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India’s demography has shifted in favour of Youth domination which could be the harbinger of future growth and prosperity. A paradoxical reality of older generation politicians’ reluctance to cede space for younger generation aspirants would deprive the country of new visionary leadership. The rich experience of the older generation is certainly a factor in leadership but the younger generation has more energy, enthusiasm, and an appetite to adventure in bold arenas. The parliamentary system of democracy with limited political space for younger aspirants cedes the leadership to undeserving dynasts. The majority of the political parties in India are associated with dynastic family loyalty nevertheless they claim to fight for the public cause in a democratic setup. These anti-democratic practices are antithetical to legitimacy in a truly representative democracy.

The lust for power by older generation politicians and the promotion of their family heir at the helm represents an entitlement mindset and must be condemned publicly. A polity where deserving ignited minds are ignored and undeserving dynasts grab power cannot call itself the world’s largest democracy. The rightful role of Youth in electoral democracy must be recognized and the political dynasty must vanish from Indian politics. India must capitalize on the ideas and enthusiasm of its youth to accomplish the goal of a developed Nation. Enough opportunity must be created for youth to indulge in policy making and guide society away from politics of division. Political parties must frame opportunity platforms for youth by taking into consideration their education and career priority.

A country where younger blood is waiting to take wings and older folks reluctant to cede space will erode the legitimacy of governments. It is the most opportune time for youth to realize the importance of political leadership to guide the destiny of the nation.

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