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The order had said instead of the current practice of institution-wise hiring of SC/ST teachers, there would now be a department-wise reservation system.

New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has informally told all universities to not hire new faculty as per the department-wise reservation system for teachers in the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe categories.

UGC had on 5 March directed all central, state and deemed universities getting grants-in-aid that reservations for SC/ST teacher posts would henceforth be implemented department-wise rather than institution-wise.

But within a few weeks, it has stopped the universities from carrying out this order, because the government has filed a Special Leave Petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court to withdraw the order in the aftermath of protests by Dalit groups over a separate issue — the alleged dilution of the atrocities act by the apex court — that damaged the image of the central government.

“We have informally communicated to universities that since the matter has gone to court now, there should not be any new hiring as per the department-wise reservation system,” said a senior official.

A formal communication is likely to follow soon, sources said.

A controversial order

The order had sparked dissatisfaction in the university system, as experts argued it would have an impact on the representation of SCs/STs among the faculty, which they said was already much lower than required.

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Of the 17,106 teaching positions in centrally funded universities, over 5,900 posts are vacant. Any new recruitment drive done in accordance with the new system would affect the distribution of SC/ST teachers, experts said.

Even the parliamentary committee on the welfare of SCs and STs took up the matter with HRD minister Prakash Javadekar, after which the ministry decided to go to court to overturn its own order.

HC directive that led to the order

The UGC order was based on an Allahabad High Court directive in April 2017, which stated that to calculate quotas for SCs and STs, every department of a university should be considered a separate unit. At present, the entire university is treated as a single unit. The court was hearing a case on teachers’ recruitment at Banaras Hindu University at the time.

The high court, while passing the order, had struck down a UGC circular on institution-wise quotas to fill vacant SC/ST posts, pointing out that there were departments without any SC/ST teachers.

The SLP filed by the ministry will seek a stay on the Allahabad High Court judgment.

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  1. How dare you that you ask of job, if Hinduism don’t you right of being a human also. Upper cast enjoy 100% reservations from for Unknow year. Can’t you understand that unknown year 100% is equal to 60 years 27%. Really SC/ST unable to understand this simple mathematics

  2. ??बुद्धिमान और महान लोग??

    1.दिसम्बर 2017 दिल्ली मैक्स हॉस्पिटल मे दो महान और बुद्धिमान डॉ. AP MEHTA और vishal gupta ने एक जिंदा बच्चे को मरा हुआ घोषित कर दिया ,वो तो इन लोगों को आरक्षण नहीं था वरना ये अबतक ‘मंगल ग्रह” पर हॉस्पिटल खोल देते।
    2. अरूण जेटली दो बार अमृतसर से चुनाव हारने के बाद भी भारत का वित्त मंत्री है वो तो इसे आरक्षण नहीं है वरना ये “विश्व बैंक” के अध्यक्ष होते।
    3.चुनाव हारने और 10 पास होने पर भी स्मृति रानी मंत्री बन गई वो तो आरक्षण नही था नही तो ‘अमेरिका की राष्ट्रपति”होते।
    4.उमा भारती 5 वी पास होने पर मंत्री बन गई वो तो आरक्षण नही था वरना आज “ब्रिटिश की महारानी” होती।
    5.जस्टिस महेश शर्मा ने कहा ” मोरनी मोर के आंसू पीकर गर्भवती होती है हमारे महान बुद्धिमान जज साहब वो तो इनको आरक्षण नही था वरना आज “अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय न्यायालय हेग” के मुख्य न्यायाधीश होते।
    6.गिरीश चन्द्र त्रिपाठी इनका एक भी शोध पत्र प्रकाशित नही हुआ लेकिन फिर भी आज बनारस हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय के वाइस चांसलर है वो तो इनको आरक्षण नही मिला वरना ये “मंगल ग्रह” पर विश्वविद्यालय खोल देते।
    7. माइक्रोबायोलॉजी के प्रोफेसर रजित शर्मा ने कहा “जो लडकियाँ लडको जैसे कपडे पहनती है उनके बच्चे ‘हिजडे’ पैदा होते है” वो तो इनको आरक्षण नहीं है वरना ये “आंख मार”के भी बच्चे पैदा कर देते।
    8.विजय माल्या 9000 करोड़ लेकर देश से भाग गया वो तो आरक्षण नहीं था भाई नही तो ये देश को बेच देता ।
    9.वो तो आरक्षण नहीं है वरना हम तो हाथी का शिर मानव के उपर लगा देते, शरीर के मैल से बच्चे पैदा कर देते,बन्दर आकाश मे उडा देते ।
    10.मेरे गाँव मे एक पंडित जी के बच्चे से 10वी कक्षा पास नहीं हो पाई लेकिन वो दिन भर मन्दिर मे बैठ कर आरक्षण हटाओ के नारे लगाता है

    जब मुगलो और अंग्रेजों ने तुम्हें गुलाम बनाया तब कहा थी तुम्हारी योग्यता और काबिल। वो तो शुक्र मानो आज सेना मे यादव,जाट,मीणा,मराठा, जाटव,गुर्जर, सैनी ,चमार etc है जिससे देश की सीमा सुरक्षित हैं वरना ये देश फिर से किसी दुसरे देश का गुलाम हो जाता। लेकिन हमारे बुद्धिमान और महान लोग ये ही सोचेंगे वो तो आरक्षण था वरना हम तो ‘इंग्लैंड”पर राज करते।…….

