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Lucknow Covid hotspots named after mosques, Yogi govt draws flak for ‘communalising’ illness

Lucknow administration refutes claims of targeting any community. Officials say naming done after mosques due to presence of positive cases from there.

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Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh administration has named eight out of 18 coronavirus hotspots in Lucknow after mosques, an exercise that has raised concern among Muslims in those areas and drawn flak from opposition parties for allegedly adding communal colour to an illness.

“The government should be concerned about fighting the disease. It should focus on pinpointing those areas from where more cases are coming. But unable to tackle that it is busy fudging numbers, and to divert people’s attention it is linking it to religious issues so that people won’t focus on the ground situation. It is discriminatory to link the illness to one specific community,” Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Ajay Kumar Lallu told ThePrint.

The administration has refuted claims that any particular community was being targeted. Officials said the mosques were only named due to the presence of positive cases.

“The positive cases came from those areas and which is why hotspots have been named after them. There is no other motive to it,” said a senior government official, who did not wish to be named.

Lucknow has so far reported 214 cases, with eight new infections reported Friday.

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‘A divisive exercise’

One of the hotspots in Lucknow’s Sadar Bazar is called ‘Masjid Ali Jaan and nearby areas’. Similarly, some others mentioned in the list of Covid-19 hotspots are ‘Mohammadiya Masjid and nearby areas’ in Wazirganj, ‘Khajoor Wali Masjid and adjoining areas’ in Triveni Nagar and ‘Phool Bagh/Nazarbagh Masjid and adjoining areas’.

“We should keep religion away from all this. The situation is already bad, so why complicate it further?” said Juhi Singh, a senior Samajwadi Party leader.

“By identifying hotspots via mosques, the government is also defeating its own work that it has done so far. Rather than naming areas after mosques, specific areas should be identified. This exercise will otherwise be seen as divisive.”

A resident living in one of the hotspots told ThePrint over phone, “You are intelligent to know what is happening and why the hotspots have been named so. I don’t want to say much as our calls also get recorded.”

Earlier this month, the Sadar Bazaar area, which borders Lucknow Cantonment, was sealed after 12 people from Saharanpur holed up in a mosque in Qasaibada had tested positive for Covid-19.

Masjid Ali Jaan, located in the same Sadar Bazaar area, has reported 95 positive Covid-19 cases so far. Government records show that the area has 578 suspected cases of the novel coronavirus. A total of 67 people have been quarantined.

Sadar Bazaar has since been barricaded and essential services are provided by the state government.

The Uttar Pradesh government has also been identifying the number of people linked to the March congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in its daily Covid-19 updates.

“This is nothing but an attempt to create an impression that Muslims are behind the spread of Covid-19. Even today Tablighi Jamaat is shown as the major reason behind the surge in cases. The areas that have been labelled as hotspots include both Muslim and Hindu communities. When areas are not being named after temples or churches, why are they being named after mosques?” said another resident living in one of the hotspots.

Lucknow-based law professor Abdul Hafiz Gandhi told ThePrint that the practice of naming hotspots after mosques was being followed only in Uttar Pradesh.

“This is a wrong practice as you are blaming one particular community by naming hotspots after mosques. Are we naming hotspots after any other religious institution? Hotspots are named after areas and this is what is being followed across the country,” Gandhi said.

He had also tweeted about the issue on 12 April, saying: “When central govt has issued advisory not to publish figures having communal profiling, why Yogi government is issuing separate figures for Covid-19 positive patients (sic).”

Gandhi isn’t the only one to raise his voice against the issue.

Earlier this month, the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) had asked the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government to stop mention of the Nizamuddin Markaz in its daily bulletin on coronavirus cases. The section was subsequently dropped from the daily bulletins.

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  1. All the yogi bhakt who are supporting this communalism, you are great !!! You wil be garlanded soon.

