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As arrested and pregnant Jamia student is slandered online, husband keeps faith in judiciary

Safoora Zargar, booked under UAPA, is lodged in Tihar jail amid the Covid-19 outbreak and has been denied bail. She is three months pregnant.

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New Delhi: Family members of arrested Jamia Millia Islamia student Safoora Zargar say they are “appalled and upset” by the attempts made to slander her on social media, but her husband says he is keeping faith in the country’s judicial system.

Zargar, a 27-year-old M.Phil. student from Jamia, is over three months pregnant, and was arrested by the Delhi Police’s special cell on 10 April. She was later denied bail and, on 21 April, charged under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). She was associated with the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), and was part of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests organised by university students in December and January. She was arrested for allegedly leading the anti-CAA protest at Jaffrabad metro station in February.

On Monday, three weeks after her arrest, her family found a hashtag in her name, #सफूरा_जरगर, trending on Twitter, hours after Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra commented on her pregnancy.

Mishra had quote-tweeted Congress member Salman Nizami’s tweet, which said: “Activist Safoora Zargar (pregnant) is in Jail during Ramadan, hatemongers like Kapil Mishra who incited riots are FREE.”

Mishra is accused of inciting hate through his speeches before violence erupted in Northeast Delhi in February.

Following this, many tweets questioning the nature of Zargar’s pregnancy and her marital status began doing the rounds.

“We are extremely appalled and distraught about this. I am shocked at the lengths people are willing to go to in order to malign her image,” her sister Sameeya Zargar told ThePrint. “This is nothing but character assassination.”

“I don’t even want to dignify these trolls by responding to them, they will do what they have to,” Zargar’s husband said to ThePrint. He requested that his name not be published.

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Outrage over continued arrest without bail

Zargar’s continued arrest without bail has received widespread outrage and condemnation, including from Amnesty International. Her arrest, along with that of another Jamia student Meeran Haider, had earlier kicked up a storm of online petitions demanding their release.

At Zargar’s bail hearing on 18 April, the court said the investigating officer had filed a “cryptic and superficial” reply on her role in the case, and told the officer to file a detailed reply for the next hearing. However, her bail was later denied after more stringent charges were added to the FIR.

Amnesty said in a statement: “She is currently imprisoned in Tihar jail, which is one of the most overcrowded prisons in the country, and has not been able to access her lawyer or meet her husband since 14 April. Safoora’s pregnancy is a mitigating factor against her continued detention under UAPA, particularly amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Early Monday morning, her sister Sameeya released an open letter to her, describing the period of Safoora’s arrest as a “slow death”.

“She has had pregnancy related UTI issues. She also has a history of UTI. We were hoping on all these grounds she will be given bail, but hasn’t yet,” Sameeya said.

Safoora’s husband added: “We were hoping she would get bail soon, but because of the lockdown, the entire machinery is moving slowly. But we have hope in our judicial system.”

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‘Not an arbitrary arrest’

The Delhi Police maintains that Safoora Zargar’s arrest is not ‘arbitrary’.

“It is not an arbitrary arrest, we have evidence to prove the charges. Rest the judiciary will take a call,” a senior police officer said on the condition of anonymity.

Officials of Tihar jail have said “she is being given proper medical assistance”, and have denied that she has been kept in solitary confinement.

“The new inmates are being kept isolated. As such, she is in a single cell. It is not solitary confinement. She has been allowed to talk to her family also on the phone,” said an officer posted in Tihar.

Her husband, however, said: “I was allowed to speak to her just once for only 5 minutes, over a week ago. There has been no communication permitted since then.”

(With inputs from Ananya Bhardwaj)

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  1. Cheap media at it again, bravo.
    This kind of media biased media coating how cruelty is she facing and talking about human rights. But what about the human rights of those lost their lives in delhi riots ?

  2. We can’t expect more cheap mentality of these hate mongering bakts as depicted in recent times where all four pillars of democracy in India are hijacked by their bosses. Cruelty has an end and pride hath to fall… It can’t withstand forever…

  3. Human rights ARE ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE HUMANS THEMSELVES!! OR else they are to be SHOT AT SIGHT !

