Are Hindus really the victims in India? Of what, asks Barkha Dutt

In the first episode of News Ka Juice, journalist Barkha Dutt questions the idea of Hindu ‘victimhood’.

Are India’s Hindus — nearly 80% of the country — victims?

Do Hindus get the raw end of the deal from the judiciary, media or Parliament?

Hindus are anxious, why is the mandir in Ayodhya delayed, asks BJP’s veteran Ram Madhav…

The Supreme Court is anti-Hindu, suggests Rakesh Sinha… RSS ideologue…

And Right-wing groups are now demanding a Hindu Charter of Rights…

Protesting what they claim is institutionalised discrimination

So, is Hindu victimhood real?

The short answer: This is nonsense.

The long answer: This is just politics.


Let’s start with Sabarimala.

Violent protesters brazenly defied a court order to allow women at the shrine.

Here’s what a leaked audio tape of the BJP state president confirms…

The party saw the issue as a golden chance and encouraged the priest to shut the shrine.

The Congress was no different. Its Kerala unit openly went against the court ruling.

So, when two major parties compete for the Hindu vote, who is the victim? The progressive rule of law… or Hindus?


The Right-wing says liberal secularists are hypocrites.

Let’s assume this is true.

But what about their own hypocrisy?

When the Supreme Court set aside triple talaq…

And called it illegal, unconstitutional and against the Quran…

The verdict was hailed as historic…

When the same court said the exclusion of women at Sabarimala is not an essential religious practice…

The court is branded anti-Hindu.

Imagine, if Muslim groups had defied the court on triple talaq — an abominable practice, of course — what would they have been called? Anti-National!

When the court restricts loudspeakers for azaan at 5 am — we talk about noise pollution

When the same court restricts Diwali firecrackers because of lethal air pollution, we say it’s a matter of faith

So, again, where is the victimhood?

And who is the hypocrite?


Finally, let’s come to Ayodhya.

The court’s decision to defer the hearing on the temple-mosque dispute…

Is, in fact, advantage BJP.

An issue with diminishing returns…

Has gained a brand new lease of electoral life…

And no one even remembers the Liberhan Commission any more…

Or the Babri Masjid demolition trial…

Or that Advani, Joshi, Uma Bharti, among others, are facing charges in the case.

The sweep of history has erased 1992.

In 2018, Hindus are not victims.

Hindus — or a section of them — are politically assertive. Aggressive. Emboldened.

Everything but victims.


Interestingly, the Charter of Hindu Demands…

To be handed over to the Prime Minister after 10 lakh signatures…

Does talk of mob lynching… except that it calls it a lie spread by the “beef and meat mafia”.

The charter makes no mention of…

Mohammed Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, Zahid Ahmed — just some of the men murdered over false beef rumours.

It ignores the data: 84% dead in cow-related violence since 2010 are Muslim; 97% of these attacks were in the last four years says an India Spend report.

No, we are not a Hindu Pakistan or Hindu Taliban — Shashi Tharoor, I vehemently disagree…

But I also disagree, just as strongly, with the universe of WhatsApp in which Hindus are hapless.

Thanks to its own corroded practice of secularism, the Congress today is playing catch up with the BJP.

The inconvenient truth is this: Indian politics is now Hindutva versus Hindu Lite…

And Hindu victimhood is fake news.

See you next week for more News Ka Juice.

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  1. I have one suggestion please change your name to the jihad because that’s what you are really doing…wat about kashmiri pandits why the hell these Islamist killed them because they are non-muslim…. because of the ideology of jihad that only muslims can live in Kashmir this is what you want in whole India… secularism damn shit you people are selling lies never stand for violence against hinduism but manipulate the facts…

  2. Why are the tabloids such as quint,wire,free press so anti hindu?
    The next article is also against Hindus and the previous one supports caste divisions.
    My community has been neglected by the congress and it has been dissected into castes for votes.
    On Muslims being the victim,u all mention the religion of the perpetrator being hindu which is fine. But the minute the victim is a hindu ,u all simply mention it as scuffle between two communities.( Hindus than times) issue on damage of temple by Muslims
    Also do not support the protest by jnu etc. Hope you know a large amount of taxpayers money is wasted in these protesting students.
    As a tax payer I will not tolerate this waste of my money
    Request you to perform responsible journalism . Bharka has compromised our security forces on many occasions such as using satellite phone during kargil war, Mumbai terror attack. She is also involved in the ” influence scam”

  3. Judges and usually many others don’t properly understand or respect Hindu history or customs, rituals that will differ in various places. They cannot force uniformity based on western ideas. Hindus do feel threatened due to constant encouragement being given to other religions that are foreign and not compatible with human nature nor ideal goal of moksa. If, for example, someone was misguiding ones family and ruining their lives would it not be disturbing? Would one keep quiet cause it’s democracy? Sanatan dharma is very scientific. Rituals and customs are based on that, such as mantra, yantra etc. People should increase knowledge before commenting.

