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Shampoo, oil, cancer drugs from cow urine, dung — what Modi govt wants scientists to work on

Research will be done under new inter-ministerial funding programme — ‘Scientific Utilisation Through Research Augmentation Prime Products from Indigenous Cows’.

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New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government is looking for scientists to carry out research on primary products of indigenous cows, including urine and dung, with an aim to develop personal-care products such as toothpaste, shampoos and mosquito repellents as well as look for cures to diseases like cancer and diabetes.

The research will be done under the government’s new inter-ministerial funding programme — ‘Scientific Utilisation Through Research Augmentation Prime Products from Indigenous Cows’ (SUTRA-PIC India) — which has been planned with the support of various ministries and government agencies.

The ministries and agencies involved are Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Biotechnology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy (Ayush), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

The government floated the ‘Call for Proposal’ Friday, inviting project proposals from scientists and academics as well as grassroots organisations.

An official at the DST, who did not wish to be named, told ThePrint that Rs 98 crore has already been allocated for the programme.

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Govt wants research into uniqueness of cows 

According to a notification of the programme: “Though many vaidyas and practitioners are using prime products from indigenous cows for various treatments, there is not much scientific studies and research on the same.” 

“The research proposals should undertake detailed scientific investigation of chemical profiling, identification of bioactive principle responsible for enhancing activity of antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs and other medicinal properties of prime products from indigenous cows from modern perspective,” it said.

The government wants to fund projects that can help develop “indigenous cows-based utility items”, which include mosquito repellent, floor cleaner, personal-care products like dant manjan (traditional toothpaste), hair oil, shampoos and conditioners.

“Initial studies performed by a few investigations showed the effective development of an anti-dandruff poly-herbal hair conditioner based on cow urine. It is also widely believed that smouldering cow patties keep away mosquitoes,” the notification read. 

“Apparently, the traditional Indian village system of wiping the floor daily with a mixture of water and fresh cow dung assured that flies and other insects did not settle there. Various products are available in the market but there is no scientific research on the same,” it said. 

The government also called for proposals to research into the uniqueness of cows that are “believed to possess certain unique qualities and characteristics”.

Not the first time

In 2017, the government had set up a 19-member panel to carry out “scientifically validated research on cow-derivatives including its urine”.

The committee was meant to select projects to help scientifically validate the benefits of panchagavya — a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and ghee.

At least 50 proposals were received for the scheme. However, the project never saw the light of the day.

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  1. Hare Krishna. Some nasty comments by some. Nevertheless what are the research results? Good? Bad? Harmless?

  2. This is a well thought out programe and should be implemented thorouhly on scientific principles.India has rich literature on urine therapy whether cow urine or human urine.Thumps up to AYUSH Depart.Make it a success.Let the ignorants make a mockery of it.

  3. It is good that government is funding such research…
    Only we feel shy to work on such simple things which are often neglected….

    It is true that cow urine and cow dung has medicinal properties….

    Ofcourse envious elements never like to accept it

  4. If we believe in it, faith comes. As Yoga is world famous, cow products too find place in world soon. Have open mind.

  5. After Modi came to power, in the last 6 years, the research in India was in the reverse direction due to huge cuts in the Grants and Fellowships. The present Govt. is interested in Ram and not Research.

  6. Already sustainable organic agriculture is done successfully in many parts of India where desi cows are the integral part. No harm in trying to bring out more uses for desi cows.

  7. It is not necessary that the research will have to be done on cow products as many of us think like Gau mutra or cow dung.But all of us should think if pox could be eradicated from humans by a vaccine initially from cow pox why we cannot take research subjects as what is the special sebaceous gland secretions present in deshi cows specially Gir cows so that the ticks ,mosquitoes ,flies are less attracted to them who knows we may hit upon something to prevent malaria ,the intention of govt. Should be taken in a positive way any way a lot of biochemical products may be present in the body system of cows which might be helping them to fight many diseases what is the fault if our scientists atleast find something which can be synthetically produced for human use as such most of modern medical science treatment regimens not medicines are being derived from study on animals .Finally we should respect and hope the decission in a positive way

  8. Abe pahle jaake dekho America ke ne cow urine and dung se cancer treatment ho sakta h uske liyeee apne naam par kitne patent le rakhe h

  9. We must not forget our ancient culture. We shouldn’t forget that we have Ayurveda books written hundreds of years earlier in Sanskrit language which describe all biological details of roots, leaf, flower, fruits, and even the liquid juices from each and every plant and trees. You can imagine what kind of Laboratory they had at that time. You will find that Indian food habits were based on their deep knowledge of Ayurveda and accordingly we used turmeric, beers, dhania, ajwain, pan with calcium etc etc which were good for our health.At that time, they used to predict the movement of planets so accurately, solar, lunar eclipse, Sankranti, Kumbh etc. It is easy to make joke of these things but now a days people have realized the mistake and stopped using chemical based products and restarted herbal products. We have returned Bach to aluvera, shikakai, tulasi, been, lavang, haldi, chandan based products instead of shampoo.