  2. All the idiot’s who are supporting this communalism, you are great !!! You wil be garlanded soon.

  3. People having this dangerous type of thinking will surely destroy India. All of us must know that there is LIFE after death which is eternal. We will stand before Allah.Please save yourself and don’t waste the time.

  4. Not a single word from The Print regarding a letter from Delhi minority commission Chairman to Arab world which is against the Indian people. But every time you pick up a trivial issue and blow up it out of proportion to create rift among communities. Stop this nonsense and think always about the country.

    • Mr Patil S: You pontificate:

      “Stop this nonsense and think always about the country”

      Very true Mr Patil S. But for the ordinary, utterly law abiding and patriotic Muslim, is India a safe country ? Is India country where the Muslim is respected and does not have to fear for his life when he steps out of his house? The answer Mr Patil S, is a resounding NO. Indeed, the Hindi belt, particularly UP is a dangerous place to be – even for a completely law-abiding, patriotic Muslim who puts India ahead of anything.

      My father, a Hindu and a retired airman from the IAF has served with several Muslim colleagues. And all of them fear for their lives. Under the current ideology of Hindutva that the BJP, the RSS, personalities like PM Modi, Adityanath, former Union Minister for Aviation Jayant Sinha, Tejaswi Surya etc. propagate, even the Muslim who is willing to die for India gets killed by Indians. Wasn’t retired Army Officer Mohammad Sanaullah Khan declared a “foreigner” and sent to a detention camp in Assam?

      And given this climate of hate in India towards its own Muslim citizens, where should the average Muslim turn to for help? Arnab Goswami’s Republic channel to highlight his plight? Minister Jayant Sinha who garlands gaurakshaks who are out on bail after having lynched a Muslim ? Or the violent monk turned into CM Adityanath who suggests that the corpses of Muslim women should be pulled out and raped? Or Mohan Bhagwat of the RSS who will ask them to do a “ghar wapasi” ? Or to PM Modi, of Godhra fame? Indeed, has PM Modi expressed an iota of sympathy for the plight of ordinary Muslims who are at the receiving end of this mindless violence? After all, when confronted with the brutal lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq (RIP) in 2015 in Dadri, the PM ignored the issue for a while before finally offering a limp ”Sad, but what is the fault of the Centre in this case?

      Hence, when you are upset that Muslims have raised the issue of violence and Islamophobia and have allegedly sent a letter to the Arab world, should you be surprised? Tell me where can they turn to Mr Patil S? After all, don’t Hindus facing discrimination in Muslim countries like Malaysia, Brunei, the Middle East and even Russia not turn to India? Doesn’t the vast NRI lobby in places like the US & UK not lobby for India and turn to India when it comes to Hindu interests ?

      Alas, the Gujarat model and its even more interpretation of Hindutva never has had to factor in the notion and task of keeping this fragile coalition of states, region, ethnicities, religions, castes called India together, has it ?

      So Mr Patil S, I will say in retort to you:

      Stop this nonsense and think always about all the citizens of India as equal. You risk breaking up the country if you don’t.

      • Great . You have the guts , the courage to call a spade a spade . Yes , there is religious discrimination , hate speeches , etc etc & it’s embedded now since this crooked , crafty right wing fundementalist party has come to power . Anyone who criticizes is branded an anti national . Then where’s the freedom of speech which is enshrined in the constitution etc.
        Your post is self explanatory . We’re just pretending to the international community we are a genuine working secular democracy . Racism will always be condemned by all who believe in the principles of secularism & democracy . Denials & damage control cannot hide atrocities from the world in this digital age .

  5. They are landmarks which any body can easily identify in a country which is deeply religious. Perhaps the author of this post is hell bent on communalising the whole issue. Pls stop such nonsense. Had anybody mentioned Hindu temples like this, I am sure this author will happily ignore and not write a word because this is what “Indian Secularism” is all about!