  4. My home state j&k bleeds because of people like safora . They present the wrong image of our state our country . They had right to protest but no one give them a right to intrupt or breaking law and order .They destroy the country’s unity and harmony. People like him put always behind the bars.

  5. My home state j&k bleeds because of people like safora . They present the wrong image of our state our country . They had right to protest but no give them a right to intrupt or breaking law and order . destroy the country’s unity and harmony. People like him put always behind the bar

  6. Good to see such people who don’t even know the father of foetus and also such nuisance creature in Jail

    • Hehe. Do you know how many literate women in India end up popping babies out of their stomachs? Not many plan their pregnancies, the very prized foetus is the result of forceful sex or random sex in most cases. So why you want only Safoora to be in jail? You know those other cultured women in India slept with only one male in their lives? Haha. You seem to know very less about your own country. Learn about it my friend and tell us how many you would want to see behind bars?

  7. Mr. Nakamurakh
    Islamofobia ….. Islamofobia Islamofobia
    Islamofobia try rabbirs c

  8. She herself did NOT know about it and the boy is reluctant to reveal his name as he is NOT sure if he was the last man to be with her-what a confusion
    And print is a family of bastards

    • India has lot of bastards. In case you don’t know about your country, please read up. A lot of people I know have been married to two women at the same time. God knows how many other children they have fathered in their lives without giving them legitimacy. Something that needs research and publication.

  9. Ask her opinion about kashmir we will know heard her in vidio supporting kashmiri terorist if she doesn’t think kashmir is part of India then who is she to talk about Indian politics

  10. Who has confirmed the pregnancy?
    The police should be heaving a sigh of relief if it is a three months pregnancy, at least they now do not have to face some difficult questions.

  11. How many video photos are there against Kapil Sharma on social media? Before the riots in Delhi, did he not inform the public but no action was taken against him. Is the police not cooperating with him? The answer is BJP RSS. Has to be a Muslim in India,

    • You have to be a non-Muslim in Pakistan and Bangladesh to realise what a ‘minority’ means.

      • Isn’t India a better country than Pak & Bangla? Why are you comparing esteemed India with such countries that shouldn’t even get mention in comparison. India should be compared with UK, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand. Why do you keep demeaning India’s status by comparing it to Pakistan or Bangladesh? Do you even realize that you are actually badmouthing your own country by this comparison. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself – which countries you want India to be compared with? And why you keep making that mistake all of us do again and again- comparison with Pak!!

  12. Why should her arrest be the concern of anybody? She is arrested and let the law decides. As far as the pregnancy is concerned, Who is the husband? It is not the USA . People do ask about the husband and matrimonial status, more so if some lady is pregnant. Her so-called sympathizers should not mind it.

  13. Andh Bhakton agar najayaz ka matlab pata karna hai toh Baba Saheb Ambedkar ki “The Riddle _ ___ & ___” word se shuru hone wali book padho.
    Sirf tum hi nahi tumhara koi aur bhi hai jo najayaz aulad hai.

  14. Let us presume, husband exists, why he is not shamed for being with wife during her difficult time. Any husband of his guts would have come out openly in support of wife in such situation

      • You say….. 7 May, 2020 at 6:22 am
        Mistake se pregnant hui hai bhai

        Suna hai too khud k bare me b shak karta hai
        A morally degraded society is emerging in Bharat
        God … Save we indian hindus……

  15. इतना लंबा चौड़ा लेख लिखे हो।। जरा कॉमेंट्स के रिप्लाइ भी कर दो।।।

  16. If she is married then why her husband does not want to come forward and support her?
    Fu**ing idiots … people of The Print.

  17. It should be remembered that a 4 month baby was killed by her Muslim mother, by sitting in protest without protecting it against the bitter cold. And all the while eating biryani herself. So a pregnant women being taken care of by the government in jail is not something anyone should be worried. These people did not protect that 4 month innocent baby, even when they could have. So who are the monsters?

  18. All gaddars of our motherland need to be punished. Who is her husband the Nation wants to know ?

    • Exactly…. Let us start from u
      Banarjee ho k urdu ka word use karte ho…
      U r a class IV and bakth.

