Off The Cuff with Nitin Gadkari

Updated: 5 May, 2020 1:07 pm IST

Nitin Gadkari, road transport and highways and MSME minister was the guest at ThePrint’s digital “Off the Cuff.” Gadkari who had previously also held the post of BJP party president said that the coronavirus pandemic has hit government revenues. He added that one of the ways to protect a vast majority of the people economically was by saving the MSME sector, which provides them jobs. Gadkari pointed out that the government is supporting the MSME sector in all possible ways and will soon come up with a financial package.

The minister further said that the only way to increase liquidity in the market in the prevailing economic situation is by investing in infrastructure sector, be it water, power, transport, communication, port and railways. Gadkari also highlighted that there is no dearth of funds in the road sector and how work has already resumed in 60-70% projects in the road sector.