  6. They are landmarks which any body can easily identify in a country which is deeply religious. Perhaps the author of this post is hell bent on communalising the whole issue. Pls stop such nonsense. Had anybody mentioned Hindu temples like this, I am sure this author will happily ignore and not write a word because this is what “Indian Secularism” is all about!

  7. There’s nothing wrong about convenience u use landmark.if +ve cases r found there in plenty. Den landmarks shud b used to specify particular area.ppl r playing usual politics of terrorism has no religion.even if a single religion shares 90% terrorist,single source writing sounds nice, but hides concrete facts. Jus playing of words shud not be d aim.

  8. You guys in “the print” are really jobless …..get a job and a life…….
    Ridiculous to see any religious angle in this……it clearly says “ and adjoining areas”

  9. What’s wrong in calling an orange an orange? Over 50% of virus spread across India is by muslims so why not take it on record? Is anyone among them (Tabliqui Zamat) ready to take responsibility for deaths of over 1500 innocent people because of them? They do not want to acknowledge that, they do not want to be named in that, but still want to do whatever they want, isn’t this narsistic? If a masjid is responsible for spread of the virus then it should be named, if a Mandir is responsible then it should be named. Same goes for any religious gathering place and for any other gathering. IPL was cancelled to avoid gathering, why can’t muslims avoid gatherings? Who gave them right to put others life in danger?

  10. Wondering when will they name any hotspot after Kanika Kapoor!! After all she is a famous singer and had been a victim of COVID-19. She got the test negative in the 6th attempt.

  11. Wot if the area surrounding any “The Print” office is Quarantined..???
    Wot is the importance of asking for any land mark while filling address???

    The Print gone out of mind…

  12. Many commentators are using fake names. Why? Are they member of troll army? Let’s not communalise everything. Even CM of UP will not tolerate communalization.

  13. Our main stream TV media channels is world famous in spreading fake and hatred news among community….they will not show this kind of news….news wahi hai jo yeh news channels nahi dikhate…news woh nahi hai jo yeh dikhate hai .

  14. I can sense your intentions are malicious.If u have known places in lucknow you should be aware that places are named histoeically in most parts of lucknow ex aminabad hazratganj imambara..and if the epicentre of a pandemic is a mosque and nearby area there is no reason why it cant be named,most of the people use name for mosque for specific location in lucknow name for reference.HOWEVER IT IS YOU THE PRINT WHO CAN MANIPULATE IT TO POLARISE THE VIEWERS WHEN ITS NOT ANYTHING AS SUCH..CHEAP PUBLICITY OR RATHER FILTY SECTARIAN JUST TO SUPPORT RADICALS…

  15. The Print you people are spreading hate.
    You people are trying to make mountain out of a mole. Just tell me if there is Hanuman Mandir Gali and its named as hot spot would you have written such comprehensive article?
    If you can answer this question?
    No… because you people are propagating
    pseudo secularism.
    Please stop doing this.

  16. In Hyderabad as well, the largest and most fertile containment cluster is called Mallepally Masjid and surrounding areas. Also, another prominent containment cluster in Hyderabad is at Kausar Masjid near Warasiguda. All these clusters are named after those masjids.

    • Anika Kapoor ka area.. jo ek hanuman mandir ke pass hai kabhi usko hotspot declare nhi kiya. Ankhe kholo andhbhakto. Abhi bhi samaye hai Chaupat rajao se sanvidhan ho jao. Muslims ke baad ye dalit,pichdo etc ko target karenge. Hope isse pahle Desi raaj(1947-20..) samapt ho jayga.

      • & Muslims r treating dalits obc as brothers in law by lifting their sisters in Pakistan carved out of India to represent Islamic rule&kashmir in India as trailer.

  17. Let us admit UP is a difficult place to survive. All the great institutions have been destroyed over a period of time. The only option is to stoke communal fires and divide the votes. BJP got the electoral math right and it will take more than 200 years to fix it. Yogi is being groomed to succeed Modi. He may even shift the capital of India from Delhi to Prayahraj or Varanasi. Let the southern states go to hell.

