Thursday, May 25, 2023
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WHO didn’t say vegetarians haven’t contracted coronavirus, viral Twitter post is misleading

The viral Twitter post also stated the entire world is now doing ‘namaste’, and that the significance of cow urine and tulsi is now being understood.

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New Delhi: A post claiming that the World Health Organization (WHO) has said in a report that vegetarians haven’t contracted coronavirus has gone viral on Twitter.

The post has been widely shared by several handles. Among them is one ‘Sweta Singh (Parody)’, which has 34,000 followers. 

“The whole world has become fans of sanatan culture. No vegetarian in the world has contracted coronavirus: WHO report. The entire world is now doing namastehawans and yajnas are being done… gaumutra (cow urine) and tulsi’s benefits are being understood… Gita and Ramayana are being read. Hail sanatan,” the post, written on 14 March, read. 

At the time of publishing this report, the post had been retweeted over 430 times and liked more than 1,400 times. 

Another Twitter user, Pushpendra Kulshreshth, wrote the same tweet, which had been retweeted 259 times and liked 811 times at the time of publishing this report. 

The post has also been shared on Facebook. 

One Shivay Shankar shared the post saying: “Eat vegetarian food, demons will die.”

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Fact check 

The fact of the matter is the WHO has not published any report that said vegetarians haven’t contracted the deadly virus.

In fact, there are reports that have busted the myth connecting the infection to the consumption of non-vegetarian food. 

The gaumutra remedy for coronavirus has also been discredited. 

Twitter users have lashed out at a gaumutra party held by the Hindu Mahasabha in the national capital last week to “ward off coronavirus”.

“Just like we organise tea parties, we have decided to organise a gaumutra (cow urine) party. Am so ‘proud’ now to be a Hindu!” Ashok Swain, professor of peace and conflict research in Uppsala University, had sarcastically tweeted.  

Popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee wrote: “Listen to these Hindu Mahasabha intellectuals claiming to treat everything from Coronavirus to Cancer! Height of Superstition!” 

(In collaboration with SM Hoaxslayer)

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  1. 1) corona virus is an anagram for carnivores
    (2) corona in english gematria is 396 the Strong’s Bible Concordance
    H396 is KJV Usage: meat (1x).
    G396 is KJV Usage: overthrow (1x), subvert (1x).
    people used to change words and names etc, into numbers with a method called Gematria, then they would look those numbers up in the Bible to find meaning…
    we now have apps for Gematria and we have apps for Bible Concordance (making it fast and easy), yet people seldom use them.

    Moses and his brother Aaron were both taken early, right after they came down from a mountain claiming God gave them a list of animals, God supposedly said that people could kill and eat… do you think God would have taken them both because Moses struck a rock with his staff instead of waving it in the air? would God let us kill and eat animal’s, then punish us with arterial plaque and bad health?
    I have made a list of 25 ways God has said “thou shalt not kill”, but the number one reason is that it’s the sixth commandment and it never said that it only applies to people.

  2. Why no legal action is taken on the non-vegetarian/ vegetarian misinformation spread about covid/WHO, inspite of existing strict legal action directives and punishments.

  3. Sanatan Dharm is a way of life. It is not a religion. And saying it has a remedy for all ills and devils is not correct.

  4. Nature defines us (Human or Animal) in a two catagory, it shows you humans are really a vegetarian or non vegetarian. Those who’s are drinking water lick by tongue is non vegetarian and those who getting drinking water with mouths is vegetarian.

  5. Good that Covid19 provoked a debate on food habits and relation with a healthy life. Let us face it, human beings have become greedy beyond limits and greed kills. So this greed ,avarice and insatiable appetite is the real killer.We are all committing suicide. Diabetes, BO, cardiovascular diseases, obesity have been killing 10 times more men than corona. What is essential is to be human ,unselfish, live and let live.Realise that the earth is not even a dot in the universe and we are just insignificant.Covid will come and go and again come and go.Spanish flue killed 5 crores. The most salient thing is if animals, bees, insects die men dies and not the vice versa. Now you have to find your own formula.

  6. Prove it scientifically else……… That’s how you guys spread false stories during elections. Result is before you.

  7. Everything is fine but u r showing the fake account or fan made account as their official account.. shame on you people… How come blue tick on arnab’s tweet ?? U photoshopped or wat.. ??

  8. Everything is a living organism in the world but it is bilogically (it means by birth by nature)human don’t have sharp teeth which animals have for animals sharp teeth will be there to peel the flesh of an animal,it means human beings are meant to eat veg only,because we are having great power than animals (human being is superior than animals)simply for the satisfaction of the tongue we should not kill it and eat
    U said that we will kill ants and cockroaches,if any thing harms us then we should kill it in order to protect ourselves that is not comes under killing

    • Humans have all teeth incisors, molars ,canines which indicates that they can eat both meat n vegetables. Check ur teeths

      • Agreed, but the canines are not that big. Look i am a veg, but i am not saying that all should turn vegetarian. But yes, just to satisfy your craving, killing and eating non vegetarian food is not right. Moreover it is proven that our body actually requires more energy and enzymes to digest meat than it for vegetarian.