  19. Illegal occupation of streets against a law which allows permanent residence in INDIA to HINDU woman who are being raped and forcefully converted in pakistan is wrong. Let’s not interfere with legal process which deals with such inhuman and degrading opposition to humane legislation

    • “a law which allows permanent residence in INDIA to HINDU woman who are being raped and forcefully converted in pakistan”
      Sir. Dont b confused…. This law doesn’t apply to ..HINDU woman who are being raped and forcefully converted in PRESENT pakistan. some expert help to understand then comment.

  20. The anti CAA protets are a hate campign aginst the indigenous people of India and the Muslims are in no way affected vy the Law So for instigating in violence and participating in violence she deserves to be in Jail

  21. What kind of shohar is this who cant come forward to protect his baby and his wife to shut the troll or there is something fishy really going on which people have been poitning to? You will not show husband face nor hisbname not anything what kijd of joke are you.
    Doctors are being provided for the criminal zafoor by indian law and healthy baby do vorn in jail.

    • Why you are so eager to know husband,s name… It may be any name…..
      To to apni english pe dyaan de
      Jahil gawar… Mere tarha apni aandbhakti me magan reh……..


  23. The Print starts its White Wash.
    Folk, we are supposed to be sympathetic to this fun loving, cinema watching young woman who is pregnant. She also loves a good laugh – just like all of us.
    Lets not mention the fact that she is a law breaking, anti national criminal? After all she is fun loving – and likes ice cream, just like the rest of us.

    • With all respect to every female….My brother…. Ask this question from any female at your home or relatives.
      Then grade ur aandbakhti

    • Dear Mr. Ramesh….
      A car collided with another at crossing and damaged rear of ist. Car. A retired couple came out of the badly damaged car and shouted on hitting car. Forcebly opened its door and while abusing driver….the old women suddenly said… Beta tum pragnent ho …. Then a complete silence ….the old couple apologized and blesses the young woman…. Every one left

    • Should people like Kapil Misblah shouldn’t be brought to court for publically dehumanising a woman for her sexual preferences? What is he, lord Krishna to tell others what a woman should do in her personal life? If that jerk can be left free then other jerks should be allowed to roam freely in India. There is a thing called tit for tat. Though we love Gandhi but modern world cannot work on anything except tit for tat. Who will drag Kapil Mishra to court for pointing at a woman’s sexual character/preferences? Who is he, apart from being a jerk?

  24. गर्भवती होना इतना ही अवैधानिक और अनैतिक है तो सबसे पहले अपने इतिहास को जाकर सुधारो और नाजायज ठहराओ उस भारतवर्ष की गौरवशाली समझी जाने वाली परंपरा को जिसमें कुन्ती जैसी औरत ने विवाहपूर्व भी एक औलाद को जन्म दिया, जिसे आपका वही गौरवशाली इतिहास दानवीर कर्ण के नाम से सम्मान देता आया है। कुन्ती यहीं पर नही रूकी, बल्कि विवाहोपरांत भी उसने अलग – अलग पुरुषों के साथ संभोग से पाँच बेटे पैदा किये। क्या वह अनैतिक नही है आप लोगों की नजरों में?

    लेकिन आप उस पर मौन साध लेंगे क्योंकि आपका समाज एक औरत का परित्याग करके उसे महिमामंडित करना जानता है।

    एक पुरूष की तीन-चार शादियाँ बड़े आराम से हो जाती हैं चाहे वह हिन्दू हो अथवा मुसलमान। लेकिन, एक औरत को यह अधिकार नही मिलता क्योंकि एक बार शादी का ठप्पा लग जाये तो फिर उसके लिए सारे रास्ते बन्द हो जाते हैं। और यदि कोई इक्की – दुक्की औरत अपने स्वाभिमान के साथ अकेले जीवन जीने का फैसला करती भी है तो आपके भेड़िए समाज की वही अनैतिक और घटिया नजरें उसके घर के खिड़की-दरवाजों पर टिकी रहती है। लानत है ऐसे जाहिल समाज पर।

