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Telangana CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao has joined a long list of prime ministerial aspirants by reviving his ‘federal front’ idea. His enthusiasm is premature because it’s based on the presumption of a hung Lok Sabha. His attempt to isolate the Congress also underlines the conflicting interests in the opposition camp.

With Duryodhan & Dushaasan, politicians pushing Indian democracy back to dark ages

Politicians invoking Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Bajrangbali, Arjun, Aurangzeb and Hitler to attack rivals would have been funny if elections were not serious business. Five years of Modi’s rule was supposed to herald ‘achhe din’. Instead, India seems to be back in the dark ages. This hoary campaign is infantalising Indian democracy.

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  1. In a democracy, where universal franchise is followed, anybody with a right to vote can aspire to become the Prime Minister of the country.

  2. With this one thing is certain Pappukhan and Lady Pappu have no future in Indian politics and can go back to Italy as Christians

  3. Good from next time we will have Elections only to select a PM. Others from different parties can join in as may required.

  4. A good for nothing exercise. Modi will be back with 300 seats. Next 5 years will see end of fringe parties.

  5. Had Modi kept his promise of ‘sab ka saat sab ka vikaas’ no body would have thought of an alternative. He should have carried the minorities with him and not used them to fan hatred towards them in the majority to Garner votes.

  6. Difficult for Telengana to give India its next PM, although there is merit in the South getting its nominee from time to time. Barring Shri Deve Gowda’s brief stint, PM PVNR alone in seventy years is not enough. In principle, there is no harm in a senior, experienced leader from a regional party becoming PM. 2. The Congress has not dealt with actual / potential allies as well as it could have, in the last one year or so. AAP was a missed opportunity. Also some abrasion with Ms Mayawati. It might wish to assemble a seasoned team of negotiators to participate in the intense efforts that will start on the 23rd itself. Depending on the numbers, it may or may not get the PM’s post. Hard bargaining for portfolios. Even more important, running a purposive government. Dealing with a difficult economic situation. 3. Coming to CM KCR, an astute politician. He had promised to merge his party with the Congress if Telengana was conceded. In the event, he got his cake and is keeping most of the slices for immediate family. Interesting times ahead for our beloved Republic …

  7. One reason I never tried my hand at KBC is zero knowledge of the epics. Can barely tell the Kauravas and the Pandavas apart, so Duryodhan and Dushaasan are above my pay grade.


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