    • Mughal , British ke baad ab Desi raaj samapti ki taraf hai. Agar yogi jaese satta ke bhogi 10 years bhi rah gae to desi raaj history ho jayga

    • Mr/Ms Viking: I fully agree with what you say. The BJP may have gotten the electoral arithmetic right but they have also opened Pandora’s box and let out many a lethal communal virus. And the deliberate appointment of a rabble-rouser and supporter of violent Hindutva like Ajay Bhisht merely confirms the fact that PM Modi has transferred his Godhra know-how to this violent saffron “monk”.

      And you are right – now that the genie is out of the bottle, it will be impossible to get it back in. Rioting, violence and religious strife will be central elements of life in UP and the rest of the wretched chappathi belt – to hell with sabka saath sabka vikas and other meaningless slogans. Sadly, one of the drawbacks of democracy in India is that there are few institutional safeguards to thwart democracy from becoming majoritarian reign. The police, the paid media and the courts are firmly in the hands of the BJP. Just as they were during the Emergency under PM Indira Gandhi in the 70s. As Karnataka politician said: “It is an undeclared Emergency”

      With regard to the violent “monk’s” desire to shift the capital from Delhi to Allahabad, well, I think that before that happens, he will implement the plan to rename Meerut to Pandit Godse Nagar. Perhaps after that, he would re-christen India as Bharath and Delhi as Hasthinapuri.

      I think it is about time that southern states ask the Hindi belt states and their incompetent politicians to go to hell. For instance, compare Kerala’s handling of y the COVID crisis with that of how they do it in the chppathi belt. In any case, Bhisht’s subjects are to be found in the South with their begging bowls.

  18. 7. 70 lakh indians working in Oman are likely to loose their jobs. Most of them are labours are no muslims from UP and Bihar.
    Kahi to kimat deni hogi is bewkufi ki

    • Very well said Mr Gurinder Singh ! Apt observations indeed Sir.

      As things stand today, the decent economic fundamentals that Manmohan Singh bequeathed to Narendra Modi have been dealt a body blow thanks to the latter’s outstanding Delhi University education. The only silver lining appears to be the reasonably steady inflow of remittances from overseas workers, 60% of which come from Muslim countries. And in another brilliant example of manmade disaster creation, the Great Gujarathi and his Hindutva ideology is going to jeopardise that flow as well. And much worse, scupper the lives and livelihoods of millions of Indians who work in these countries.

      Humiliating ordinary, law abiding Muslims in India as the BJP loves doing and insulting Islam is going to come at a very high price. A high price to the economy and to India’s reputation and softpower credentials. But the fascists of the RSS and the lumpen gaurakshak goons who do Ajay Bhisht’s dirty work are unlikely to grasp at that.

  19. Fantastic yogi aadityanath, lots of love. Dear neelam KHAN and not pandey, he’s named the areas so because the mosques are landmarks for those areas, are you journalist or a tarzan? Waise bhi mullo ne failaya toh hai, tum print wale itne mullo ke chamche kyo ho? Jihadi, communist media.

    • Naam ka yogi. Karm ka bhogi.
      Satta ke liye daru ki shop khulwaya lekin garibo ko khane ki nhi khoon di.
      Baap ka DNA alag tha.
      Isiliye unke marne me bhi nhi gaya

  20. Hindu, Muslim,Boudha, Khristan,Jainya,Sikh Sabielog Hamara Varotme Mataki Santan ! Esiliye Jhogra Mot Korna Chahiye ! — Dictator.

    • Aur jahil andhbhakto ko jahil hi kaho. Nange bhagwan. Nange sabhyta.
      Kapde silna bhi Arab se dikha.
      Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter kuch hai tumhare pass.
      Modi yogi jaese chaupat raja hai aur tum inki andher nagri.
      Tumhare bachhe bhi tum pe thookenge

  21. History me ham padhenge… Mughal raaj, British Raaj aur Abhi ka Desi Raaj (1947-2022.
    Jaldi hi ye desi raaj khatm ho jayga.