    मैंने कई बार महिला स्त्री रोग विशेषज्ञों से बात की। असल में खोजी स्वभाव है तो जो शक-शंका-प्रश्न मेरे जेहन में होता है मैं पात्र व्यक्ति से पूछ ही बैठती हूँ। तो, उन डॉक्टर्स का कहना था कि हमारे सो कॉल्ड गौरवशाली समाज में गर्भपात के अधिकांश केस ऐसी लड़कियों के आते हैं जो नाबालिग होती हैं और किसी दोस्त, किसी भाई, किसी अन्य रिश्तेदार और कई बार तो अपने पिता तक से गर्भवती हुई होती हैं और पता चलने पर गुपचुप तरीके से अपनी माँ, बहन अथवा कई बार अकेले भी आकर गर्भपात करवाती हैं। मेडिकल स्टोर्स पर भी ऐसी गर्भपात की दवाइयों की बिक्री खुलेआम होती है आपके इसी गौरवशाली भारतवर्ष में। ( तब भी यदि उस लड़की का वह सम्बन्ध स्वैच्छिक है तो आप जायज-नाजायज का राग अलापने वाले कौन? तय करने दीजिए न उसे कि वह इसे किस दृष्टिकोण से देखती है)

    लेकिन तब भी आप उन नाबालिग लड़कियों को ही ठहराइये दोषी कि क्यों आवाज नही उठाई? क्यों नही चीखी, क्यों नही ढंग के कपड़े पहने और क्यों नही अपने चरित्र की रक्षा की? जानते हैं क्यों? क्योंकि आपका यह जाहिल जजमेंटल समाज उस बलात्कारी वहसी को नही कुछ बोलने वाला। उसे सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित है ही न आपके इस सभ्य, सुसंस्कारित, पितृसत्तात्मक समाज में। वह लड़की बचपन से जानती है कि जो व्यक्ति उसकी सुरक्षा के लिए सबसे ज्यादा जवाबदेह हैं यदि वो ही उसका शोषण कर रहे हैं तो वह किसके सामने अपनी सुरक्षा की गुहार लगाएगी और किसी को बोल भी देगी तो ऑनर किलिंग के नाम पर मरना तो उसे ही पड़ेगा।

    असल में अपने जीवन को बचाने की जद्दोजहज वह बचपन से ही करती है और सच कहिये तो आपके इस दोगले समाज से फट जाती है उसकी, क्योंकि उसे जीना है आप जैसे दरिंदगीभरे कुंठित समाज के बीच में।

    लेकिन आप तो भई ठहरे निर्णय सुनाने वाले। तो सुनाइये निर्णय और गर्व कीजिये अपनी जहालत पर। क्योंकि आप बर्दास्त नही कर सकते आपकी आँखों में आँखें डालकर आपसे सवाल पूछती एक औरत को किसी भी कीमत पर।

    शाबाश आपको कि सफूरा के बहाने ही सही, मगर 21वीं सदी की अब तक कमाई हुई प्रगतिशीलता के दर्शन एक बार फिर दिए आपने! शाबाश वह समस्त स्त्री समाज जो ऐसे जजमेंटल समाज की पैरोकारी में पूरा दिन लगा दिखता रहा! और शर्मशार हम जैसे लोग जो औरत की अस्मिता, उसके निजता के अधिकार, उसके चारित्रिक सम्मान के बारे में सबकुछ जानते हुए भी आपके सामने खड़े हो आपसे सवाल करने की कुव्वत रखते है!


    • सबसे बड़ा है राष्ट्र और राश्ट्रधरम, सार गृभ्वती होना नही है ।जर्गर को इसके लिए नही जेल मैं भेजा ।वो स्त्री है वो गर्भवती है इससे उसका अपराध कम नही हो जाता । इतिहास से जिन स्त्रियो का आपने नाम लिए वो देश के विरूध नही थी । कृपया स्त्री बोध का आवरण ना पहने।ये छधं आपके शब्दो से नजर आ रहा है ।

      • Vinod shatma ji
        Is aurat se baad me be nipta ja sakta tha…she was not going to disappear from india. Pregnacy is not an easy affair. It involves highest degree of physical mental and psychological truma.
        Pl. Keep ur heart sympathised ad do not turn yourself in to vinod goswami or vinod patra.. thank u

        • Baad main kyo nipatna hain? Abhi kyo nahi nipatna?
          Jab usne anti-CAA protest kari thi tab bhi woh pregnant thi bcoz she is three months pregnant right now. Tab use yaad nahi tha – “Pregnancy is not an easy affair. It involves highest degree of physical mental and psychological trauma.”

