iran is best advised to save it’s own citizens from the scourge of Coronavirus. Right now it has the highest mortality after China. A government which is itself an international pariah and on the FATF black list and killed more Iranians with a missile attack on a passenger plane, than those killed in Delhi’s riots is hardly in a position to advice/warn anybody leave alone India.

  29. Some of us are looking for news that is negative about India no matter how small or where it originates from. A country which has never denied entry and protection to single alleged scoundrel from any part of the world is the leading light for some, more so when it comments or hints against India.
    This lot is worried about how the Princess Haya’s kids were treated but never thought of writing about the Finger nail Factories run by her father in Amman. They will not mention that not even a single Muslim country in the world has democracy that respect the minority rights.
    We are far from perfect, but a small acknowledgement of an effort to provide a toilet, a gas connection, a house with electricity and running water and above all PREVENTING BIG TIME THEFT OF THE PUBLIC MONEY GOING INTO THE POCKETS OF RULERS in stead of running the country down just because of a dislike for MODI will help the country more.

  30. so India should have allowed Princess latifa to live in India and sacrifice Indias’ strategic interest as well as crores of Indians working in gulf countries to jeopardy.The prints’ hatred of Mr Modi and India surprises me.

    • UAE would have been insane to simply deport Indians working there.

      UAE’s offices would not run if they got rid of white and blue collar Indians.

      They would never be able to do it.

      • I dont think they would have deported Indians working there. Infact they would have gone the other way round.. make sure there is no easy exit for Indians .. and then show them hell on earth !! These mindless journalists bring up Human rights thing when its convenient for them. This same journalist criticized Modi govt for siding Afghan democratically elected govt and thus loosing the strategic interests in Afghanistan now that Taliban is being backed by US. As you can see , the same journalist criticized Modi for siding with a Govt which wants to respect democracy and women rights and not siding with Taliban. In that case, She wants Modi to put India’s strategic interests ahead of Afghan people basic fundamental rights( you can check out her previous articles about it.) The hypocrisy of ThePrint journalists is beyond anyone’s comprehension

        • @Raghu: You mean a country which has twice democratically elected a mass murderer of 50,000 Muslim minority in Gujarat in 2002, and who has locked up millions of Kashmiri Muslims since August 5, 2019, and who recently allowed burning of Muslims in capital Delhi while celebrating with Donald Trump, and who has introduced anti-Muslim is a fond of democracy, women’s rights (who has himself kicked out his wife and whose supporters, voters, followers everyday abuse women with rape-threats)?

          India and Modi have no legitimate interest in a Muslim-majority Afghanistan, except to use its soil for sponsoring terror to Pakistan and destabilising Afghanistan for own interests to be there.

      • @Fam UAE has majority of the Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Indonesians working there. Hindus are only suppliers of women to Arab Muslims there.

        • Pakistan’s HIV rate is the highest in South Asia; that fact alone is shocking. The time to judge and pretend that ‘these things’ don’t happen in ‘our society’ is long, long passed. Everything happens in ‘our society’, as it does everywhere else in the world. The only difference is that our pretence and denial puts us all in danger, be it drug use, unsafe sex and all the other ‘things’ we stubbornly deny. NATION 12/5/19

          • @Gopi: India’s commercial and entertainment capital Mumbai has 60% of its population living in Asia’s largest slum called ‘Dharavi’ (without facilities like clean-water, sanitation and toilets). According to the reports, there are about 600 million Indians who live in thousands of slums (total 1,00,000) all over India. World Bank reported in the year 2010 that India’s poverty is higher than all the poor African countries combined together. In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, there are 3 million Indian children suffering from malnutrition – thousands of them die every year. India’s leading newspaper ‘The Hindu’ reported in the year 2014-2015 that India’s 800 million population lacks ‘toilet’ facilities at home; hence they go to the bushes, or beach areas to defecate.

        • Interestingly, no other Muslim country has taken a similar measure, indicating that Pakistanis are more easily upset by any hint of blasphemy than our brethren elsewhere. And yet, according to Google, the popular search engine, the word ‘sex’ is typed in more often by Pakistanis than by Internet users in any other country. Clearly, we are not entirely consistent in our attachment to religious dictats. DAWN

          • Since when did Hindus start believing in Pakistani Jihadi newspaper on bankroll of ISI, as per Hindus?

            Hindus who lynch non Hindu humans for cows are discussing blasphemy. Imao. It was a fake report which Google has never released. But even if it is true, it is at least they are searching those terms, unlike Naked Sadhus who show their tools to sanskari Hindu women in the street, or those Swamis, Gurus and Yogis who rape Hindu women in temples and ashram in the name of getting them rid of black magic. India is declared world’s most dangerous country for women where a woman is raped every 20 mint. 2012 Nirbhaya case is example.

          • Devdasi means servant of god, Devdasi should dance in temple and she is also forced into prost*tution and saxually abused by the Brahmins. Although Devdasi is banned by government but Temple prost*tution or sacred prost*tution is still prevalent in many parts of India,
            According to a report by one-man commission headed by Justice Raghunath Rao in 2015, there are 80,000 Devdasi in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states.
            As per theguardian’s 2011 report “The National Commission for Women estimate that there are 48,358 Devadasis currently in India.”

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