    History dekh lo.. jb raja aesi harkate karne lagta hai to koi naya raaj as Jata hai..
    Hm inki tulna Meer jafari, Jai chand, Ibrahim lodi se karenge.

    Now be ready for new type of system.
    Possible governed by USA etc
    Reason banega Aksham neta jaese Yogi, Shah, kejriwal, akhilesh, mayawati etc.

    Jaldi hi

  22. In Hyderabad Birla Temple area is a hotspot..but then we have to change that area name now. The same people will fight with government if the name of that area is changed without including the masjid name..why is the Congress and SP/BSP creating so much hue and cry for a particular religion? Are the rest of the people not the citizens of India?

  23. Kerala has more Muslim than UP . And Kerala has good adminstration capability , Which the fake monk doesn’t. Agenda is clear .

  24. It seems yogiji forgot the name of area , so he named it after Mosque . By the way he is expert in changing names of places which resembles Muslim . But here he purposefully put name of Masjid . Rest you understand the agenda .
    In India , if you cant give them good governance , give them Communal hatred . And they (people) will be busy in it .

  25. Good work neelam pandey for bring such news. Keep it up, these news must come to public, so that govt doesn’t work secretively

  26. No Wonder Yogi trying to criminalize the situation just to cover up his failure spit on his face.

  27. Shekhar Gupta apne baal noch tere khandani badnam ho rahein hain..abey takle yeh mulle hi teri band bajainge.

  28. Calling Spade a Spade or Identifying it is Not Communal. Such Spades must be Named & Shamed. Nothing Personal.

  29. The affected area shall not be named as only mosque rather it shall be mosque ( if promonant monument in the area) n surrounding area. What is the official list with hotspot tags pleas epublish complete news. Don’t misguide people.

  30. The print , ndtv, news laundry, scroll, Indian express, the Hindu, times of india. Listen carefully you r defending for undefendable, nd improve ur level of thought. As of now ur near about ur leader shree Rahul Maino Gandhi. For how long u people create propegenda and against Indians. One more thing u people r exposed now.

  31. Are chalo yaar bade aye loh masjid k andar se niklenge to masjid aur uske aaspas k area ko seal karenge to wahi bolenge na ..pagal ho kya ye jo tum log khud itna highlight kar dete to na jabardasti bolg wlog likh tab ye jyada communal hone lagta h .are yaar chodo.isme kya burai h up me sab area masjid se jude thode hi h aur bhi h wo bhi padh k discuss karo kahe ise highlight kar rahe ho ..

    • इस वक़्त किसी भी सम्प्रदाय के लोगो को अगर उकसाया जाता रहेगा तो हो सकता वो लोग गुस्से से या चिढ़ कर कोरोण के फैलाव में बढ़ चले बजाए इसके कि इसको कम करने में मदद करें। इस पहलू का ध्यान रखना जरूरी है ताकि हालात सुधरे नकी खराब होते चले जाए। अक्ल का काम करो मूर्खता का नहीं। कोई भी नेता अजर अमर नहीं की अंतहीन काल तक सत्ता में रहेगा। आज अगर नफरतें बढ़ती रही तो हम तो मर चुके होंगे लेकिन हमारी जेनरेशन को तकलीफ़ होगी। दूरदर्शिता से कम होना चाहिए । सरकारें तो बदलती रहेंगी लेकिन अगल बगल शहर के बीच हम ही लोगो को रहना है

  32. Mrs juhi Singh or The print can suggest alternate name for “Masjid Ali Jaan and nearby areas in safe bazar”. One can understand Samajwadi party opposition to any issues of govt , but why The Print.
    The empathy to govt by The print is also observed by all sensible Indians for their biased reporting.