      • As an example, a tiger hunt and eats the deer meat raw. Hv u ever atleast hv tried to eat a live chicken raw? Why do u cook and eat if hv the teeth of a carnivore?

    • Humans have all teeth incisors, molars ,canines which indicates that they can eat both meat n vegetables. Check your teeths

  9. Everyone here is commenting about being vegetarian. But no is looking at real fact that the tweet was just a hoax. There is no scientific proof that only the Non-Veg were affected by COVID-19. Those who are vegetarian, we respect your ideology but that doesn’t means you get to criticize the Non-Veg people. We don’t eat only meat or fish, we take vegetables and fruit also. And as for animal cruelity, every organism in this world have life. So why do you kill the mosquitoes and cockroach or crush the ants while walking. Just to be practical. It’s your choice what you eat or not. God has nothing to do with that.

    • May be god has nothing to do with it but nature has to.It is the matter of causing minimum damage to the nature.Killing mosquitoes, cockroach or crushing ants doesn’t give you licence to kill anyone.There is huge difference between killing mosquitoes for protection and killing helpless, speechless animals for the satisfaction of your tongue and belly.I don’t disrespect any non vegetarian but everyone should try to evolve himself to be more humane by moving the entire humanity towards abolishing the animal killing completely.Remember,it has nothing to do with religion.You can be a hindu, christian,sikh,muslim or even atheist at the same time being a pure vegetarian.

  10. If we think carefully.
    animals eat grass drink river water.
    They dont get energy and proteins from grass they get it from the soil.
    Soil has all the essential minerals and proteins what an animal requires let it be human or any living being.
    But still we think eating animal meat will help us in gaining proteins.
    Its wrong infact famous body builder mr.olympia many times arnold also said that for 60 years he ate meat but now he realised that after converting to vegan diet he is more fit.
    Although,i myself is a non-veg but as far as my research goes veg diet is best and can help your body to be fit and free from many diseases if consumed properly.

    All in all i just wanted to tell you guys that its not about snatan dharam but about natures reality this is how it was all started and should go this way only.

    And yes very important start respecting your nation.
    Do not let any press or media to make you feel bad about your country or religion.

    • Animals don’t eat sand. The nutrients from soil comes through grass and other plants to animals. Basic school science.

  11. What is difference between Cadaver/Carcass and meat? Which is more infectious Non veg or Veg?

  12. whatever maybe the reason one should stop taking meat. Take vegetables as far as possible.

  13. Veg food is good for every one. If you take all seasonal fruits and vegetables considering the need of your daily consumption, than there will be no need to be taken any animal flesh to fill any requirement.. Take all colour fruit, vegetables and leafs in a balanced way and your daily requirements fulfilled. After all the Sages in our sanskriti lived hundreds of years just by consuming vegitarian foods..

  14. Can you please get me the report and conduct a small research that how many people are vegetarians dying of coronavirus in the world? I want to know it. Please do it

  15. Doesn’t matter it’s true or false but for the sake of nature and God don’t kill animals for your tounge

  16. agree that non veg should not be eaten by anyone …because its a cruel and sinful activity…and we should have a humanties because we are humans and we have. a power to think on any matters…and do our work with full concern but the question arise here? how it can true india we have seen a 1000 across cases but around 40 dead cant be decide that the virus can not be attack on veg eaters ..when the nature comes in our negative form then it doesnot see who is right or who is wrong..everyone punished by the negative form of nature …

    • I am a vegetarian. Now having small problems due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Taking renerve plus injection. No vegetarian food is as rich in vitamin B12 as meat. Now I regret, balanced food habit would have been an ideal choice. But, Even now unable to think of consuming non veg.

      • Dear,
        When the B-12 was discovered?.
        Really sad to learn yr regret for not being able to eat meat to get B12.
        My grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, Nanaji.. all lived a healthy life for a range of 85-97.. They were pure vegetarian and always did things on their own. And none of them ever eaten out of home… Rethink yr thoughts that have been polluted by internet gyan for balanced diets.

    • I am a vegetarian. Now having small problems due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Taking renerve plus injection. No vegetarian food is as rich in vitamin B12 as meat. Now I regret, balanced food habit would have been an ideal choice. But, Even now unable to think of consuming non veg.

      • Why does an animal have to go through all this pain of it’s execution for the fulfillment of your nice meal. Who do you think you are? King of nature! Well, the myth shall be broken along with derririe one good day.
        Peace out.

  17. Look with whom this article is countering its report, Mr. Ashok Swain and Dhurv Rathee {One is insensible person and another is Fact killer respectively} 😂😂😂

  18. Misleading title shame on you presstitutes. There is no release of the diet of the infected doesn’t mean there were vegetarian in it.
    How can you come to this conclusion this much hate for vegetarian or India?
    The countries infected are meat eaters primarily so this deduction is valid

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