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NEP plans to integrate AYUSH & modern medicine, allopaths say it’ll produce ‘official quacks’

While AYUSH practitioners have welcomed the plan and said it will benefit allopaths too, health experts say plan must be based on scientific evidence.

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New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government, under its new National Education Policy (NEP) released Wednesday, plans to integrate modern medicine with the traditional systems of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy (AYUSH).

But the plan has drawn mixed reactions from experts, with AYUSH practitioners welcoming it, and allopaths terming it a move that will “produce official quacks”.

The NEP, accessed by ThePrint, states: “Given that people exercise pluralistic choices in healthcare, our healthcare education system must be integrative meaning thereby that all students of allopathic medical education must have a basic understanding of AYUSH and vice versa.”

The NEP states that healthcare education needs to be “re-envisioned”. The objective, it explains, is “that the duration, structure, and design of the educational programmes need to match the role requirements that graduates will play”.

“Students will be assessed at regular intervals on well-defined parameters primarily required for working in primary care and in secondary hospitals,” it says. “There shall also be a much greater emphasis on preventive healthcare and community medicine in all forms of healthcare education.”

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AYUSH experts say it’ll help allopaths

On the flip side, Ayurveda experts said the move would boost the confidence of modern science doctors in traditional systems of medicine.

“It’s a welcome move. Our students already have to clear the examination on pathology, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, which give a basic understanding of modern medicine. But this move will be useful for students studying allopathy,” said Dr Pradeep Prajapati, professor at the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), the apex institute for studying and researching the ancient Indian system of medicine.

“These students should know about our system so they get confidence about our system, which is usually kept under doubt,” he added.

Anil Khurana, director general of the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), a central government-run institute, said: “The move will further facilitate the integration of AYUSH systems at various levels of treatment at primary, secondary and, most importantly, in tertiary care, as is being observed in the management of Covid-19, where homoeopathy is being evaluated in allopathic hospitals.”

Dr M.A. Qasmi, joint adviser (Unani) with the Ministry of AYUSH, added: “It is a good initiative and it will have a great positive impact on healthcare sector. Having basic knowledge of other medicinal systems will give medical students greater understanding on preventive healthcare and community medicine”

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‘Wrong policy decision’

Dr R.V. Asokan, secretary general of the doctors’ lobby Indian Medial Association told ThePrint, “When the NEP was being discussed six months ago, we had raised concerns about this point. But they have finally made it official.

“How can we think of making a doctor a ‘jack of all trades’ and do experiments on patients? We must not intend to produce hybrid doctors as it will eventually produce official quacks.”

Asokan added that it was the “wrong policy decision”, and that the IMA is thinking of resending its concerns to the government.

“The move will sound death knell for modern medicine and will create hybrid doctors. These doctors, on paper, may create quantity but will lack in quality. It will also be detrimental to our traditional Ayush systems as they will be subsumed in other systems, losing their own identity,” said Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, former president of the SAARC Medical Association and the IMA.

Other health experts cautioned that even if integration takes place, it has to be based on evidence-based science, experts caution, else there would be a grave mismatch.

Anant Bhan, a researcher in global health, bioethics and health policy and former president of International Association of Bioethics, said, “While pluralistic healthcare with integrative medicine (Allopathy-AYUSH) can be a positive for patients, it must build on evidence and engagement which is based on science and best interests of patients.”

Bhan, who is also adjunct professor and researcher in bioethics at Mangaluru’s Yenepoya University, added: “Competency based assessments, and a focus on creating professionals who can work in primary and secondary healthcare settings will require re-designing current health professional education models which often focus on tertiary healthcare settings.”

A high-ranking government official, who is also a member of the Medical Council of India (MCI), said the move is inappropriate and needs correction.

“We are not against Ayurveda, but mixing the education of two systems could be dangerous. There is no basic connection, then why confuse the doctors and decimate the quality of their education?” the official said.