  25. It is strange that her husband does not want his name to be published. He should declare himself if he cares about his wife’s reputation in the conservative Muslim society, where people have extreme views on such matters.

  26. The print please published his husband name.plz plz.then i think you are free from Islamist and communist.

  27. She should have thought about inciting violence and causing so many people to die. This woman deserves the harshest punishment for spreading fake news about CAA and NRC. Shame on her. I am glad that the law is taking its course and hope she doesn’t see daylight again.

  28. A Lady is pregnant. That’s enough. Why do you pester for husband. It’s nonsense. There is no problem with single mother. You can point your fingers for her illegal activities. If guilty put her behind bars. No character assassination.

  29. This is one case which come under lime light. God knows what are other social bad habitses are practicing inside the baricats of SHAHEENBAGH
    PUNISHMENT HIM BY LAW because they know very well Indian law is slow and full of various safe exits

  30. Please let people know about her husband. If she is right and she did nothing illegal then why his husband don’t want his name to be disclosed.

  31. There is a reason that she has been jailed and she should know that. She was knowing the fact that she is pregnant so she should have been careful. Why this victim card now. Who is her husband? What I understand is that she is being properly looked after by doctors in jail. First, do the offence, get jailed, play victim card, and enjoy at the cost of taxpayers money. What is happening in India.

    • Exactly sir.. u r absolutely rite….
      B.T.W. what r ur views abt Prigya
      Who is out at health grounds facing very minor charges….

    • I don’t think there is any husband. Theprint is part of the same ideology/business and trying to defend her.

  32. Please don’t try to create unnecessary hype about this matter. Let law of the land take its own course.

    • Mr Kumar Gupt: Is there such a thing as rule of law in India? After all, the police and the courts do the bidding of whichever political party is in power don’t they ? And minorities such as Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits and lower castes don’t exactly get a fair shake do they ? Don’t delude yourself into thinking that fancy law of the land work in India. Particularly in Modi’s India.

    • सही कहा।ये the print और दुसरे देशद्रोही ऐसा बता रहे हैं कि यह विश्व की पहली महिला हैं जो जेल में है।
      यह जेहादिन जामिया, शाहीन बाग और अन्य जगहों पर देश के खिलाफ भाषण दे चुकी। आखिर में जाफराबाद में हिंसा भड़काने में पकड़ी गई।
      यहां कानून का शासन है। भीड़ तंत्र बनाने की कोशिश अवैध है।
      जेल में हर कैदी के लिए इलाज मुफ्त है।
      अब सिर्फ सवाल है बच्चा किसका है?

    • This media #the_print is totally biased against Hindus n albeit our nation.
      I fear it is safoora jurgar,next may be your turn to go to Jail as U have played so fake n doctored narrative against nation.
      Afterall who is the hidden DNA Father of Safoora jurgar’s baby..

  33. Earlier I was also appalled by the slandering about her marital status. But now Print is trying to concoct a story around it…trying to give her cover. Husband does not want to come public! What sort of husband is he if he is actually one?
    Anyways, there are quite a few babies born in jail.

  34. Please post the picture of her husband…..You are a responsible journalist Right!!!!

  35. If there is justice all those behind and those celebrating the jailing of a pregnant lady will face the fury of Mother nature.I wish that were to happen soon.

    • All of these are the murderers of a 4 month old innocent baby. They will get a harsher punishment from mother nature.

    • Insha allah..
      Our hindu religion keep the woman in high estimates. Thesr gobar bukhts will have to face the fire… Fire .of narak.

  36. Joke: “We have faith in judicial system of India.”

    If these arsonists, Islamic supremacists and anarchists had even an iota of faith and respect for Judiciary, they would not have blocked roads for months inconveniencing others for months and instead wait for SC judgement on CAA,s validity. Now, when they tasted medicine of own making, suddenly Mr imaginary husband (Doesn’t want to be named, Lol) has high hopes on judicial system!

  37. Amnesty’s activism is only directed towards one community in India. If they are concerned about Tihar jail, then they should fight for all prisoners of that jail.

