Protest in Jama Masjid
CAA protest at Jama Masjid in Delhi on 27 December | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint
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New Delhi: Braving cold weather, hundreds of people gathered outside the iconic Jama Masjid in Old Delhi Friday to protest against the amended citizenship law.

Congress leader Alka Lamba and former Delhi MLA Shoaib Iqbal were among those who joined the demonstrations.

Lamba hit out at the central government, saying “unemployment is the real issue in the county, but you (PM) are trying to put people in a queue for NRC, as it was done during demonetisation”.

“It is very essential to raise the voice of democracy for the country and for the Constitution. A central government cannot become dictatorial and impose it agenda on people,” she said.

The protestors, many of whom gathered after offering Friday prayers at the mosque, raised slogans against the new legislation and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC).

“Is desh ko NRC, NPR nahi chaiye. Is desh ko rozgaar chahiye. Is desh ko aman aur shanti chahiye (This country does not need NRC, NPR, it needs jobs. The country needs peace and amity),” a protester said.

The protesters, who were carrying placards that read ‘Save the Constitution, don’t divide India’, appealed to the people to remain non-violent .

“Those who create violence do not belong to us. This is a movement and it will go on. If someone disturbs our peace, that person doesn’t belong to us, and that is to distract our movement. We would not tolerate any violence,” the former MLA said.

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  1. Muslims think we can do what we want SO DONT WAKE HINDUS YOU WILL BE VANISHED SO LIVE PEACEFULLY THERE IS NO HARM TO YOU PEOPLE problem with you is you have very soft eyears think yourself and don’t get misguide by opposition who used for 70 years and did nothing well then it up to you people

    The RSS has to go if India is to Survive.
    This organisation through the drip drip of poison has distorted Many Hindu minds.
    This cult of Savakar and Godse is destroying India
    By pushing Muslims to the brink the Sarsangchalak is igniting civil war.
    India already reeling under mass unemployment and a economic crisis
    A civil war will be an existential threat to my country.
    It is for every secular citizen to drive the RSS from our midst.
    Our nation is in grave danger.


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