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New Delhi: The Centre has asked banks, PSUs and all its departments to review service records of employees working under them to weed out corrupt and non-performing ones.

The Personnel Ministry has written to secretaries of all central government departments asking them to carry out the review of all categories of employees in “letter and spirit” and to ensure that decision to retire a public servant is not “arbitrary”.

“All ministries/departments are requested to undertake the periodic reviews in letter and spirit, including in public sector undertakings (PSUs)/banks and autonomous institutions, under their administrative control,” it said.

The ministries or departments should ensure that the prescribed procedure like forming of opinion to retire a government employee prematurely in public interest is strictly adhered to, and that the decision is not an arbitrary one, and is not based on collateral grounds, the Personnel Ministry said.

All government organisations have been asked to furnish a report to the Ministry in a prescribed format by 15th day of each month starting from July 15, 2019, the directive said.

The service records of employees working under banks, PSUs and central government departments will be reviewed as per the Personnel Ministry guidelines under Fundamental Rule 56 (J), (I) and Rule 48 of Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules 1972, a senior official said.

These rules allows government to retire a public servant in public interest “whose integrity is doubtful” and those “found to be ineffective” in working, he said.

The central government had recently retired 15 officers of Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) in public interest under these rules. Earlier this month, 12 officers of Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) were also dismissed from service.

The mission to eliminate corruption from public life and government services will be implemented with greater zeal, President Ram Nath Kovind had said on Thursday, suggesting harsher steps may be on anvil to check graft.

Addressing both the Houses of Parliament, he had said the government will make zero tolerance policy against corruption more comprehensive and effective.

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  1. Best,well appreciated & desparate steps after independence, Automatically all ministers (tainted) will come under scanner. Now need to crack down the net work of doctors, nursing home medical stores.

    • Who will decide and on what grounds whom to retire.
      Probably the honest hardworking officers and staff who do not indulge in Chamcha giri and who do not send ‘hafta’ upwards will be retired

  2. There are always two sides to a coin . While the proposal sounds good ,it could also lead to false allegations of corruption to non corrupt officials just to get rid of them and pave the way for the corrupt to flourish.
    There are common instances when the honest. Serving officers are harassed and transferred to less significant departments because they dare to stand against the political bosses .
    If such a move is taken,then it is only right that this should also include the public representatives MPs and MLAs then only perhaps it will work beneficially,otherwise it might give rise to rampant persecution and undue forced retirement of honest officers

  3. Respected PM, first legislative must be cleaned apart from Executive and Judicial, it is simple that most of the politicians are corrupted, in that case suppose bureaucrat shows his sincerity and integrity, he will be affected like Transfer, fitting some nonsense case against him etc. In contrast to this their are majority of honest bureaucrats but Under this circumstances bureaucrat cannot escape, he has to bend before system finally go with the system. At present this is what happening. To my opinion first clean legislative then think of Executive and Judicial.

  4. It amounts to giving weapons in the hands decoits. The wolves in guise of sheep in top executive will eliminate the remaining honest faster than ever before. Most poweful are most corrupt in this country. God save my motherland.

  5. Corrupt journalist ,RTO, municipal councillors , tehsildars patwaris , I/Police Thana and DEOs etc should also be sacked as they trouble people more.

  6. From the entire article, somebody noticed only the spelling of parliament.
    Corruption tak hi seemit nhi hai.
    There are ‘n’ number of issues which need to be looked upon.
    From schools to colleges to hospitals to all government and private sectors or offices, to day to day life…… & Bla bla bla.
    Schools me admission ho to education ya good schools k Naam par heavy donations, inspite of that bachcho k taur tarike dekho.
    Teachers k behaviour dekho, hospitals me bill ki lambi list dekho (loot) aur kuch nhi.
    Bichara patient heart attack se yu hi mar jayega. Patients Ko bewakoof banana.
    Bribe Lena, physical harrassment to women,
    Koi bhi kuch bhi karta hai, how dumb.
    Sau baaton ki ek baat SAB log matlabi ban Gaye hai. Paisa hi SAB kuch hota hai aur uske liye wo kuch bhi kar sakte hain.
    I know it’s a boring topic but look at it on a vast perspective…..
    End hi nhi hai problems ka.

  7. Same must be done for corrupt politicians, and there must an independent committee for the enquiry for the charges.

    • Absolutely correct, but then, what about all the corrupt and the criminal people they bought from other parties. This is all optics to remove non compliant people. If you are an HMV, you can loot as much as you can. A just case is Rakesh Asthana and Nageshwar Rao.

  8. A commendable drive, indeed, but what about the tainted parliamentarians and political people? An immediate cleansing is necessary in order to turn the parliament into an arena of educated, transparent, neutral and committed persons instead of a stage for performing buffoonery.

  9. Continuing in service after fifty should be depending upon the performance and character built up before fifty. After all, FR 56 (J) should have been invoked long back, immediately after taking over in 2014. Obviously Modi did not do it the. He can reduce atleast twenty to twenty-five percent of the existing perverts without any problem or strain on the system. Even though vacancies were reduced in the government during the past thirty years due to computerisation, the posts of class-1 officers and above did not suffer reduction to accommodate more and more UPSC throughput. It is time to cleansed the administrative system.



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