  4. Barkha
    Don’t be a hypocrite.
    Don’t act as if you are a novice.
    Anyone who reads your article will have an impulse to question about the butchering if lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus. I will not.

    I was driving from Chenganacheri to Mangalore. I was about 20 kilometres to reach Kasargod. My car was a Karnataka registration Alto. It hit a car of Kerala registration,from behind. The Kerala registration car had neo rear lights,no insurance (which I learnt later),the driver had no license,unfortunately the car was carrying a pregnant Muslim woman. ( most Muslim women are mostly pregnant most of the times). I can always argue that it was not my fault. Which the other driver also would do. But my priority was to take the pregnant woman to the nearest hospital to be examined. But believe me, I was ready to be manhandled by over a dozen men. With great difficulty, I moved to Kasargod where I was told that ,had the accident happened ten kilometres before, the crowd would have killed me and the occupants in my car. Now tell me, which sort of country we live in? What will happen to this country,the Hindus if the present 15% population reaches even 30%? There will be anarchy. Till every Hindu is converted or driven away. So don’t ask questions thinking that you are smart. Don’t use your oratory skills to fool the people. Dear God.

  5. The question is bit of mockery. There is bit of politics played by various political parties now and again but as we all know India has suffered from invaders all along the original land of
    Hindus by Alexander the Great, Turks, Mougals, British but name few and then ask such silly questions is really rubing salt in the wound. There is no doubt politicians have used the internal divisions in Hindus like casts to divert their agenda to keep themselves in power. It appears that after very long, Hindus have a Government which is not anti Hindu seems to be troubling Burkadutt alike. Sad but seems to true.

  6. I as Hindu feel I’m a victim of socialism in Bharat. The West developed due to capitalism, Bharat became an eye sore because of socialism. Opportunities for Hindus are robbed away and given to minorities in the name of reservation. Hindus are second class citizens coz minorities have the first right on the nation’s resources. Minorities destroyed our kamasutra culture and replaced it with Victorian-Islamic chastity, suppressed us sexually. The invaders cut my country and separated them into Pakistan Bangladesh.

  7. Yeah Barkha Dutt pagal aurat hai , had stopped watching her on TV , she spits utter nonsense , if women’s can’t go in one temple that doesn’t mean Hindus are bad or people who preach are bad, had never seen her speaking anything against owaisi

  8. Hey Mam…u remember pehlu or somebody else… Bt what about the increasing cost of cattles and decreasing no of cow’s and buffalo’s… It costs more than one lakh… U r crying about farmer suicide… Can a farmer able to purchase cattle… No..50% india drinking Chemical based milk… Where are our cattles gone… Maximum of them are smuggled to Bangladesh… And remember.. These smugglers come with katta… They are not innocent… In which condition they transported… With broken legs… 5 cow’s in dickky of car… If u don’t know just give me ur wats app I will send u videos…what about Animal rights…..

  9. The previous Govt said on the Parliament that “Minorities have the first right on the resources of the country” and yet you are if Hindus are victim???

  10. When the Triple Talaq ordinance came after SC verdict the media was discussing if it is a genuine interest to help Muslim women or appeasing hindu voters before elections. No opposition parties supported the ordinance. But when Sabarimala verdict came media and opposition parties are united to ask implementing it as early as possible.

  11. Fairly biased article, trying to appear as a unbiased – very typical pseudo-liberal tactic.
    The author says Charter of Hindu Demands doesn’t talk about some people’s deaths over beef.
    Now, the author wants Charter of Hindu Demands (which is obviously about Hindu demands) to talk about beef (and death of a few minorities).
    What type of twisted logic is this? Beef issue is a separate issue, why should Charter of Hindu Demands include it?
    The author wants the charter to include it so that those who might support it won’t support it if it talks about beef. That’s the hidden agenda.
    I won’t fall for that. May be India in 1970s, 1980s, 1990s – not India in 2018.

  12. Countless Hindus perhaps in millions ( exotic people on the other side of the Indus) have been killed by the invaders who settled and ruled this country for the last 1000 years. History was airbrushed to hide this fact by the British and later the rulers of modern India to serve their own political ends. This genocide is perhaps the biggest in world and we are ashamed to even discuss or research it. Research our own history and you will look at the same set of events from a different perspective. That will settle your confusion

  13. Sheer nonsense, are the comparisons of Dutt, using her shallow logic. Triple talaq is not practiced even in large Islamic nations and considered by them unislamic. Who are the ones who fought for entry to sabarimala ? Are they devotees of the shrine, they were the liberals who wanted to prove a point, rather than any considerations of religion. Dutt, a westernized liberal, should understand that right wings’ reponses ( not all of them correct) are an answer to the pseudo secular politics of left n centrist political parties. Dutt’s intellectual nonsense further polarizes the current situation and places on a pedestal the judicial activism of the SC. The SC apparently has better jobs to do than spend time on diwali crackers n kalli Katy which are traditional practices, painting intellectual nonsense to these cultural habits.