  33. Why u people have problem if hotspot is named after mosque? It was named so bcoz tabligi Jamat people were hiding in such mosques & they came out corona +ve in bulk when tested. No temple or church has any bulk corona cases thats y hotspot not named after them. In favor of naming hotspots after mosque one example u gave in ur article only where 12 people were hiding in a mosque. Instead of asking the right question tht y they needed to hide in mosque & y not simply get tested & save theirs as well as others lives u urself giving it a communal turn.

    • Andh bhakt I will give the exact nos of Hindus in temple
      Aatukal pongala 100000
      Tirupati 40000
      Iskon temple Ahmedabad 12000
      Andh bhakt why they are not showing because this government is fascist goverment only their aim and motto is to remove muslims then Dalits then Christian from India

      But bacchu this will be only dream

      • And when they are donating their plasma tell Hindus to not take their plasma

        Don’t go to gulf for earning
        Don’t bring crude from gulf
        Don’t go on trip to gulf countries

        You hypocrites just want to divide the society

        • Dont provide medicines gulf. They will have a miserable death. Just ask your gulf friends if they can survive without India .. you dumb

          • Mr Sujit Patra: Indians can and probably will be replaced in the Gulf – there are plenty of countries that are willing to send labour to the Gulf. After all, why would Muslim countries bring in people who hate Muslims and Islam? Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. can fill the breach. Unlike India, these countries neither produce Islamophobes nor are they governed by rabid, Islamophobic politicians. Remember, nobody is ir-replaceable.

            There is such a thing as overreach – when you make and take on more enemies and fight on more fronts than you physically can. As things stand:

            – India is facing the economic and medical fallouts from the corona crisis, worsened by an economy which hasn’t recovered from demonetisation
            – A looming balance of payments crisis which remittances from migrants helps plug
            – Rising unemployment
            – Banking crises
            – Political turmoil with CAA protests, violence against minorities and a dilution of fundamental democratic rights

            The only silver lining in this Modi made, dismal, indeed abysmal socio-economic and socio-political mess is that India received a regular stream of remittances from the diaspora. And, of the roughly USD 70 billions that India receives as remittances, 56% come from Islamic countries. You don’t want to pick a fight with the entire Islamic world do you Mr Sujit Patra? Remember the concept of overreach ?

            So, rather than calling Mr Abdallah adjectives that fit you better than him, I suggest you pour a stiff peg of gomutra in your lota and go hang around with your fellow gaurakshak intellectuals at your local shaka.

            Pathetic !

  34. Well, naming these COVID hotspots after a particular mosque is to bring these mullah’s & Jamati’s to clearly see where their actions have taken its toll with the General Public. So in the future these Religious people of Islam adhere to Government of India directives & do not flout the norms given to all people & masses.
    Well the Hindus & Christians have shut down their Temples & Churches & have not flouted any norms put forth by The Government of India, alas the Muslim people are the ones who have flouted again & again & again, due to this we are suffering due to lockdowns.
    High time these untoward people stop what they are doing. The citizens have to criticize these people & when they find they are being alienated then they will come to terms for co-existing. I do not have any grudge on them, but their arrogance & rebellious behaviour is unacceptable.

    • Religious discrimination & racism is in the dna of all of us . It’s not going to go away in a hurry . Despite our PM giving a belated call to shun branding of any one community to the spread of Coronavirus due to negligence , callousness , the right wing Hindu fundementalist legislators keep on targeting the minorities in overt & covert ways .
      Racism has no place in a genuine democracy & persistent hate speeches & insinuation has invited international condemnation . Then , later denials , damage control does not help as the international community is very closely observing this autocracy in the garb of pretending to be a democracy . We must condemn all fundementalists whether Muslim or Hindu as these are the ones that Stoke unrest & disharmony . We must staunchly enforce rule of law , prevent hate speeches , so as to achieve peace & harmony which are the true fundementals of a genuine democracy .