  3. Mere Dalit Mitron, Question is not monopoly of one in place of the other. True upper caste have always enjoyed the upperhand. becoz you were not there. But for more than last 60 years you have been given equal oppertunity. How long would you take to be there? Do you know those who have cornered all benefits of reservation are at the front, shouting for reservation. Your claim for reservation is your admission for faliure to catch up. I can tell you that most sc- st professors donot know their subject. They canont spell research but have highest no. of research projects/ workshop grants from ICSSR/UGC. Tere are also uppercaste teachers who are equally ignorant & come in through jogad. Jogad or reservation both make the education system a joke. You cannot continue to divide a fragile society for small individual gain at the cost of future of the country.

  4. *Population in India based upon caste*

    SC: 19.7% ; ST: 8.5% ; OBC: 41.1% ; UR/Forward/Rest: 30.8%

    So whats the FUSS about this already 50% posts are reserved for the so called unreserved category.

    Thanks why I am STRONGLY AGAINST reservation.

    Its not about the job, actually its about hatred.

    Will the Brahmins/General caste ever allow their daughters to marry a SC boys??

    Open any matrimony site, the doubt will be clear.

    *To the admin: The wrong in this post is the truth*

  5. Perpetuating reservation forever in the name of social justice is nowhere provided in the Constitution. Politicians should think of National interest and not their own personal interest.Atleast we think that Modi Government should not be guided by political interest nor should it act due to fear of agitation by certain groups.

  6. I thank The Print for atleast treating dalits like humans, no media channel likes to publish any article for empowerement of sc st, everyone hates them for reservation. Their are so many issues and no one to listen to actually. All govt. think they’ve given reservation and now casteism is over in our country, it is so deeply embedded in Indian minds.

    • So reservation has failed as an antidot for casteism. Lets forget reservation and think of something less politica-economic and more social.

  7. Why some people donot want SC & ST in Universities? I think they should think twice before going against it. If there is no reservation on caste based system then most of the Universities would have no SC & ST representations.

  8. BJP taking back their earlier anti-dalit circulars(which they never realised by the way…actually they were blind all time long)..but not making any efforts to actually ensure representation of weaker sections in higher judiciary and higher secretary levels of govt. post – where sc/st never gets promotion even if he/she is skilled because of caste bias…just using paswan minister to pay lip service to get dalit votes in upcoming karnataka election…even if dalits gets promotion they refuse it because they are scared that if they get promotion, fake corruption case will be lodged against them which we know already happened in past with many officers, dalit is scared even after coming in govt. posts, where is justice ?

  9. I’m in the favor of reservation, representation of all cotegories should be equal. It’s good for the country and society, otherwise the social problems will remain same, we can’t get our national objectives. For the satisfaction of a few people the constitutional provisions shouldn’t be change. While 50% posts are already ur.

  10. This is the only way to Sc and St to sit on higher position otherwise we can’t. If the government provide specilities as same as OC categories then no need reservation

  11. In all the institutions reservation should be provided the person or institutions Who fails to do so must be awarded capital punishment so that the down troden or crussed class should get their rights. Sofar ability is concern they are more able and hard worker then others. But due to monopoly of so-called upper casts they are being deprived of their rights. If anybody argument that the talent is being killed I would like to ask questions that in courts military and other institutions what is going on. Courts decisions are under questions orders are being passed in a unconditional manners such as in Rajya Sabha elections one court is permitting the MLAs to vote in the other state in the same matter the Court is depriving of to vote the MLAs. Now the time has come that reservation should be followed strictly. Now come to an other point in military services there is no reservation but what is happening there for one terrorist many army personnel are being killed is it your talent if this is telent we don’t need such talent. Pakistan is a country which is perhaps one third of our country we are unable to give them a proper reply.I can give you hundreds of instances to prove the uncapibility of the capible class but it can’t be written here. So I would like to say the governing class stop barking.

  12. Let Govt find some base before going to court against Allahabad Court order. If court is giving justice to common man, why Govt is interfering? Court’s verdict usually would be based on facts not on votes. What union Govt. failed to do Allahabad court did. I see no reason in failing court’s order.

  13. Isn’t reservations in courts are need of the hour?
    Why such seemingly biased orders are becoming norms of the day?
    How the scope for biasness of judges can be minimalised?
    Why one caste rules over another caste?
    Is it akin to foreign rule?
    Can a judgement delivered by a foreigner be acceptable to Indians?
    Why one caste claims plenty of talent? and yet no Noble laureate in Science?
    Do all people understand Poona pact and separate electral concept?

  14. Reversal of recent UGC Directives are reasonable in wake of safeguards to be provided to SCs,STs and OBCs especially to ensure their adequate representations in teaching positions of Universities/Institutions of Higher Education.Problem is so actute that such organisation s miserably failed to implement earlier or now existing UGC Directives in this regard.

  15. I am against caste based reservations. Especially recruitment of College and University teachers should be based on merit basis. Stop doing politics and using the ccourts as instrument. Instead recruit teachers in the huge vacant posts.

    • I am also against it….at least in university… Jobs should be given according to the talents not on the basis of caste and reservations.

      • if you are against the reservation on castes
        then you should also be against the reservation in temple/trust.
        why pujari is always brahmins & why sweeper are always from lower castes. this social reservation abolished….. then why u are not against it?
        the Constitution reservation is made just to de reserve the social reservation.
        once this is finished. automatically the caste based reservation will also come to an end.


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