  14. I will tell you the problem with your long thesis Ms Barkha…. A) to compare sabarimala and triple talaq is comparing apples and oranges…. for triple talaq empowers a woman from virtual mental agony and fear…. there are no such problems with Sabarimala…. infact sabarimala has been made into an issue of impurity when it clearly was about something else… oh btw assuming we are all on parity how about banning hen nights at pubs and ladies only public services as that violates a mans right!it is bizzare!….You count 84% muslims killed in mob lynchings….so between 2010 and 2017 there were 63 cases of mob lynching in which 24 muslims died…. do you know how many cases of attack on activists by the beef mafia between June and July 2017….just two months…11….. and I dnt want to make it communal by stating on the religious denomination of the victim and perpetrator…. do you know what germany did first after the great war…. it held trials and whoever was remotely nazi was tried and the trials went on for 30 years….. what is the solace the hindus of this nation were provided after 1000 years of rampage on their social fabric (no matter how flawed that fabric looked)… do you know the count of how many hindus were killed in a 50 year period by the british…. two men decided to forgive them and it was thrust on the hindus….sorry! but hindus have been victims for way too long…and yes you are right…. we have become vocal and aggressive about attrocities against hindus and this will be the norm till social justice is done

  15. Hindus are suppressed for more than 2000 years since entry of Alexander due to disloyals’ support to outsiders which continued till back of britishers. Hindus are suppressed class which are required to be elevated as were before 2000 yrs. Hindus and it’s religiously converted peoples in India must understand that outsiders never came with their wives in India, they expanded their persons thru Indian mothers.

  16. The argument that Hindus complain victimhood is debatable but the examples given above are specious.
    One cannot compare Triple Talaq to the Sabarimala verdict, simply because the former is a social evil while the latter is a matter of faith. The non entry of women in Sabarimala is restricted to that temple only and not universal. Triple Talaq is result of inter personal relationship gone bad, nothing to do with faith.
    As for the comparison between azaan and Diwali crackers, again there’s discrepancy. One is perpetual, while the other is once a year. Also one is puzzled at the use of loudspeakers. No one objects to prayer, but blaring loudspeakers is the problem.
    Hence one can argue cogently with Barkha but I suspect it might be futile exercise.

  17. If your spouse kicks someone out of marriage, where will they go?? How is that the same as, prescriptions for visiting a specific temple only? Though it might still possible to visit Ayyappa in other temples, I am not suggesting that. Phir bhi, bhagwan aapki bhalai kare.

  18. The so called liberal Hindus are cowards. Because of them Islam destroyed our liberal culture and ruled over us.

  19. What about 5 Lakh Hindus butchered in your home state J&K by your own religion people just because the victims were Hindus / Kafirs according to you. Kashmiri Muslims hand are soaked in Hindu blood and you are proud about it. Shame on you to comment on peace loving Hindus

  20. Totally agree with you Barkha. Moreover, now that the Development /Gujarat Model plan has totally failed, more of these nonsense will come up in the next few months till May 2019. We need to constantly and consistently refute these.

  21. Sometimes wonder where these feelings of victimhood – some would call it a Himalayan inferiority complex – are coming from. Sundar Pichai used to sleep on the floor in a house that did not have a refrigerator. He is now worth $ 1.2 billion, about the same as Anil Ambani. The question we should really be asking the political class is : What are you doing to help create more educated young people like him; equally, to ensure that such talented people can make their fame and fortune in India, not aspire at best to become professors in IIT. All this talk of Hindutva, building temples, lighting diyas is distancing us from the rest of the world. The secular stagnation in exports for the last five years mocks the promise of such an exceptional mandate. 2. When President Xi visited India and the issue of India’s trade deficit with China was brought up, he said, Please give me a list of commodities that you can export. It would not go much beyond rice, sugar, buffalo meat, perhaps some pharmaceuticals. Take another metric : China’s market for 50 million iPhones a year, ours shrinking from 3 to 2 million. We should hold our leaders to a higher standard of performance and delivery than identity politics.

    • u r teaching our administrators what to do and what not to do . What u should do is to form a political party or join one. contest the election, get majority and implement ur policy. This forum is about Hindus feeling victims in this sickular country. This vociferous Burkha Dutt is successfully denigrating Hinduism. While none of us know the truth, she is believed to be Hindu born convert to Islam. She is free to say what she wants. She is critical about what others say. But she interference in to what is done within our temples. What mantras to utter, what not to utter is our privilege. But i cant criticize her because the Supreme Court has also endorsed her view and articles. We have to analyze the Judgement to find out whether the foolish Hindus are asked to abide by her dictates in forming our regulations and doing our pujas.
      Her survival instinct may probably be the reason for her ignoring the rights of muslim women in entering the mosque and do Namaz.

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