    • Hindus have shut down the temples ? Really ?the tabligi jaamat convention happened before the lockdown where as there were hundreds of people who gathered during the kalaburgi festival in Karnataka….the Muslims aren’t behaving ,it’s the media that is reporting fake news …showing a clip of an old Sufi festival and calling it communal sneezing etc…the tabligis have come forward to donate plasma….nobody will willfully spread the virus who’s near and dear ones will be the first casualty…this biased reported and fake news peddling of godi media is communalising a global pandemic where everyone infected is a victim but the media takes on as if they are prepetrators…stop following godi media

    • Jab pradhan mantri ne keh diya, yeh beemari jaat paat nahin dekhta, phir bhi tum log ki nafrat ka prachar khatm nahin hota hai, tum log kid marz ki dawa hai, zara akkal se socho, pehle case 30 january ko hee aa chuka ta, lekin hamari sarkar namaste trump aur MP sarkar banane mein mast thi, ab batao yeh beemari phelegi ke nahin, yeh tho dilli nizamuddin walo ne saha hai sarkar ka galti ,

  35. सरकार की हर कार्यवाही को धर्म के चश्मे से देखना ठीक नहीं। सभी विपक्षी पार्टियों को सत्ता पार्टी का विरोध करना होता है। जब इन गलियों में मरम्मत का काम किया जाता है तब भी यही नामकरण किया जाता है। यह पहले से ही किये नामकरण को प्रयोग कर रहे हैं। इसमें नया कुछ भी नहीं है।

  36. The Print is spreading hatred among communities as though there is no other news on this Country/world

  37. It goes without saying and percentage of infected people are muslims, hence no wrong doing UP govt, go ahead, call a spade a spade, enuff of secular jagaurnut, and same people crying foul were absent when sadhus r murdered…

  38. Muslims = Terrorists.
    If They Surrounded By Hindus They Want = Bhaichara.

    Hindu Surrounded By Muslim They Want =
    Dharma Parivartan.

    Every Muslim Is Not Terrorist = Galat They Not Have Proper Source & Supplies Wait They Become Terrorist.

    • Sikhs cut arms of police. Sikhs assasinate the PM. Petrol bombs, swords, gunsare found in gurudwaras, but muslims are the terrorists?

  39. Neelam ji,I think peoples like you are comnunalising the issue.It is mention of area by a prominent location.All communities live in these are,percentage may differ.Rest,everyone knows the fact.

  40. If they can claim proudly Pakistan atom bomb as Islamic bomb, I couldn’t find anything wrong in naming the red zone

    • leave aside this bhagwa & islami bomb, have you found any thing wrong about lakhs of worker or slaves are walking hungry due to faulty lockdown, never be a hindu muslim parrot only.

  41. This is not the time to resort to such communal gestures and expression. . If Tabliqi Jammat is responsible for the spread of virus, then what had happened in Noida and Bandra, where deluge of labourers surpassed all limits, can it be viewed different ? ..And why to overlook that the Tabliqi Zammat was with due permission of the Govt. And it was not with any intent to resort to any anti national activity. But unfortunately this is how it has been projected.. ..We are fighting a virus. So why build another front in this crisis ?

  42. Gajab aag bhadkate ho tm The Print wale.
    Naya tarika dhundha hai communal issue bnane ka

  43. What’s wrong in it,if an area is called Lal imali masjid, it will be called so whether there’s covid 19 patient or not.
    Opposition has got no concrete suggestions,they keep themselves engaged in fault finding of Yogi Saheb governance. Carry on sir,we are with you

  44. Disgusting people disgusting govt
    ANGREZ chle gaye bt DIVIDE ND RULE POLICY modi &party k loye chod gye
    Sharm aani chahiye
    The whole world is fightimg Corona virus bt d govt in India is practising Communal riots…

  45. There is nothing wrong in naming the correct. Stop doing journalism Neelam. You are an amateur and acting as if don’t understand how to consume milk. Go to your school once more and learn again. Don’t just make a news without any topic.

