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BJP leader Kapil Mishra runs crowdfunding campaign for Hindu victims of Delhi riots

Although the campaign page doesn’t mention any community, tweets, hashtags and a video of Kapil Mishra urging people to contribute clearly mention ‘Hindu victims’.

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New Delhi: Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra has started a campaign to raise funds for the Hindu victims of the Delhi communal riots and their families, as well as those whose homes and businesses were damaged.

Mishra is crowdfunding through Milaap.org, and tweeting with the hashtags #1CroreforDelhiHindu and #1CroreforDelhiHindus. He has been providing regular updates on his Twitter feed, and retweeting virtually every tweet showing that someone has donated to the campaign, in which he is tagged.

Mishra, who was accused of instigating the riots, had tweeted a video to accompany the crowdfunding campaign, which he later deleted. However, he retweeted another user’s post with the video, in which he begins by saying: “Doston, 24 aur 25 February ko Dilli mein jo dange hue, unmein 15 parivaaron ne apnon ko khoya hai… 15 Hindu parivaaron ne. (Friends, in the riots that took place in Delhi on 24 and 25 February, 15 families lost their own… 15 Hindu families).”

In the video, Mishra also claimed that the “international media and big NGOs” weren’t keen to show the harm that has been caused to the “unprivileged families”. He also gave out a WhatsApp number, but there was no response to messages sent by ThePrint to this number, while a WhatsApp call was declined.

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Campaign page

The campaign began on 28 February, under the name ‘Help Victims of Delhi Riots’, stating that “this Holi is devoid of colors (sic) for the families whose members fell victim to the Delhi riots. Delhi saw one of the worst riots in the country’s history where many underprivileged families’ lives got impacted”. The stated goal is to “disburse INR 15 lakh per affected family”. The page doesn’t mention that the beneficiaries are to only be Hindus.

It states that “the funds will be transferred to the impacted family accounts directly”, and that “regular updates will be provided and will be managed with full transparency”.

The page was updated on 16 March to expand the list of beneficiaries to 62 victims “whose homes or businesses were damaged”.

“We are making a change to our campaign’s target demographic and including the victims whose homes or businesses were damaged. We will be transferring the initial 50 lakhs to the deceased victim’s families as planned earlier,” the page states.

“The amount collected beyond the 50 lakhs will be distributed among the victims whose homes or businesses were damaged,” it adds.

The ‘About Us’ section of the page says that the campaign “is managed by team Dharma Kosh, a group of Dharmic volunteers working with the #TeamKapilMishra. Kapil Mishra ji is former MLA from Delhi Vidhan Sabha”.

Responding to queries from ThePrint, Milaap.org co-founder and CEO Mayukh Choudhury said in a statement: “Many people are fundraising on Milaap to help each other. As of today, people have set up 9 different fundraising campaigns for victims of Delhi riots. Here are the campaigns: https://milaap.org/communities/standwithdelhi.”

He added: “We are doing our best to stand with the people of Delhi in this hour of need.”

Who is Kapil Mishra?

Mishra is a former Aam Aadmi Party MLA and Delhi water resources minister. He fell out with CM Arvind Kejriwal over corruption allegations and counter-allegations, and was disqualified as an MLA, after which he joined the BJP.

Once the Shaheen Bagh protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act began, Mishra took out counter-protest marches, in which slogans of ‘Desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro saalon ko’ were raised.

In the run-up to the Delhi elections, in which he lost from the Model Town constituency, Mishra made the headlines for terming the polls an India vs Pakistan contest in reference to the Shaheen Bagh protests. He also said the AAP should be renamed “Muslim League”.

Mishra’s decision to hold a pro-CAA rally in Northeast Delhi’s Jaffrabad is said to have triggered the communal riots that killed 53 and injured hundreds. During the rally, he gave a “three-day” ultimatum to the Delhi Police to get the roads cleared of anti-CAA protesters.

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Hindu-only campaign is discriminatory

Gilles Verniers, assistant professor of political science at Ashoka University and co-director of the Trivedi Centre for Political Data, told ThePrint that the campaign was “discriminatory, fallacious and dangerous”.

“Communal riots are usually followed by attempts to shift the blame towards the targeted community and exonerate those who invited for violence in the first place,” Verniers said.

“Gathering relief funds exclusively in favour of one group amounts to labelling the other group as responsible for the violence, as well as denying them the status of victim. This is both.”

Lawyer Dushyant, who has been raising funds for the families impacted by the riots, took to Twitter to take a dig at Mishra’s campaign while it was trending.

“Kapil mishra who follows me has now restarted efforts to raise money for ‘hindus’ and is now trending 1 cr for delhi Hindus. If you want to donate to all affected and you don’t care what their religion is, do dm me #10croreforIndians,” he tweeted.

Apoorvanand, professor of Hindi at the University of Delhi, called Mishra’s campaign “highly inhumane and divisive”.

“We must say that the Islamic and Muslim organisations have been providing relief to the non-Muslims right from the beginning; the Hindu-only approach is a sectarian approach,” he told ThePrint.