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  1. We all system doctors, whether ayush or allopathic have right to know each system of medicine for develop our skill development.. all allopathic doctors use ayurvedic medicine in his daily facts, all allopathic doctors take homeopathic medicine for their treatment.. and ayush doctors also take allopathic medicine in life threatening cases.. so dont take as a serious ego issue, such as quackery or mixopathy.. it is a matter of pride for us… all ayush doctors are registered with their state medical board.. so its a best step of central government 👍

  2. When good students who got good marks through NEET and studying medical science , when they get exposed to ayush in college they will get an opportunity to realise what a hoax these ayush subjects are. I don’t think they are going to respect these subjects. Those lecturers who teach them ayush subjects better be prepared to face tough questions from students during their classes.

  3. professional bodies like MCI are parasites interested in their own tribe and not general welfare all type of adulterated spurious arguments are advanced to retain license to loot

    • You know who are real the parasites? – – – – – – -> HOMEOPATHS.
      Their so called medicines have absolutely nothing in them.
      They take advantage of Indian public, which has zero science education and make lots of money by prescribing nothing but sugar.
      Every scientific organization, not just doctors, have come out and said these are fake medicines.
      But India is the only major country that considers these fakes, doctors.

  4. Modern Medicine is based on Science.
    Ayurveda, Homeopathy and rest of AYUSH are purely based on religious beliefs and pseudoscience.
    AYUSH is a dumb department that promotes quackery.
    It is a laughing stock outside India.
    As long as Indians don’t understand what science is, this farce will continue.

  5. When the integration benefits the patient,no body can stop
    It is not quackery, studying and understanding the principles of our Ayush system makes our Doctors edge over other worldwide Physician.Definitely this is right step to make India health super power.

  6. Integrating Ayush and Allopathy definitely take our Indian Medical system to Global health care provider.

  7. My wife was suffering from acute asthmatic problems. I given him allopathic treatment continuously for 6-7 years from the reputed hospitals and specialists but gradually her health condition got deteriorated. Finally I took her to a ayurvedic doctor who treated her for 4-5 months. Now she is alright since last 11-12 years. Thanks to Ayurveda. A good initiative by Modi govt. Integration of all the paths will benefit mankind and health care system of India. All should support it.

  8. Hi
    This is Dr.Aravind Gupta state president AYUSH,TELANGANA.
    First every body should know the syllabus which we read and should know how and where we are trained.if you go into our syllabus you will understand how we are tought in both the systems(our own and allopathy)
    We respect other system can’t they.what is QUACKERY.

    We should know
    There are so many people with lot of knowledge and interest on the public health than us.
    We need lot of doctors to serve suffering people in our country.
    We cordially welcome the decision of our beloved leader Sri.Narendra Modi ji and salute for his bold decision in the interest of our nation.

    • That is the question ,why are you reading modern medicine sir and if we ask the question you are blatantly replying with the same answer ,read Your science properly and strive to develop it sir and you expect allopathy docs to do the same mistake of reading other science .Does Ayush docs have compulsory rural bond , what is the assurance, Ayush docs will serve in rural area ,I am asking this as everyone is telling they will help rural people .you will forget your stream and eventually it will to lead to decimation of the ancient sciences which must be protected by its learners .

      • Definitely it’s the choice of human mind.

        Its like
        Whether to become a superman or nobleman.What indians need is smart doctor like smart phone.A superman has a problem and loses his identity.A nobleman has a problem he can never meet the challenges..the real answer is we need more men.

        So increase the medical colleges.increase money expenditure from govt.Allow students to choose their own degree whether its UG or PG.


  9. This is a noble idea which benefits patients to get the best curative treatment rather than suppressive. After all the public should be benefited by NEP

  10. Differently the print does not worth the support because they are cheap highly deteriorated and national naxalites .This rowdy never talksed about the injuries modern medicine have given to the world,and how doctors are chating the world.

  11. This is the best policy for Ayush doctors. It will help nation also as our Ayush doctors r serving in remote areas.

  12. This move is very good…if all medical systems will understand the value of each other and work together..the patient would be confident and can take care of theiself without any fear

  13. Ayush Doctors are working at fore front during Covid but when it comes to giving some benefits to them whole allopathic systems is against them hypocrisy at peak

    • How many ayush doctors have died serving Covid patients.