  46. Shabash Jogiji , you have done a great job few CMs had the himmat to do this . Jogiji jug jug jio .

  47. That’s the most unfortunate part where government officials acting full of disgust during such turbulent times. People would wake up and they would not let this nonsense prevail. Absolutely loathsome !!!

  48. As per my own knowledge the locals used to identify the area with the name of mosques popularly. There is nothing communal in it. This should not be the issue at all, the issue is supposed to be to how we can bring that area out of hotspot zone to green so that we can start our economic activities……Yogi Adityanath is doing Praise worthy work in a state of 23 crore population, don’t demoralise the authority please support the govt and feed the poor and needy if u can.

  49. You sees communalism in Everything except Muslims killing hindus, good luck we aren’t blind

  50. Is there any doubt. There is nothing wrong in naming…. They say that the guilty mKe.moat most noise….. I am with the UP CM….

  51. Hey Indians, you can not associate any bad things with Muslims.
    You must associate only good things with them.
    Like hail Tableegis for plasma donation, do not mention their perfidy with Corona warriors.
    Like in movies, all baddies should be having Hindu sounding names, Khabardaar for putting a muslim name there.
    It is beautiful to stick to truth but in this case be aware, liberals and psuedos are watching you.

    • Dear Pankaj & Ram your ammount of two rupees is not approved as your comments are failed to generate any angry reaction from any muslim or sickuler, due to new rules you will be reimburse only if there is sharp reaction from opposition (Muslim). Furhter if you fail to improve your performance , we may consider to transfer you to our dal or sena brigade for comprehensive training
      —–Anchal Pramukh Bhagwa party IT cell

  52. This is definitely mischievous and deplorable. After all every mosque is located in some locality, why not name the Hotspot after that locality?

    • It was named after mosque bcoz tabligis were hiding in particular mosque &they were found corona positive in bulk from that particular mosque. Just like nizammuddin markaz
      One example is given in the article only if u read it attentively where 12 people were hiding in a mosque.

  53. That’s how you stoke a controversy and run your agenda. I’m a normal lucknow resident with friends in all communities, and i haven’t heard of a single such anger in people. Showing normal things in a bad light with quoting anonymous residents is propaganda. When 90 people from a mosques and it’s adjoining buildings are found positive, what else will you name that Hotspot. Administration will do the same for temples or church if someone is found positive. Just clean up your biased minds and then report.

    • Mr Common Man: You pontificate:

      “I’m a normal lucknow resident with friends in all communities, and i haven’t heard of a single such anger in people”.

      Of course not Mr Common Man – do you expect the already battered, bruised and bullied Islamic community in Adityanathistan to react to another blow below the belt ? Most are perhaps thankful that through this great display of “Hindu” tolerance, they are at the very least, not being treated like their fellow Muslims in Godhra under the other CM who is now the PM.

      What is particularly worrying is that whilst presumably highly educated people like you might not – at least not yet – behave like a bloodthirsty Babu Bajrangi of Naroda Patiya fame, you have no qualms in denigrating and spitting upon fellow Indians. Who happen to be Muslims. This is what 6 years of the Hindutva virus can do to a country, thanks to its super-spreaders like the PM & the CM. What this will do to the already fragile unity of India is anyone’s guess.

  54. Being religious is like consuming alcohol… If you take two or three pegs it gives pleasure but when you are high on it… you will either turn Voilant or turn aloof and depressed… SO DON’T CONSUME RELIGION BRAND ALCOHOL MORE THAN COUPLE OF PEGS, IT WILL BE HARMFUL FOR YOUR OWN BEING AND THE WELLBEING OF SOCIETY

    • Loved the way you explained! We all getting deep into spread of this competitive intoxicant.

      Civilians come out of this, be Hindu or Muslim or any other religious followers

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