    • Janta”definetely does not think about many aspects… But it is proven that Giri breed cow milk and urine has medicinal properties against several ailments….. Also note that it has been proven by European research agencies.. Time for Indians to respect the ancient Indian culture and not be blind to facts…

  10. Sometime ago a US vetanerary scientist Dr Bhairab Bhattacharya was working on Immunological Potential of Bovine Immune Deficiency Virus which can be used as a Vaccine against Human HIV infection. BIV has a very similar nucleotide sequence as HIV.
    One must recall Edward Jenner first found an effective vaccine from Cow Pox. Perhaps this knowledge obtained from cow events has been totally forgotten. The persons who are how are calling this AYUSH research bluff, should think again.

  11. Great work done by the Government of India..Now we have every answer to the world ills from the Gau-Muthra and Gau-Gobar.. Government has taken great steps in this regards and like gulf nations which prospered and became rich on their oil wealth we will become rich on cow wealth. The day is not far when Modi-ji will lead us to be the most prosperous nation in the world and America and the west will bend and salute us..

  12. This BJP government is run by a group of total morons. Rather than funding advanced research on established methods, these fools are wasting funds on hypothesis. There is a limit to reliability on mythology. The world is progressing ahead on scientific temper and the current government is talking the country back to stone age. It’s high time people realize the difference between needs and wants. The government has clearly polarized the masses. A huge chunk of population views everything from religious and cultural perspective. Rationality has taken a backseat. It is necessary to do away with such people who are in power and bring in individuals who can take the country ahead.

    • First of all, study well about the researches going on in America and other developed nations on Cow urine and dung… Please be patient. Listen, nothing of taxes paid is wasted. Study our Vedas and Upanishad and then come back. In China also, those meat eating people are now trying to get help from India on the dreadful virus. So please understand, cow , not just in India, worldwide, it’s products and byproduct have medicinal values.

    • It seems you don’t have knowledge of power gau mutra…. Better study it n make remarks.

      It can treat almost all deceases.

      Its important to make advanced technology research in that n see how this benefit humans.

      Also no one is blind n deaf. You can positively everywhere no religious talks n fight.

    • Blame it on earlier Gov in 70 n 80s that they didn’t do this.

      It seems you don’t have knowledge of power gau mutra…. Better study it n make remarks.

      It can treat almost all deceases.

      Its important to make advanced technology research in that n see how this benefit humans.

      Also no one is blind n deaf. You can positively everywhere no religious talks n fight.

    • I always been a criticizer of Modi, But now I feel happy for this kind of work is taking place. Rajiv Dixit always talked about it when he was alive. We all know India is a COPYCAT Of western society ,follows everything Blindly since Britishers left .
      Now , this is some our originality is getting attention. I appreciate this act taken by the government. This will give strength to our culture.

      Cow is a fully sophisticated technologistic living being created by the nature(God) for the better wellbeing of humans.
      All the bhartiya should give value to our heritage the Ancient Bhartiya chikitsa “Ayurveda” There had been lots of research already done by our ancient Rishis (Bhartiya vaigyanic) like Sushruta, Charaka, Vagbhata etc…

      Ashtanga hridayam a very famous book written by Vagbhata a scholar during 7th century must be read by all the Bhartiya to gain the Knowledge of Ayurveda…..This book is for all the human beings. Everyone should must know the secret of health, prevention n cure for every types of illnesses.

  13. True cow urine distilled pure clarity from cow A2 desi hot two U S patent n one can see in U S patent websites one for anti virus n another for cancer. Many people got benefits on their health after trying. One should try one bottle Rs 100 Per 200 ml n see the benefits in taking in empty stomach both times a day n see the changes to good health.

  14. When such type of illiterate and sick mind people will get the power they will do obviously some bulshit things like this.
    Indian educated nation had selected the uneducated and stupid PM. So it will happen now. Urine and dung for eat and drink
    Go ahead india

    • You are full of first grade. Has this modern science offered complete cure for any disease. You belongs to that class of people who have to oppose every steps of bjp govt. The modern science give more ill effects than the cure. Is there any problem in reseach. Koi baat nahi, tum bakare khao . Aur virod karo

  15. Mohana Basu why do you have so much hatred towards cows, government is finding various ways of utilising cow derivatives so that she is not slaughtered immediately when her milk productivity reduces. If you cannot portray this news positively please don’t portray it in negative way. The heading itself shows what’s your intentions behind writing this article.

  16. If your thinking is full of shit you will do research in ‘gobar’ only. How ironic! The world is, at this very moment, trying to find a vaccine for the Corona Virus pandemic, while we are on our own trip in an alternate universe. While we are at it, we might design a new curriculum as well for Gau Seva, which does not involve lynching minorities or mob violence.

    Given the ‘pakoda economy’ of the BJP, Gau Seva is the only green job this Govt is capable of creating. What used to be a slur in my school days for poor academic performance- being told to graze cattle, is the holy cow of India’s political economy now.

    With abysmal investments in Education and S&T for a number of years, India was already doing poorly in these areas. Now with the ideological dispensation of this Govt, even those measly resources are being wasted. Things are just going from bad to worse.

  17. China has a similar programme known as Thousand Talents programme attracting state of the art and cutting edge technology scientists from across the world.The only is in STEM subjects.No wonder it is way ahead of India in all matters of science.

  18. Scientific Utilization Through Research Augmentation Prime Products from Indigenous Cows’. Missed mention of cow cola, most popular RSS drink !!

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