      400-500 allopathic doctors have died. They are at the forefront, not ayush. Ayush people during this time seem to be working closely with politicians to influence policymakers and lawmakers to support their survival objectives.

  14. During on going Covid-19, the integration of all systems of medicine have already commenced-with the sole aim of saving lives, isn’t it? . Let this integration be more defined for the benefit of mankind.

  15. Not merely apprehensions, but sure highway is made for the notorious big pharmas who are the guide cum godfathers of the allopaths turning them to serve mammon (money and money alone) and not god (this god not sits in any imaginary heaven rather in all benedictions), will make a cunning entry in the hitherto uncharted fields of ancient medicinal wisdoms just to pervert and pollute them, for in the ancient educational systems these money hunkers wouldn’t have been selected at all by the wise gurus (for there was no donation and quota systems allowing the unworthy)
    Ayurveda, Homeopathy are future medicinal systems. Runners of the big pharmas very well know this, which is out and out contradictory to their way for their business is through promoting and sustaining disease in all forms, not alleviating.
    How circustically they (allopaths) patented the term ‘cure’ for themselves and for the rest the word ‘magic’ thanks to 1954 Nehruvian regime (anti and enemical for ancient wisdoms) .
    When new dispensation has launched Ayush it is justified to expect abolition of the 1954 act taking advantage of what not only Swami Ramdev has been heckled but the entire dignified faculties of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and all others in the Ayush have been denied their importance and due place.
    Body is just not chemistry. Modern neuroscience is making a primary level entry in the field but getting stuck in materialistic vision of the world guided by trash Marxian Darwinian thoughts, all offspring of Hegelian dialectics.
    Allopathy is in this light a quackery, a continuation of mediaeval practice of the alchemists.

    • Allopathy as referred to by Hahneman is not the same as modern medical science.

      Are you calling modern medicine a quackery?

      It seems you are one of those deluded BJP RSS Bhakts who don’t understand or respect science simply because it is not native to India.

  16. This is good initiative. As a common man we found in some disease mother’s treatment was fast and reliable then allopathic medicine. In Ayush method no side effects, but we can’t say with confidence about allopathic.
    We prefer to checkup first with such physician, who have knowledge of all allopathic, aurvedic & homeopathy system.
    Good initiative taken by Modi govt.

  17. I don’t think that it is a good move since it may increase burden on Students which may lead to a decrease in the areas of more importance . Also , it would only be practiced in India, but in other countries this is not the condition so it may be difficult for foreign students also it would be difficult to practise internationalised methods of practice .

    • Expect foreign countries to derecognise Indian medical science degrees.

      Students study so much physics, chemistry in school and learn in depth these subjetcs to score well in NEET and then in mbbs they will be forced to believe in something that has no scientific proof and not based on physics or chemistry. Students will be confused. The whole idea is to brainwash them.

  18. Some official in ahigh post has said that thwre 8a no connection between Ayurveda and allopathy sytem.. Would advise the person to go back to history.. Sushrut has been termed as the father of surery.. Entire allopathic medicine ne has been explained in a scientific manner in the Samhitas.. A vwry welcome move by the policy makers and this will indeed herald the golden era in terms 9f treatment for the common man

  19. If our modern medicine people understand our old tested system of medicine ,they will appreciate Modi government’s NEP. It is the time to understand the need of the hours. Present pandemic situation support NEP with respect to synergy of age proved old and modern system of medicine. We appreciate Modi government’s NEP considering better patient compliance with the out come of collaboration of systems of medicines.

  20. All systems of medicines stands for the wellness of patients.Ayush and Allopathy under the same roof is more beneficial to patients.

  21. In my view most of the allopathic practitioner are quack with respect to trained ayurveda practitioner

    • Yes physics, chemistry, pharmacology, biophysics, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, bacteriology, virology, mycology etc. are all quack subjects.

  22. It will prevent mbbs doctors to do Ayurveda quackery. They can have atleast some knowledge from texts.. not from lessons taught by ayurveda medicine representatives.

