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The sense of despair is overwhelming. It looks like people have lost confidence in surviving or making people survive. My mind goes back to 2008, on the dreaded night of November 26 when my city was attacked and brought to a still by a handful of terrorists. My city was in despair and frustrated. Frustrated as to how the government was unable to stand against terrorism despite having an international support. Similar to what we hear about the ‘system’ failing, people had a clear answer about who was responsible for the failure – the almighty Government.

 Back to the current situation, the ‘system’ has failed but the leadership hasn’t. At least that’s what people are made to believe. This government just loves to create an illusion of a fight. It’s Modi vs Kejriwal, it’s Modi vs Didi, it’s Modi vs global media. It loves creating an illusion of a warrior who has failed when it was time to deliver. Maybe one day, people will realise that politics is beyond winning elections. It’s beyond the numbers. And maybe that’s the day we will get the answer to who is responsible for this mess. Because right now nobody’s at fault.

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