  38. Everyone must be treated equally in front of the law.
    She may get lenient punishment from the judge due to her condition, but she must face justice.

  39. She is unmarried, she was residing in live in.. Why don’t you mentioned the husband name, his job and his family members. Why her mysterious husband denied her identity or refused to open her identity and detail.. You People have failed to put on curtains on her not existing marriage.. When she got married details her photographs and marriage date

    … Can’t defend a lady criminal of our country

  40. Oh mercy article for anti nationals ? This is true colour of your media house as u have resonance with the criminals…..let her be deported to pakistani jail.

  41. Who is Safoora Zargar’s husband and why is he hiding now? Her FB account status has also been deactivated to hide her marital status. Zargar is pregnant but the libtards and Scamgressis are suffering from labor pain.

  42. It’s true that hate mongers are roaming freely with the bloods of so many innocent Indians and activists who opposed govt strategies are lodged in jails. Opposing the govt policies by such activists is an essential ingredient for a healthy democracy which seems like a dream when we read such partial acts by law keepers and judiciary of our country.

    • Friend u do not seem to be an Indian but ISI agent with a Hindu name .Why defend a lady who is anti national and has a notional husband.Pregnacy seems to be byproduct of Shaheen bag .My bloody foot healthy democracy.

  43. Tumhra news paper hain hi desh drohi…. Tumko hamesha gaddaron sympathy rahati hai….. So guys sudhar jao

  44. Where does it say that pregnancy exempts one from arrest?
    All is fair in love and war- this woman waged war against the Republic of India, and now the Republic claps back.
    Ms. Zargar should have thought about this before her unlawful activities.

  45. The entire protests of anti CAA were outrightly anti Hindu in nature and the riots of North east Delhi was planned by the jihadi elements financed and funded by many anti India forces …now that she’s been caught doing wrong she is crying …what about the people who suffered for over 100 days for blocking the main highway which connects Delhi with Noida ?? What about the loss of lives and properties of people ??..
    Grow up jihadis and find another planet to sell your lies

    • Is humanity in you dead…? for your kind information..the main highway was not blocked by the Anti-CAA protestors. It was done deliberately by the order of UP Police. Get your facts right Sir. Why is there too much of hate in you… God be with you..!

      • Mister, tell me one thing which he has said wrongly?

        Muslims had issues, they should have gone to courts. Is this too much to ask?

        Don’t preach him humanity, open your eyes first and accept to say what’s wrong as wrong.

  46. The government of India should be ashamed for these charges against a student. To protest is ones rights in a democracy but India does not behave like a democracy anymore!

    • Who are you to comment on Indian affairs…if so thoughtful of jihadists that you are than take them to your country as we dont want them..

      • Why don’t you get back all your beloved Hindus from foreign countries and Nitish them in your own beloved country. Why are you allowing your Hindus to ask for alms (salaries & unemployment benefits) from other countries? Itni hi akad hai to khud ke Hindu logon ko duniya Bhar se lekar bharat mei Paal ke dikhao. To tumhari way wahi karenge. Nahi to tum bhaukte hi najar aaoge. Akad itni rehti hai par haanth videshi logon ke saamne hi failato ho har problem ke time par. Thodi akad ko Sahi jagah bhi laga do. Poochh lo Apne Hindu Bhaiyeo se ki kya wo Bharat lautna chahenge foreign lands chhod kar? Kitna desh PREM hai tumhare Hindusei jara check Karke Hume bhi bata do. Hum bhi to Jane itni akad kis baat ki hai.

    • Refer to reply by Rightangle… When they r unable to count on logic and reasoning… They turn to acute and obtuse angle.

  47. Siddhartha Vadharajan, the American editor of The Wire, was able to organize 3500 compulsive letter writers to put their signatures to a letter protesting against an FIR being served on him by the UP police. I am sure that JCC can approach him to get at least some on them to condemn the lady’s arrest. They would then, once again, get free publicity. And The Print can write one more article on a bad news day.

      • Islam is a 7th century medieval garbage from Arabia that was imposed on India. This filth called Islam and Muslims were responsible for the cultural genocide of countless cultures. The last thing we want is to pamper these Islamic terrorists.

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