  23. I think it’s the best decision that could have been made earlier. The adequate knowledge regarding other systems can help allopaths to refer cases which they think that incurable but in real can be cured through homoeopathy and other systems.

  24. Compliments to ‘Print’. It is a good effort to integrate evidence based medical sciences. AYUSH should define vision & mission.

  25. Compliments to ‘Print’. It is a good effort to integrate evidence based medical sciences. AYUSH has potential but vision & mission should be defined.

  26. I’m a ayush practitioner and I think it’s bad idea becoz mixing two different branches makes students quake and confused the can’t give proper treatment

  27. Dr R.V. Asokan, secretary general of the doctors’ lobby Indian Medial Association said that NEP system produce an official quack.
    That means he wanted to say that only Mordon Medicine is scientific and other all are quack.
    Can he make us understand that what is scientific means?
    Only seeing some material that responsible for disease and Total investigation towards finish or kill that material is this scientific?
    Without any observation, without interpretation , without individualization ,
    Without understand the human being is not only body he is a living entity with mind, intellect, energy.
    And Modern Medicine Any one can show on which principle it work on which Law it work.
    Please tell us who is unscientific?
    And on this time Covid 19 what observe Modern Medicine and what did WHO?
    So first we all want to know what is scientific according to Morden Medicine’s point of view.
    Thank you

    • It’s clear you don’t know much about what science really is.

      The human body is nothing but based on laws of physics and chemistry. The laws of physics are the same throughout the universe whether it be in the stars or in the human body or in a virus or in a rock. Science is objective not subjective. When you say ayush is based on indvidualization you are subjective. Science does not like subjectivity.

      Modern medicine is based on physics chemistry and statistics not ancient and medieval theories. It is evidence based on statistics not anecdotal evidence or placebo. It needs proof based on firm statistics.

      What new medical knowledge has ayush generated in this pandemic? The ayush systems of medicine don’t even have any lab tests to distinguish flu infections from SARS COV2 infections. Is ayush understanding of coronavirus infections (both airborne and surface) and the organs affected better than before? Anything on epidemiology? Any evidence based scientific research? Any scientific evidence of your “cures” ?

      Look at the number of research papers coming out in modern medical science. The number is not great but good findings have come out in reputed journals. There is some sub-standard research true but quality research finally makes the breakthroughs in understanding. When medical scientists say there is no cure they know exactly what they are saying. They may not have the vaccine yet but knowledge of this virus has improved. Even the way the immune system responds (or suppressed by the virus) is better understood now.

  28. NEP by the government is patient oriented ,as modern medicine is for emergency and combination of the two is time tested and better for pandemic and chronic dirases. Thanks for such good Modi government decision. Regards

  29. What Modern Medicine Doctors cannot do that Ayush Doctors medicines can do. What Modern Medicine Doctors can do Ayush medicine Doctors cannot do so why not unite together and say “We Doctors can do it together “

  30. Most of the Allopaths already studing AYUSH system after their post graduation in Modern Medicine.
    They were not able to cure their families with modern medicines, so they tried AYUSH system and cured cases. Then they changed their mindsets and respected AYUSH.
    I can give hundreds of Allopathic Doctors practicing alternative.
    50 percentage of Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, police etc clever people using alternative along with Modern Medicine. But they are not openly coming out in media.
    If checked in opd of alternative system large number of Elite people find in treating with alternative and they Keep it secrete.
    Government is not a fool authority to include Alternative system under main stream.
    If the Modern Medicine toppers shifts into Alternative this system will boost with Increased number of cure rates.
    This will help to build healthy society and India WILL BECOME THE WORLDS ATTRACTION FOR COMPLETE CURE.

    • Provide scientific evidence not narratives. How can anyone believe your claims. Are your claims reproducible? Claims have to withstand scientific scrutiny otherwise it is just marketing.

      Toppers in school who mastered tough problems in laws of motion, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, atoms, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, nucleus, cells, DNA RNA , proteins , carbohydrates, fats etc. – you expect them to get enthused to study and practice superficial knowledge like ayush?

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