Support for the campaign

Mishra’s campaign has drawn support from Right-wing handles, BJP members as well as the likes of Manipal Global Education founder T.V. Mohandas Pai.

Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga has been tagged in many of the tweets by users who have donated to the campaign, and has also been promoting it actively, pretty much since it began.

Asked why the campaign was Hindu-only, Bagga told ThePrint: “It is Mishra ji’s initiative and I have simply been helping him on social media. We believe Hindus are victims and other people started the riots, so relief is being generated for the victims as they are being ignored by the ruling AAP and MLA Amanatullah Khan.”

Delhi BJP chief and North-East Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari, meanwhile, said the campaign was an individual’s choice, and that the BJP was all for helping everyone.

“Modi ji’s belief is in helping all. We do not divide on the basis of religion or caste. He believes in ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ but if someone individually wants to raise funds for a community, that is his prerogative.”

Tiwari too took a shot at AAP’s Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan, saying he was helping the Muslim community “and claimed that he wants to save his Muslim friend Tahir Hussain, so not like we can stop him… Why only talk of Kapil Mishra?”

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  1. However it is useless to preach journalism to print organization as everybody knows scroll,print,wire agenda i e anti hindu,anti modi,anti india……..i am pretty sure with no doubt only handful of muslim will donate in PM relief fund in current chinese virus calamity in india.
    Only temples will come forward to donate.
    You rarely see any Muslim celebrity and mosque to go for donation for inclusive Indian cause.
    And pages like print ,wire, scroll,alt are the back supporters of these hindutva ki kabra khulegi,fk hindu ideology sicks……
    It’s no more secret ,so keep writing for your jehadi appeasement agenda peddling ..

  2. Coupta ji, what is your problem? When Islamic jihadis chant ” hindutva ki kabra khudegi, kafiron se aazadi, tera mera rishta kya,” you don’t utter a single word on discrimination, inclusiveness,Islamic bigotry and intolerance. But when a public leader tries to fund money for the affected hindu families you are here to preach on secularism & discrimination . Shame on you guys. You are the very people who fanned this idea that CAA is anti muslim and today when your peacefool people have burnt the houses, public property and killed innocents in the name of Peaceful anti CAA Protests , you will criticise the people who are trying to help the affected families.
    Sharm karo bhai. Muslim bigotry stand exposed worldwide today and so are pseudo secular and pseudo liberals.

    Have the guts to speak the truth. This is new age, your hypocrisy and partisan attitude will be called out immediately.
    If you don’t be prepared to shut shop and look for other employment.

  3. Dude @theprint is so utterly biased that now they have resorted to whataboutery and bullshit. Is working towards their own community have now became communal?? Sorry to say , our constitution guarrentees us the right to do so , and we will continue to do that.. let that sink in, mishra have always said that he is there for hindutwa like owaisi is for Islamists … So if the latter is normal, why only question mishra??

  4. So now you say Hindus should ask your permission before they help hindus?? Well done! Tell me where are the forms to fill to ask for your permission before I breathe! Where were you when AAP Amanatullah Khan tweeted on 7th MArch where he gave 10 lakh rupees for ONLY masjid repairs and nothing for mandirs? DId you give him the permission form to fill? Where was your selective outrage then? How do you expect us to not see what you are doing? There are descent ways of earning money too you know? Being prestitute is not one of them.

  5. Kapil Mishra is working for a great cause, he is the only one helping Hindus . Salute to Kapil mishra ji.

  6. First of all, whole The Print staff should accept Islam then it will be easy to then to write story, All anti CAA protesters and their supporters ( including so called intellectual and secular) are inciting violence in their each and every action but unfortunately Kapil Mishra was selected for inciting Delhi riots. So I am advising all of you like minded people to accept Islam, it is most peaceful religion.

  7. Good Job.

    Donated to the right cause.

    Please ensure funds reach the needy.

    Next step #arthhikbahiskar.

    • I Like that idea! Anyways we are the bad people, right? SO what’s the harm if we do some more things to help ourselves and get called bad anyways!

  8. Now it is Kapil Mishra who along with his other Modi Bhakts have lit the fire and asking people to donate for the the Hindu family who were also killed and lost their property, this is a novel idea and where are the organizations which are doing thriving business like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal etc absenting themselves from such help? Criminals are asking people to donate for the people who are victim of the crime.

    • Oh yes, You are like a cat drinking milk with closed eyes and thinking whole world does not see it! Kapil Mishra said we will be on the roads and LW pounced because guess what? They could not find evena single comment or incidence by hindus to show that it caused outburst when Trump was here. ANd the plan was to do it RIGHT when Trump was here.Them what to do? Then they have to make do with Kapil. Who ar you to decide which organiztion should come and help?Do what you can ! What about Waris Pathan and Amanatullah comments? DO you have balls to talk about them? Now you will decide if HIndus should help hindus or take your permission first?

  9. Koi baat nahin. Let him deal with one facet of the problem, others will deal with the other one. So long as he is bringing relief and succour, not pain and suffering, I will salute him with my left hand.

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